Brothel Open For Business (H)

Chapter 63: Yifu

The way to the bedroom was quite close, but it felt like a long walk around the world. Wang Xiong’s firm lips kissed Xiao Yu’s soft, thin ones. The adoptive father’s body was tall, broad, and strong. Wang Xiong held him firmly as he walked to his bedroom.

His adoptive father’s pillow exuded his aromatic, manly scent. The little vixen was placed on the large bed, lying on the big bed where his adoptive father usually lay every night. Sensing Wang Xiong’s breath on the bed, Xiao Yu turned his head to the other side, cheeks inflamed. He didn’t dare look at his adoptive father, who was now visually screwing him, as he lay naked.

A pair of massive t!ts shook along with Xiao Yu’s erratic breathing. Through the window, the moonlight sprinkled on his captivating body. With dark eyes, Wang Xiong gazed at his adopted son. The astounding meat stick had gone engorged and erect, propping his boxers into a huge tent. The liquid that spilled from his gl@ns dampened his boxers, revealing a small wet stain.

Wang Xiong didn’t speak. In the quiet room, only the two people’s apparent breathing and heartbeat could be heard. Wang Xiong grabbed his son’s hand and placed it on his cr*tch.

Xiao Yu cried out. His adoptive father’s manhood was hot and hard like a soldering iron, more than one circle larger than Wang Yang’s. Wang Xiong let his small hand touch and feel his rod through his boxers. At first, he struggled to take his hand back a few times. However, he was tightly grasped by his adoptive father, after which he started to grope it with the guidance of his adoptive father’s large hand.


Wang Xiong knelt in front of Xiao Yu’s chest. Using his two, massive melons, he let them massage his heavy, dark pouches. 

His member was similar to a towering and steep mountain. Xiao Yu opened his thin lips tremblingly and bit the boxers that enclosed his adoptive father’s member. With a gentle tug, the underwear — that couldn’t completely hold back the massive rod — was easily pulled down. The intimidating and dark red pillar that had long wanted to escape broke loose, bounced out and hit Xiao Yu on the face.

The sound was clear and crisp. Xiao Yu — who was slapped on the face for the first time by an enormous rod — turned his head with a blushing face. However, Wang Xiong pinched his jaw and turned him back.

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&dcpr;“Zk—Zkqw… Ls… Psd’v…Ew…”

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“Wu… Wuwu… Wu!…”


Xiao Yu was almost suffocated by his adoptive father’s ruthless actions. Tangible tears kept flowing from the corners of his eyes. Suddenly, Wang Xiong pulled out; Xiao Yu gasped for breath and coughed.

When his breathing settled, his adoptive father pinched his jaw and inserted his manhood once again. This time, Wang Xiong restrained his hands and rode his face, moving deeper than before!

Xiao Yu’s lower limbs fought helplessly while the upper limbs were pressed by his adoptive father. He could only loosen his puny mouth to allow the insertions of Wang Xiong’s large pillar. His adoptive father continued to dominate him as he breathed heavily and stabbed his small mouth. From the corners of his eyes to his small mouth, a mixture of fluids drenched his face. Gradually, Xiao Yu no longer had the strength to struggle. His face became red and appeared to be on the verge of aspiration.

After being deeply penetrated by his adoptive father, the enormous rod plunged into Xiao Yu’s throat, ejacvlating hot and virile essence. Xiao Yu’s sight flashed white, forcing his throat to swallow and digest his hot, white essence.

Wang Xiong came a lot. It was thick, salty, and pungent. Xiao Yu couldn’t eat up the rest as it was left strewn along the corner of his mouth. After cvmming for quite some time, Wang Xiong eventually pulled out. Xiao Yu, who had been shot at by him, was powerless to resist. At the corners of his slightly puffed, red lips were a few threads of white liquid. There were tears in Xiao Yu’s dazed eyes as he pitifully looked at Wang Xiong.

Wang Xiong sat at the edge of the bed before the kneeling Xiao Yu, who held his massive t!ts as he gave his adoptive father b0ob s*x while he sucked his large gl@ns with his small mouth. He continued rubbing until his chest turned red and was close to breaking the skin. Wang Xiong’s member suddenly increased in size and immediately shot at Xiao Yu’s chest and face. His seed flowed down to Xiao Yu’s cheeks, down to his hefty, round bosom, plopping down the floor.

Seeing Xiao Yu covered in his cvm, Wang Xiong picked up Xiao Yu and put him on his lap. The little vixen had been thoroughly played by his adoptive father, leaving him without any strength left. Xiao Yu obediently hugged his adoptive father’s neck as he laid listlessly on his robust body for Wang Xiong to play with.

Wang Xiong poked the fleshy slit with his large rod, which didn’t appear to even soften a bit despite recently cvmming. His hand came into contact with a copious amount of juices. He put it in his mouth, licked it, and exclaimed, “It’s quite sweet…”

Xiao Yu dazedly watched his adoptive father lick the honey juice discharged by his cvnt. Due to this,  his cheeks burned scarlet.

“Little B!tch, do you want it here?”

Wang Xiong used his daunting, dark member to prod deeply into his adopted son’s pvssy. He scratched his sensitive c!it as his flower hole gushed out with viscous fluid. The deeper it went, the more ticklish and sensitive it became. Wang Xiong’s huge manhood incessantly poked and rubbed Xiao Yu’s c!it, which was his most sensitive place.

“Yifu… Don’t… Don’t play there…”


Xiao Yu couldn’t withstand the overwhelming soreness yet indulging pleasure. He held his adoptive father’s neck and squirmed his a$s. Xiao Yu wanted to escape, yet also took the initiative to cater to Wang Xiong’s needs by thumping and grinding.

His adoptive father’s huge tip was hot and stiff, repeatedly rubbing it to his sensitive and delicate c!itoris. Xiao Yu’s thighs trembled whenever he was played by Wang Xiong’s colossal rod.

Wang Xiong’s impressive meat stick was scorching and rigid similar to hot iron. The swollen head ground against Xiao Yu’s c!itoris, tirelessly scratching the sensitive flesh. Rich, thick, and erotic fluid leaked from Xiao Yu’s cvnt.

“Yifu… Ngh, ha… Ah… Yifu… Put it in… Shove it into Xiao Yu’s tiny hole… It’s so itchy…”

Wang Xiong could no longer hold himself back. Grasping his tremendous rod, he aligned it to the small, plump hole — which continuously oozed with honey — and grabbed Xiao Yu’s slender waist as he mercilessly fvcked him! 


Being impaled by such an enormous manhood, Xiao Yu was about to lose his mind. Perhaps, he was born to be fvcked by men. Even if Xiao Yu wasn’t appropriately prepared, he easily swallowed such a ferocious and staggering rod.


The adopted son was abruptly and aggressively fvcked by his adoptive father. His eyes were left wide open, and his voice trembled as he called his adoptive father.

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