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Chapter 66 [3rd World 23] Where are you trying to escape to, enchantress

This system’s idea…was quite shoddy…

Though it sounded quite effective.

Ruan Jiaojiao first decided to cast this thought aside and meet her adorable Qi Shen first before deciding.

But when she arrived at the Demonic Sect, she noticed an unusual atmosphere.

Where were the people? Where’d they all go?

Ruan Jiaojiao held her breath and listened to the noise, finally hearing an anguished wail ring from afar, immediately hurrying her steps.

What’s going on? Did the Upright Sect come to attack them?

That’s not right, it’s only been 10 short days and they had taken a huge hit, stripped of a leader, how could they suddenly launch an attack on them?

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Ya Hanzhou’s clothes were stained with blood as he obviously faced against many enemies but even if his martial arts was outstanding, he was not made of iron, and so, against many demonic sect people, his sword skills gradually showed signs of dulling.

And without Bai Jingyan and Luo Yunlou in the demonic sect, even though Qi Shen had extremely high potential, he had just succeeded the throne and was still young and inexperienced, his strength slightly inferior to Ye Hanzhou’s.

The two seemed to have already exchanged many blows but victory and defeat were still yet to be decided.

Seeing that the situation did not bode well, Ruan Jiaojiao quietly prepared to flee.

Just kidding, seeing this situation happening in front of her, she dashed out. She wasn’t going to help any of the two men, after all, they weren’t even human.

However, what Ruan Jiaojiao didn’t think was that, Lu Xueyan who was following Ye Hanzhou, caught her furtive figure and called out.

“Where are you trying to escape too, enchantress!”

Ruan Jiaojiao’s figure paused for a second but she didn’t turn her head and instead ran even quicker.

However, Ye Hanzhou already discovered her and stopped fighting with Qi Shen, leaping over towards her and blocking her path.

“As expected, you’re here.”

Having not seen her for a long time, Ye Hanzhou’s gaze became cold and complicated as he immediately grabbed Ruan Jiaojiao’s wrist.

He had originally come for her and now that he had seen her, he only wanted to take her away.

Qi Shen’s qigong wasn’t on par with Ye Hanzhou so he was one step slower. He held his sword planning to bar them but seeing Ruan Jiaojiao seized by Ye Hanzhou, he restrained the gloominess he felt and somewhat angrily asked Ruan Jiaojiao.

“Why did you come back alone? Where’s Envoy Bai?”

Faced with Qi Shen’s eyes, Ruan Jiaojiao really wanted to throw herself over and ask him for comfort and hug but now that she had fallen into Ye Hanzhou’s hands, she acted like a fish on a chopping block.

She knew that Ye Hanzhou held a lot of suspicions towards her at this moment, even feeling that their meeting was also a scheme, a carefully arranged honey trap for him.

Ye Hanzhou naturally didn’t do a sloppy job and before the two could even exchange any words, he lifted Ruan Jiaojiao up and used qigong to quickly get away.

At this moment, Ruan Jiaojiao felt a bit grateful that the female lead was trying to obstruct them, her aggrieved voice ringing out.

“Brother Ye, are you really going to leave me here alone?”

He naturally couldn’t.

Ye Hanzhou also didn’t expect Lu Xueyan to actually chase him up until here but since she had saved his life, he had to repay his gratitude, unable to leave a girl like her alone in the demonic sect.

At this time, Qi Shen seized this opportunity and taking advantage of Ye Hanzhou’s hesitation, he immediately pressed his sword against Lu Xueyan’s neck, the sharp sword piercing her tender skin, oozing blood.

Qi Shen’s gaze was ruthless and he emitted a vicious air around him as if he was going to spill Lu Xueyan’s blood and allow the tender girl to lose her life the next moment.

“Let go of Jiaojiao!”

Even though Ye Hanzhou owed Lu Xueyan a debt for saving his life, he was also annoyed at the girl at this moment for getting in the way and making him fall into this quagmire.

However, he merely loosened his hold and Ruan Jiaojiao immediately leapt away from him.

Truly such a plot reversal.

The two people exchange hostages and Ruan Jiaojiao fell into Qi Shen’s arms just as she wished.

Seeing this, Ye Hanzhou’s anger burned even brighter, how could he just give up like this? He was just about to go have another round with him when Lu Xueyan fainted right at this moment.

He couldn’t neglect her safety so he could only take Lu Xueyan away and form another plan.

The male lead was without a doubt the male lead, he overcame all hardships and fought his way into the demonic sect, making them almost suffer a crushing defeat. If it weren’t for the female lead being a burden, he would’ve probably succeeded.

Ruan Jiaojiao felt a little guilty, she was certainly such a big femme fatale…

Qi Shen didn’t care for the injured people of the demonic sect and dragged Jiaojiao all the way to the secret room.

Once the stone doors closed, they were isolated from the outside world and apart from silence that pervaded the whole area, they could only hear each other’s breathing.

The cold gloomy air that surrounded Qi Shen immediately dissipated like melting snow and he carried Ruan Jiaojiao in one motion, hating that he couldn’t meld her into his bones.

“Fortunately, he didn’t take you away…”

Ruan Jiaojiao felt her heart sour hearing his words but Qi Shen cupped her little face and before she could even say any words of comfort, he gave her a powerful kiss, engulfing her with his passionate feelings.

How she had long missed this fresh and delicious white cabbage…

Ptoo Ptoo Ptoo! It was all that system’s fault for using that analogy, she wasn’t the pig who dug up the cabbage. 1There’s a Chinese fable about pig digging up cabbage but basically it means the cabbage that farmers raised with hard work was ruined by the pig who dug them up.

Ruan Jiaojiao passionately responded back to Qi Shen and the two quickly rolled on the jade stone bed. Only the sect leader knew where the mechanism to open the secret room was so no matter what kind of forces were outside, they wouldn’t be able to get in.

The two people spent several hours rolling in bed together until their stomachs started rumbling with hunger and they finally reluctantly put on their clothes and went out.

Qi Shen went to tidy up the terrible mess Ye Hanzhou made whereas Ruan Jiaojiao went to forage for food in the kitchen but didn’t expect that Ye Hanzhou would come back, knocking her out on her way back to the room with a filled belly and taking her away.


When Ruan Jiaojiao woke up, she discovered a restraint on her ankle, and it was actually the kind of iron cuff where only a key could open it.

It looked like Ye Hanzhou was really determined to trap her.

She surveyed her surroundings and discovered that she was in a simple and crude straw house which was most likely in a village near the demonic sect.

Ye Hanzhou was keeping watch at the side and seeing that she had awoken, he poured her some tea.

Not wanting to suffer, Ruan Jiaojiao decided to act like a well-behaved prisoner and drank the whole contents before lowering her eyes and waiting for Ye Hanzhou to start speaking.

For every question Ye Hanzhou asked, Ruan Jiaojiao answered honestly, never slipping in a single lie.

The two people’s meeting was truly a coincidence and not planned in secret but the demonic sect did indeed kill Lu Yuanpeng and burn the Free Manor without her participation.

However, she was not entirely innocent as she clearly knew that the demonic sect would infiltrate the manor but she feigned cluelessness and didn’t inform Ye Hanzhou.

“I was originally a member of the Demonic Sect, I won’t suddenly become a traitor to them.”

She calmly looked at Ye Hanzhou and didn’t care how much of her words Ye Hanzhou believed in.

Ye Hanzhou’s eyes were dark and profound but at this time, an angry scream sounded from the outside and Lu Xueyan pushed the doors and came in.

“Brother Ye, don’t believe this enchantress’s words, she’s glib-tongued and her mouth is full of lies! The demonic sect people have always been incomparably shameless and licentious. This enchantress must’ve been in a secret affair with that Qi Shen from the very beginning but she still shamelessly seduced you!”

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