Chapter 12 – Seeking Hugs and Comfort

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Ruan Jiaojiao lounged in a chair with a bottle of milk in hand. When Qin Rui left her room that night, his face was ugly. Just thinking about it made her want to laugh. 

Anyway, the scene she would shoot today was the death scene of her character. As soon as she entered the filming studio, however, her attention was drawn by the System’s high-pitched exclamation.

‘Wow, the plot sure moves fast! Shen Muyan and the female lead have already gotten familiar with each other!’

Before she could respond, it burst out again.

‘Ooh, the male lead! The male lead has appeared!!’

As soon as Ruan Jiaojiao looked up, she spotted the slender figure of the man who’d just entered the studio. He was surrounded by an entourage of assistants and exuded the obtrusive aura of a domineering president.

The man’s gaze landed on Shen Muyan and Liu Luoxue. The pair was eye-catching and well-matched. They were both smiling, and the atmosphere around them was harmonious. As they chatted quietly, their bodies were gradually moving closer and closer to each other.

Ruan Jiaojiao remembered a part of the original story where Huo Yuting became jealous after seeing how close Shen Muyan and Liu Luoxue were. It was the trigger point for a series of other events.

However, there were too many people in the studio at this time. Huo Yuting’s face was completely expressionless. His gaze moved from Shen Muyan and Liu Luoxue and swept around the studio. Ruan Jiaojiao was casually looking at him from afar when his gaze suddenly stopped on her. 

After a few seconds, he looked away.

… And looked back again.

Compared to Liu Luoxue, Huo Yuting’s gaze stayed on Ruan Jiaojiao’s face for nearly five seconds before moving away. Upon realizing this, the eyes of their gossip-privy onlookers immediately filled with interest.

Ruan Jiaojiao curled her lips. Despite herself, she felt goosebumps run down her spine. His cold gaze was really no joke.

‘Ugh, forget it. I’m out of here after today anyway.’

The filming began.

Qin Rui and his men stormed into the palace. In this drama, Ruan Jiaojiao played the role of a minor antagonist. She gave a few off-handed waves of her sword and waited for Qin Rui to stab her so she could leave and have lunch.

Unexpectedly, when the time came, she felt a genuine sense of danger and fear from his acting. Her body immediately reacted, causing her legs to soften. Her knees knocked painfully against the floor. When she lifted her head, she immediately burst out in tears.

‘Wu… it hurts…’

Naturally, Qin Rui’s sword ended up slicing the empty air, but as the Film Emperor, he was skilled at adapting to the various inevitable mishaps that occur on set. Thus, he managed to finish the scene without having to redo it.

Even after the director shouted “Cut!”, Ruan Jiaojiao failed to recover from the fright and remained sitting on the floor. Fortunately, the director did not scold her.

After all, mistakes like hers were not uncommon during fighting scenes and could be fixed with editing. Ruan Jiaojiao secretly sighed in relief. Fortunately, her role was an unimportant one. 

“Are you alright?”



She looked up in surprise.

At this moment, the atmosphere is extremely strange.

Qin Rui, Shen Muyan, and Huo Yuting were all standing in front of her while she was collapsed on the floor, looking up at the three handsome yet different men. After being blinded for a few seconds, she suddenly realized, ‘Oh, sh*t! Isn’t this the classic falling scene seen in most Mary Sue novels?’

‘Will I get the same treatment a typical female lead?’

Ruan Jiaojiao’s eyes suddenly brightened. She opened her arms and looked at them expectantly.

Seeking hugs and comfort!

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