CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 1-2

Chapter 1. Finally here

The clouds in the night sky were as thick as ink, gathering together in large pieces. With the adornment of countless stars and the moon that was shining brightly, the sky looked beautiful and dazzling.

Truthfully, everything in this world was like the sky, they needed other things to serve as a contrast to show the full effect.

Humans, or women for example, needed people with ordinary looks to serve as contrast to their beautiful looks. With such a comparison, only then can we see the difference, wasn’t it right?

There were of course more examples with deeper meaning, but she was just too lazy to think about it. She wasn’t a thinker who would just randomly ponder about stuff on the balcony.


Bai Bao Er turned around. She didn’t have the desire to stay on the balcony, looking at the sky anymore. She slowly walked towards the living room.

She wasn’t completely there yet, only a few steps away from the sofa when her sensitive ears heard the sound of the doorknob turning, hinting that someone was coming in.

Her footsteps halted for a while. She’d waited for so many days, was he finally here?

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Afterwards, he walked to her and sat beside her. He pulled Bao Er into his arms naturally like he’d already done this a thousand times before.


Bao Er didn’t say anything. This was actually just the second time they met.

“Huh, what kind of stuff are you thinking about me? So much that you can’t sleep?” He stretched his hand out to untie her hair. Her long hair fell down at once, and both of them could smell the faint shampoo scent on it.

“Thinking about when you’ll come.” She had been staying here for one week but she hadn’t seen his silhouette yet. She was too bored with nothing to do, so it was natural that she would think about when he would come.

Since, he was the master and she was the ‘servant’.

He chuckled, showing off his two extremely cute, faint dimples. “You are honest. I love your honesty.” He said as he touched Bao Er’s hair. Tan Jingmo was very satisfied with the soft and gentle feeling of her hair. Her natural black shining hair was like first class fabric, not dyed or permed. Her natural hair was very rare in this world that was popular with dying and perming.

The way Tan Jingmo touched her hair made Bao Er subconsciously feel like he was treating her like a pet. When he was happy, he would touch her head and kept telling her how well-behaved she was. It felt that way.

“Really? Then should I say thank you?” Thank you for his compliment.

He got closer to her, liking the sweet smell on Bao Er’s head. He inhaled deeply, and heard him saying a blurred “No need”.

Chapter 2. Understanding each other

Bao Er shrunk her neck down. She wasn’t used to his proximity, as she had never been this close to a man before.

When he came close with his manly scent, Bao Er couldn’t avoid it anymore, because it was at this moment that she remembered her identity — a lover.

She was his lover, and he was her master who gave her money. She couldn’t refuse his needs, and was also unable to refuse his needs.


At this moment, Bao Er suddenly recalled the time around three years ago, during July when the results of the high school exam were released. She failed the exam, so she begged her family to let her further her studies at the university. Her brother said this to her at that time: “We can’t pay for your school fees, so what are you trying to do? Becoming someone’s concubine in order to pay for your school fees?” In her household, if they had no money, then they’d rather not let her study anymore. Since she was a girl and girls would get married off eventually, so why study so hard?

When she heard these insulting words, Bao Er cried miserably. She even began to hate her brother.

But now, she could smile and her heart also felt relieved. She was young that time, so she couldn’t handle the blow or the sarcasm in his words. She cared about his words so much that time, but in the end she still became what her brother said. The difference was just that she was a lover, not a concubine.

In her perspective, there was a difference between a lover and a concubine. A concubine was the person who came between a marriage. Her heart might feel guilt, and additionally, she would face accusations about her wrong morals. These were enough to make her live her life in shame. Meanwhile a lover was just a woman who was raised behind a man’s back, although it was shameful as well.

But this man in front of her was single. So she was just a lover and not a concubine.

He saw that she smiled and his movements paused. He asked with a smile: “What makes you so happy? Talk about it and let me listen?”

Bao Er shook her head. Her small melon-like face was pure and blank. “Nothing, I’m just thinking about a joke. I’ll tell you what the joke is about next time!” She quickly added when she saw that he wanted to continue asking about the joke.

He nodded and grabbed her hand. “Okay, I’ll remember this.” Did this mean that he would try to figure out the content of this joke next time? Bao Er didn’t really understand if that was what he meant.

She lowered her head and saw the large hand that was holding her hand. It was white and slim, his distinct fingers showing visible lines.

This was a man’s hand, she’d never noticed it before. Bao Er groaned silently inside. His hand was so big, holding her hand without any qualms as if he was just a grown up holding a child’s hand. She didn’t know that her hand was actually this small, it must be because she was comparing it with his hand.

He pulled Bao Er’s hand closer and scrutinized it in detail. “Hm, a very pretty hand. Sharp digits, so thin like onions. Your skin could win against the white snow.” Tan Jingmo was pretty satisfied with the pair of hands in front of him, but perhaps the only thing he didn’t like was the calluses on her palm. The calluses were the best evidence to show that she didn’t have a very good life.

Bao Er secretly admired his talented literacy. Such words would never come out of her clumsy mouth. But she still felt very happy to hear his words. Humans were animals who needed to be praised, and she was no exception.


However, her happiness slowly faded when he placed her hand to his lips and kissed it slowly.

Bao Er’s body tensed up like she was defending herself or even resisting. Complex emotions rolled around her heart when she felt the numbness. Her face was like a cooked chicken egg, it was so hot and uncomfortable.

“Uh, why don’t we chat first, and get to understand each other!” She said but it came out in stutters, visibly lying. Actually she was afraid if she continued being quiet, he would directly make her his woman there and then.

“You’re afraid?” He looked as if he didn’t hear Bao Er words and asked all of a sudden. His eyes looked at her with amusement and an unfathomable feeling under his eyes.

Bao Er thought silently if he was unhappy because of her rejection? Did she do something wrong? With a bitter face, she nodded honestly, although this might make him even more unhappy.

“Such a good girl, tell me why are you so afraid, do I look scary?” Tan Jingmo looked at himself, as if he was questioning his own look.

Bao Er was speechless when he heard his words. Why did he talk to her like she was his pet? Did she look like a pet?

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