Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 66.1 Commonage Talisman

Su Su didn’t expect to hear this.

Learning that her grandmother was actually hiding Pang Yi Zhi, her heart sank. The Old Madam was a stubborn person, and unlike herself who was on a mission, the Old Madam held the reputation of her family and country in her heart.

To Old Madam Ye, Xiao Lin was a hero, and even Pang Yi Zhi was an important official of the Xia Empire, but Tantai Jin was a traitor.

The Old Madam would never hand over Pang Yi Zhi herself.

But Tantai Jin……


Su Su met Tantai Jin’s cold gaze, “Will you hurt my grandmother?”

Tantai Jin said, “Hand over the evil-doer, and she can enjoy her old age in peace, but if she puts up a desperate fight1负隅顽抗 (fùyú-wánkàng) – an idiom; (of an enemy or burglar) fight stubbornly with one’s back to the wall, I’ll never let her off.”

Su Su understood that he would kill her, so she said, “Let me go persuade my grandmother! She’s old, surely she won’t go against you!”

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Tantai Jin stood up and angrily went after her.


“Catch her back for me!”

He couldn’t let her leave, if she took Old Madam Ye away, she would never come back. She didn’t covet his power and influence, she didn’t like him, she wasn’t afraid of his threats and he had nothing to keep her here!

Nian Baiyu and the rest didn’t expect Third Lady Ye to break the old Daoist’s formation almost instantly.

Even the old Daoist himself was stunned.

Tantai Jin had gone after her.

Nian Baiyu was skilled in qinggong2轻功 – Qinggong is a training technique for jumping off vertical surfaces from the Chinese martial art Baguazhang; The use of qinggong has been exaggerated in wuxia fiction, in which martial artists have the ability to move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speed, and perform gravity-defying moves such as gliding on water surfaces, scaling high walls and mounting trees. (Source: Wikipedia), and caught up with Su Su in a flash. She was talented in magic skills but not too good at martial arts. She wanted to draw a teleportation array but had no time.

Su Su dodged a hit from Nian Baiyu. She couldn’t outrun him and he blocked her path.

Tantai Jin arrived in time, his gaze fixed on her like a hawk.

Panting heavily, he said, “If you dare to run, I’ll kill Ye Chufeng first!”  

Su Su was also very angry, “Just kill him, he’s no longer a member of the Ye family.”

Ye Chufeng hung his head, his face pale.

Twelve peach wood swords suddenly appeared in the air. Su Su secretly cursed and rolled to dodge them. Sure enough, Nian Muning had also joined the fight.


As soon as Su Su used her magic spells, Nian Muning was able to quickly dissolve them.

Su Su’s techniques3身法 (shēnfǎ) – (of martial arts, boxing, etc.) body movement; techniques of moving around; footwork weren’t meant for offense to begin with, so it was quite strenuous for her to fight with Nian Baiyu.

The brother and sister pair could practically read each other’s minds4心有灵犀一点通 (xīn yǒu língxī yī diǎn tōng) – hearts linked as one, just as the proverbial rhinoceros communicates emotion telepathically through his single horn (idiom); fig. two hearts beat as one; hearts which beat in unison are linked and Su Su quickly fell into a disadvantage.

Seeing that Su Su was no match for them, Tantai Jin’s tightly clenched fists finally loosened a little.

Su Su looked around and locked onto the weakest person among everyone present.

Eyes bright, she deliberately took a hit from Nian Baiyu and flew towards Tantai Jin.

Tantai Jin subconsciously wanted to catch her, but the old Daoist quickly warned, “Your Majesty, the little demon girl is tricking you!”

Remembering what had happened last time, Tantai Jin’s face darkened, “Ye Xi Wu!”

Seeing that he’d seen through it, Su Su could only bend her back and lightly spun to land.

Nian Muning raised her hand, “Go!”

A bracelet flew out from her hand, which instantly turned into countless silver rings. Su Su glanced at it and knew that it was a spiritual weapon. She didn’t dare to forcefully resist it and kicked away the silver rings that got close to her.

The old Daoist came up with an idea5出谋划策 (chūmóu-huàcè) – to give advice (idiom); to put forward plans and ideas (also derogatory); give counsel; mastermind and said, “Your Majesty, as long as you use the Soul Eating Flag, that demon girl……”


Before he could finish his sentence, Tantai Jin turned his head and ruthlessly stared at him, “You’re seeking death!”

The old Daoist recognized him as his master and trembled, not daring to speak.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened when one of the silver rings flew out and someone exclaimed, “Madame!”

Su Su turned her head and saw that a silver ring she’d kicked out had hit a woman in scarlet.

It was Ye Bing Shang.

Ye Bing Shang covered her chest and fell down, her face pale. Xiao Hui hurriedly supported her.

Su Su was momentarily dazed, realizing that she’d done something wrong, and didn’t struggle when she was captured by Nian Baiyu.

Tantai Jin’s expression looked bad. He carried the dying Ye Bing Shang and coldly glanced at Su Su, “If anything happens to her, I’ll slowly settle accounts with you.”

Su Su didn’t expect herself to nearly kill someone, and she stood in place with a pale face.

Xiao Lin’s death was a knot in her heart. She cultivated the Immortal Dao, so killing innocent people was a sin, not to mention that Xiao Lin had begged her not to hurt Ye Bing Shang.

She was afraid that someone else would die because of her again.

“Little Master, Curved Jade has been keeping an eye out for you, and there’s no way the silver ring you kicked out could’ve hit someone,” Curved Jade said in her head, feeling puzzled.


How could it so coincidentally hit Ye Bing Shang?

Su Su was stunned, “What?”

It was impossible for Curved Jade to lie to her. Since the silver ring was a spiritual weapon that couldn’t hit anyone, then that was proof enough that there was something controlling it.

Something that can control the silver ring…… is an immortal weapon!

Su Su suddenly remembered the heart protecting scale on Ye Bing Shang.

The fog in her head seemed to suddenly dispel, and she finally knew why she’d always felt like something was wrong with Ye Bing Shang.

The eldest sister of the original owner is obviously not simple, Ye Bing Shang deliberately controlled the silver ring to hit herself!

What Su Su had realized, Curved Jade naturally thought of too .

Curved Jade angrily said, “To think that we used to think she was a good person.”

Curved Jade was afraid that if it hadn’t noticed, then not to mention Tantai Jin, but even Su Su would’ve thought that she’d hurt Ye Bing Shang, and thus have felt extremely guilty.

Su Su whispered, “Perhaps, she was once a good person.”

When did her attitude start to change? Su Su recalled early on in the Nightmare Devil’s dream realm; Ye Bing Shang was unwilling to leave Xiao Lin in the dream. Back then in her dream, she’d been the empress for several years and even had a son.

Su Su abruptly looked up.


She was indeed a good person before, Ye Bing Shang thought to herself, as she looked at Xiao Hui’s worried gaze.

The heart protecting scale had protected her heart meridian. Her face was pale, but her life was not in danger.

The imperial physicians hurried to diagnose and treat her. Ye Bing Shang’s gaze fell on the black-clad emperor outside, Tantai Jin’s expression was cold, and he seemed lost in thought.

Ye Bing Shang thought to herself, I wonder how he will punish Third Sister?

Third sister jumped about6上蹿下跳 (shàngcuàn-xiàtiào) – an idiom; run around on sinister errands to oppose Tantai Jin, he’ll definitely not let her off lightly.

Ye Bing Shang weakly covered her lips and coughed. She was once a good person too. She had sent silver money to the needy in the capital, built an academy of classical learning for children, showed consideration for the servants, was diligent, and rescued small animals. She had also never looked down on Tantai Jin, who was once a hostage prince, even a little bit.

But good people…… would get scared too.

She was a good empress in the Nightmare Devil’s dream. In the end, her husband fell out of love with her, her son died, and her heart slowly turned to ashes.

Since she was a child, her grandmother had favored her third sister and eldest brother, so everything she wanted was built up from scratch through her painstaking efforts.

But her Third Sister just had to steal from her!

Third Sister clearly had everything— an illustrious birth identity, and everyone’s love. So why did she have to work ten thousand times harder for whatever she wanted?

Ye Xi Wu was like a dark cloud weighing on her head, suffocating her. One day, she would steal everything that belonged to her just like Sang Jiu who had stolen everything from Tianhuan.

Ye Bing Shang lowered her hand and revealed a comforting smile, “Your Majesty, don’t worry, this concubine is fine.”

An imperial physician said, “Madame hasn’t hurt her heart meridian, she’ll recover after a good rest.”

Tantai Jin nodded, “Rest well.”

With cold anger in his eyes, the black-clad youth flicked his sleeve and left7拂袖而去 (fúxiù’érqù) – to storm off in a huff (idiom).

Xiao Hui let out a “hmph” and said with Schadenfreude, “Third Miss hurt Madame under the watchful eye of many8众目睽睽 (zhòngmù-kuíkuí) – thousands of staring eyes (idiom); with everybody watching, His Majesty will definitely not spare her!”

Ye Bing Shang put her finger to her lips, “You mustn’t say that, Third Sister didn’t mean it.”


Ye Bing Shang shook her head at her with a pale face.

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