Chapter 16 – She’s Red, Red and Black, Red and Black


Ruan Jiaojiao glanced at her phone screen and smiled. As expected of the domineering president character; the four-digit sum in her bank account had turned into an eight-digit sum.

Even an A-list actress would find it extravagant. The male lead was also attractive both face and body-wise. It was a total bargain no matter how she looked at it. 

Satisfied and content, she walked into the bustling streets. Compared to the passerby rushing about, she was leisurely and “rich” enough now to visit the shopping mall and buy, buy, buy.

Suddenly, she stopped outside of a fast-food restaurant and stared through the glass window at the family having a meal inside.

It was a warm but ordinary family of three. The child was about three or four years old, with a chubby, babyish face, and two pigtails at either side of her head.

Before the System could ask what she was doing, she had already put on a pair of sunglasses and walked away as if nothing had happened.

System: Host, are you missing your family?

It remembered the look in her eyes just now.

Ruan Jiaojiao smiled.

‘No. I just remembered what the mission is, that’s all.”

The System knew it should feel happy and congratulate its host for remembering the mission, but for some reason, it felt a little disappointed instead?

Anyway, the mission was very simple and common. Before she died, the original host had felt extremely guilty and regretful toward her parents. 

Her vanity had led her astray and ruined her life, and the two people she was most afraid of implicating were her parents. Their daughter, the apple of their eye, had not only become infamous and cursed by the public but also committed suicide and was even trampled upon by the keyboard warriors after her death. One could only imagine the old couple’s grief.

Thus, Ruan Jiaojiao’s mission was to leave the entertainment circle with a clean reputation and shower her parents with filial piety. 

So far, Ruan Jiaojiao’s mission progress was at zero. After all, she had done nothing except sleep with the three male leads since she arrived in this world. Knowing this, she only had one idea in her mind.

If she had remembered the mission sooner, she would’ve treated the male lead better before leaving his bed. Would it be too late to go back and cajole him now?

The System gloated at her regret. 

That night, Huo Yuting had internally struggled for a while before solemnly asking her to cut off contact with other men. Ruan Jiaojiao had refused and given him a “Who do you think you are? I’ll do what I want, don’t think you can control me after sleeping with me twice” attitude.

When she finally ran out of patience, she’d dropped a single “Don’t forget to pay” before patting her bottom and leaving. The System recalled Huo Yuting’s gloomy expression and couldn’t help but shudder. Its host was really too arrogant and fearless in front of the male lead.

Ruan Jiaojiao felt her head throb at the thought of having to fix her reputation. She had no choice but to do it, but she had just offended the male lead and accepted his money. Not expecting this, her original plan was to stay away from the male and female lead as soon as she received the money as to avoid bringing further trouble upon herself.

She was not afraid of being called shameless. What she was afraid of was offending the male lead further and making a fool of herself for nothing. Due to this dilemma, she felt truly powerless for the first time since she entered this world.

To her surprise, the situation worsened in the following days, which didn’t help at all.

Some tabloid suddenly exposed her for having an affair with Shen Muyan, one of the rising stars in the industry. To the ordinary actress, this would be nothing but small gossip. But to her, it was a blatant accusation of prostitution!

When Shen Muyan’s agency saw the reputation of their most important cash cow being threatened, they immediately pulled out the big guns and pushed Ruan Jiaojiao out to take all the blame. They even wished they could throw her into the mud and stomp on her for implicating Shen Muyan!

It took no time for her to be labeled as a loose woman who deliberately seduced the popular new actor and colluded with the tabloid to hype herself.

Needless to say, Shen Muyan’s fans were furious. They cursed her for being brain damaged and shameless enough to extend her evil, filthy claws to their pure male god. Did she think she was worthy? Because she wasn’t!!

So the overwhelming malice and curse came to Ruan Jiaojiao.

Ruan Jiaojiao’s popularity shot up like a rocket and her reputation had never been so terrible. And in the face of this accident, she was a little confused.

T/N: Sorry for the sudden MIA T_T I wanted to come back with a mass release, which proved to be impossible with my irl schedule. But I will post two more chapters tomorrow to make up for the updates I missed!

“Red” is synonymous with “popular” while “black” is synonymous with “infamous,” so the title means that she’s infamously popular.

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