Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 72 Who Will He Give It To?

“Can’t see?” When Tantai Jin heard the news, he was extremely calm.

Afraid that Tantai Jin would blame her for Su Su’s blindness, the maidservant trembled and said, “Your Majesty, should I call the imperial physician to treat the Young Lady?”

At her words, the youth in black curved his lips mockingly.

“As long as she’s still breathing, it’s just a pair of eyes, what does it have to do with me?”

The maidservant understood what he meant and breathed a deep sigh of relief.


The rainy season of the seventh month hadn’t passed yet. When Yang Ji walked in, he saw His Majesty tending a pot of flowers, it hadn’t bloomed yet, and there was only a small bud. Surprisingly, it was an ice-blue flower, like a beautiful ice crystal.

Yang Ji found it a rare sight, so he took a few more glances at it.

Tantai Jin indifferently said, “This is the Longevity Flower sent by Shicha. It is rumored to be able to cure all diseases and prevent pain.”

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Yang Ji glanced at him, then nodded and agreed.



Su Su spent a few more days in the Secret Chamber of Chaos, and the maidservant who took care of her regained her previous arrogance.

Tantai Jin didn’t let her out, nor did he let the imperial physician go treat her.

Su Su had already guessed that this would happen and hung her head.

She joined back her dislocated finger herself despite the pain, but her increasingly thin body was getting weaker and weaker.

She tried hard to swallow more food, but it was in vain.

One night, she coughed up blood.

Su Su knew that the divine power of the World Toppling Flower was beginning to disappear, and that its fated misfortune was imminent.

And she’d lost the bet.

Tantai Jin had said so many times before that he wanted her to die, and this time, he really wanted her life.

She groggily fell asleep. The next day, the maidservant shoved her and found Su Su unresponsive, the corners of her mouth covered with blood, and only then did she realize the seriousness of the matter.

Vomiting blood finally got Su Su out of the Secret Chamber of Chaos.


Someone took her pulse and vaguely said something.

“This girl’s body is weak, but I can’t see anything wrong with her. As for her eyes, I’m afraid that she’s been in a dark place for too long and is temporarily blind.”

The person at the other end didn’t speak.

Su Su heard a low sneer.

“Since she likes to play tricks so much, I’ll fulfill her wish. Want to come out? Stay here then.”

A warm energy was poured into her wrist, and it wasn’t until evening that Su Su finally woke up.

Curved Jade looked at its Little Master’s emaciated body in disbelief and bawled.

This was the second time it had cried so hard since it had consciousness. The last time was when Su Su’s mother died.

Curved Jade poured all the spiritual Qi that it had cultivated for the past year and more since they’d come to the mortal world into Su Su’s body, and she finally felt better.

Su Su gasped as darkness fell before her eyes, but she knew it was day time.

Her eyes were completely blind.

Curved Jade saw Su Su’s gloomy expression.


After remaining silent for a long time, it made up its mind and whispered, “Let me take you home.”

——Go back to Hengyang Sect five hundred years in the future, go to Changze Mountain, where you were born, and there’ll be no more pain like now. Your eyes can see the light again, and you can be an immortal again without having to suffer any more.

The young girl stumbled out of bed. Her lips were chapped, there was no one around, and it was awfully quiet.

Curved Jade hurriedly said, “To the left, be careful. That’s right, move forward, can you feel the table?”

Su Su touched the tea cup on the table and poured herself half a cup of water to drink.

Seeing her red and swollen fingers, no longer looking slender and delicate like before, Curved Jade couldn’t bear to take another glance.

“If I went back, what about dad, martial uncles, Eldest Senior Brother Gongye, and the fellow disciples of the sect?” Su Su said in a hoarse voice.

Everyone will die. 

Just like the nightmare created by the Nightmare Devil, everyone will die one by one.

Eight elders had exhausted their cultivation to send her back five hundred years. If she escaped back to Hengyang Sect, there wouldn’t be a second chance.

Curved Jade remained silent.

It was the Curved Jade of the Ninth Heavens, born in ancient times, but it wasn’t comparable to other divine artifacts born from the same period, that were enough to summon wind and rain2呼风唤雨 (hūfēng-huànyǔ) – an idiom; to exercise magical powers; someone/something powerful that can call the shots. It was an ancient jade, buried in the ground for countless years, that had slowly developed a spiritual consciousness before gaining its later form.


It didn’t know how many years it had cultivated, as it should’ve been one with the mountains and rivers of the Three Realms. More than just pitying Su Su, it had a sense of duty for the common people.

Aiding its host to eliminate the Devil God and blessing the common people was the meaning of its existence.

It was extremely sad, and after a long time, it made up its mind and said, “The Soul Extinguishing Nails have shattered, the mission has failed, I’ll take you away!”

The jade bracelet on her wrist glowed, but Su Su suddenly held down Curved Jade.

“Little Master?”

“Wait a little longer, I…… have one last way,” Su Su said.

“What?” Curved Jade looked at her in a daze. A faint smile appeared on the young girl’s pale face, like a flower covered with morning dew.

It was a weak beauty that bloomed before its death.


“Madame, you didn’t hear. That woman was thrown into the cold palace by His Majesty. I heard that in the summer, that place will be infested with snakes, bugs, rats, and ants, and the food given is rancid too. This time, His Majesty completely despises her!” Xiao Hui happily said.

Ye Bing Shang put down the almost finished clothing and raised her pretty eyes, “Be careful of what you say.”

Xiao Hui quickly smacked her own mouth, “Look at this maidservant’s mouth, Madame had taught me so many times and I still haven’t learned. This time, Madame can’t sympathize with her for the sake of sisterhood anymore!”

Ye Bing Shang nodded, “Naturally not, Third Sister wanted to harm His Majesty. His Majesty is already considered merciful for letting her live.”

“This maidservant also heard that that person’s eyes can’t see anymore.”

Ye Bing Shang’s movement paused, “Is that so?”

In the afternoon, she went to deliver the finished clothing she had prepared for Tantai Jin, and happened to meet the imperial physician who was examining him.

The simple and elegant fragrance in the room made Ye Bing Shang notice the Longevity Flower at a glance. 

The Longevity Flower was about to bloom, and under the sunlight, it had a special kind of beauty.

Tantai Jin was casually growing it, and he didn’t intend to consume it. Everyone in the palace knew that His Majesty had such a flower, and they were all speculating who he would give it to.

Ye Bing Shang suddenly thought of Third Sister’s blind eyes.

If it’s the Longevity Flower, Third Sister’s body, will definitely get better again, right……

When Tantai Jin saw her, he calmly said, “Come over and have a seat.”

As usual, the both of them played a game of chess. Ye Bing Shang said with embarrassment, “In a few days, it’ll be this concubine’s birthday, may I dare to ask Your Majesty for one thing?”

This was the first time she’d made a request to Tantai Jin since she’d come to the Zhou Kingdom.

Thinking of the broken heart protecting scale, Tantai Jin nodded, “Speak.”

Ye Bing Shang said, “This concubine hopes that Your Majesty can accompany this concubine and my mother to have a meal together.”

After speaking, she twisted her handkerchief tightly and looked at Tantai Jin apprehensively.

“Okay,” Tantai Jin said.

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” Ye Bing Shang said with a smile.

Only Ye Bing Shang had a title in the harem, so the female officials prepared carefully for her birthday.

The maidservant at Su Su’s side was also gone. There was only a hard bed in the cold palace, and a table to put the teapot.

She only realized a few days after she woke up that she could no longer use any spiritual power.

Now, she was no different from an ordinary mortal.

Curved Jade told her that there were still countless weak water arrows aimed at her in the dark, and once she tried to escape the Zhou Kingdom palace, those arrows would shoot out without hesitation.

Unfortunately, they didn’t know that Su Su had lost the ability to resist.

Every evening, she would fumble her way out for a walk.

She couldn’t see, so she asked Curved Jade to give her directions.

As long as she remained within the confines of the cold palace, the Night Shadow Guards wouldn’t stop her.

A few little maidservants who came back from washing clothes said, “Why is the palace lively again these days, is there any happy event?”

“Of course, it’ll be Madame Zhaohua’s birthday in a few days. Now His Majesty favors her alone, so His Majesty definitely values her birthday.”

“Haven’t you heard that earlier, Shicha sent a Longevity Flower, wanting His Majesty to marry their princess, but they were rejected by His Majesty. Who else would it be for if not Madame Zhaohua? If not for Madame Zhaohua’s identity, I’m afraid His Majesty would’ve made her the Empress long ago.”

They chatted and walked away, and Su Su stood behind the wall, feeling the chill of dusk.

The wind brushed the hem of her dark brown clothes, and Curved Jade hesitantly said, “Little Master, did you hear that? Tantai Jin has the Longevity Flower in his hands. That’s a holy medicine for mortals. Why don’t you try asking for it, and your eyes might be able to see.”

Su Su touched her own left eye.

After a while, she nodded, “I…… want to try.”

She was afraid.

This was the first time Curved Jade had seen her agree to go and ask for something.

Curved Jade was distressed just looking at her. The little spirit bird was born yearning for freedom, and the place that had raised her was the most vast and beautiful world.

There was no sound or light in the Secret Chamber of Chaos. She had been locked up for so long that she would occasionally wake up trembling while she slept at night.

However, there was no difference for Su Su between day and night, as her world was already dark.

Now that there was the Longevity Flower, she wanted to give it a try.

She didn’t want Tantai Jin’s life anymore, she would give him back something better. But she was too scared and just wanted to see more of the world. Even if she was going to die in the end, don’t let her die alone in the dark.


The day before Ye Bing Shang’s birthday just happened to be the fifteenth two months later.

The moon hung in the sky, illuminating the somber cold palace.

Su Su was curled up on the bed, trembling slightly.

The spring knot silkworm in her body was acting up again.

Su Su didn’t expect that after losing her v*rg*nity, the spring knot silkworm acted up again in such a short time. Only two months had passed and it had already flared up.

She hugged herself tightly, and the hair on her forehead was covered in sweat.

Her mind was muddled. She didn’t know how long she had endured, it might have been two hours, or even longer.

Just when she thought she was going to die, the summer night breeze blew in  through the door.

The warm breeze cleared her mind for a moment, and she blinked her hollow eyes.

Someone picked open her lapel with cold fingers, and for the first time, Su Su realized how powerful an insidious drug like the spring knot silkworm was to a mortal body.

She shivered and moved closer to him, and when she leaned in his arms, the restless drug’s effect on her body finally had a moment of peace.

He coldly observed Su Su.

The young girl was breathing heavily and in great pain.

Tantai Jin didn’t kiss her. He acted like he was performing a task, just to keep her from dying too easily. He was so cold that he was emotionless, as if his disgust for her was deep in his bones.

He snickered, “You’re so ugly right now, it makes one lose interest.”

Su Su pursed her lips. She’d lost weight for a long time, and her cheeks, which originally had a little baby fat, were now pointy from thinness.

Her originally slender waist was now too unbearably delicate to hold.

Under the drug’s effect, Su Su’s body did not feel uncomfortable, but rather developed a state similar to dependence. But her heart was very uncomfortable, and gradually by the end she experienced what it meant to feel the eight distresses of life3人生八苦 (rénshēng bākǔ) – birth, age, sickness, death, parting with what we love, meeting with what we hate, unattained aims, and all the ills of the five skandhas (Buddhism).

She didn’t even have the strength to hate him, she just felt tired.

Like a traveler who had suffered too much in the outside world, her feelings about the trials and tribulations along the way had faded, and now she only missed home.

Su Su couldn’t see her current state, so she thought that she was ugly, like he had said.

She didn’t care about outer appearance, so she didn’t know that this rare and fragile beauty she had could move others to the point of wanting to ruthlessly humiliate her.

Her vivid eyes reflected his appearance, but Tantai Jin knew that she couldn’t see his own expression now.

He lowered his body, still keeping himself collected. He’d said that he wasn’t in the mood, but still continued until the middle of the night.

He put on his clothes and was about to leave when a small pale hand pulled him back.

Tantai Jin turned back, and for the first time, he saw a hint of expectation and restlessness on her face.

Su Su hesitated for a long time, then finally spoke in a soft voice, “I, can I exchange the…… Longevity Flower with you?”


The author has something to say:

There’s still the last method to extract the evil bone, I saw that a little angel had guessed it before!

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