Chapter 15 – Too Good (HH)

Ruan Jiaojiao showed a smug expression that made Huo Yuting’s eyes darken when he saw it.

‘This sly woman! Was she exaggerating just now? Playing hard to get?’

However, he was in no state to be worrying about her cunningness. How could he when her warm body was enveloped in his arms and her soft mounds and round buttocks were gripped in his hands? He had never felt so impatient and reckless before.

It took only one slip of his finger to pull away the tiny piece of cloth covering her entrance. His lips and tongue glid hungrily down her bare back as his large palms stroked and rubbed her smooth skin.

“Jiaojiao… I want to be inside you… “

His hot breath fanned across her neck, the place she was most sensitive nub, causing her body to melt from the stimulation. Slick juices began to seep from her entrance, and her walls felt empty. She wanted him to fill her up already, and the timbre of his deep voice in her ear only drove her crazier with need.

Without bothering to put on airs, she quickly hugged his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Here or in bed?”

Huo Yuting could feel her warm mounds through his shirt and her perky tips rubbing against the fabric. When has he ever experienced such a beautiful situation? He gripped her buttocks tightly, bringing his palm flush against her skin. 

He almost couldn’t control the desire to take her right against the cold wall, but he endured it and carried her out of the bathroom without saying another word.

They tumbled onto the bed together. This time, he took the initiative to unbutton his shirt and hastily removed the rest of his clothes. Ruan Jiaojiao smiled like a flower, enjoying the strip the male lead was putting on for her.

‘Ohh… that’s a nice body.’

Huo Yuting’s physique fell between Qin Rui’s and Shen Muyan’s. He didn’t have the former’s crazy bulging muscles, nor the latter’s untrained leanness. His body was strong and mature with just the right amount of muscles from regular exercise.

She brought her index finger to her lips and ran her tongue over the tip before drawing it inside her mouth and giving it a little bite to suppress her impatience.

Pleased by the look in her eyes, Huo Yuting took her finger and slid it from her mouth, then he leaned down and pressed his lips against hers. He sucked on her soft lips before thrusting his wet, greedy tongue inside.

Ruan Jiaojiao was momentarily dumbfounded.

‘He’s kissing me? We’re just going to have sex, so why is he kissing me?’

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, but she let him suck on her tongue and bite her lips. The man was inexperienced, so when he was finally satisfied and released her, her mouth was left with a numb, stinging sensation. 

He shifted his position and moved down her neck and collarbones to her chest and abdomen. Along the way, he greedily licked and sucked on her skin as if he wanted to leave marks on her entire body.

‘This is killing me…’

Ruan Jiaojiao didn’t want to continue with the foreplay any longer, so she buried her fingers in his dark hair and clamped her legs around his head. Suddenly, she felt a hot, wet tongue lap at her sensitive clit until a sudden shiver ran up her spine.

Huo Yuting raised his head. His eyes were dark and shining, his thin lips slick with her juices.

“It’s wet now, can I go in?”

“Stick it in… hurry…” she responded with a tremor in her voice, still stunned from the stimulation of his tongue.

It was just too surprising. How did the male lead suddenly become so impressive? Did he switch souls like she did and was taken over by an old veteran?

Meanwhile, the man in question was observing her expression. From her reaction, he could tell that he had done it. He was capable of making this woman feel better than that other man did!

He gripped his shaft and positioned it at her dripping entrance. His waist moved forward, and he sunk inside. As expected, her walls were already wet and slippery with her juices. 

This time, he was able to go in without much hindrance; nonetheless, he stopped when he was halfway in and parted her legs before slowly pushing in deeper.

Inch by inch…

They could both feel the delicious friction of his member sliding against her walls. Breathless gasps fell from their lips at the same time. 

When Huo Yuting was almost entirely inside, he paused and then without warning, he suddenly rammed in with one hard thrust that reached all the way to her cervix. 


‘It’s so deep, so thick…!’

The man held onto her waist and began a rhythmic tempo of deep and shallow thrusts, pulling out all the way, thrusting in halfway, then slamming to the hilt. Ruan Jiaojiao felt like a sailboat lost at sea when a towering wave came and crashed over her, causing her walls to twitch and spasm from the impact.

Her back arched off the bed and she desperately grabbed onto his strong arms, her nails digging into his skin. Her toes curled tightly, and it wasn’t until several seconds later that her entire body relaxed again.

Huo Yuting knew that she had reached a climax, but he refused to let her go so soon. He turned her body to the side and pulled out his still-hard member. After taking a moment to admire the wetness that dripped from her entrance, he lifted one of her legs and placed it on his shoulder. Then he was inside of her again, buried to the hilt. 

The intense climax had left Ruan Jiaojiao’s body soft and sensitive. She couldn’t even muster the strength to move her fingers. She was like a fish pulled ashore, panting breathlessly as she let Huo Yuting continue f*cking her.

When another climax crashed over her, he released her leg and slid a hand under her body and pulled her against his chest. She felt him finish inside of her, pumping her full with his seed. His hands rested on her waist.

“You came?”

Huo Yuting’s proud voice sounded in her ears, just like a child asking for praise. Ruan Jiaojiao almost laughed at his childishness.

‘What’s the matter with the male lead?’

Still, she suppressed her laughter and rested her chin on his shoulder. She blew in his ear and agreed, “Mhm, it felt very good. You’re awesome, Mr. Huo.”

Those words satisfied him, though for some reason, they sounded a little… off?

Before he could figure out why, Ruan Jiaojiao leaned back in his lap and pushed his face into her chest.

“It felt so good. One more time.”

She cupped his cheeks and raised his face, then she leaned down and gave him a little kiss to express her approval. Her wet tongue darted his lips before retreating. With the help of the bare skin-to-skin contact between their bodies, it didn’t take long for Huo Yuting to get hard again.

Ruan Jiaojiao was very satisfied with the male lead’s excellent stamina this time. She parted her legs and lined up his member before taking it inside her.


As he slowly stretched her walls, she hugged his neck and closed her eyes, her lips parting slightly to express her pleasure. She was like a small, greedy animal that didn’t know when to be satisfied.

Huo Yuting’s eyes were as dark as ink. He held onto her squirming body as it swallowed his length. The image in front of him is absolutely obscene. When he closed his eyes and opened them again, Ruan Jiaojiao’s face seemed to look more beautiful and seductive than before. He thought that if she wanted his soul, he would gladly give it to her…


He suddenly pushed her down, regaining the dominant position. His grip tightened on her waist, and without warning, his thrusts became faster and harder. He rammed against her cervix each time and filled the room with obscene wet sounds as his balls slapped against her bottom, so quick and rough that her skin began to turn pink. 

“Ahh… too much… slow down, I’m… coming…!”

Pleasured cries spilled uncontrollably from her lips, and a third climax overtook her, this one so intense that her mind blanked, and she nearly blacked out.

T/N: The Domineering CEO has been tamed. I repeat, the Domineering CEO has been tamed.

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      IKR. Where did he get those skills? I thought RJJ would atleast guide him from the start. Turns out he’s self-taught. Hahaha

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