Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 6.1 Frame

After returning to the residence, Chun Tao saw a maid who looked around 20 years old standing in front of the General’s residence.

The maid had an oval face and her eyebrows were finely trimmed. Seeing her, Chun Tao quickly lowered down her head in fear.

The maid with delicate eyebrows sneered. She pushed Chun Tao aside and stepped forward. “Miss, Bi Liu is back. Bi Liu will help you to get off the sedan chair.”

Su Su lifted the sedan chair’s curtain and saw an unfamiliar face.

Hearing her call herself Bi Liu, Su Su instantly understood who she was.


The original owner had four personal maids. Yin Qiao had already been sent out of the residence by her grandmother to get married. The maids that were with Su Su during this period were Chun Tao and Xi Xi. But these two girls were not brave enough. In the eyes of the original owner, they were too unsophisticated and foolish. So the original owner never liked them very much.

Ye Xi Wu’s favourite maid was the girl named “Bi Liu” who was in front of her now. In the original owner’s memories, Bi Liu was an intelligent and quick-witted girl. She was agile in doing her tasks, and she also was a sweet talker, which won over her heart.

Su Su couldn’t figure out what kind of person Bi Liu was.

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Su Su unfolded the paper and saw a lifelike painting of a beauty on it. The beauty was sitting beside the lotus pond, smiling with her head lowered, and looking extremely shy.


Bi Liu looked excited, and her face looked like she wanted to be praised.

Su Su felt a little confused looking at the painting. So what exactly is this? 

“Miss, look at the signature on the painting.”

Signature: “Pang Yi Zhi.”

It turned out to be the champion scholar. Pang Yi Zhi was the current Minister of Personnel, and the one who urgently jumped into the water last time to save Ye Bing Shang.  

It seemed that it was self-evident who the person in the painting was. To be honest, he deserved to be the new division’s champion scholar. His painting skills were not bad. With just a few strokes, Ye Bing Shang’s demeanour was realized.

Bi Liu said, “Miss, you asked me to investigate the mansion that the Eldest Miss went to last year to recuperate. They indeed had an affair. That b*tch has been secretly communicating with Lord Pang even before she married the Sixth Prince.”

“Lord Pang also drew this painting to appease his yearning.”

“Before Lord Pang entered the capital city, he asked the young servant to burn this painting but the young servant felt that it was a pity so he hid it away privately. Bi Liu is fortunate to have completed this task and bought this painting back.”

Bi Liu jumped in joy and said, “Miss, when His Highness the Sixth Prince sees this painting, he will be boiling with rage and divorce that b*tch. At that time, without that b*tch, the only person in the Sixth Prince’s eyes will be Miss!”

Su Su: “……” 

Are you serious?


Su Su finally understood the cause and effects. Previously, when the original owner and Ye Bing Shang fell into the water, it was reasonable for the Sixth Prince to jump in as he was Ye Bing Shang’s husband. However, why Lord Pang jumped in was questionable.

The original owner was suspicious of this, so she sent her most “capable” maid, Bi Liu, to investigate. She hoped that she could find out about the adultery between Lord Pang and her illegitimate sister so that His Highness the Sixth Prince would divorce her.

“Miss, do you need Bi Liu to find someone to deliver this painting to the Sixth Prince?”

Su Su put the painting away. “Not for the time being.”

The original owner had already married. Su Su didn’t have any thought of interfering with Xiao Lin’s relationship either. Besides, it was just a painting. At most, it will just prove that Pang Yi Zhi admires Ye Bing Shang. It was not Ye Bing Shang’s fault that someone painted her.

‘What a pity’ was written all over Bi Liu’s face. But she didn’t dare to disobey Su Su, so she could only think that the Miss had better schemes.

Su Su kept the portrait properly and intended to find a suitable time to burn this evil painting.

She just came out from her room when Chun Tao came to inform her with an anxious face, “Third Miss, something bad happened.”

Bi Liu rebuked and said, “Speak properly! So flustered, how indecent!”

Su Su frowned and glanced at Bi Liu. Then, she spoke to Chun Tao with a gentle tone, “Speak slowly.”

Chun Tao swallowed her saliva and said, “Aunt Lian found that many things were lost from the warehouse this morning. The Old Madam’s Jade Guanyin was missing. After investigation, even things from Aunt Du’s room had been stolen.  More than half of the dowry that she had prepared for the Second Miss was gone too.”

“The Eldest Young Master’s jade pendant and the Fourth Young Master’s monthly allowance are all missing. Now, Aunt Lian, Aunt Du and the Second Miss are conducting an interrogation in the hall..….”


Su Su had a bad feeling, “Who are they suspecting?”

“The hostage prince.”

Su Su frowned and asked, “Why do they suspect him?”

Chun Tao looked at Su Su cautiously. “Someone found a secretly hidden earring in the hostage prince’s safety amulet……”

When Bi Liu heard it, she angrily said, “Miss, the hostage prince did such a shameful thing. He is really humiliating you.”

Chun Tao wanted to say something, but thinking about Bi Liu being there, in the end she lowered her head.

Su Su glanced at Bi Liu and said, “The result hasn’t been decided yet so don’t talk nonsense.” Shut up quickly, or else she can’t help but want to beat this maid up.

Since she was young, Su Su’s father had taught her to speak politely and understand right and wrong. Yet, this Bi Liu keeps on saying words like b*tch and “adultery”. Is it so difficult for her to speak properly?

Su Su felt uncomfortable when she heard these words. However, the most irritating thing was that Bi Liu openly and secretly bullied Xi Xi and Chun Tao.

Su Su suspected that this maid had encouraged the original owner to do a lot of things. Is ruining the relationships of others something a good lady would do?

But Su Su doesn’t have time to handle Bi Liu now, so she said to Chun Tao, “Let’s go to the hall to have a look.”

Chun Tao quickly bowed and led the way.


Bi Liu didn’t dare to speak nonsense since she was warned by Su Su, so she stayed where she was. She didn’t expect that the Third Miss would reprimand her. Usually, when the Miss heard that the hostage prince embarrassed her, she would even think about killing him.

But the Third Miss had asked her to shut up.

Bi Liu’s face was distorted for a moment as she looked at Chun Tao in front of her. It must have been Chun Tao and Xi Xi, those two little wenches that told the Miss about her faults when she wasn’t around.

Tomorrow is the fifteenth1fifteenth in the Lunar Calendar. Bi Liu suddenly realized something. No wonder Miss didn’t scold the hostage prince ruthlessly. Indeed, at this time, the hostage prince mustn’t have something happen to him.

Bi Liu hurriedly followed them.


Before Su Su entered the hall, someone had immediately informed Aunt Lian, “The Third Miss is back.”

As soon as that person said this, everyone sitting in their chairs looked at Tantai Jin.

The young man’s hands were constrained. He was pursing his lips, his dark orbs were looking at the ground, and his eyes were deep and cold.

That was the scene Su Su saw as she came in.

Of the three aunts, Aunt Lian was sitting in the main seat, and the other two were seated on either side.  The Second Miss, Ye Lan Yin, was sitting next to Aunt Du with a gloomy expression.

Apart from them, the Fourth Young Master, the youngest in the family, was also present.

The Fourth Young Master was only six this year. Because he was young, he was loved by the General, and he was as round as a ball. He was currently nestled in Aunt Yun’s arms, eating pastries.

Excluding the servants, everyone was sitting. Only Tantai Jin was standing.

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