Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 70.2 My Hatred


Holding a silver ring, Ye Bing Shang appeared in Su Su’s room. 

Looking at the water vapor hanging in the air that was vaguely trying to condense, she whispered, “Pretty clever.”

The heart protecting scale on her emitted a silver light. She reached out and swiped it, and the water vapor dissipated without a trace.

“Unfortunately, the heart protecting scale is more useful. I’m sorry, Third Sister, you’re the one who didn’t leave me with a way out.”


Meanwhile, the black fog in the Soul Eating Flag surged, and the old Daoist hurriedly came to report.

“Your Majesty, there are array fluctuations in the palace.”

Tantai Jin opened his eyes. He retracted his hand, his thin lips tinged with a magnificent hue of red.

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Nian Muning hurriedly took out a box.


The wings of the silver butterfly emitted a white halo in the night, and flew towards a specific direction.

Tantai Jin whispered, “In the direction of Qiannan, where the Eighth Prince is hiding.”

So, that brigade of Hidden Dragon Guards was really with her. Perhaps this time, after she gave the Hidden Dragon Guards to the Eighth Prince, she would never return again.

He was clearly smiling, but Nian Baiyu vaguely felt like His Majesty’s current mood was probably very bad.

Nian Muning also lowered her head.


The tracking technique was really useless in the mortal realm.

Seeing Su Su’s bloodshot left eye, Curved Jade hurriedly said, “Little Master, stop overusing the World Toppling Flower! Your mortal body cannot withstand such abuse.”

Su Su remained silent.

Actually, just from searching up to here, her internal organs were dully aching. As Curved Jade said, every use of the World Toppling Flower was extremely harmful to her body.

She looked at the sky, only hoping that she could bring her grandmother back before dawn.

It was getting closer to zishi.


Occasionally, there were wolves with green eyes in the forest, vaguely looking at her, not daring to go over.

Su Su felt like something wasn’t right, there seemed to be a strange smell in the air. Without a chance to think about it any further, she felt something burn her, it was the Soul Extinguishing Tear creating another three nails.

There are already six……

She heard something break through the air, and Su Su almost instantly dodged the arrows by instinct.

Applause rang out, and a teenager in dark reddish purple clothes stepped out of the forest. He looked young, but there was a murderous aura lingering on his face.

Seeing Su Su, he felt the excitement of a hunter observing his prey.

“You’re Third Miss Ye, I’ve been waiting for you for so long, and you finally came.”

“Eighth Prince?” Su Su asked, “Where’s my grandmother?”

“That old woman? Don’t worry, she’s fine for now. Where’s the Hidden Dragon Guard’s seal? Did you bring it?”

Actually, the moment she saw the Eighth Prince, her heart sank.

She spent the power of the World Toppling Flower intending to secretly arrive without being discovered by him. She’d wanted to bring her grandmother away quietly once she found her, but unexpectedly the Eighth Prince was waiting here for her.

The Eighth Prince was two years younger than Tantai Jin. His eyebrows were thick, so his appearance was far less stunning than Tantai Jin’s, merely a bit charming.


Curved Jade solemnly said, “Could it be Ye Bing Shang who tipped him off?”

This speculation was too vicious. If it was really Ye Bing Shang, then she clearly wanted her grandmother’s life.

Su Su calmed her heart down, then took out the half-covered jade seal in her sleeve and quickly retracted it, “I brought it, let me see my grandmother.”

The Eighth Prince looked at her with an unreadable expression.

“That’s the seal?

“Yes,” Su Su said.

Actually, it was the empress’s jade seal. Her heart was pounding, and she could only hope that the Eighth Prince didn’t see it clearly.

The Eighth Prince shook his head with pity, “It’s not in your hands huh. You don’t even know what the seal of the Hidden Dragon Guards is.”

He smiled strangely, “Yours looks a bit like the empress’s jade seal, which my Mother Concubine sought but failed to get1求之不得 (qiúzhī-bùdé) – idiom; fig. exactly what one’s been looking for. Could it be that that extremely ruthless royal brother of mine gave it to you?”

Su Su secretly cursed, stopped talking nonsense with him, and raised her hand to strike.

The Eighth Prince burst into loud laughter, and his expression turned gloomy, “Silly little girl, you’ve come to my territory, but still dare to be so arrogant. Since that little b*stard cares about you, all the more reason you need to stay here.”

Somehow countless Scarlet Flame Wasps appeared in the air.


Curved Jade shouted, “Sh*t, everyone in the Tantai royal family keeps demonic creatures!”

The Scarlet Flame Wasps first came from the Zhou Kingdom’s royal family, and it was unknown how many of them were in the Eighth Prince’s hands.

It wasn’t too late for Su Su to run, but if she left, what about her grandmother?

She drew her sword and killed two Scarlet Flame Wasps that were attacking her.

However, there were too many Scarlet Flame Wasps, and just like a hive that had been pierced, all the Scarlet Flame Wasps flew towards Su Su.

In this situation, Su Su was cornered.

She spun and landed on the ground. The Scarlet Flame Wasps were huge so she tried her best to hide in narrow places, moving closer towards the Eighth Prince.

“You are overestimating yourself!” The Eighth Prince shouted.

He’d been hiding here for so long, and naturally had a lot of bargaining chips in his hands. Tantai Minglang and Tantai Jin were all tyrants with evil intentions, so the number of people who supported him had naturally increased.

The Scarlet Flame Wasps didn’t move anymore, but a blood-red net suddenly spread out behind Su Su.

Curved Jade was shocked, “It’s the corpse melting net! Little Master, quickly dodge!”

With the Scarlet Flame Wasps in front and corpse melting net behind her, Su Su suddenly understood that in the small-scale fights she used to have with Tantai Jin, he’d been conceding to her, because he could never use a killing move against her.

The Eighth Prince couldn’t defeat Tantai Jin, and she was in danger as soon as she’d arrived.

She had no choice but to throw herself at the Scarlet Flame Wasps in order to avoid the corpse melting net behind her.

Seeing a Scarlet Flame Wasp’s mandibles about to pierce her shoulder——

The silver butterfly passed through the swarm of Scarlet Flame Wasps, suddenly illuminating the dark night of the jungle, and as if sensing something, the Scarlet Flame Wasps scattered as if fleeing for their lives.

Su Su pathetically fell to the ground, and a black cloud-patterned boot appeared in front of her.

She raised her head and saw Tantai Jin, who looked at her mockingly, “With such ability, you still dare to come and court death.”

He turned his head to look at the Eighth Prince and sneered, “Little beast, I’ll let you choose a way to die.”

Su Su thought to herself, as expected of blood brothers, even their cursing is the same.

Tantai Jin’s was even more excessive.

The Eighth Prince was also angry, “Today, you have no way out.”

After all, this was the Eighth Prince’s territory. A strange pink powdery mist spread over the air, and the Soul Eating Flag behind Tantai Jin spun rapidly, dispelling the powdery mist in the blink of an eye. The Eighth Prince exclaimed, “That’s impossible!”

“Kill him,” Tantai Jin said.

Su Su had climbed up and was standing next to Tantai Jin.

Seeing that things looked bad, the Eighth Prince planned to withdraw.

Thinking of her grandmother, Su Su wanted to chase after him.

She had just taken a step forward when Tantai Jin grabbed her wrist and angrily said, “Do you want to die?”

“My grand……”

She had only said two words when a silver-blue light of an arrow flashed in the air.

Tantai Jin abruptly hugged her, leading her to dodge the arrows.

The arrows pierced through the tree trunks, one after another, shooting at them.

Nian Baiyu’s heart sank, this isn’t the Eighth Prince’s men, but the Hidden Dragon Guards!

The moment she was held by Tantai Jin, Su Su’s mind went blank, only because the Soul Extinguishing Tear on her suddenly burned and turned into nine nails.

He was totally unaware of it all, the love of the young Devil God was like untouchable air. His heart was like still water, and even the fluttering of his heart came about noiselessly, like a stagnant pool.

So lightly, yet still boiling.

When they fell, he even subconsciously cushioned her head with his palm.

For an instant, the air seemed to freeze before her eyes.

Tantai Jin was so close to her, and she strained her eyes to see clearly. The youth’s body was shielding hers, and arrows were flying past behind her.

Something fell from Su Su’s body, and when she looked, the arrows raining down pierced the Gu worm that Xiao Shan had given her into two.

But she didn’t have time to care about this, because if she was going to kill him, now was the best chance.

Even Curved Jade was excited, “Little Master, hurry!”

That was their ultimate goal!

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