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Chapter 6.2 Frame

Aunt Lian started to speak first. “The Third Lady has come back at the right time. Something huge has happened in the residence, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. The hostage prince is your man so this concubine finds this matter difficult to handle. Why doesn’t the Third Lady interrogate him yourself?”

She then gave up the main seat to Su Su. Although Aunt Lian occasionally helped the Old Madam to manage the residence’s affairs, she was just a concubine. Moreover, Su Su was the only legitimate daughter, so Aunt Lian naturally didn’t dare to sit in the main seat when she came in.

The other two aunts hurriedly bowed to Su Su.

Ye Lan Yin was nudged by Aunt Du. Her expression didn’t look good, but she still called out, “Third sister.”

Su Su sat down calmly. A servant hurriedly poured a cup of tea for Su Su.


Su Su took a sip of tea and looked towards Tantai Jin, who was detained.

His clothes were torn and messy, and there was an old safety amulet lying on the ground. There was a footprint on the safety amulet, which clearly indicated that someone had stepped on it. Tantai Jin’s gaze fell upon the safety amulet. He didn’t respond when Su Su came in, nor raised his head to look at her.

“Aunt Lian, since you were the ones who were interrogating him previously, then you can continue. I will just listen.” Su Su didn’t want to interfere. She knew that because she didn’t have a good impression of Tantai Jin, if she gets involved, she will inevitably be unfair.

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Besides, Su Su glanced at the young man——


The hair on his forehead covered his sad eyes, making him look like a dull and unpleasant creature who lives in the dark. 

Su Su believes that Tantai Jin will brutally kill people in the future, but he would never do such things as stealing people’s property.

Aunt Du spoke with a sharp tone, “If it’s not you, could it be that the residence has another young master? Hostage prince, our General’s residence kindly accepted you in and this is how you repay us? Isn’t it because no one has taught you to be well-behaved since childhood that you are prone to stealing now?”

This was very unpleasant to listen to.

The Fourth Young Master, who was in Aunt Yun’s embrace, jumped out of her arms. He ran to Tantai Jin and kicked him. “Dare to steal things from the General’s residence, I will ask dad to beat you to death!”

Aunt Yun quickly carried the Fourth Young Master back. “Zhuo’er, don’t talk nonsense!”

The corners of Tantai Jin’s eyes became slightly scarlet. He coldly repeated what he said, “I said, it’s not me.”

Because of Aunt Du and the Fourth Young Master’s frankness, the appearance of a peaceful interrogation had been shattered.

Su Su felt inexplicably panicked. She opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but her mind suddenly thought of her dad’s grief-stricken face.

The green-robed Immortal Senior said, “All these years, countless honoured people from our cultivation realm have fallen, that includes your Eldest Senior Brother. For the sake of the sect, he died in the hands of that evil thing. Su Su, you are the last hope of the cultivation realm. After travelling 500 years back in time, don’t be soft-hearted.”

Su Su calmed down her breathing and repeatedly told herself that Tantai Jin was not a good man, only then she managed to hold in her impulse to speak.

Aunt Lian unfolded her hands and revealed a delicate and beautiful white jade earring, “Then how does the hostage prince explain this earring that was found on your body?”


Tantai Jin looked at the earring that was in Aunt Lian’s hand and tightly pursed his lips.

Su Su also looked at the earring.

Aunt Lian said, “Bi Liu, come and have a look. Does this belong to the Third Miss? If it does, then it’s us who have acted discourteously.”

Of course, it can’t be hers. Su Su thought to herself, the original owner hated Tantai Jin so much, so how would she gift a girl’s item to him. Su Su was sure about this and so were the others.

Su Su thought of something and looked at Tantai Jin. She thought she knew whose item it was.

Since Tantai Jin always kept it by his side and hid it well, this pitiful dark thought is indeed indecent.

Bi Liu came forward to verify it, and said, “Aunt Lian, this earring doesn’t belong to my Miss.”

“How does the hostage prince explain this?”

Tantai Jin’s gaze looked dark and he didn’t speak.

If his eyes had only contained a little anger before, then now there was only a pool of stagnant water.

Aunt Lian gracefully bowed to Su Su. “Third Miss, you have also seen it. The hostage prince doesn’t want to explain.”

Ye Lan Yin plaintively said, “Hostage prince, Lan Yin hasn’t offended you before. Can you please return back what the aunt has prepared for me?” That was her dowry!


They would actually go as far as putting such a humiliating charge onto Tantai Jin so casually. Su Su felt that this was too ridiculous.

Tantai Jin seemed to have understood something. He sneered and said, “I’ve nothing to say. You can execute me as you please.”

This was the first time Su Su saw him sneer. His back was straight. After smiling, his lips pursed into a cold line.

“If it was one of the residence’s servants who stole valuable property, their hands would be cut off and they’d be driven out of the residence.” Aunt Lian said with much awkwardness.

Aunt Yun frowned. She couldn’t help but speak in a soft and pleading voice, “Aunt Lian, the hostage prince’s identity is different from the others. How can you compare him to the servants?”

Aunt Lian said, “Aunt Yun, you have misunderstood. This concubine doesn’t mean it this way. The hostage prince is naturally different from the servants. But, since he has made a mistake, anyone who makes a mistake must be punished no matter who they are. Third Miss, how about letting the hostage prince return the missing property and giving him a light punishment?”

How about? There’s no how about!

Are these people crazy? How can they decide so hastily!

Su Su couldn’t stand it anymore. Standing from the cultivation realm’s perspective, she shouldn’t speak for the future devil king. As long as he’s still alive, no matter how embarrassed and messy he becomes, she can just laugh and enjoy the show.

But no matter how many years have passed, even if she has grown up, she is still Li Su Su. The curious little spiritual bird with red feathers in the middle of her forehead, who opened her eyes from the cleanest celestial pond in the world and overlooked all living beings.

She can openly hold a sword to kill him, and she might even mercilessly crush his godly spirit in the future, but she can’t take pleasure in humiliating him like the others.

She couldn’t just cover her eyes and pretend she didn’t know anything when her eyes were clearly wide open.


Su Su stood up and said with a clear and loud voice, “I don’t agree. Since he’s my man then this matter should be investigated by me. I’ll surely give an explanation to all the aunts and second sister.”

Aunt Lian was utterly stunned. Isn’t the interrogation over?

Su Su looked at the others with a stiff look, “Why, do you have any objections? Or are you worried about my abilities?”

Aunt Lian immediately smiled and said, “We dare not to. We naturally believe in the Third Miss.”

Su Su picked up the safety amulet on the floor. She went in front of Tantai Jin and stuffed it into his hand. “Keep your things properly. If you ever let people take it from you and trample on it again, even I would be ashamed. If you say it is not you then it better not be you! Otherwise, if I find out……” 

He raised his dark eyes and looked at her.

“I will personally beat you till you are disabled!” She sharply inhaled and stared at him, trying to make herself look fierce and scary.

Her eyes were brighter than the December snow outside the house.

Tantai Jin looked at the fierce and angry girl before him and unconsciously clenched the dirty safety amulet in his hand.

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