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Chapter 56: The Fallen Kingdom’s Prince Became the S*x Slave of the Enemy Kingdom’s Generals

The man’s tremendous arms were propped up on his sides. As the two people fvcked in passion, large drops of sweat rolled down his magnificently masculine body with explosive muscles. Moreover, the scalding sweat mixed with the sixth prince’s sweat magnified their seemingly infinite lust.

The sixth prince seemed to be getting slvttier and hornier the more he was fvcked. His bountiful mounds and fair a$s swayed as he gasped from the man’s increasingly ruthless hammering. This encouraged the man to hold his bvttocks and started a series of furious thrusts — bang, bang, bang!… 

The little succubus underneath him whimpered, his lips parted open, and even his moans were fragmented from his violent insertions.

This time, the man didn’t hold on for too long. Soon, he roared and bit his graceful neck. After a frantic thrust, he grabbed the prince’s fvcked-crimson bvttocks and pressed them against his own cr0tch — leaving no gaps — followed by churns in his swollen and hanging dark sacs. Instantly, an ample amount of come spewed from his tip to the swollen back cave.

As the white turbidity filled his insides, the sixth prince’s body arched up in stimulation. On his bare back, crystal beads of sweat slid down and flowed into the clothes around his waist.


They hugged, tightly snuggled against each other’s body, as their sweat blended and mixed. A dark, rough, and muscled body pressed against a fair, soft, and weak one. They continued to mate, in which the man penetrating the soul-stirring flesh hole made him tremble in pleasure. Furthermore, the sixth prince was also stimulated and shivered.

The hot sweat of the two people kept dripping. The strong man was full of aggressive beastly lust and recklessly venting in the sixth prince’s body. The sixth prince had never received such strong ejacvlation before. The sweat that continuously seeped from his skin increased till he looked like a fish taken out of the water.

The few robust men waiting outside the bed had been unable to wait, but General Chen domineeringly conquered the little slvt on the bed. They jerked their immense rods, breathing heavily and imagining that they were the ones fvcking the wanton svccubus’ little hole.

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The other two men had reached their limits. Holding their big rods and jerking them off in rapid pumps, they breathed heavily as they shot massive amounts of hot sp3rm onto the little succubus’ ample mounds and soft face — mesmerized from sucking a man’s humongous rod.


“Shuo Wei, what’s the matter with the emperor?”

General Cheng got out of bed, put on a robe, and sat down next to Prince Shuo. He poured tea for himself and drank it.

Prince Shuo, whose cr0tch was bulging high from watching, was called back by General Cheng’s1Now that the sex scene is over, I just realized that 奎 (Kui) is General Cheng’s name, which also means “cr0tch.” Anyway, for consistency and as a deliberate move, allow me to remain using General Cheng instead. voice, turned his head and smiled. He said, “The emperor deemed that the Xiao Kingdom isn’t that big. It’s better to give it to several mighty generals as fiefs.2These are estates of land, which are usually given to royalties, nobles, and meritorious generals. They can completely control these fiefs as they like. But…”

“But what…?”

“It’s not convenient to talk here, so why don’t we go somewhere else?”

General Cheng chuckled and led Prince Shuo to the outer room.

General Cheng and Prince Shuo were in the outer room talking about something the people inside the room didn’t care about. They were deeply engaged in the lustful scene that occurred wave after wave inside.

One by one, the men ejacvlated inside the sixth prince. Just as one finished, another couldn’t wait to thrust in. The large amount of come that had been shot inside did not have time to flow out and was immediately blocked by a gigantic shaft. The sixth prince’s stomach slightly bulged from being shot by five strong men in a row.

The tighter the flesh hole became as it was fvcked, the bolder the men moved.

By the time the sun set and General Cheng and Prince Shuo returned, the passion inside was still in full swing, copulating to their heart’s content.

When the two went in, the sixth prince’s sweat-drenched brocade robes hung on the crook of his arms and revealed a large portion of his smooth spine. He was being held by General Liu in a posture similar to a child taking a pee.

On the other hand, General Li stood on the bed as he fvcked the sixth prince’s little mouth. At the same time, the sixth prince held his large member and jerked it with his soft palm.


The robust men who were fvcking the sixth prince all had muscular bodies in dark bronze color. Their rippling muscles bulged out in large chunks, and their boiling sweat whipped and rolled down on their skin as they continued to thrust. Being subjected to simultaneous caresses of men, the sixth prince, not only was he not suffering, but he enjoyed tightening his two small entrances, contracting and squirming, sucking the generals off which stimulated them to hammer him even harder. Moreover, his mouth above also continued to suck, licking the man’s big, swollen glans with his tiny tongue.

Several muscular men were full of explosive sexual prowess, with their members standing on the peak of arousal and strength, and simultaneously assaulting a fair object that possessed full mounds and a thin waist. It was such a huge contrast that rendered General Cheng and Prince Shuo abruptly shed their robes to join in.

The licentious intercourse lasted for two days and one night. The sixth prince ate almost nothing but men’s seed to satiate himself. He was fvcked by several strong men in various obscene positions, from the bed to the bathroom, from the bathroom to the back garden of the palace, and from the back garden to the corridor of the bedchamber…

End of Arc’s First Part

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