Chapter 35 [2nd World 13] You’re bigger! You’re bigger! You’re the biggest!!!

Perhaps the thought of Ji Che still being downstairs excited them, or perhaps because they hadn’t had their fill of fun the last time and it came to an abrupt stop.

Ji Xun carried Ruan Jiaojiao to the sofa of the living room and the two impatiently entangled with each other.

Ji Xun pulled his zippers down and Ruan Jiajiao clamped her legs around his narrow waist. He tore away her little panties, and their genitals met at that moment, the stiff c*ck abruptly invading her tight and wet passage.

The two people left no gaps between their bodies, immersed in their rhythmic thrusting while hurriedly taking off their clothes.

Ruan Jiaojiao raised her upper body, taking off her T-shirt as she looked into Ji Xun’s lusty eyes. She cupped his face, kissing his lips, before sticking out a warm tongue to lick the teardrop-shaped mole on the corner of his eye.

Ji Xun removed his jacket, revealing a white T-shirt which Ruan Jiaojiao took the initiative to peel off of him. She also took this opportunity to stroke his 8 pack abs, fondling them admiringly.

Ji Xun felt slightly odd about Ruan Jiaojiao’s wandering hands. It was as if this woman was treating him like a male prostitute. And so, he restrained her hands and pressed her down on the sofa.

He fiercely thrusted his hip forward, ramming his d*ck into the deepest parts of her flower pot.

As he expected, Ruan Jiaojiao let out a low moan. She turned limp and powerless, her soul f*cked out of her body. He maintained this strength and pounded her deeply and heavily over and over again. Quick several thrusts later, the woman underneath him suddenly quivered. Her hole clamping tightly onto his c*ck as if intending to bite it off. This caused a hard-to-resist numbing pleasure to travel up his spine.


Ji Xun swore under his breath. He originally wanted to f*ck her until she cl*maxed but he didn’t expect to reach his limit on the very first round. Her hole was akin to an endless number of greedy mouths all sucking on his rod firmly. Within just a few strokes, Ji Xun felt as if he was about to ascend to heaven.

Ruan Jiaojiao didn’t fare any better than him. Back when she provoked Yan Xingyan, she didn’t think that the scholarly face that appeared warm and caring, was actually just a facade. He had almost f*cked her waist broken, her cave swelling as an aftermath.

That was why she had been cultivating her body during this period. She was planning to eat meat today, playing a game of fire with the little brat in the theaters but was suddenly interrupted by Ji Che.

Now that she had attained release after enduring to her peak, the pleasure instantly engulfed her, making her body spasm for a while.

Youths were always full of vitality. After just a few minutes, while Ruan Jiaojiao was still basking in the after-pleasure, Ji Xun had already started trailing kisses on her nape. His energetic c*ck entered her from behind, feeling the dampness inside, and just like a fish that had attained water, his member slid all the way to the base, pressing against her uterus.


Ruan Jiaojiao moaned, the sounds of thrusts interspersed with the sloshing of liquid ringing out.

“Sister-in-law, you’re leaking so much..” Ji Xun chuckled softly in her ear, his meaning profound.

Their little fun on the bed was enough to expose Ji Xun’s nasty taste. His sister-in-law was already calling out incessantly, yet he still insisted on adding fuel to this immoral circumstances. Then again, who was Ruan Jiaojiao? She was someone who liked and chased after excitement,  her mind already coming up with several porn plots on its own.

However, she felt that she was being pleasured much more than the female lead of a porno. Her partners were all good-looking, well-built, high-quality handsome men who thirsty women would kneel over and lick.

Ruan Jiaojiao turned around and faced him, the two squeezing in the narrow sofa with their bodies leaving no gaps. She appreciated the view of Ji Xun’s looks and was extremely satisfied with him, pecking his handsome face again and again, leaving a trail of wet kisses on his face.

“Little brother, you’re really good-looking. Sister wants to get f*cked broken by you!”

She gave him the highest praise she thought of.

Who would’ve thought that Ji Xun’s face would turn dark in response.

Little brother?!

This woman dared to call him little?!!

He lifted her up, arms coiled around her waist like a python.

“Lift your butt up.”

Ji Xun held his big c*ck and positioned it between the peach blossom spring between the girl’s legs, ruthlessly plunging it in.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

The sounds of flesh slapping rang out, Ruan Jiaojiao was pounded so hard, her juices splashed everywhere. Fair white bosoms shook back and forth frantically, popping out of her brassiere.

What a savage little wolfdog.

Ruan Jiaojiao felt her consciousness slipping away during this intense round of thrusting. Due to the high speed of friction, her hole felt so hot as if it had caught fire. It also ached a little bit. She bit her lip in forbearance, confused as to why he was suddenly having a temper.

As Ji Xun played with her roughly, Ruan Jiaojiao let out a low curse. If he continued to f*ck her this aggressively, there were no doubts she was going to be f*cked broken.

The taming of a beast relied on skillful words so Ruan Jiaojiao could only soothe its angry fur first.

“Ji Xun…I was wrong…” She cried out but it was hard to discern whether it was out of pleasure or out of asking for mercy.

Ruan Jiaojiao held Ji Xun’s neck and clamped her legs around his waist, sitting up.

Ji Xun still had on a dark face. He straightened his waist and rammed her hole deeply, however, because her weight was pressing down on his legs, he certainly wasn’t able to f*ck her as wildly as he did moments ago.


Ruan Jiaojiao sobbed quietly in his ear while grinding her soft flaky chest against his firm ones.

“Can you do it a little gentler, please? You’re starting to hurt me…what if I start bleeding again?”

Ruan Jiaojiao grumbled softly but it only sounded coquettish to the ear.

Ji Xun remained silent for a while before he suddenly asked.

“Is he big or am I bigger?”

Ruan Jiaojiao was taken aback by this question. Whaaaaat? What was big?

Seeing her remain silent, Ji Xun’s anger rose. He leaned forward, pressing her down on the sofa once again and gave her another strong thrust, nearly causing the inattentive Jiaojiao to slide and fall down the couch.

She let out an exclaim of surprise, nearly falling headfirst. Fortunately, Ji Xun had grabbed onto her waist.

However, now, her upper body floated mid-air, blood rushing towards her head.

“Qu-quickly pull me up!” Ruan Jiaojiao’s arms fluttered as she tried to climb back up.

Ji Xun deliberately pounded her once again mischievously, making Ruan Jiaojiao yelp. Her fingers dug deeply into his arm as if she was a drowning person grabbing hold of a lifebuoy in fear of sinking.

Motherf*cker! This bastard!!

“Is he big or am I bigger?” He once again asked patiently.

“You’re bigger! You’re bigger!! You’re the biggest!!” Ruan Jiaojiao howled in fury.

“Say it one more time.” Ji Xun repeated.

Ruan Jiao gritted her teeth but the fear of falling as well as the blood rushing to her head made her frightened and uncomfortable, even if the other party wanted to call him granddaddy, she was willing to do it.

“You’re bigger! You’re bigger! You’re the biggest!!!”

Ruan Jiaojiao howled loudly once more.

At this time, a sharp doorbell sounded and the air in the room stilled for a few seconds.

With a “thump”, the sound of a body falling down on the ground rang out.

In the next second, Ji Xun’s enraged voice was heard.

“Ruan Jiaojiao, you kicked me again!”

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