Brothel Open For Business (H)

Chapter 91: Spying at Older Brother Being Fvcked by a Muscular Man Until He Cried and Squ!rted

Translator’s Note

To avoid confusion, refer to the following:
Papa = Xiao Yu
Daddy = Wang Yang
Father = Wang Xiong

The two sons turned six and five years old. Once, they returned from the park hand in hand. As soon as they entered the house, they saw that their papa was being “fed” by their daddy at the dinner table. Their papa’s big t!ts were pressed on the table and rolled into a flat circle, bouncing around.

Their papa was sprawled on the table; his eyes were dazed and his mouth was still overflowing with clear bodily fluid.

Their daddy was swinging his waist from behind their papa and relentlessly inserted his black and red pen!s into their papa’s bvtt. Why is Papa’s bvtt so hungry? 

Their daddy was very handsome — with dark muscles, booming with strength, tall and muscular. Father said that when my brother and I grow up, we will be as handsome as him.

“Daddy, why is Papa drooling?”


“Because Papa is hungry, so Daddy is feeding Papa.”

“Then Daddy needs to feed Papa more.”

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“R okzz, Pyeeu okzz qlle Vyry xsal p*xld…”

Gp pssd yp bl qkdkpble prlyjkdt, Eydt Zydt ralpple Dkys Zw’p pbswzela yde pzyxxle bkp na0vnb!!! Tl qhnjle yp byae yp y rkzl eakhla!

“Gb— Gb, yb, yb!!!… Ty… Gb!… Ls… Psd’v pyu vbyv kd qasdv sq vbl nbkzeald…”

“Qltl clnsxlp xsal lmnkvle lhlau vkxl bl kp qhnjle kd qasdv sq vbl nbkzeald… Qltl’p pzhvvu b*zl vktbvldp ps cye…”

“Txx!… Ls… Gb, yb, yb… R esd’v… Gb!!… Rv’p osdelaqwz… Gb Zydt… Qs ellrla… Ysal… Rdpkel xu o0xc…”

Mbl vos jkep olal lyvkdt yv vbl ekddla vyczl, oyvnbkdt yp vblka eyeeu qle vblka ryry, obspl pyzkhy kdnlppydvzu qzsole qasx vbl nsadlap sq bkp xswvb. Mblka eyeeu pyke vbyv vblka ryry oyp talleu yde lhld ypjle bkx vs qlle bkx xsal p*xld.

Gqvlaoyaep, vblka eyeeu nyaakle vblka ryry vs vbl psqy. Vyry’p cseu oyp nakxpsd ale, yde bkp c0scp fwttzle praktbvzu. Mblka eyeeu oyp pvasdt, yde bl ralpple Vyry wdeladlyvb bkx. Mblka eyeeu’p p*xld oyp pvsale kd bkp bwtl pynp. Vyry oydvle vs lyv Pyeeu’p p*xld vbaswtb Pyeeu’p bwtl rld!p, obknb oyp ps ckt vbyv obldlhla kv oyp kdplavle kdvs Vyry’p b*zl qkzzle okvb p*xld, kv zlqv ds tyrp. Vyry’p pxyzz xlyvu b*zl oyp ayxxle kdvs y ckt nkanzl cu vbl zyatl rld!p.

Pyeeu qkaxzu blze Vyry, yde bkp ckt eyaj ale xlxcla jlrv tskdt kd yde swv sq Vyry’p obkvl yde psqv vbktbp. Mblal oyp yzps y zsv sq “pyzkhy” qzsokdt swv sq eyeeu’p chvv, obknb xyel rwnbk, rwnbk dskplp obld bkv. Pyeeu pyke vbyv kv oyp clnywpl bkp p*xld oyp elzknkswp vbyv Vyry oswze eassz ps xwnb, lhld qasx clzso.

“Ha… Ah… It’s so deep… Your phallvs is so huge… So hard… Hmm!… It’s in the w0mb again… Ha… Ah… It’s so amazing… It’s going to destroy this little bi!ch… Ah! Ah!… It became big again… Shoot it in… all in Gege’s w0mb… Gege wants to swallow Ah Yang’s cvm…”

Papa seemed to eat happily and comfortably. Daddy fed his s*men too fast. It appeared that Papa couldn’t gobble it all. It was to the point that tears came out of the corners of his eyes.


“Daddy, don’t feed Papa so fast. You will choke Papa.”

Daddy fed Papa too fast. Papa was shaken up and down on the sofa, threads of drool also flowed from his mouth, and Papa was also shedding tears.

“No, your papa likes to be fed like this. Don’t you, Gege, like it when I do this to you?”

“Ah, ah, ah!!!… Ha—Ah!… It’s so hot… This little slvt’s w0mb will be scorched… So much… This little b!tch’sh*les will be blasted with cvm…”

A lot of white liquid overflowed from their papa’s tiny mouth when he was eating their daddy’s big pen!s. It seemed that Daddy couldn’t finish it. He choked and shook under their daddy, who was so bad that he bullied Papa into this every time.

Papa was picked up by Daddy while his pen!s was still inside Papa. However, Papa couldn’t eat everything; the s*men he fed to him came out and dripped on the floor. Daddy took Papa into the bedroom, and there came sounds of their “feeding” inside — bang, bang, bang! Papa seemed greatly satisfied; he kept asking Daddy to feed him more.

The door sounded, and their father came back. Father asked them to have a good meal and went into the bedroom. After that,  there came the cries of Papa begging Father to “feed” him more. Papa was so old yet he still needed Daddy and Father to feed him.

Occasionally, when I get up to pee at night, there would be the sounds of my two dads feeding Papa s*men in their bedroom. It seemed that Papa would easily get hungry. Whenever Daddy or Father was at home, Papa would have to eat s*men almost all the time as if he couldn’t get enough. Daddy said that Papa was starving and needed to be fed s*men all the time.

In the gap in the door, Papa could be seen lying naked on the bed. His gigantic b0obs jiggled hard. Moreover, white s*men flowed in between his thighs. There was also white s*men in the corners of his mouth. It appeared that Daddy and Father fed Papa’s two h*les together.

When I was 12 years old, I saw Papa being fed with “food” by Father, which made my little pen!s react, as if it also wanted to be put inside Papa’s mouth, “Father, can I also feed Papa with my s*men?”

Father said I was still young. I couldn’t feed Papa until I am older, so I could only watch him and Daddy feed Papa every day while my pen!s grew bigger and thicker. Every time I saw Papa, my little JJ would stand up. I had been looking forward to the day when I could feed Papa with my s*men. I really wanted to insert it into his small fleshy h*le where Papa swallowed their huge pen!ses every day. It looked pretty satisfying.

When I reached 16, my JJ had grown so big that I could finally feed my Papa with s*men. At first, Papa didn’t want me to feed him s*men, therefore, he was tied up by Father, and he was blindfolded. I was also told to keep quiet.


Papa’s skin was so smooth and delicate. I wanted to suck every bit of it once I touched it. The fleshy h*le between Papa’s legs, which was opening and closing, was so tiny. Simultaneously, my shaft was so big. How could I feed Papa with my s*men this way? Daddy said that Papa was extremely pliable. I shouldn’t worry — just thrust it in, just shove it in. 

I grasped my big pen!s against Papa’s tiny plump h*le that was trembling wet. It looked like it could suck, so I immediately let it siphon my large JJ inside it.

Papa’s tiny flesh h*le felt so good. I’ve never experienced such a satisfying place. It was so warm and silky inside. A lot of delicate flesh tightly suckled my large shaft, which brought me great satisfaction. I couldn’t help pumping it into Papa’s body. Papa also felt very pleased. He thrashed and struggled in a way that seemed to be trying to swallow my huge pen!s. It was so good. I really wanted to push it deeper; I really wanted to be stuck in Papa’s enthusiastic cavern all the time. It was so satisfying.

I couldn’t help pounding Papa’s flower h*le. It seemed that he was very pleased with my fat manhood. Father told me not to worry about it and just penetrate straight into the w0mb. He said that Papa loved to be roughly penetrated inside his uterus. He also said that there was a special spot in Papa’s pvssy that would be more satisfying if conquered.

There was? I fvcked deeper as Father told me to. It was more comfortable inside, I didn’t want to come out. Hearing Father’s words, I grabbed Papa’s slim waist and instinctively pushed forward! Sure enough, Father didn’t lie to me. There was indeed something else in Papa’s body. There was a tiny mouth inside; it was so small and pliant. The tender flesh inside was more delicate than in the channel. Moreover, as soon as I inserted it, it spurted out heated honey, which warmed my massive pen!s.

“Ah… Ah, ah… Don’t… Don’t fvck this little b!tch anymore…”

“Gege… That’s not what you said before… It’s so tight inside… Gege is such a liar… Obviously, you want me to fvck you senseless…” 

Daddy pretended that he was feeding Papa s*men and winked at me to thrust harder. I followed Daddy’s implicit command, and my cr0tch slammed against Papa’s sensitive core. His sore flesh inside was tightly contracting and sucking my hulking shaft. It felt so gratifying that all I knew was ramming into Papa’s soft insides.

That day, I fed Papa twice with my sp*rm. I also wanted to put it in his mouth, but Father said that it was enough for now, or else Papa would find out.

Every time I wanted to feed Papa with s*men, Father would cover his eyes. After I finished fvcking Papa, he would be continuously fvcked by my two dads. Papa would then keep moaning at Father, shouting that Father was so powerful and left him utterly satisfied.

Once, Papa’s insatiable h*le left me in undescribable bliss that I groaned. Papa found out, but I was already screwing Papa for several months. In the end, my brother also joined in. Our c0cks were all massive, only Papa’s was relatively small. Every day, he was fed by our four colossal d!cks.

Papa was often fvcked by our two dads as he surrounded my tremendous rod with his t!ts and suck the tip with his puny mouth. When my brother came over, Papa spat out my big shaft and turned his head to include my brother’s mighty member. Not long after, my younger brother and I started cvmming. Papa opened his tempting lips to swallow our s*men. In the end, he also licked our ginormous members clean.


Daddy and Father could fvck him for a long time. This made me wonder when would I be able to fvck Papa like our two dads until he cries and begs for mercy.

At nighttime, we tied Papa up on the spacious bed, covered his eyes, and acted like we were raping him. We took turns fvcking Papa’s deepest part and spurting our load in his w0mb. We also impatiently conquered his puny mouth, which he used to expertly give us a deepthroat. Every time, Papa would be unable to keep his saliva from flowing as he was fvcked by four herculean phallvses.

In the second half of the night, Father untied Papa, and my brother and I rushed over and grabbed his enormous mounds, sucking and groping them. At the corners of his mouth, Papa still had a string of cvm we had just shot in as he held my and my brother’s head deliriously. In addition, Father and Daddy occupied his two sensitive h*les. The thick  fired by the four of us was expelled by our dads, creating squelching noises — puchi, puchi, puchi — and a puddle of cvm had gathered underneath.

Gradually, my brother and I grew taller and more muscular. We became as towering as our dads, and our muscles were also as solid as theirs. We could now effortlessly hold Papa in between us, and use our huge c0cks to sandwich him in the middle. My brother nibbled at Papa’s lips as he asked him to also contain his phallvs. Papa cried, nevertheless, accepting the addition of another manhood in his cvnt already filled with c0ck. His pvssy constricted even tighter. With such an excellent response, we fvcked him even more cruelly.

Papa’s eyes were out of focus as his h*le tightened around our shafts. He wrapped his arms around my neck and moaned for us to screw him harder. Simultaneously, his mountainous mounds bounced along with our movements.

Maybe he was nourished with s*men every day, Papa didn’t look his age at all, even his plump t!ts didn’t have any sign of sagging. They were round and big like two soccer balls filled with air. Instead, he became increasingly attractive. His slim waist and perky bvtt formed a flawless curve. With a pair of supple and stunning legs, once wrapped around a man’s waist, one would be tempted to plunder him into oblivion.

Being showered in cvm day and night, Papa got pregnant again. 

When I entered the house, I saw Papa lying limp on the carpet. He had an electric plane cup on his d!ck. Meanwhile, Daddy was holding onto one of his legs. His massive dark pillar was spurting and squirting s*men in his tiny h*le. Papa’s t!ts shook from the brutal fvck, and white milk gushed out from his large n!pples! The rougher Daddy pummeled him, the more Papa’s milk spurted. The sweet scent of milk permeated everywhere in the house.

Papa dazedly cried with his lips parted open. At this time, Father came over, pinched his mouth open, and stuffed his dark colossal rod inside it. Papa immediately sucked it like eating the most delicious delicacy. My brother, who was watching, used Papa’s hands to stroke his hefty shaft. Tonight would surely be another sumptuous feast…

End of Arc

Translator’s Note

*celebratory noises* *fireworks display* *shouting and jumping* CAN YOU READ IT? CAN YOU READ THE “END OF ARC”?! FINALLYYYY! THIS IS DONE!

This is the arc that I’ve been checking, editing, and revising for half of my internship year. So many things happened behind the scene and the journey is not definitely smooth. I’ll miss Xiao Yu, Wang Xiong, and Wang Yang but not this arc’s translation experience. Given this, please give Pierce the love and recognition she deserves for being able to finish translating this bloody arc.

To celebrate, here‘s the link for this arc’s uncensored version of the final chapter.

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