Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 63 Betrayal

After beating him up, Su Su ran to the door and shouted, “Someone, His Majesty is injured!”

The calm of the night was disturbed. Before the palace lamps were lit, countless shadows flew into the palace.

The ones in the lead were Nian Baiyu and Nian Muning. Su Su retreated to the side as the Night Shadow Guards showed up one by one.

With a glance, Nian Muning saw the youth lying in a pool of blood and nearly cried out in shock.

His Majesty was covered in blood, his black clothes were slightly disheveled, there was even a wound on his face and his body was slightly trembling. 


Nian Muning wanted to go help him up, but her hand was waved away.

She watched as the young emperor sat up, supporting himself on the ground with his elbow. Tantai Jin’s narrow eyes looked up, his skin was abnormally pale.

He looked around the hall and soon saw the originator1始作俑者 (shǐzuòyǒngzhě) – lit. the first person to bury funerary dolls/the man who first made tomb figures (idiom); fig. the originator of an evil practice; the creator of a bad precedent (from Confucius’ condemnation of the use of tomb figures because of their resemblance to men).

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Nian Muning was slightly dazed.


Su Su looked at the boundless night outside, most of the Night Shadow Guards were already lured over. Tantai Jin didn’t have the mind to command them to capture people. Hopefully Lord Pang and the others can successfully escape.

When the imperial physician arrived, the spell’s effect had already disappeared. After busying about for a while, Tantai Jin’s wounds finally stopped bleeding.

He was exhausted and fell into a deep sleep.

Curved Jade worriedly said, “Little Master, you treated him like that, will he punish you when he wakes up?”

“I don’t know,” Su Su said.

The Night Shadow Guards regarded Tantai Jin’s safety most seriously, so now, almost all of them were guarding outside the hall.

Su Su was also worried that this matter wouldn’t end easily.

She wasn’t afraid that Tantai Jin would be angry with her, but she was afraid that Old Madam Ye would be implicated.

Nian Muning walked over and coldly asked Su Su, “Who hurt His Majesty?”

They had been clearly guarding outside, while Tantai Jin also had many magic weapons on him and was naturally vigilant. The Eighth Prince was still on the run, and there was no way His Majesty would so easily fall into a trap.

Nian Muning thought of something and her eyes darkened. Both her voice and expression were stern2声色俱厉 (shēngsè-jùlì) – stern in both voice and countenance as she looked at Su Su, “His Majesty hates betrayal more than anything.”

Su Su really wanted to say, he was the one who asked me to.


However, Nian Muning didn’t even need to hear what she had to say and she coldly said, “Arrest her!”

“Muning!” Nian Baiyu said.

Nian Muning angrily said, “His Majesty must’ve been harmed by this demon girl. If there really was a villain, why was only His Majesty injured while this demon girl is fine!”

Nian Baiyu replied, “Then we must wait until His Majesty wakes up.”

Nian Muning was furious, “Arrest her, I’ll bear all the consequences!”

Seeing that he couldn’t stop his sister, Nian Baiyu frowned, then glanced at Su Su and stopped speaking. Actually, he also felt that there was something wrong with Third Miss Ye.

Su Su was locked up.

This was the first time she was put in a dungeon since she came to the mortal realm.

Rats squeaked and the prison was damp and dark. Su Su sat cross-legged, and didn’t actually find it hard to bear.

Tantai Jin wouldn’t find any evidence, but this matter was destined to have something to do with Su Su.

“Curved Jade will accompany Little Master, so don’t be afraid.”

Su Su smiled and said, “I’m not afraid. My relationship with Tantai Jin will have no construction without destruction3不破不立 (bùpò-bùlì) – There’s no making without breaking.. He has always been wary of me. The current situation isn’t bad.”


If he feels disdain, then letting extreme disdain turn into hate can still be a possibility.

If…… it’s love.

When a man’s bottom line starts to drop lower and lower, his heart will also be pried open.

“Eh, the pearl is vaguely shaping into nails!”

Su Su took a look and indeed saw that within the Soul Extinguishing Tear, nine golden nails, hazily lined up side by side, were vaguely taking shape.

The prison was very dark where the sun couldn’t shine. Fortunately, the pearl was warm, and Curved Jade would spontaneously warm Su Su’s body.

No one brought her food and no one came to interrogate her. 

Su Su guessed that Tantai Jin probably hadn’t woken up yet.

From time to time, the people around her would softly sigh in pain. Su Su calculated the time and estimated that it was already dawn outside.

Tantai Jin didn’t come, but Nian Muning did.

“Lord Nian?”

“Did you do what happened last night?”


Su Su replied, “It was me, but back then, I was forced to do so because of special circumstances. Why doesn’t Lord Nian ask His Majesty?”

Nian Muning’s expression didn’t look good.

Su Su guessed what had happened, “What’s wrong?”

Nian Muning glanced at her, her gaze unclear, and said, “Last night, Commandery Princess Zhaohua came to take care of His Majesty and has taken care of him without sleeping4衣不解带 (yībùjiědài) – sleep without taking off clothes (idiom); so exhausted that could hardly have proper sleep because of heavy work until now.” 

It was already noon outside.

Remembering that Ye Bing Shang was Commandery Princess Zhaohua, Su Suvery slowly let out an “oooh”. 

Nian Muning said, “His Majesty is having lunch with her and hasn’t mentioned you at all. ”

Su Su laughed, “What does Lord Nian want to say?”

Nian Muning pursed her lips, “You really won’t hurt His Majesty?”

Su Su was stunned, “I won’t.” No, I will.

Nian Muning opened the prison door and coldly said, “Come out.”

Su Su looked at her in surprise. Nian Muning walked in front of her and said in an unkind tone, “Compared to you, I hate that Commandery Princess Zhaohua even more.”

Su Su asked, “But didn’t Lord Nian say that Commandery Princess Zhaohua would be sad if I appeared in front of her?”

“I’ve fought with King Xuan before, and he was a peerless5举世无双 (jǔshì-wúshuāng)  – unrivaled (idiom); world number one; unique; unequaled hero. If Commandery Princess Zhaohua still couldn’t deeply love a man like him, then it’s impossible for her to treat His Majesty wholeheartedly,” Nian Muning said.

So, in Nian Muning’s mind, Ye Bing Shang was more threatening than Su Su.

After all, it was harder to guard against6防不胜防 (fángbùshèngfáng) – cannot reckon with all eventualities; impossible to defend effectively; not much one can do about it; It can’t be prevented. a soft knife7软刀子 (ruǎndāozi) – (fig.) underhanded tactics; a way of harming people imperceptibly; devious means of attack than a hard one.

Su Su followed Nian Muning out, it was drizzling outside.

The rain at the end of the first month had a penetrating chill.

It was past noon8午时 (wǔshí) – 11 am-1 pm (in the system of two-hour subdivisions used in former times). When she returned to the Chengqian Hall, before Su Su stepped in, she heard someone reading aloud.

Ye Bing Shang’s tone was light and soft as she read a folk story.

The pleasant-sounding Wu dialect came through, sounding very warm.

Nian Muning pushed Su Su, “Go in.”

Su Su stumbled, and suspected that she’d been pushed on purpose. That poker-faced girl wanted to see her and Ye Bing Shang tear each other apart.

Recently, Su Su had tried to figure Nian Muning out and discovered that now she only had Tantai Jin’s safety in her eyes. Her admiration from the past had disappeared, and she had really become a sincere subordinate.

Yu Chufeng was also now loyal and devoted9忠心耿耿 (zhōngxīn-gěnggěng)  – faithful and true to Tantai Jin. If she didn’t already know that the young Devil God couldn’t use his demonic powers, Su Su would’ve suspected that Tantai Jin had changed their brains.

Her fall into the main hall was too conspicuous, the sound of Ye Bing Shang’s reading stopped as she looked over in surprise.

Her beautiful eyes widened, and after quite a moment, she spoke out in disbelief, “Third sister!”

Su Su stood up straight and greeted her with a fake smile, “Eldest sister.”

“W-why are you……” Before Ye Bing Shang could finish her words, another icy-cold voice rang out.

“Who let you in? Get out!”

Su Su glanced at Tantai Jin. He pressed his hand against his lips and coughed a few times, then looked at her gloomily. Instantly, she remembered how he’d looked last night when he curled up and prostrated himself at her feet, asking her to beat him.

The contrast was too great. Well, perhaps he really wished he could choke her to death.

Actually, Su Su didn’t mind if he had anything going on with Ye Bing Shang. If Ye Bing Shang could teach Tantai Jin how to love, it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

After she realized this, she looked calm, and didn’t even look at them as she said, “Keep going, I’ll get out.”

Just as she was about to step over the threshold, the youth behind her nonchalantly said——

“Someone, bring Old Madam Ye over.”

Su Su halted and abruptly turned back to see Tantai Jin’s indifferent gaze watching her. As if saying, if she dared to step out of this door today, he would chop Old Madam Ye up.

Su Su thought to herself, wasn’t Tantai Jin the one who asked me to get lost? Now I’m leaving and he’s actually threatening me with my grandmother! 

Tantai Jin asked, “Does Third Miss Ye have nothing to explain?”

“What did I do wrong? Why do I need to explain?”

Tantai Jin sneered and spoke clearly, “Third Miss Ye is bold and capable. I don’t know if Pang Yi Zhi will be grateful to you. Scram back to jail and stay there. When I find him is when you can come out!”

Su Su observed his expression. The black-clad youth’s face was gloomy and scary, with a vague hint of terrifying anger. He actually knew about Pang Yi Zhi being here!

He was also certain that she’d deliberately attracted the Night Shadow Guards to let him go.

Perhaps, thinking about it more deeply, he wanted Xiao Lin’s Hidden Dragon Guards and had carefully laid a trap, but it was ruined by Su Su last night.

Ye Bing Shang’s gaze rested on Su Su’s palace maid attire and she couldn’t help but speak up, “Your Majesty…… why do you treat Third Sister like this? Third Sister was once insensible, could it be that Your Majesty still bears grudges against her even now? She was raised like a gem, how could she know how to serve others?”

Tantai Jin looked towards Ye Bing Shang, his tone greatly softened, completely without the coldness and gloominess from before, “She’s different from you. Her sins are unforgivable. I know you’re kind, but you don’t need to speak for her.”

Su Su didn’t even look at them and stepped out of Chengqian Hall.

Nian Muning looked at her and Su Su explained, “I’ve been kicked out, and he asked you to keep me locked up.”

Nian Muning frowned, “You didn’t admit your mistakes?”

She’d only hoped that Su Su would acknowledge her mistakes, but not only did she not apologize, she even quarreled with His Majesty instead.

Su Su returned to the prison cell again, and this time, Nian Muning didn’t dare to let her out anymore.

She was dizzy from hunger and didn’t know how long time had passed.

Finally, a young palace maid walked in and asked her to eat.

Su Su picked up the chopsticks, paused for a while, but didn’t eat a single bite and wanly lay back.

Curved Jade nervously asked, “Little Master, what’s wrong with you?”

A mortal’s body would be terribly starved from even just skipping a meal.

Su Su assured it, “Don’t worry, I’ll be okay.”

Curved Jade was extremely afraid. The Soul Extinguishing Tear hadn’t turned into nails yet. It was always afraid that the young Devil God would kill its Little Master. Starving to death also means death!

Su Su said, “He won’t let me die.”

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had someone to bring her food.

There would only be dire consequences if she gave in and ate. Tantai Jin was very cold-hearted and was afraid of her ruining things, so he would definitely keep her locked up.

Letting Pang Yi Zhi go was something he couldn’t tolerate.

But she couldn’t stay locked up in prison, because since she had entered the cell, the Soul Extinguishing Tear no longer reacted or warmed up. 

She had to get out, whether to make him love her or deeply hate her, she had to leave.

Su Su revealed a smile, yes, she had betrayed him on purpose.

She needed the nine Soul Extinguishing Nails. She also needed his anger right now. It was always good to know that he could be angry, things would be desperate if he didn’t have the least bit of feelings by now.

She held out until the evening and Curved Jade said, “It stopped raining outside.”

Su Su licked her dry lips, feeling drowsy. Unable to hold on any longer, she passed out on her arm.

Footsteps rang out in the night. Someone opened the door of her prison cell and helped her up.

His black robe carried the coldness of the winter night and rain and Su Su unconsciously curled up in his arms, shivering.

He tightly hugged her.

“I’ll kill you sooner or later!”

She didn’t respond.

Tantai Jin pinched her chin, took a mouthful of warm water, then covered her lips and fed it to her.

The young girl involuntarily swallowed, and the warm water ran down her beautiful white neck.

He left her lips, revealing a slight look of mocking.

After the taunt, he once again fed her a few more mouthfuls of water.

The young girl’s dry lips finally seemed to look better.

The bruises on Tantai Jin’s face hadn’t faded yet. He buried his head in the crook of her neck and didn’t speak for a long time.

A rat squeaked by and he kicked it aside.

Carrying Su Su, he quietly walked out of the prison cell.

The youth was very thin, and his back was tall and straight like bamboo.

Curved Jade didn’t speak.

It was watching in a daze. It didn’t understand this kind of situation, so it didn’t dare to complain or ask questions.

He was talking about killing her on one hand and went to kiss her on the other. It saw it all. The kiss was longer than necessary to feed her water. If Little Master was awake, she’d surely be so furious that she’d want to beat him up.

For the first time, it believed that the young Devil God really couldn’t bear to kill its Little Master.

He had developed feelings.

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