Chapter 18 Mu Yan, it’s too deep (H)

Mu Yan pushed Ruan Jiaojiao down on the floor, looking like a beast who had just been released from his cage, and they both urgently tore at each other’s clothes.

He lifted her shirt up and eagerly pulled down her bra, revealing two perfectly round white mounds that undulated along her breathing, drawing a soul-sucking arc.

Shen Muyan looked at her infatuatedly as he pressed his slightly cold lips on her full mounds. His delicate face stuck close to her skin, rubbing against it with fondness and inexplicable sorrow.

What a h*rny little beast.

Ruan Jiaojiao felt desire arising from his caresses and without saying another word, she pushed him down and climbed on top of him. With a tug of her hands, Shen Muyan’s shirt and buttons were ripped off, dropping down on the floor and producing clear, crisp sounds.

Shen Muyan was stunned by her boldness before immediately smiling in response, revealing pure white teeth, his smile bright and clear.

Raising a brow, the tip of her charming eyes narrowed, her eyes were like that of spring water, melting his soul into it.

Ruan Jiaojiao skillfully undid Shen Muyan’s trousers, her soft fingers fondling and rubbing his tender meat stick.

“Have you done it with any other woman?”

Liu Luoxue’s pretty little face resurfaced in her mind.

Shen Muyan shook his head before soon recalling something and his gaze turned vicious, even suffused with glistening tears.

‘Bang,’ Ruan Jiaojiao was once again pushed down by Shen Muyan, the back of her head hitting the ground. Surprised by the sound, Shen Muyan quickly held her head and rubbed it.

“Jiaojiao, does it hurt? I’m sorry…” He quickly apologized remorsefully.

“Then why did you push me?” Ruan Jiaojiao was speechless.

“Who told you…to….on that day…”

Shen Muyan’s pretty eyes turned misty with ripples forming on it, his pupils looking clear and limpid. The sight of it rendered Jiaojiao entranced.

She slowly realized that the last time they had a quarrel, she took advantage of the situation to have a falling out with him and used Qin Rui to get rid of Shen Muyan.


Since it felt as though her debauchery was completely exposed in Shen Muyan’s eyes, there was nothing more she could hide.

“That’s right. I slept with Qin Rui. He was drugged that day and had knocked on my door…mmmhhh…”

Ruan Jiaojiao had yet to have finished speaking when her lips were muffled by Shen Muyan.

“You’re not allowed to speak!”

Ruan Jiaojiao secretly laughed to herself. Today was a pleasant surprise, seeing Shen Muyan put on a stubborn expression of refusing to listen.

She shut her mouth as Shen Muyan looked at her with incomparable bitterness, as though he was denouncing her for being a heartless traitor.

“You said you liked me.”

Ruan Jiaojiao nodded. That’s right.

Shen Muyan’s eyes glinted in excitement before quickly dimming down once again.

Ruan Jiaojiao looked like she was bullying Shen Muyan and had wanted to say something before stopping herself.

“What did you want to say?” Shen Muyan spoke on her behalf, breaking the air of awkwardness.

“Um…Are we still continuing?”

She wasn’t interested in holding a conversation.

Shen Muyan was stunned. He saw that Ruan Jiaojiao looked calm without the slightest twinge of guilt and instead, looked slightly impatient.

He suddenly realized that, what this woman liked, was his own physical body, not what he was thinking about nor what he cared about.

A wave of acridness washed over Shen Muyan. That’s right. What had sparked between them was lust and not love.

Every time they met, they would always automatically take off their clothes and roll in the sheets. He had also never asked her about anything before and she had never mentioned anything about dating or responsibilities.

So what right did he have to rebuke her for having relations with other men?

Ruan Jiaojiao saw that Shen Muyan was silent, hence, she started tidying her clothes and retracted all thoughts of having s*x. Since the other part was not willing, she wouldn’t insist on it.

“Why did you call me over?” She adopted a proper professional attitude.

In the blink of an eye, the two had gone from sharing a bed to solemnly negotiating.

Shen Muyan hung his eyes down, his fingers clenched into fists.

With a ‘bang’, Ruan Jiaojiao’s head once again hit the floor, but this time, Shen Muyan pursed his lips, looking like a vicious little wolf. He tore her pants off, revealing the girl’s long white beautiful legs. Shen Muyan’s eyes turned dark upon laying eyes on it, glinting with the flame of lust.

Parting her legs, he pulled her panties off and faced her flower seams, he pressed against it, inserting his meat stick inside.

Ruan Jiaojiao shut her eyes. His stiff hard object forced her tight hole to open and before the entire root could be pushed to the depths, her cave instantly felt filled to the brim, the sour and numbing pleasure instantly hit her, causing her to moan out loud.

Before she could even carefully reflect, Shen Muyan had changed from his previous gentleness and consideration and without any foreplay, he started fiercely thrusting into her without hesitation nor halting.

Just like a hungry wolf charging forward, greedily tasting her body.

Ruan Jiaojiao couldn’t be bothered to speak and didn’t have to think. Swallowed by the turbulent waves of lust, she was simply done to heaven, leaping high up before dropping down. Her sweet and soft voice made his rod swell even more, as he pounded her until her juices splattered everywhere.


Ruan Jiaojiao looked at Shen Muyan’s innocent face, his gaze ruthless as his c**k pumped into her even more fiercely, wreaking havoc in her hole recklessly. A burst of shiver hit her, making her cl*max and leak out a stream of water.

Because she had worn a loose hoodie today, the hem of which reached past her derriere, the water leaking out of her hole had dampened her clothes, making her bottom feel sticky. However, Shen Muyan only continued to pound her, causing more water to be squeezed out of her noisily.

“Sister, you’re leaking so much water…”

Shen Muyan inserted his fingers into the place the two were joined at, his palm groping her firm butt. Feeling the wetness in his hand, his youthful and beautiful face, was now inexplicable dyed with an malevolent air, looking incomparably gorgeous and brimming with s*x.

And being the bold animal that Ruan Jiaojiao was, she immediately responded.

“That’s because little brother is amazing, f**king sister so good.”1 The previous translator used jiejie for sister but I figured it would be easier for people to remember the english counterpart. Also, this does not mean that they are biological siblings, sometimes, people call friends as brother or sister as a way to sound affectionate.

Shen Muyan raised the corner of his lips. What a truly shameless woman. He drew back, pulling out his c**k out before bending his waist and plunging in strongly, eliciting a cry out of her lips.

“Muyan, it’s too deep…”

Shen Muyan bent down, turning over her clothes. Her black shirt contrasted against her fair white skin, making it striking to the eye and a delicate fragrance wafted out of the girl’s body.

At times, he would dream. He would dream of the captivating scent on her body, the soft sensation of her skin, the sweet feeling of her hole and once his er*tic dream has come to an end, he would wake up and realize that he hadn’t seen her for a long time.

Shen Muyan felt that the time they spent together back when they were crewmates seemed like an er*tic dream because once he woke up, it disappeared without a trace. This woman seduced him into having the most inexplicable and mindblowing s*x yet he had ever had yet she was also able to simply and cruelly put an end to their relationship as though she no longer wanted to have any relations with him from now on.

That was why he felt vexed. And in reality, he was the one who had deliberately leaked news to the gossip media in hopes that she would take the initiative to come find him and through a bout of shocking scandals, the two would be forcibly tied together.

If she was willing, he even wanted to publicly announce their relationship and help her wash away those dirty rumors and break off all the relationships she had with other men.

Shen Muyan thought too beautifully but his efforts were still dashed.

Because she didn’t care at all.

How infuriating!!

Shen Muyan’s anger rose the more he thought about this. Using his white teeth, he nipped Ruan Jiaojiao’s soft chest but he couldn’t stand using too much force and so, it eventually turned to licking and sucking. Ruan Jiaojiao let out a whimper from the feeling of him sucking her t*t, waves of desire once again washing over her. She wrapped her arms around Shen Muyan’s neck and clamped her legs around his waist, bearing the wolfdog’s fierce and violent thrusts as each and every one of her pores screamed in pleasure.

“Muyan, I really like you…” Engulfed in the moment, Ruan Jiaojiao couldn’t help herself from exclaiming.

Words of endearment naturally flowed out of her lips in bed.

Mindless words could cause offense. Shen Muyan heard her spit out these words whilst he was positioned in between her legs and his body stiffened. His arms wrapped tightly around her as his waist slammed even more ruthlessly into her cave, pounding Ruan Jiaojiao so good that she couldn’t help but speak more words of endearment.

“Muyan… Ahnnn.. Muyan I love you…Haaah….fasterrr.. I’m going to comee… Ahhhhh….”

Ruan Jiaojiao heaved a long sigh of satisfaction as she once again reached the peak of desire before her body turned limp. The two people’s bodies were intertwined and Shen Muyan’s meat stick was still buried in her body without any signs of pulling out, but this time, the two people had reached cl*max together so they were tightly wrapped around each other, feeling the calming of the tide, the air suffused with unprecedented affection.

“Jiao Jiao, are you telling the truth?” Shen Muyan’s voice carried a twinge of darkness.

“I don’t lie.”

Ruan Jiaojiao was in an extremely good mood. She combed her fingers through the man’s soft hair and gently caressed it.

Did this mean that she really likes him? She likes him more than any other man?

Shen Muyan lifted his head, his gaze burning brightly as he sincerely kissed her on the lips. Ruan Jiaojiao parted her lips, allowing his tongue to slip in and coiled her tongue around it, the two sharing a particularly passionate kiss.

The system couldn’t help but sigh, “How scummy.”

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