Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 7.2 Spring Knot Silkworm

The young man squatted in front of her. He lightly pushed away the sweaty hair on her forehead. “Third Miss, you look extremely uncomfortable.”

Su Su tightly shut her mouth for fear that if she opens it, it will produce a sound that shouldn’t be made. She felt that she was about to be burned to death, and a piece of ice was almost within reach.

“Stay away from me!” Su Su shouted. She finally understood why in the end, Ye Xi Wu still threw away her self-esteem and asked for Tantai Jin’s help, even though she liked Xiao Lin so much. This drug was too torturous!

The young man in front of her tilted his head.

Under the light from the glass lamp, the young man looked extremely weak and innocent.


However, his voice wasn’t the same. His tone was cold, as if he was slowly breaking through solid ice. “Third Miss, can you tell me what’s wrong with you?”

The malice from the young man was indistinguishable.

Tantai Jin’s current state of mind was the same as Ye Xi Wu’s in the past.

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Tantai Jin was counting down for her in his heart. Finally, when her eyes were entirely out of focus, the girl in front of him was no longer stubborn and moved.


She raised her slender arm, but it wasn’t to hug him like what Tantai Jin had expected. Instead, the girl covered her own cheeks.

Her eyelashes were shut, and she was quieter than the snowflakes outside.

The girl leaned against the window. The snow was fluttering down outside. She was silent, like she was in an eternal rest in the winter night and became a butterfly with trembling wings.

The glass lamp illuminated her surroundings. The snowflakes flew in and landed on her hair.

He was coldly observing this strange and holy scene by the side.

That kind of feeling came again. She was at the junction of snow and light, but he was still in his own darkness. He suddenly hated the person in front of him even more. Tantai Jin covered his lips with his cold fingers. Different from the light teasing kind of disgust of the past, it had become another kind of disgust that was spreading throughout his bones, making him tremble.

Did this kind of stuffy feeling start ever since that day at the mountain bandits’ den?

The young man sat back in the corner and looked at Su Su with a gloomy and cobweb-sticky gaze the whole night.

She was curled up in the corner, totally unaware of it.


When daylight shone into the east garden, Su Su felt like she had come back to life.

She was exhausted. Just like the name of the drug, she felt like she had just come out of a cocoon.


The muscles under her palm were thin. She opened her eyes and found herself sleeping on Tantai Jin’s legs. She sat up in a flash and hurriedly moved away from him.

Su Su grabbed her hair.

No, it’s impossible, right?!

She had endured so hard last night just to avoid having intimacy with that devilish creature. Could it be that her Dao heart wasn’t stable enough, causing her to be unable to withstand the drug effects and she finally threw herself into his arms? Su Su loathed him so much that the part of her hand that touched him just now felt as if it was burning. She glared at the evil young man at her feet.

The young man’s eyelashes trembled.

Tantai Jin’s eyelashes were longer than the eyelashes of the body Su Su was in. They were like two feathers.

His red lips and black hair showed a hint of frail beauty, which made him look pale and pitiful.

Su Su really didn’t want him to open his eyes.

After all, Su Su didn’t know what to say to him when he woke up. She couldn’t possibly tell him that she had a weird habit of eating an aphrodisiac once every three months, could she?

She was tense for some time, but then realised that he hadn’t woken up.

Su Su let out a sigh of relief. It was only now that Su Su realised his complexion looked pale, and his lips were dry and cracked. All things considered, it didn’t seem normal.

“Tantai Jin, wake up.” Evil creatures are usually deep-minded. Is he pretending to sleep to gain sympathy? “If you don’t wake up I will send you to Aunt Lian.”


She pushed him, but the young man didn’t respond at all.

Su Su squatted down and placed her hand on his forehead. This time, his temperature wasn’t hot, but felt like a piece of ice.

Su Su’s face stiffened: “……”

Even if she raised a kid in the mortal world, they wouldn’t be as weak and troublesome as him. He was always sick and vulnerable to the brink of death.

She couldn’t find any water in this narrow room, so she could only cover him with the quilt.

When Su Su walked out, Bi Liu came up and said, “Miss, are you alright?”

Su Su looked at Bi Liu suspiciously. Although Su Su didn’t have much strength and wasn’t really sober last night, she knew that even if she had stayed in her own room, she could have endured it. But Bi Liu disregarded her wishes and brought her to Tantai Jin.

She was so angry with Bi Liu’s “sincerity” that she wanted to laugh.

“I remembered that you were the one who gave me the ‘spring knot silkworm’, didn’t you? Bi Liu, why did you have such a thing?” She didn’t believe that there was nothing wrong with this maidservant.

“Miss, this maidservant had said previously. I have a distant cousin brother who once married a girl from the Yiyue Tribe. The Yiyue Tribe is good at poison and ‘spring knot silkworm’ is their secret recipe.” Bi Liu said.

“Besides the antidote that Tantai Jin has swallowed, can another antidote be made?”

Bi Liu shook her head, and she looked a little dissatisfied. “That was the only supplementary drug. Miss, are you blaming Bi Liu? Bi Liu was just following your orders.”


Su Su said, “I don’t blame you, but from today onwards, I won’t keep you by my side. Go find Aunt Lian and let her find you a new place to go.”

Bi Liu was shocked, and she only reacted after some time. Su Su unexpectedly banished her. Only now did she feel flustered and hurriedly knelt and kowtowed.

“Third Miss, please don’t chase this maidservant away.” Begging for mercy now?

Su Su ignored her. She stepped on the snow and left the east garden.

Initially, she wanted to keep Bi Liu and observe her for some time since she always felt that Bi Liu wasn’t that simple.

But Bi Liu was outwardly obedient and inwardly disobedient. It was still tolerable that she enters and leaves her Master’s room as she pleases, but she often bullies Chun Tao and Xi Xi. It was better to chase her away and ask someone to follow her. Maybe she could also find something out that way.

Maids like Bi Liu, who were overly pampered by the original owner, can still survive no matter where they go after leaving.

Not long after, Su Su rushed back and brought a doctor along. If it was a fever, she knew how to deal with it, but what about chills? The young man in the corner was still in the same position as when she left.

“Mister, please look at him.”

The old doctor moved forward and diagnosed Tantai Jin.

He already knew about the Third Miss of the General’s family’s cruel reputation beforehand. He didn’t plan to be meddlesome, but healers have the heart of parents1医者父母心 (yīzhě fùmǔ xīn) – idiom; healers have the same heart of compassion as parents. So he bowed while cupping his fist and said, “This gentleman is still young but his body is deteriorating. He has a lot of chronic diseases and internal injuries. If the Third Miss doesn’t want his life, please have mercy on him.”

Su Su pursed her lips and shook her head firmly. “Mister, you don’t know that he is not a good man. You just need to prescribe him medicine that will keep him alive and that is enough.” There is no need to nurse his body whatsoever. It is better for an evil thing like him to have more diseases and suffer more.

The old doctor sighed and said, “If the Third Miss just doesn’t want him to die, I don’t need to prescribe any medicine. He hasn’t eaten for too long and hasn’t drank any water so he became like this. Give him some food and he will be fine.”

Su Su didn’t expect that Tantai Jin was not given any food or drink while locked up here.

She was stunned. Why was it like this? Didn’t Aunt Lian say that she will only lock him up?

They must have done this on purpose. Or…… this residence was too used to ignoring Tantai Jin. They forgot that he was a human too. He needed to eat food, drink water, and breathe.

While toying with him mercilessly, they also mocked him for not being strong enough.

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