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Chapter 9.2 Concubine-Born Sister

King Xuan’s residence was extremely lively today.

His Highness the Sixth Prince, Xiao Lin, had always been a legend of the Great Xia Empire. First of all, of his family background, his biological mother was the Empress, and the Empress was the distant niece of the Empress Dowager.

After the Empress’s wedding, the Empress never had children. The Emperor waited for a few years and saw that his harem was scarce, so he had to remove the contraceptive concoction from the harem. After that, his concubines got pregnant one after another.

The Empress had been extremely worried, but there was still no good news from her stomach. It wasn’t until she was twenty-eight years old that she gave birth to a legitimate prince, Xiao Lin.

The legitimate prince had a distinguished identity, not to mention how precious his birth was. At that time, the previous National Councillor read his fortune and sighed, “His Highness the Sixth Prince has a boundless future! The destiny of the Great Xia Empire is greatly connected with His Highness the Sixth Prince.”


Since words like that had been said, even the Emperor and Empress Dowager couldn’t help but pay great attention to that child. Not to mention how the Empress treasured her son like her own life.

Even without mentioning his identity, Xiao Lin was a talented gentleman from just his temperament and capability. His appearance was that of an immortal who had been banished from heaven. When he was seventeen, the Emperor wanted to evaluate the academy. Hence, he asked Xiao Lin and the champion scholar of that year to compete. In the end, even the champion scholar couldn’t beat him.

With His Highness the Sixth Prince now at the top, some people apprehensively speculated that his skills were on par with General Ye. 

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Su Su couldn’t help but look at the man on the main seat. Xiao Lin was talking to an official.


Su Su propped up her chin. As a mortal, King Xuan was quite different compared to her Eldest Senior Brother. Her Eldest Senior Brother, Gongye Jiwu, had a more refined appearance. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that his beauty was as breathtaking as a celestial being.

Tantai Jin followed Su Su’s gaze and saw King Xuan.

He retracted his gaze and looked at his own wine bottle, not knowing what he was thinking about.

After a while, before the sounds of the sizhu1sizhu can be both a single Chinese string instrument and a Chinese string ensemble started, the maidservants of King Xuan’s residence assisted a young lady in.

Xiao Lin’s original cold expression suddenly became extremely gentle. “Bing Shang, come here.”

The girl put her slightly cold little hand into Xiao Lin’s palm. They looked at each other and smiled.

Without needing anyone to explain, Su Su already recognised the girl not far from her. The person in the painting from a few days ago seemed to come alive in an instant.

A snow-white fox fur was draped on her shoulders. Her skin was fair, and when she looked down, her eyes were gentle and modest. The girl’s hair was tied with a simple green silk ribbon, making her look tender and pretty, yet elegant. Ye Bing Shang’s face could be said to put flowers to shame. If it was any more, it would be too ardent, and if it was any less, it would be too plain2This means that her face is perfect..

From the moment she came out, the sharp-tongued Pang Yi Zhi’s eyes didn’t even blink, let alone contain any of his usual animosity. All that remained was melancholy and yearning.

The female family members of the officials that were present were unconsciously biting their lips and clenched their handkerchiefs as they looked at Ye Bing Shang.

This illegitimate sister’s destructive power is really great, Su Su thought to herself.

Chun Tao was extremely worried that the Third Miss would be angry. Compared to the graceful Eldest Miss, the face of the Third Miss still had some baby fat. She could be described as adorable but with not enough grace.


However, when Chun Tao looked at her Third Miss, she saw the Third Miss was biting on a strawberry, and her clear eyes were looking at the Eldest Lady with pure curiosity.

Chun Tao: …… Huh? Why is Third Miss so peaceful?

Chun Tao didn’t know that——

Five hundred years later, there was a female cultivator among the three realms that would be so pretty that the gods and devils were dazed, and even the fox race was infatuated with her. That little female cultivator, who was a natural spiritual fetus, was a stunning beauty that would not be seen in the mortal world for millions of years.

Although the world was in turmoil, among the Eight Wastelands, even a newly formed devil race knew that even the beauty of the fallen Goddess of the ancient Gods couldn’t compare with that little female cultivator from Hengyang Sect that rarely went outside.

Her name was Li Su Su.

They had also made some particularly obscene assumptions——

That the reason why the devil king didn’t kill Su Su was that he saw that the young little lolita had good prospects. So was he waiting for her to grow up, and he was going to grab her to become his furnace tripod?

Su Su had seen her own calamity-bringing face, which carried an air of divinity, for a hundred years, so it was impossible for her to be stunned by Ye Bing Shang’s appearance.

The general standard of attractiveness index in the cultivator realm was outrageously high. There you could find countless female cultivators that were prettier than Ye Bing Shang.

Su Su looked at the absent-minded and lonely Pang Yi Zhi. Then, thinking of something, she subconsciously looked towards Tantai Jin beside her. The young man had lowered his eyes, but he realised that someone was looking at him, so he met Su Su’s gaze, perplexed.

Su Su averted her eyes, uninterested.


Well, she thought that the evil young man beside her would be staring at Ye Bing Shang, but it turned out he was so restrained.

Was he afraid of her beating him?

Ye Bing Shang was the only woman in Xiao Lin’s harem. She sat behind Xiao Lin and gently nodded to General Ye. “Dad.”

Ye Xiao nodded his head and glared at his youngest daughter, who was eating strawberries behind him.

“Xi Wu!”

Su Su was biting half of a strawberry in her mouth and hurriedly swallowed it.

I know, I know! Take the blame and apologise, right? She’s an expert already!

Su Su stood up and bowed to Ye Bing Shang. She awkwardly said, “I’m sorry, Eldest Sister. Last time, at the palace banquet, Xi Wu shouldn’t have pushed you. Xi Wu is here to make amends with you and I hope you will forgive me.”

Ye Bing Shang was stunned. She then said with a smile, “It’s no problem. It was just a joke between sisters. I know the Third Sister did not do it on purpose.”

Her gentle moist eyes were eyeing Su Su. She said with delight, “Third Sister has grown up.”

Her amiability was beyond Su Su’s expectations. It seems like the Eldest Sister that the original owner hated the most wasn’t that bad of a person?

With this in mind, Su Su’s suspicions had dissipated a little, but her guilt became more certain. Ye Bing Shang indeed looked sick. Under her makeup, she could vaguely see that she was unwell.


As expected, she occasionally used a handkerchief to cover her lips and coughed during the banquet.

The maidservant, Xiao Hui, aided Ye Bing Shang and said, “Niangniang3娘娘 (niangniang) – a title used to call the Empress/imperial consorts/concubines, why did you forgive Third Miss Ye so easily? That day, she deliberately……”

Ye Bing Shang frowned and said with a soft voice, “Xiao Hui, you shouldn’t talk too much.”

Xiao Hui shut up, embarrassed.

Before the Eldest Lady was married, the Third Lady often bullied her. Now that the Eldest Lady had a backer, she still gave way to the Third Lady.

Ye Bing Shang quietly sighed as she looked at the girl in a light pink coat behind General Ye. She really hoped that her Third Sister had really grown up.

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