Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 59 Angry

Su Su went back to the Old Madam and told her about the situation.

Su Su was worried that the Old Madam would refuse, after all, for a woman coming from a family of general, sometimes, dignity was more important than life.

After hearing what she said, the Old Madam shook her head, looking displeased, “I would rather die in Liuzhou than let you go to his side.” 

The Old Madam’s trembling hand caressed Su Su’s face, “Silly girl. Two years ago, you were immature. He’s vindictive, so how will he let you off? Will you still be able to survive if you go to Zhou Kingdom? Grandmother has seen many methods of  humiliation, and they’re not something you can endure. Grandmother is old and has lived long enough. Leave grandmother alone and find a chance to escape on the way to Liuzhou.”

Su Su froze, the rims of her eyes turning sour.


She held her haggard hand and whispered in the Old Madam’s ear, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

Su Su revealed a sly smile, “He’s exchanging terms with me, not arresting me.”

At her words, the Old Madam was slightly stunned, and she also realized something.

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After the array warped, when Su Su opened her eyes again, she was already in the palace of Zhou Kingdom.


The array was imperfect and not an orthodox immortal technique, so it made one feel dizzy. The Old Madam couldn’t take it and fainted.

The black flag in Tantai Jin’s hand spun in the air. Su Su looked up at the Soul Eating Flag and her eyes turned cold.

Curved Jade said, “It’s that Soul Eating Flag! The soul of the old Daoist didn’t disperse, so he was probably the one who put the puppet spell on you.”

Su Su had guessed the same thing.

The old Daoist practiced evil arts. Back then, Tantai Minglang had provided lots of human lives and demon inner cores for him to increase his cultivation. Having lived for many years, it wasn’t surprising that he knew the puppet spell.

Nian Muning said, “Third Miss Ye, leave Old Madam Ye to me.”

Su Su wanted to say something, she paused for a while, then handed her unconscious grandmother to her, “Young lady, I have a request. My grandmother isn’t well, please find a doctor to diagnose and treat her.”

Nian Muning nodded expressionlessly, then disappeared in place with Old Madam Ye.

Su Su knew that they would save her grandmother and treat her, but simultaneously, the Old Madam would clearly become her weak spot that Tantai Jin would use to threaten her.

When Su Su retracted her gaze, she found that Tantai Jin was gone.

A maidservant said, “His Majesty said that the young lady should clean herself up and go to Chengqian Hall.”

It was already completely dark. After Su Su finished bathing, a maidservant brought over a set of palace maid clothing.


Curved Jade angrily let out a ‘humph’.

If it hadn’t known that the Soul Extinguishing Tear had a reaction, and Tantai Jin already had different feelings, it really would’ve thought that he wanted to order Su Su about like a palace maid to avenge the humiliation that “Ye Xi Wu” had given him.

Su Su changed into the light pink palace maid attire and the maidservant came over to search her body.

Learning from past mistakes, this time she searched very seriously, and all the sharp weapons and talisman papers on Su Su’s body were taken away.

Su Su didn’t play any tricks either, after all, she clearly understood her purpose for returning this time——

Let the Soul Extinguishing Tear turn into Soul Extinguishing Nails and nail them into Tantai Jin’s heart.

She needed him to develop feelings. Whether it was happiness, anger, or sadness, when an emotion reached its peak, she would have a chance.

Su Su guessed that the moment when his feelings were the most intense, the Soul Extinguishing Tear would be so hot that it would melt and finally turn into nine nails, and at that moment, the evil bone could be extracted.

Everyone treated Su Su like an enemy, but she looked at them innocently, inwardly amused.

After searching her body and making sure that she was harmless, Su Su was then led to Chengqian Hall.

The palace of the Zhou Kingdom favored luxury, Su Su looked up and glanced at the glazed oil lamps under the dim light of the night, then stepped into the hall.

An old eunuch greeted her and examined Su Su with a severe gaze.


Su Su stood in a disciplined manner, and after a moment, the old eunuch couldn’t find any faults, so he sharply said, “After coming to the Zhou Kingdom, you’re no longer the Third Miss of the Ye family. Do your duty and serve His Majesty well.”

“Yes,” Su Su replied.

The old eunuch thought back to the look in His Majesty’s eyes when he told him to go out and added, “His Majesty has fallen asleep. From today onwards, you go in and keep watch at night.”

“Yes,” Su Su said.

The old eunuch began to talk about matters that needed attention. Su Su was quiet on the surface, but actually, she didn’t really pay attention. As she wasn’t here to please Tantai Jin, there was no need for her to listen.

Seeing that he had “tamed” Su Su, the old eunuch nodded in satisfaction and let her in.

Carrying a glazed palace lamp, Su Su stepped into Chengqian Hall. Tantai Jin favored black, so the bed of the emperor was covered with black bed curtains, and next to it, she could see a simple and crude makeshift bed beside the footrest.

Su Su could guess what he had in mind. A year ago, she was sleeping in the bed while Tantai Jin slept under it. A year later, it was just the other way around.

She put down the palace lamp and lay down on it naturally.

It doesn’t matter, no matter how bad it is, it won’t be worse than the road to Liuzhou.

A few days ago, if she wanted to sleep she could only sleep on the ground, but now, things were much better as the quilt was soft, thick, and smelled good.

She slept with her head on her slender arms, not caring if the person in the bed was asleep or not, and closed her eyes.


Suddenly, there was the crack of a whip, and Su Su’s body quickly reacted. She subconsciously rolled her body to avoid the hit.

The black bed curtain was opened and the black-clad youth walked down barefoot.

In the half year she hadn’t seen him, the temperament in the corners of his eyes and tip of his brows was colder and sharper. After all, he had been on the battlefield. Although he was still as delicate and beautiful as before, a great deal of harsh and murderous aura had been added to him.

“Ye Xi Wu, do you know how to be a maidservant?”

The Soul Extinguishing Tear on her burned.

Su Su looked at him strangely, suddenly suspecting that he was angry because she’d completely ignored him. Maybe he would have been more satisfied if she’d kicked him a few times first after she came in?

She nimbly rose from the floor, “I help you change your clothes?”

Tantai Jin didn’t speak, but after a long time, he opened his arms and coldly glared at her.  

Su Su understood what he meant and walked over to remove his belt. She knew that Tantai Jin was looking at her. She didn’t look up and roughly removed his clothes like she was plucking chicken feathers.    

When he was stripped down to his underclothes, her nails scraped across his chest, and Tantai Jin slightly shuddered.

“Sorry, my hand slipped. Do you want me to help you remove your pants?”

“You should call yourself ‘this maidservant’.”

“Oh, do you want this maidservant to help you remove your pants?

“Get out!”

Su Su looked at him coldly and let go.

She picked up the palace lamp and was about to go out.

The youth grabbed her hand and coldly said, “You’re mad at me.”

Su Su stopped and Tantai Jin continued, “You still bear a grudge1耿耿于怀 (gěnggěngyúhuái) – to take troubles to heart (idiom); brooding over Xiao Lin. Because of him, you want to kill me.”

When he said this last sentence, his tone rose, and his grip on her hand tightened.

Su Su turned around. Tantai Jin pursed his lips and stared at her without blinking, waiting for her to answer.

“Yes,” Su Su said.

His face immediately became cold, as if he wanted to pounce on her and choke her to death.

Su Su said, “King Xuan was a good man. Even if he was going to die, he should die on the battlefield, not because of some despicable tricks.”

“Might makes right2成王败寇 (chéngwángbàikòu) – lit. called a king if successful, called a bandit if defeated (idiom), and there can never be too much deception in war3兵不厌诈 (bīngbùyànzhà) – an idiom; All’s fair in war; in war nothing is too deceitful,” Tantai Jin coldly said.

Su Su stared at him and suddenly laughed as if she was reminiscing about something, “Back then, His Highness said the same thing too, so there’s nothing to feel troubled about. Let go, didn’t you tell me to get lost? You’re already the emperor. It’s bad to go back on your word.”

Tantai Jin’s face looked even worse, but after a long while, he released her hand.

He rubbed his fingers and glanced outside with a gloomy expression.

Su Su opened the door and saw a huge tiger blocking the way to the hall with its body.

It was that despicable tiger demon.

The tiger could enlarge and shrink its size. After following Tantai Jin, its food had obviously improved as its fur was shiny and smooth. It was looking threateningly at Su Su with its mouth wide open, forcing her to go back.  

Su Su firmly grasped the tiger’s whiskers and expressionlessly plucked one.

The tiger roared in pain and almost bit her. It fearfully glanced into the hall, and in the end, it only dared to push Su Su back in with its paw.

Su Su took the opportunity to pluck another one.

Tiger: “……” F**k.

Su Su walked back, and the person on the bed coldly said, “Didn’t you leave, why did you come back again? Unlike Your Highness, I’m not a good person. If you provoke me again, I don’t mind letting you taste……”

Su Su ignored his ambiguous tone and lifted the black bed curtain to see the youth sitting with his legs bent. Perhaps not expecting that she would be so bold, Tantai Jin hadn’t retracted the mocking expression on his face.

When Su Su suddenly leaned closer to his face, his expression froze and his dark pupils shrank. She leaned in so close, that just a little closer, and her lips would touch his face.

“You……” Tantai Jin subconsciously wanted to take a step back.

He had only said a word when his hands were suddenly tied up by Su Su.

Su Su tied his hands with the two solid tiger whiskers. 

All of this happened in a flash. When Tantai Jin was angrily about to call out for the Night Shadow Guards, Su Su quickly pinned him to the bed. She covered his mouth with one hand and propped up her chin to look at him.

“Shh, don’t speak, otherwise, I’ll knock you out,” she said in annoyance, “Sleep now or let me beat you up first, then sleep.”

The young girl’s long, slender legs hung loosely on his.

Her black hair hung down and spread across his half-naked chest.

Su Su stared at him.

Perhaps he was afraid of death or something, as Tantai Jin didn’t say anything for a while.

His neck gradually turned red, but his eyes were still coldly looking at Su Su.

Su Su was inwardly furious. When he mentioned Xiao Lin, she wished she could hack him to pieces, but now wasn’t the time. She was very clear about what was important.

She thought to herself, I can’t kill him, but I can do other things.

So, she simply reached out her hand and gave him a hard pinch on the waist.

Tantai Jin grunted, and his eyes watered.

Even the rims of his eyes flushed a light peach. He moved his hands, but unfortunately, the tiger’s whiskers were too solid and even more pliable than rope. Tantai Jin slightly curled up his body, as if it was hard to endure.

Seeing him in such a state, some of the anger in Su Su’s heart dissipated.

Only Curved Jade felt like something was wrong. It glanced at Tantai Jin in suspicion.

A layer of sweat covered the youth’s chest, and his fingers were tightly curled.

It doesn’t look like he’s in much pain……

For someone like Tantai Jin, taking beatings used to be routine4家常便饭 (jiācháng-biànfàn) – an idiom; plain home cooking/simple meal; common occurrence/nothing out of ordinary/routine. What kind of pain hasn’t he experienced? Why would he become like this after only being pinched hard by Su Su?

But his eyes were downcast, so even Curved Jade couldn’t see what kind of mood he was in.

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