My Husband’s Boss Fell In Love With Me at First Sight

Chapter 59: F**k P**sy

His earlier teasing wasn’t in vain; the longer he waited, the deeper his accumulated desire became, and the more intense the pleasure exploded when he thrust in.

The tight but sufficiently moist little P**sy was penetrated, filled to the brim, the opening stretched into a thick round shape, the soft flesh surged up, tightly wrapping around the shaft that could bring pleasure, the deadly suction making Zhou Chengjing’s waist tingle.

“Ah~ wait, wait…”

Su Man’s words halfway through changed in tone, accompanying Zhou Chengjing’s muffled groans, she screamed out loud.

She felt the satisfaction deep within her body, but instinctively, there was a sensation as if she were about to be pierced. In the end, both of these emotions turned into pleasure, invading her nerves, making her mind go blank, and subconsciously, she lightly twisted her waist and hips, tightly clenching around the thick meat rod inside her, both sucking and pushing away.


Zhou Chengjing couldn’t bear the tightness; gritting his teeth, he went on, grabbing her buttocks and fiercely pounding a few times.

The big c**ck went in and out, the egg-sized glans always reaching the deepest part, the shaft spreading apart the layers of soft flesh, every friction able to touch her sensitive spots.

Tingling, swelling, and surging, the wildly intoxicating pleasure… Su Man couldn’t resist and was directly brought to climax.

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Finally, he inserted it all the way, and both of them were very comfortable, emitting a soulful, gentle moan together.


Zhou Chengjing didn’t move immediately, calling out, “Man Man.”


Su Man was immersed in the sea of desire, even if it wasn’t a seductive tone, the rising tone was still very enticing, sweet, soft, with a hint of laziness, as if they were in harmony at the moment, mutually affectionate.

Zhou Chengjing felt a pleasant feeling surging in his heart, his voice even lower, asking her, “Do you want to climax more intensely, wildly, to the point of losing control, or do you want me to be gentler, holding you as you climax?”

After speaking, he began to demonstrate.

Before Su Man could react, she was already being vigorously penetrated, fast and fierce, causing her to scream out loud. Then, amidst the earth-shaking sensation, Zhou Chengjing slowed down. He continued to enter and withdraw, but very slowly, like a gentle spring rain after a violent storm, soothing Su Man’s dizziness caused by the intense pleasure, making her very comfortable.

Naturally, Su Man chose the latter.

Zhou Chengjing changed positions, lying down on top of Su Man, slightly propping himself up on the bed, kissing her while thrusting.

As they enjoyed each other’s company, their skin touched, and amidst the continuous touch and friction, they found sensations.

Zhou Chengjing’s muscles pressed against Su Man, his chest squeezing against her breasts, the sensation and body temperature transmitted over, making her whole body hot, unable to help but tremble.

His lips were also hot, soft and lingering, his thrusts not fast or slow, just enough to hit every itching spot on her body, filling every void.

Su Man was completely immersed in desire, passionately hugging his neck, their sweaty bodies pressing tightly against each other, but not feeling sticky or uncomfortable at all, instead, it aroused more desire, and the atmosphere became hotter.


She began to sway her waist, responding to the kiss gradually; it was no longer Zhou Chengjing’s solo performance. Occasionally, her wet and hot tongue would come out, lightly trembling as it licked his lips, sticking to his tongue.

Excited, his penis buried in her P**sy swelled a bit more, he rolled over with Su Man, the posture changed to him lying down, and Su Man lying on top of him.

The kissing continued, he pinched Su Man’s waist and buttocks, pushing while thrusting, and thrusting his waist against hers.

This position wasn’t very convenient; after pulling out the sexual organ, it was easy to hit elsewhere. Zhou Chengjing spread Su Man’s legs, letting her ride on top, but after a few thrusts, it still wasn’t very handy.

He simply got up, half-leaning against the head of the bed, and let Su Man sit on his raised c**ck.


Su Man was pierced, the weight of her body pressing down, making the big glans of the c**ck inside her P**sy poke deeper and feel harder. She was stimulated and screamed, feeling very uncomfortable as she twisted around.

The wet and soft P**sy sucked on Zhou Chengjing’s big meat rod, squirming, and the white and tender flesh swayed in front of him. Under the impact of pleasure and sight, his mind was swirling.

Unable to resist, he kissed the pink nipple, saying to her, “Your breasts are so beautiful.”

Su Man’s face was very red, itching from the touch of his lips, and she covered it with her hand.

Zhou Chengjing licked her hand, took the nipple in his mouth, and said, “Let me taste it.”

The congested nipple was wrapped in the lips emitting hot breath, and the tongue rolled up, wetting the nipple, licking it flexibly, sometimes sucking like breastfeeding, sometimes grinding with moderate force with his teeth, making Su Man both itchy and comfortable, moaning with her neck tilted back.


He ate with a click, and he didn’t favor one side over the other. As they exchanged, he continued to thrust slowly and heavily into her P**sy.

Soon, in such a combination of pleasures, Su Man was nearing climax again.

Without Zhou Chengjing lifting her hips again, she twisted her waist and swallowed under the command of desire.

Her little buttocks kept lifting and sitting down, rubbing on the thick meat rod, sucking, making Zhou Chengjing’s scalp numb. The v@gin@l fluid dripped down like a torrential rain, wetting Zhou Chengjing’s abdomen into strands, the constant pounding sounds didn’t stop, the P**sy was pounded into softness, the soft flesh wriggled wildly, indicating its thirst every time it was pulled out.

“Mmm… Ahh…”

Su Man became more and more ecstatic.

In the midst of this passion, Zhou Chengjing couldn’t help himself anymore. Finally letting go of her breasts, he grabbed her hips and thrust harder.

He had strength, and his penis was hard enough. Controlling Su Man up and down, it seemed like he wanted to lift her up, and the speed increased, getting faster and faster.

“Ahh… Too… fast… slower… Ahh…”

The breasts shook, and Su Man was shaken, unable to say a complete sentence, could only scream, clinging to him tightly.

Zhou Chengjing was unmoved by her request, getting more and more fierce, the big c**ck drilling like a drill, bursting hundreds of times, F**king out a stream.

He was drenched and groaned, finally thrusting a few more times and ejaculating thick s3m3n.


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