CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 13-14

Chapter 13. Allergic to medicine

Actually Bao Er didn’t understand the difference between him wearing a condom or not, but it made a large difference for herself.

Tan Jingmo paused slightly when he heard her words. There was no change in his expression, but it made some waves in his heart. He’d seen many types of women, and knew that some women shouldn’t be provoked, because their ultimate target was to find and stick to you, then get married to you to become a rich woman. It was also these thoughts that irked the men who only came out to play.

Tan Jingmo was no exception. When normal women found out that he was wealthy, they would use this chance to get pregnant, and then used the baby to threaten him so that the lover would become his wife.

But Bao Er was the opposite. No matter what was the reason, she had piqued his interest. Who knows, perhaps it would only become more interesting later on.


“Actually I have a serious drug allergy, so I rarely take medicine since I was young. If I do, my whole body will become swollen red, itchy and grow rashes.” She explained to him with all seriousness, as if this was the longest sentence she’d said since she got to know him.

Bao Er was secretly giddy inside. She didn’t know how he would react.

“Yeah, if you think that I’m using this chance to try to have your child, you overthinking. I don’t have such thoughts at all!” It didn’t sound reliable to talk this way. Bao Er didn’t really believe what she was saying either, but she had a clumsy mouth and she didn’t know how to word it out better.

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He ate her up happily last time, so he missed her body. Bao Er wasn’t too afraid about sex, and she gave her natural reaction most of the time. Sometimes when she was met with questions she wasn’t sure of, she would still ask like an idiot, making Tan Jingmo laugh until he almost teared up. But it was this ignorance that made Tan Jingmo love her a little more.


Honestly, he truly didn’t like women who were like dead fish, because he wasn’t interested in making love to a ‘corpse’.

Tan Jingmo’s request made Bao Er glare at him. She didn’t know why there were still people like him who had such thick face. He looked gentle like a jade but now he was like a fox who kept trying to teach her bad stuff.

Tan Jingmo laughed even more happily when he saw that, and began to urge Bao Er to take off his clothes for him. “Babe, you make me want to eat you up when you’re looking at me like this. So cute.”

Bao Er listened to him talk. She was speechless and began to doubt his aesthetic taste.

At school, her dorm mates always told Bao Er that she looked beautiful and pure, like a small gentle flower. Bao Er didn’t care about what they thought, since she couldn’t control what they said.

But for her whole twenty-one years of life, this was the first time she heard someone say she was cute, so Bao Er was truly speechless.

Cute was one thing. It should be pitiful because no one loved her?

Due to his persistent requests, Bao Er still removed his clothes with a blushing face in the end. As for his pants, she wouldn’t agree no matter how many attractive words Tan Jingmo said in her ears. If he wanted to take it off, just take if off himself.

“Alright, since babe you don’t agree, then I’ll have to do it on my own and work hard.” After he said that, he was fully naked.

“Can you not call me babe? It sounds so bad.” After she said that, Bao Er only realized that she was ordering him like a master. She began to sweat again, she seemed to slowly have the inclination to take over the authority? She seemed to become more and more bold.

Tan Jingmo sucked on her neck roughly. Bao Er was unable to grit her teeth and shouted out. “Ah wu–”

“What should I call you if not babe? Bao Er?” He rejected her request, as his lips went downwards to kiss Bao Er’s breasts.


What Tan Jingmo meant was that her name “Bao Er” sounded so old-fashioned!

The pleasure that she tried holding in exploded at that moment. She grasped the mattress under her tightly.

Chapter 14. About how to address

“Be good, shout it out. I like to hear your voice.” Tan Jingmo tried to seduce her again and again in her ear, and the motions of his hands became more and more aggressive.

Bao Er bit her lower lip tightly, afraid that she wouldn’t be able to control herself if she let go.

Tan Jingmo’s eyes darkened again when he saw that. Initially it was just his hands that were playing with her body, but he suddenly lowered his head and sucked harshly in front of her chest, while his other hand continued to tease her on the other side.

Bao Er sucked in a deep breath, and shouted out with a broken voice.

“Be good. Call me.” His hands continued going downwards, and finally stopped at her lower body where she put her legs together. He slowly split open Bao Er’s legs, then after taking some of her sticky liquids, he sent his fingers into her body.

She couldn’t express the pleasure deep in her heart, she only wanted to let out the sounds she’d been suppressing. Hearing Tan Jingmo’s words, Bao Er opened her pair of hazy eyes and looked at his completely clear eyes. She gently called out his name from her mouth. “Tan Jingmo.”

Tan Jingmo frowned when he heard it, she called him Tan Jingmo? It didn’t feel good to hear this. He never discussed about what they should call him with his women. Usually they would just call him “Mo” or “Tan Zong(CEO)”, and some even called him sweetheart. Bao Er was the first person to call him Tan Jingmo. “Call me Ah Mo.” Tan Jingmo ordered her, and then added another finger after that, spinning around inside her like a devil until the tears in Bao Er’s eyes became more and more obvious.

“Ah Mo, Ah Mo.” Bao Er panted hurriedly, not knowing what to do. The only thing she could do was to call his name again and again.

“Yeah, babe, I’m here.” Listening to her soft calls as if she’d lost herself, Tan Jingmo’s eyes darkened again, but he felt happy in his heart. His face returned to how he originally looked like, then slowly lowered himself down to press his body completely against hers. Feeling that Bao Er was ready, he pulled out his fingers and switched it with his boiling desire, and thrust inside.


Bao Er’s body slightly tensed up as she cried softly. Although this wasn’t her first time anymore, it was still painful. That kind of pain was hard to describe with just words.

“Sii, loosen up babe, you’re squeezing me too hard.” Tan Jingmo also looked like he was in discomfort. Sweat even came out of his face. He was stuck in the middle, unable to enter and also unable to get out. Bao Er felt like she was completely abused when she saw that.

She was the one hurting, and yet he blamed her. It was absurd.

Her tears were rolling in her eyes. Bao Er used her hand to hit his body very lightly. “You bully me.” After saying that, she cried loudly.

This was certainly another new experience for Tan Jingmo. His past women would only cry when they cl*maxed, asking him to go again. There wasn’t any woman who was like her, crying without caring about her own reputation at this time.

“Okay, it’s my fault.” Although he didn’t like to see women cry, she was an exception. Tan Jingmo lowered his stance to comfort her, kissing her lips to stop Bao Er’s soft sobbing.

Bao Er was surprised by what he did, and her voice remained in her throat. She could only glare at him with the corner of her eyes. He acted like he didn’t see it and continued to play inside her mouth.

After a while, after seeing that Bao Er finally stopped crying, he sent his passion into her body completely. The sudden connection made both of them suck in a breath. He couldn’t wait for Bao Er to get used to it before he began to gallop in her after holding back for too long.

Slowly Bao Er lost herself in the ocean of l*st. She could only hold on to him and moved along with him.

This was an adventure she’d never had. Her brain felt stimulation but still carried a stinging edge. Her body felt so pleasurable but still carrying an inhibitory ecstasy. It was the feeling that only people who’d experienced it would know and understand.

After a round of love-making, he didn’t shoot inside as promised. This made Bao Er feel slightly relieved.

As for Tan Jingmo, when he saw Bao Er’s lovable and cute face, he began to torment her again, so many times that she didn’t even know how she ended up falling asleep.


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