Chapter 14 – D*mned Vixen! (H)

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Ruan Jiaojiao was in an especially relaxed mood after enjoying a nice, hot shower. She put on the bathrobe pre-prepared by the hotel and happily hummed to herself as she prepared to step out of the bathroom. The sight that greeted her when she opened the door, however, immediately put a stop to her humming. 

Huo Yuting was looking at her with an impossibly dark look on his face. He was even gnashing his teeth. 

“Err… I think I have something else to do today…” she said hesitatingly.

The murderous expression on his face immediately reminded her of how the leads in some Mary Sue novels would start out with a bloody love-hate relationship before falling in love.

It was definitely a fun type of relationship to read about in novels, but experiencing it in real life? It was the same as asking to be abused, okay? 

Ruan Jiaojiao carefully retreated backward into the bathroom and retrieved her clothes, but she didn’t change out of the bathrobe. She just wanted to bolt as quickly as possible. The man didn’t stop her when she walked to the door, but when she tried to turn the doorknob, it refused to bulge. 

‘F*ck, he locked the door!’

All of a sudden, she felt a chill run down her spine. She slowly turned around to see Huo Yuting’s eyes narrowing dangerously as he advanced toward her step by step.

“Stop!” she yelled, thrusting out her palm.

“If you come any closer, I’ll call the police!”

Momentarily stunned by her defensive yet imposing stance, his steps faltered. His expression stiffened and quickly turned cold.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to sleep with me? Why are you trying to run now?”

This turn of events caused his expression to ease. His eyes filled with doubt. 

The corner of Ruan Jiaojiao’s lips twitched when she heard him, and she responded, “I did say that, but why did you look like you wanted to murder me? Do you know how terrifying that was?”

She patted her chest and plastered on a look of fear.

Huo Yuting stiffened. The “murderous expression” had been, in fact, a completely unintentional side effect of the mental battle going on inside his head. But was he going to tell her that? Obviously not! He would only be ridiculed by her if he did. Just the thought of her disdainful expression that night made him uncomfortable.

‘Sh*t, this d*mned vixen!’

Snapping out of his thoughts, he gestured for her to walk closer.

“Come here.”

However, Ruan Jiaojiao kept her hand on the doorknob and showed no sign of moving.

“You think I’m gonna go over and sleep with you just because you told me to? What’s in it for me?” she drawled.

Huo Yuting was stunned, then he sneered.

“What do you want?”

Money? Resources?

Right now, the male lead of the story, the female lead’s thickest golden thigh, was standing before her and asking her what she wanted. Yet, she couldn’t come up with anything and remained silent. Huo Yuting was not so patient as to wait for her to think of something.

“A leading role.”

He thought that since this woman was an actress, her greatest desire would be to become famous.

However, she shook her head.

Filming was too much work.

“I’ll just take cash,” she said straightforwardly.

Huo Yuting was not surprised, but for some reason, he found this act of negotiation amusing. 

He, the great President Huo, was paying to sleep with a woman. 

Meanwhile, Ruan Jiaojiao paid no attention to what he might be thinking. The original host had really been quite poor. Although she was in the entertainment circle, she was not popular and didn’t have a gold master, so she was just barely scraping by. Moreover, she recently got caught in a scandal. The main reason Ruan Jiaojiao stayed with the crew was so she could sponge meals off them.

When her thoughts reached this point, she walked to Huo Yuting and stretched out her palm.

“Give me money and I’ll sleep with you, or I’ll go find another man.”

He stared at her outstretched hand. It was beautiful and slender, pale and soft. He couldn’t help but remember how it had stroked and played with his member that night.

As soon as the image entered his mind, he grabbed her hand, intertwined their fingers, and pulled her into his arms.

‘Is this a yes?’

She had no time to react before her body was lifted and thrown onto the bed. The man looked down at her with a burning gaze. His eyes were filled with undisguised lust, contempt, and disgust.

It was a complex and contradictory mix of emotions, but when Ruan Jiaojiao saw it, she thought that it made him seem somewhat cute and pure. In any case, he had given her his first time, so she should at least shoulder the responsibility and teach him the ways of the bedroom. Moreover, he was going to pay her for it!

Having made up her mind, she wound her snowy arms around his neck, her eyes bright and clear like morning dew. 

Such a tender little beauty was lying obediently under him, allowing him to do whatever he wanted with her. Huo Yuting’s heart softened, but it hardened again as soon as he remembered that this was a money transaction.

Then, as if to vent his anger, he forcefully tugged on the tie of her bathrobe. Unfortunately, his hastiness only made the knot tighter.

“You’re so clumsy. Lie down and let me do it myself!”

At this point, Ruan Jiaojiao considered herself an old veteran. Seeing Huo Yuting like this, she sat up and pushed him down. In this reverse position, her body was looming over his. Huo Yuting watched as her fingers grasped the knot and easily unraveled it. Then, under his hot gaze, she slid the soft fabric off her shoulders.

The sight of her tantalizing body, naked save for the bathrobe around her shoulders, made his eyes darken further.

Ruan Jiaojiao leaned in, lifted her buttocks, and sat down on his lap. She straddled him and reached out to unbutton his shirt, but he stopped her by grabbing her wrist. She was startled, but not surprised. Instead of forcing it, she changed trajectories and reached for his belt. This time, he didn’t stop her.

The conspicuous tent in his pants made her grin from ear to ear. She reached out and palmed it. 

“Be good, let this big sister love you…” 

‘Oh, sh*t.’

As soon as she blurted out these words, she remembered that the man under her was Huo Yuting, not Shen Muyan. She hurriedly took a peek at his expression. Fortunately, whether it was because he didn’t hear her or that he simply didn’t care, he didn’t seem to be displeased. In order to cover up her slip of the tongue, she quickly released his shaft and leaned back.

When she looked at his size from a moderate distance, she swallowed her saliva and felt her mouth go dry. She couldn’t help but stick out her pink tongue and lick her lower lip, but the more she licked, the dryer it became.

Seeing her nervous expression, Huo Yuting felt inexplicably pleased. 

“Why did you stop?” 

Hearing his ridicule, she promptly reached for his zipper and freed his shaft from its confines. Her impression of it was very vague. After all, when she transmigrated, she had been penetrated as soon as she opened her eyes. 

Thinking about it in retrospect, her body was still dry when he entered her, and she’d felt some pain after the event. Something, a tissue or maybe even her hymen, had probably been torn by him.


She shifted and tried to get off his body so she could check the hotel room for lubricants and whatnot. But how could he let her escape? Grasping her ankle, he pulled her back with ease.

“Oh… I said wait, don’t…”

But he couldn’t wait any longer, and the more she resisted, the more excited he became. It seemed that only by tormenting and ravaging this shameless and money-hungry woman would he be able to relieve the resentment in his heart.

He lifted one of her legs and gripped his cock. Then, he positioned himself at her entrance and pushed inside in one unceremonious motion. 

As soon as her walls enveloped him, he frowned. Her body was too tight, and too dry. The lack of lubrication hindered his advancement, and the tightness was a little uncomfortable. Despite that, he was reluctant to pull out and stubbornly stayed inside her body. 

When Ruan Jiaojiao felt him grab her and ram his length directly inside without arousing her or even applying lubrication, she immediately flinched and hissed in pain. 

“F*ck, you son of a b*tch!” she cursed. Her sudden outburst stupefied him, but two seconds later, his surprise turned into anger. Widening her legs, he forced himself deeper, intending to punish her! 

“This is rape, you f*cking assh*le!” she erupted immediately, then without holding back, she raised her hand and delivered a sharp, sound slap across his face. 

The man was first caught off guard by her rage, then when the slap landed on his cheek, his entire body froze. She immediately pushed him away and glared at him. 

“D*mn it, you noob! Did you seriously think that was okay? I don’t want your money anymore, just get out of my sight!” she snapped, impatiently tugging the bathrobe on to cover her body again. Then, she tied the robe belt and got off the bed. She entered the bathroom to change, slamming the door behind her.

‘F*ck being his teacher, I quit! The female lead can take this job!’

Seeing her enraged like this, Huo Yuting felt stifled, and… a little regretful. Judging from her reaction, he had been too impatient. Did he really hurt her? She even said she didn’t want the money anymore and unreservedly cursed at him.

He lowered his eyes. All of a sudden, the domineering president was reduced to an embarrassed and anxious man.

‘Should I apologize?’

‘No! Why should I apologize to her? She drugged me…’

But that was one thing and this was another. It seemed like he was the one at fault this time… maybe.

Meanwhile, inside the bathroom, Ruan Jiaojiao had already drawn a big fat ‘X’ on Huo Yuting in her mind.

‘What’s the use of having a big c*ck if the man is an assh*le? Negative review!!’

“I’m sorry.”

She was just about to put on her bra when he burst into the bathroom and blurted those words, effectively rendering her speechless. Since he was the male lead, she’d expected him to at least have a sense of propriety, so she didn’t lock the door behind her when she entered the bathroom to change.

Meanwhile, Huo Yuting had not expected to see a scenery like this after barging in…

The woman’s bathrobe was lying messily on top of the toilet seat. She was holding a bra in front of her, and the only thing covering her nakedness was a pair of skimpy panties that left little to imagination. It was a splendid, naked spring scenery…

Truthfully, he was more shocked than she was. He tried to move his gaze away from her body, but the next thing he knew, he was attracted by the black lace bra in her hands and found himself unable to look away from it.

Ruan Jiaojiao soon regained her composure. Ignoring the man’s stare, she put her arms through the bra straps and bent down slightly, then she moved her hands under her chest and stuck her fingers under the bra cups to adjust them for a more comfortable fit.

Huo Yuting felt hot. Very, very hot. The bathroom still contained some of the water vapor from her shower earlier, and the fragrance of the body wash she had used lingered in the air. 

Countless images filled his mind: Her bare body on his lap, straddling him. Her bathrobe, unraveling to reveal a nosebleed-worthy visage. 

Her fingers, touching her chest… her chest…

Her soft, plump mounds with their attractive pink tips… just the thought of them made him hard.  

At this point, he had no choice but to accept the facts. He genuinely wanted this woman. Not for the sake of his self-esteem or revenge, but for his own physiological desires. He just wanted to have sex with her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m sorry.” After he’d thought it out, his second apology was more sincere than the first one. 

Ruan Jiaojiao was in the middle of hooking her bra when she heard his words. Her lips immediately curved up into a playful smile. Releasing the hook strap, she moved closer to him and turned around, showing him her back.

“Give me a hand,” she smirked, looking at him over her shoulder.

Huo Yuting was stunned again for the nth time that night as he stared at her attractive back view. Her black lace bra was hanging loosely from her chest, unhooked, and the thin fabric of her matching panties was squeezed between her two perfect buttocks, teasing and tempting him to spread them apart and push a finger inside her hidden entrance. 

He could imagine himself gripping her full, curvaceous hips as he pounded into her sensual body from behind…

‘This cheeky, dissolute woman! D*mned vixen!’ he thought, but he had already submitted to his desires.

Lifting a hand, he slapped her round buttocks and admired the slight, quivering bounce it gave in return. His other hand reached around her front and pinched a tip through her bra.

Then, leaning down, he buried his face in her neck and took a deep breath, reveling in the fragrance of her body wash and the natural scent of her body. It was like an aphrodisiac, causing his member to swell to a painful degree and lust to cloud his mind.

“I’ll listen to you this time. I’ll slow down and be gentle when you tell me to, okay?”

Huo Yuting himself did not realize how utterly compliant his tone had become, but Ruan Jiaojiao did. 

He was begging her: Please don’t go. Give it to me.

Her smile deepened. She turned around, revealing her amused expression, the slight arch of an eyebrow, and wrapped her arms around his neck.


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    Altho I don’t want to hurt my future bed partner, I do want to experience telling them that they’re a noob!!!!!

    This will end in one of the ways… I hope.

    a. I’ll tell them, “but don’t worry, I’ll teach you.”
    b. Or, they’ll say with a smile, “Yeah? We’ll see, after I finish with you.”