CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 11-12

Chapter 11. Don’t tell me we only do this kind of thing every time you come?

Bao Er stayed at that house for another three more days. It was really boring during this time. Her life was always busy and fulfilling. When she was still at school, she would work part-time while studying, giving two tuitions on the weekdays, and worked as a cashier at the supermarket near her school. Her extra time was usually used to study.

She wasn’t an outstanding person and didn’t have big ambitions or dreams. Because her life was too bitter when she was younger, Bao Er only wanted to make her life better with her own hands. Hence she gave tuition and worked as cashier, working during summer holidays, for the sake of paying her own tuition fees, living fees, and the one thousand dollars living fees she gave to her family every month.

Although she had many jobs, it was still not enough, so Bao Er was very frugal during her time in the school, trying to not spend money. But now that she had Tan Jingmo’s money, she was already considered a wealthy woman among the students.

Bao Er brushed her hair while murmuring. Her days must be too boring and he was her “support”, so she would occasionally think about him.


At this time, sounds of door opening came from the front. Its sound was clear on this quiet night.

When Tan Jingmo entered, Bao Er was leaning on the sofa. Her small melon-shaped face was white and thin that it made others’ hearts ache, and her face looked lethargic without much energy.

His initially carefree expression looked hesitant when he saw Bao Er, before he recovered his initial smile. The dimples at both corners of his lips were faintly visible, but it was also this blurred appeal that made his already extraordinary face look more special.

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Did all girls love shopping? Not really? She didn’t like it, and he even said that five hundred thousand allowance was less. She was curious about how he defined how much money was too much or too less.


Chapter 12. Can you wear a condom?

Seriously speaking, their interaction was considered pretty relaxed and Bao Er didn’t hate it. It felt even more relaxed than her interactions with her family. Tan Jingmo wasn’t like the emperor of imperial times like what she saw on television. He didn’t have a very serious male complex or was absurdly c*cky and demanding.

Tan Jingmo always cared about her own welfare. It made Bao Er sigh. Perhaps they should switch characters. She should be the considerate one and take good care of him, and he should be the one standing high up and give her instructions.

That was how the plot went on television. Could it be that he was a more bizarre type? Tan Jingmo had no clue about what Bao Er was thinking. Being considerate was a first time for him and it was a new experience. In the past, he would only take care of the woman’s feelings in bed. When they were interacting normally, he would just send them off with a cheque or with one word, and not try to patiently please them. But this time, it was rare that he was interested to even try that out, especially when he saw Bao Er’s careful but still trying to please expression. 

This time, Tan Jingmo didn’t take her to the bed directly, but instead rubbed his own stomach, and told Bao Er that he was hungry. The young master Tan was born with a silver spoon, so he naturally never grabbed cooking things like the spatula. Bao Er also said that she knew how to cook, so this duty naturally became hers.

Actually, Bao Er never really did use a spatula much, and her cooking skills were not that good.

“Actually my cooking skill is not that good, so I don’t know if you will like it or not.” Bao Er said, full of apologies. These were actually her honest words. She would not deliberately tell lies to deceive someone else for no reason. She did not have such a habit.

This was all due to her father. Her father was a rare stay-at-home cook. He was proficient with a lot of dishes, so their meals were mostly done by him. Her father woke up at five or six o’clock in the morning to cook for Bao Er to take to school during her high school.

This was the most warmth Bao Er felt in this family.

Tan Jingmo smiled when he heard that. He liked her honesty. There was little problem no matter if she knew how to cook or not, or if she was honest. The point was that her worrisome expression looked amusing. Tan Jingmo didn’t want to admit that he was just watching her with impure intentions, but that was the fact. “It’s okay, just randomly cook some noodles. I’ll taste your dishes and see if it’s as bad as you said it is.”

Bao Er remained silent. Alright.

She then began to get busy in the kitchen for a while. Tan Jingmo occasionally disturbed her at her side when he saw her rusty techniques, scaring Bao Er that things almost got out of hand. Tan Jingmo laughed so happily when he saw her distressed face.


Bao Er looked down at him in her heart. Didn’t a man like you feel embarrassed to prank her like that?

He shook her head openly. “What’s there to be embarrassed about, my house’s Bao Er is so cute.” He then gave Bao Er a kiss on her face.

She was about to get mad from her extreme shyness. He always liked to kiss people unexpectedly, not that he was a dog.

Tan Jingmo didn’t care about how it looked like.

They finished making the noodles, and it looked pretty normal, average-looking with no delicious smell. He took a bite, and without a frown or compliment, he nodded his head. “Babe, your cooking skills are really not good, you have to practice!”

Bao Er’s face turned red when she heard this. She actually felt embarrassed. At her place, women knew how to cook and they cooked very well as well. In villages, women who knew how to cook were as important as women who could give birth, or else it would be hard to stay in their in-laws’ house.

“Don’t be embarrassed, you will get better the second time, just practice more.” He told Bao Er as he swallowed a mouthful of the noodle soup.

“Okay, I’ll start to learn how to cook from that auntie starting tomorrow.” This purpose was to take care of his stomach. There was still a long time to go until half a year, so she still needed to please him.

Tan Jingmo grinned, and fed Bao Er noodles by sending it to her mouth with chopsticks. Looking at her chewing on it obediently, he thought that Bao Er looked so yummy right now. Initially he only wanted Bao Er have a taste of her own cooking, but Tan Jingmo changed his mind again. His lips went towards her, kissing her. His tongue entered Bao Er’s mouth to snatch the noodle from her. With that action, the plain noodles tasted different again.

“It’s really pleasant smelling, smooth and soft. The noodles in Bao Er’s mouth were really different, I mean the taste. ” He stole the noodles in Bao Er’s mouth and ate it all up. There was an evil smile on Tan Jingmo’s face, and his words were crude, making Bao Er blush slowly. She looked at him shyly and angrily. As he said that, Tan Jingmo’s eyes began to look up and down Bao Er’s body. The fire underneath his eyes showed signs of burning outwards.

This was typically the sign of a man starting to fall in love.

Sure enough, Tan Jingmo carried Bao Er and walked towards the bedroom, leaving behind the chopsticks and bowls on the table.


Were you this excited? Bao Er could only say that she was speechless.

“Babe, although my stomach is full, my heart is not. So, I still like to eat you better.” He then climbed on top of her body, and started to undress Bao Er.

Bao Er was hesitant for a while, before saying: “Err, can you wear a condom?”

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