Brothel Open For Business (H)

Chapter 64: Yifu

Wang Xiong was immensely satisfied with Xiao Yu’s reaction. He lowered his head and bit the pink n!pple on his plump melon. With his large hand, he also grabbed the boy’s white, tender, and round a$s, cruelly groping it.

“Little B!tch… This perverted cvnt is tighter than Yifu originally thought… It’s impressively tight… It won’t break… You’re really a natural-born slvt…”

Wang Xiong’s thick, dark, and astounding member lunged into Xiao Yu’s sensitive hole. He couldn’t stop shoving it a hundred times, giving short thrusts from how tight it was. Although it was soaking and slippery inside, it was quite constricting for him to even move.

Not long after grinding inside, his innate lascivious adopted son cried out to him to fvck his pvssy harder.

“Uhm… Ha… Yifu… Yifu, push harder… It’s itchy inside… Yifu… Fvck me so hard… Quickly screw this little b!tch.”


Xiao Yu wrapped his arms around Wang Xiong’s neck and shoved his bountiful chest into his adoptive father’s mouth. The soaked, cvm-filled cvnt began to rub against him, urging his adoptive father to quickly pound him.

Wang Xiong was burning with desire for his raunchy adopted son. He turned him over and placed his perverted adopted son underneath his body while still inserted into his raunchy flower hole.


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“Zkqw… Bdtb… Ty… Gb… Zkqw… Gb!…”

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“Gb!… Gb… Zkqw… Fs aswtb… Fs yttalppkhl… Mbkp zwpvqwz psd okzz cl qhnjle vs elyvb…”

“Nkvvzl J!vnb, es usw ldfsu clkdt qhnjle cu uswa Zkqw?…”

“Psd’v pvsr… Gb… Zkqw… Whnj vbkp zkvvzl c!vnb… Yshl qypvla…”

“J!vnb… Fs b0adu… Rq R jdlo lyazu sd vbyv usw olal vbkp bwdtau yde vbkapvu… R oswze byhl qhnjle usw y zsdt vkxl yts… Rv oswzed’v cl ps nblyr qsa Eydt Zydt, vbyv csu, vs byhl usw qkapv…”

“Zkqw… Gb!… Mss ellr… Zkqw’p asekp iwkvl ckt… Zsw’al tskdt vs calyj vbkp zkvvzl c!vnb…”

“How can I fvck you to death if I’m not so big, Little B!tch?” Wang Xiong said as he forcefully thrust himself into Xiao Yu. Immediately, he drove into Xiao Yu’s hungry womb.


“Ngah—!” Xiao Yu was screwed so hard by his adoptive father that he had difficulty talking.

Wang Xiong looked at Xiao Yu, who could only moan in response, and humped him fiercely with satisfaction. Wang Xiong’s strength was tougher than Wang Yang’s, and his figure was twice larger than him either. He was impregnable as a mountain. Wang Xiong held Xiao Yu’s slim waist with one hand while supporting himself with the other hand. He then screwed him like an electric pile driver with his pillar!

“Ngha, ah! So rough… Too deep… Ah!… Filling my womb again… Yifu… Yifu is so strong… You’re killing me…” 

“B!tch… How can your depraved cvnt suck so well?… How can there be so much come inside you?… Your Yifu wants to fvck you so bad in this bed right now…”

“Ha… Ah… Ah!… Ha… Ah!!… Fvck this little b!tch… This little b!tch is willing to be fvcked to death by Yifu… How exciting… Yifu will fvck this little b!tch…”

“This pvssy feels so good!”

“Yifu… Yifu!… No… I’m coming…”

“You’re already about to cvm… Yifu is still a long way off…”

Wang Xiong ignored Xiao Yu’s org@sm as he still fiercely fvcked his adopted son lying beneath him. Xiao Yu was greatly stirred up by his adoptive father into reaching his climax. The succulent cvnt continued to spasm and squirt with no time to rest. The adoptive father seemed to have inexhaustible stamina and would incessantly bang him hard. For the first time, Xiao Yu experienced what it meant to really desire death! 

Wang Xiong was more experienced than Wang Yang. He was also more savage and stronger than him. Every day, the adoptive father would prod into his h0rny adopted son, who incessantly moaned in breathtaking pleasure. Xiao Yu went to school a year later than Wang Yang. Now, he was still in his senior year. When he came back from school every day, Xiao Yu had to be fed with cvm from his adoptive father’s massive shaft; sometimes, even screw him all night.

On a particular holiday, Wang Yang couldn’t help but miss his brother’s pvssy and went home. He didn’t inform anyone from the family before he decided to go home. It was already dark when he reached his home. When he opened the door, there was no one in sight. 

“Wu… Ah… No… Don’t…” 


“Um… Ha… Ah!…”

“Ah… Deeper… Ah, ha…”

As soon as he entered the door, Wang Yang heard a burst of ambiguous moans and an intense collision of flesh. He followed the voice to the corridor. There was a dim light in his older brother’s room. Opening a crack in the door, the voice gradually became clearer, “Very sore… Too itchy… Yifu… Ah!…”  

Wang Yang peeked in from the crack of the door. Inside the room — with only one lamp on — his older brother was being held and pressed against the wall by his father, tightly covering his older brother’s mouth while his cr*tch thrust like an electric pile driver— pa, pa, pa!!! His older brother seemed to be struggling hard. Wang Yang thought his father was r*ping his older brother and was about to rush forward. However, he saw his father — Wang Xiong — put down his big hand that was covering his brother’s mouth.

Wang Xiong adjusted his posture. He then grabbed the base of his brother’s slender thigh with his two rough, huge hands and began banging him again— pa, pa, pa!!!— fvcking him harder!

“Little B!tch… Do you enjoy Yifu doing this to you!?”

“Uh… Ah!… Ugh, ha… Ah! Ah!… Yifu… Don’t… Ugh, ah!… It’s too intense… Yifu is too aggressive…”

“B!tch… If Yifu isn’t aggressive, how can I screw you to death…?”

“Ha… Ah… Ah… Ah… This pvssy is going to be in ruins because of Yifu’s massive rod… Ah, Ah!… Too deep.”

“It’s an impressive hole… It’s slippery and tight… It’s made of sensitive flesh… There’s even a small lip that is sucking Yifu’s huge member… Little B!tch… What’s that, huh?”

“Ah!… Ah— It’s the womb… It’s your naughty adopted son’s womb… Sucking Yifu’s large shaft tightly…”

“Why do you want to suck so hard?… I pound it hard and a lot of cvm will gush out…”


“Wu… Ah… I want Yifu’s cvm… Ah, ha… This sl\vtty womb wants Yifu’s come to flood in… Ah!… So rough… Yifu… Shoot all that come into Xiao Yu’s womb… Shoot this little slvt into this womb… Ah, um… I want to give birth to Yifu… I want Yifu to drink all of this little slvt’s milk…”

“B!tch!… This Yifu can see that your pair of massive t!ts are full of milk… So big, bigger than a woman’s…” 

The robust and burly Wang Xiong held the lily-white, sensitive, charming, and sensuous Xiao Yu against the wall, smacking fiercely. Xiao Yu’s lewd pvssy was velvety and tight. It was stuffed with slippery and thick cvm. It could suckle hard and dampen. The massive rod that was embedded in the slvtty hole was swollen and about to burst. Wang Xiong wanted to fiercely drive in Xiao Yu’s raunchy cvnt. Every time he moved hastily into Xiao Yu’s womb, his uterus trembled violently and only knew how to suck and lubricate the thick member penetrating it.

“Ah… Yifu… How ravishing… Yifu’s little b!tch is tremendously satiated…”

Wang Yang saw his older brother hold their father’s head and made him devour his massive t!ts. Xiao Yu’s snowy and supple legs wrapped around Wang Xiong’s waist. His eyes closed in ecstasy as his bvtt was still catering to his adoptive father’s humping. 

His father’s huge and dark rod was speedily propelling in and out between Xiao Yu’s slender, white thighs. A surge of white-hot, thick cvm kept bursting inside and creating the sounds of s*x. The dense, lewd honey — where the couple was joined — was filled in by the enormous pillar and burst out, dripping on the ground where a small puddle had gathered.

“B!tch… There’s too much water…”

While Wang Xiong was screwing the lusty Xiao Yu with his big rod, he was also greedily gobbling on the vixen’s voluptuous chest. His rough, big hands also groped and fondled that sexy, white, and tender a$s that could squeeze out fluid.

“Ah, Ah!… Yifu… I’m coming… Ah—!!!”

Wang Yang witnessed his older brother being fvcked to org@sm by his father. A copious stream of creamy and hot honey gushed out from his tantalizing thighs. The thick flow of come dripped down his thighs, where Xiao Yu had been slapped into crimson. From the crack of the door, he peeked at his older brother’s sultry and screwed cr*tch. Unconsciously, Wang Yang placed his hands inside his pants and held his large member that had long been engorged and swollen, masturbat!ng. He imagined that it was him who was fvcking his older brother now.

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