Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 69 Veil

Once the Festival of Flowers was over, news that His Majesty was going to prepare for the enthronement ceremony spread throughout the entire Zhou Kingdom.

Some of the Zhou Kingdom’s people didn’t approve of him.

Back when Tantai Minglang ascended the throne, he had legitimately taken the position through abdication by imperial decree. But Tantai Jin had taken the seat by murdering his elder brother, so he didn’t have a reputation among the people as a virtuous ruler. 

He was warlike and fond of killing.

Some time ago, in order to find the Eighth Prince, soldiers had searched from house to house, causing cries of discontent to arise1怨声载道 (yuànshēng-zàidào) – lit. cries of complaint fill the roads (idiom); complaints rise all around; discontent is openly voiced.


But there were also many people who supported him.

After all, because of Tantai Jin, the Xia Empire had become a vassal state of the Zhou Kingdom, and the previous depression throughout Great Zhou was swept away and replaced with pride and elation.  

Tantai Jin had been putting off his enthronement ceremony this entire time, so they didn’t expect him to suddenly decide to hold it now.

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Su Su really had no talent in this, so she said, “I don’t know how, can’t you help me embroider it?”


The embroidery ladies covered their lips and laughed. Seeing Su Su’s look of puzzlement, someone said, “Young Lady is joking. It’s a rule in Great Zhou that a girl who is about to be married should embroider their veil personally. This veil which incorporates the new bride’s sincerity will bless the wedding to last forever.”

Another person added, “Besides, His Majesty has ordered that Young Lady must finish embroidering it with her own hands.”

Su Su wasn’t required for the making of the phoenix robe. There was still two months before the grand ceremony, and under normal circumstances, there was still time to embroider the veil.

Su Su was disheartened. She picked up the silver needle and continued to learn from the embroidery ladies.

Curved Jade comforted, “Bear with it.”

He just wants you to embroider the veil, but you want his life.

So, Su Su learned embroidery with the embroidery ladies during the day, and would go out for walks at dusk.

Perhaps because Tantai Jin was in a good mood, the tiger demon was released.

But it was forbidden from transforming into human form in the palace. Su Su occasionally saw it, basking in the shade of a tree in its tiger form, but before she could approach, it would run away.

Su Su originally thought that when the news of the empress’s conferment was spread, that unfathomable eldest sister would make a move.

However, they only met once in the palace by chance, and Ye Bing Shang smiled at Su Su from afar, looking extremely calm and gentle.

Ye Bing Shang’s face had a faint hint of embarrassment, but she revealed it subtly, so on the contrary, she just appeared tragically pitiful instead.


Su Su frowned while watching her back, and Curved Jade hurriedly said, “Little Master, you mustn’t sympathise with her. Curved Jade always feels that this Ye Bing Shang is very scary.”

“I know,” Su Su said. “I didn’t sympathize with her.”

She only felt like if Ye Bing Shang could do something like controlling the silver ring to attack herself, she would definitely not sit and wait for death3坐以待毙 (zuòyǐdàibì) – sit still waiting for death (idiom); await one’s doom; resign oneself to one’s fate.

Ye Bing Shang hadn’t done anything yet, and this created a feeling of uncertainty.

Su Su returned to the Emerald Palace and found Tantai Jin there too.

He didn’t have it easy these days either. He needed to revise taxes and prepare for the enthronement ceremony while still searching for the hidden4藏头露尾 (cángtóu-lùwěi) – to hide the head and show the tail (idiom); to give a partial account; hide a part of something only to reveal another Eighth Prince.

Sometimes, the lights in his Chengqian Palace were still lit late at night.

His hand was holding something. Su Su walked over and saw that it was the veil that she was embroidering.

There was a phoenix embroidered on the veil, Su Su was a novice, and she couldn’t even pull the ends of the thread properly.

The gold threads on the red veil looked appalling5惨不忍睹 (cǎnbùrěndǔ)  – spectacle too horrible to endure (idiom); tragic sight; appalling scenes of devastation at first glance.

Tantai Jin looked at Su Su with displeasure.

Su Su could understand his expression even if he didn’t speak—— “You only embroidered such a thing?”


Su Su looked at him innocently and said, “I’m not specialized in art, so I really can’t do it, but the embroidery ladies said that the wedding will only be blessed if the new bride embroiders the veil herself. If you really can’t stand to look at it, let the embroidery ladies do it, no one will know the difference anyway.”

Tantai Jin mocked, “With skills like yours, you still want to be the empress?”

He turned back and found that Su Su was no longer in the same spot.

The young girl was resting her head on her arms, lying comfortably on the bed embroidered with silver azaleas. It was almost summer, and Great Zhou’s summer was scorching hot. She lifted her hand, a yellow talisman between her fingers lit up, and pretty snowflakes fluttered down around her.

Her long, slender fingers caught a snowflake, while her purple skirt was spread out on the bed.

Snowflakes fell into her hair. She tilted her head to see the youth staring at her in a daze. Su Su turned her head and asked, “What did you say?”

The falling snow turned into blue ice crystals on the young girl’s forehead. She had condensed snow in early summer, but still looked indifferent. She blinked, and the cold aura dissipated, showing the delicate beauty of a woman.    

Tantai Jin brushed his sleeves and left with a cold face.

Curved Jade tattled, “His ears are red.”

Su Su sat up and realized something was wrong, “Where’s my half-finished veil?”

“Tantai Jin took it away,” Curved Jade said.

Su Su thought it through, and a hint of a smile appeared in her eyes.


The palace lights in Chengqian Hall went out even later, and the embroidery ladies didn’t come to bother Su Su again.

Half a month before the ceremony, Su Su received the embroidered veil.

The veil was placed at the head of her bed. It was outlined with gorgeous gold threads, and every bit of it was beautifully and delicately embroidered. Su Su picked it up and touched it with her fingers, almost able to see the sight of Tantai Jin embroidering the phoenix with his cold face.

Compared with a woman’s craftsmanship, the phoenix had a bit more of a sturdy impression to it.

Su Su looked at the magnificent phoenix in amazement.

Even Curved Jade’s tone sounded a little complicated, “A child who grows up in the cold palace learns all their life skills.”

An evil demon actually believed in this, hoping that the gods would bless him.

It was quite funny, but would make you feel complicated if you thought about it any deeper.

Su Su put the veil away and slightly pursed the corner of her lips.

It was the first time in her life that she’d deceived someone’s feelings, and it seemed like she’d succeeded too.


The day after Su Su received the veil, news that Tantai Jin intended to confer Su Su as the empress somehow reached the court.

If Tantai Jin wanted to confer someone else as the empress, the ministers would definitely not dare to meddle in his family’s affairs, but it was Su Su of all people.

Ye Xiao’s existence, the enemy’s great general, had oppressed the Zhou Kingdom for nearly twenty years. Now His Majesty actually wanted to marry Thief Ye’s daughter!

The civilian court officials thought further ahead. In case the daughter of the Ye family had wild ambitions and gave birth to the first legitimate prince, Great Zhou would indirectly fall into the hands of the Ye family.

The ministers immediately decided to remonstrate with the monarch.

Not to mention the fact that the Eighth Prince was still covetously eyeing the throne outside! His Majesty marrying Thief Ye’s daughter was equivalent to completely losing the support of the people.

Not just them, but even Yang Ji, who had always listened to Tantai Jin, felt that this wasn’t the right thing to do.

Yang Ji said, “If Your Majesty likes Third Miss Ye, you can confer her as Beauty, or, if you’re really willing, you can confer her the title of Madame. If you give the position of this country’s empress to the daughter of Ye Xiao, in the eyes of the people, Your Majesty is effectively betraying your country.”

At his words, Tantai Jin subconsciously refuted, “Who told you that I like her!”

Yang Ji: “……” Is that the main point? Your main point is off, Your Majesty.

The two looked at each other, and Tantai Jin whispered, “She only wants the title of empress.”

Oh, you’ll give her whatever she wants, and still say you don’t like her?

Yang Ji helplessly complained6吐槽 (tùcáo) – lit. to roast; slang; to ridicule, “Lord Jiang and a few old ministers are still kneeling outside. Your Majesty, these are the people who supported your accession to the throne, you can’t really let them die for offering you advice.”

Tantai Jin’s eyes were filled with mockery.

Yang Ji sighed, feeling bitter in his heart. In his opinion, welcoming Su Su as the empress was something that did nothing but harm. No one in the world would agree, and if Tantai Jin really did this, it would just make the officials bitterly disappointed.

This matter was in a stalemate for many days, and even Ye Bing Shang, who was in the harem, heard about it.

There was an official surnamed Cai who had even smashed his head into the emperor’s carriage in order to make Tantai Jin change his mind.

There were whispers in the palace, and somehow, someone began to speculate that His Majesty wouldn’t be conferring an empress anymore now. 

Ye Bing Shang was currently the only person in the harem who had a conferred title. She personally warmed soup to visit Tantai Jin.

She passed by Chaohua Palace which was filled with blooming flowers, but before she reached Tantai Jin’s front hall, she bumped into Wei Xi who was in a hurry.

The old eunuch’s face was deathly pale, and when he saw Ye Bing Shang, it took him a while to manage his expression and bow to her.

Ye Bing Shang saw a splash of blood that hadn’t dried on Wei Xi at a glance.

“Greetings to Madame, this old slave has an urgent matter, so I’ll be leaving first.” Wei Xi ran out a few steps before turning back to give a kind reminder, “Today His Majesty’s place……is not suitable for Madame to visit, so it’s better for Madame to return to your palace to rest.”

“Thank you, Eunuch Wei, for reminding me,” Ye Bing Shang said.

Wei Xi restlessly went ahead.

Ye Bing Shang noticed that the place Wei Xi went was none other than the Emerald Palace.

She paused her steps, and instead of listening to Wei Xi’s suggestion to go back, she continued forward.

In front of the majestic palace, blood flowed out, and a human head rolled7骨碌碌 (gūlūlū) – roll rapidly [often with the auxiliary word 地 to modify certain verbs]; (onomatopoeia) rolling around; spinning to Ye Bing Shang’s skirt.

Xiao Hui, who was behind her, screamed.

Ye Bing Shang’s face also turned white, and a Night Shadow Guard behind her covered Xiao Hui’s mouth and coldly said, “Madame, I’m sorry for offending you, His Majesty is busy right now, and it is inconvenient to see Madame, so please go back first.”

Ye Bing Shang hastily nodded, and only then did the Night Shadow Guard let go of Xiao Hui. Xiao Hui’s legs were badly shaking, and she leaned closely against Ye Bing Shang.

Ye Bing Shang didn’t dare to see more, and turned back with Xiao Hui.


When Su Su was called over by Wei Xi, the Night Shadow Guards were cleaning up the traces on the ground.

The setting sun was like blood, and the black-clad emperor was sitting on the high platform, holding a sword in his hand while he looked at the fiery red sun in the sky.

He was exuding a cold and indifferent aura, like the world was his enemy, while his fingers firmly grasped the hilt of his sword.

The surrounding palace servants were dismissed.

Everything had been cleaned up, but the thick smell of blood couldn’t be dispersed. Su Su glanced at the sword in Tantai Jin’s hand, and he raised his eyes and also caught sight of her.

The two looked at each other for a moment, then Su Su squatted down in front of him and whispered, “Did you kill someone?”

He looked at her for a while, then lifted his hand and caressed her cheek.

“I did it because of you.” He let go of his sword, the coldness and gloominess in his eyes dissipating. Remembering something, he gave a low laugh, “You want to be the empress, but Old Cai said over his dead body, so I killed him.”

Su Su suddenly couldn’t say anything.

She felt like a fish bone was stuck in her throat8如鲠在喉 (rúgěngzàihóu) – an idiom; fig. very upset and needing to express one’s displeasure. On one hand, she felt disgusted, but when she met his calm eyes, she shuddered9不寒而栗 (bùhán’érlì) – lit. not cold, yet shivering (idiom); fig. to  tremble with fear.

Tantai Jin shushed her and calmly said, “Don’t worry, no one will know that I killed someone. Old Cai had reached the age of retiring to his hometown, and died under the blade of mountain bandits on his return.”

Su Su looked at him with an ugly expression, “Why did you ask Eunuch Wei Xi to let me come over?”

Tantai Jin smiled and said, “They won’t let me confer you as the empress, so I want you to see what I’ve done.”

The youth’s eyes were tinted with bloodlust, and after his smile dissipated, he hugged Su Su’s shoulders with both hands and brought her into his arms.

Curved Jade angrily said, “What’s wrong with him? When a mortal likes someone, won’t he be desperately good to her and consider her interests?”

Tantai Jin was simply adding to its Little Master’s mental stress by doing this.

He killed people, and still had to let her know that it was for her. What a d*mn psycho!

There was an icy-cold rusty smell of blood in his arms. Su Su turned her head to the side, feeling the urge to put his face to the ground and step on it.

“Ye Xi Wu,” he said.

“Speak!” Su Su said with annoyance.

“Conferring you as the empress has no purpose at all, and it also left me with a bunch of trouble.”

“Did I force you to?”

“So, if you treat me badly in the future,” he thought aloud, whispering in her ear, his tone low and cold like a viper desperately wrapping around her, “I won’t let you off.”

She looked up and saw a hint of deeply hidden confusion under the youth’s cold expression. 

Perhaps, he didn’t know if this was the right step to take either.

Giving up on war, giving up on his constant determination to seek power. He saw a deep pit in front of him, and knew that walking into it might cause him to break down10头破血流 (tóupò-xuèliú) – lit. head broken and blood flowing and lose everything11一无所有 (yīwú-suǒyǒu) – not having anything at all (idiom);, but he went in anyway.

Lowering her hand, Su Su softly replied, “mmm”.

By her ear, his chest was beating very steadily. If she hadn’t known that Devil God was born without a string of affection, she would’ve felt like all this was an absurd joke.

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