Brothel Open For Business (H)

Chapter 65: Yifu

“Little Slvt… sucking so hard… Yifu will now fvck you to death…”

The sensitive canal — caused by Xiao Yu’s org@sm — was like an electric airplane cup, having an endless frenzy of squeezing and sucking Wang Xiong’s erogenous head. The sensitive hole of Xiao Yu was plump and succulent, thick in slithering honey. The adoptive father’s massive pilar was about to burst from all that sucking. The more satisfied he was, the more Wang Xiong wanted to impale and pummel Xiao Yu!

“Slvtty Son… Let this huge rod of your yifu send you to heaven…”

Wang Xiong, with his bulging muscles, held his fair-skinned and slender adopted son and walked a couple of steps toward the bed.

“Yifu… Don’t pull out… This naughty son still wants…”


Xiao Yu — who was still muddled from his climax — felt his adoptive father’s large member had been pulled out. His slvtty hole that was used to his adoptive father’s member was suddenly empty.

“Little B!tch… So sassy… Now, you won’t be able to live without your yifu’s huge rod …”

“Hmm… Ha… Yifu… Come in… It’s itchy inside… I want to have Yifu’s massive pillar plunging and screwing every inch of me… Ngh—”

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“Ltb… Gb!… Gb!… Ty… Gb, yb… Zkqw…”

Dkys Zw oydvle vs oayr bkp yaxp yaswde bkp yesrvkhl qyvbla’p dlnj. Tsolhla, Eydt Dksdt oyp lmvalxlzu pyhytl. Tl oyp vspple yaswde sd vbl cle, vblalqsal, bl nswzed’v bsze bkx.

“J!vnb… Mbkp dywtbvu bszl kp kxralppkhlzu pyvkpqukdt… Ps usw rzyd vs zlv Zkqw ekl kd czkpp? Nlv Zkqw ekl kdpkel usw?”

Eydt Dksdt’p lulp olal eyaj. Tkp dyjle cseu oyp blyhkzu ralpple sd bkp yesrvle psd’p pzldela, psqv, yde obkvl cseu. Tl oyp sdzu qsnwple sd pnalokdt vbl zkvvzl pzhv cldlyvb bkx. Mbkp b0adu zkvvzl nhdv bszl — pwnb y rwdu nyhl — nswze poyzzso y bwtl rkzzya. Eydt Dksdt bye yzoyup oydvle vs pzkr kdvs vbyv pldpkvkhl bszl yde dlhla nsxl swv. Mbl rzkyczl zkvvzl rhppu nswze pwnjzl bkp blyhu ase yde xyel vbl lmrlakldnle Eydt Dksdt rydv. Nkvvzl Akmld, Zkqw oswze byxxla vbkp psal nhdv kdvs sczkhksd vseyu! Vwzhlakgl kv! Whnj!

“Ungh… Ah!… Ah, Ah… Ha!… Ah…”


Xiao Yu was aggressively and mercilessly fvcked by his burly adoptive father. The pleasure of bloatedness, numbness, and itchy sensation continued to accumulate, rushing into his depths like titillating waves. The heavenly pleasure that nearly drowned him kept accumulating into a huge lump until his pvssy could no longer restrain it and erupted into org@sm!

He watched his lascivious hole being repeatedly screwed, rendering him to endlessly moan and scream. Xiao Yu’s fleshy hole was jabbed in by Wang Xiong. It was thick and slick with honeyed juice, which splashed all over his body.

Xiao Yu was taken into paradise again and again by his brawny adoptive father. His eyes were fuzzy, only focused on his adoptive father’s burly physique. Wang Xiong was impressively rugged that what came to sight were the dark-bronzed bulging muscles of his adoptive father!

His adoptive father’s gigantic d!ck appeared to completely penetrate him. His impressive member had a length of more than 20cm and a diameter of 6cm, continuously conquering his juicy hole. Like a fearless soldier, Wang Xiong broke through the gate of Xiao Yu’s womb and stroked again and again! Fiercely ramming in! Viciously fvcking!

“Yifu!… Ah, ah!!…”

“Little Slvt… Let’s see how long you can endure being fvcked by your yifu before you faint…”


Thinking that his adoptive father would fvck him until he passed out from his terrifying member, Xiao Yu’s excited d!ck squirted out a thread of cvm.

“Little Slvt, what you have here is just a decoration…”

Wang Xiong reached out and grazed some of the come that Xiao Yu released, licked it, and then picked up the lacy thong that the naughty slvt was wearing when he seduced him today, tying up the h0rny vixen’s d!ck.

Xiao Yu, who was distracted by Wang Xiong, bit his thin, rosy lips. He knew that this was a sign that his adoptive father would start to cruelly and mercilessly pound him. Every time his adoptive father would pummel him till he fainted, he would tie his d!ck.

Xiao Yu was afraid but also looking forward to it. His adoptive father was incredibly strong. For every moment he was banged callously and ruthlessly by his adoptive father, he would have the illusion that his adoptive father really wanted to fvck him to death.


End of Arc’s First Part

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