Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 58.2 Burning Hot


As the night grew deeper, the eunuch outside came and asked Tantai Jin where he would be resting tonight.

Since “Commandery Princess Shao Hua” had arrived, the emperor, who was in the prime of youth, naturally had a place to go now.

Even Tantai Jin himself thought so.

He had been looking forward to this moment for many years.


The displeasure he felt when Ye Bing Shang was married back then had all turned into dust and smoke now.

When he was young, the beautiful and charming woman who’d smiled and helped him up, applied medicine for him, and secretly asked for a safety amulet for him, was still vivid in his mind.

Since he was born, it had been hard for him to have empathy, and he’d never felt anything when people showed him kindness, but that was the first time he felt moved. His eyes stared at her in a daze, unable to look away.

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Before he could finish speaking, the person in front of him had already held out his hand, “Extract blood.”


The old Daoist could only begin to draw the talisman.

He didn’t finish his sentence. The array not only consumes Tantai Jin’s blood, but also his power. He had managed to recuperate his power with great difficulty, but now, all of it was used in the array, and his heart ached just thinking about it.

But he didn’t dare to refuse Tantai Jin.

The array was drawn.

The old Daoist said——

“Your Majesty simply needs to stand in this array and think of the place you want to go.”

Because too much blood was taken, the black-clad youth’s face was pale. Tantai Jin paused for a while and ordered, “Nian Baiyu, Nian Muning.”

Nian Baiyu and his sister silently appeared, bringing along several Night Shadow Guards.

Tantai Jin put away the Soul Eating Flag and stepped into the formation with the Nian siblings and the others, and soon, their figures disappeared.

The nights on the way to Liuzhou were extremely cold.

The women of the Ye family, who were now reduced to prisoners, were thinly clothed. Even at night, they were still forced to travel quickly.

At first, Nian Muning didn’t know where His Majesty was taking them, until she saw that young girl——


The young girl who was carrying an old woman on her back.

Su Su’s lips were chapped and her hair and clothes were messy. Her outer clothing was draped over the old woman, and her shoes were covered in mud.

Even her small face was dirty.

But her eyes were clean and bright to the point of being dazzling. In such desperate circumstances, Nian Muning saw that she was still smiling as she said something to the old woman on her back.

A little gentleness emerged on the old woman’s lifeless face.

Nian Muning didn’t know why, but she suddenly felt a small pull in her heart1揪心 (jiū//xīn) – lit. grips the heart; worried; anxious .

The whole Ye family was very loyal, so now that they’d ended up in such a state, she subconsciously looked towards His Majesty. 

His eyes didn’t contain even a little bit of the brightness he’d had when facing Ye Bing Shang during the day, and instead, he stared at Su Su with an abnormal gloominess. Tantai Jin subconsciously put his finger to his lips and bit down hard.

Nian Muning vaguely felt like His Majesty’s gaze was sticky spider silk, falling on Su Su, wanting to get closer, but afraid of something.

Tantai Jin watched for a while, then walked over.

The soldiers escorting the women of Ye family hadn’t noticed him, and by the time they did, swords had been placed against their necks by the Night Shadow Guards.

Su Su stopped and raised her eyes to look at the youth in black who was slowly walking over.


He looked noble, and was watching her with mocking eyes.

She readjusted her grip that was supporting her grandmother. The Old Madam’s eyesight wasn’t so good at night, so she hoarsely asked, “What’s wrong?”

Su Su gently comforted her and said, “It’s nothing, just the arrival of someone annoying.”

Tantai Jin’s face suddenly grew dark, “Ye Xi Wu, you’re just a prisoner now.”

Yes, she’s nothing but a lowly prisoner! How dare, how dare she still look at me with an expression of disgust!

“Your Majesty, what brings you here?”

“I’ll give you one last chance,” he glanced at her and said. “If you beg me, you won’t have to go to Liuzhou.”

Su Su could clearly see that he was afraid he’d get killed if he got too close, but still insisted on using such a condescending tone. She inwardly felt very annoyed, but also understood that even if she carefully took care of the Old Madam, her health was still getting worse and worse, and she would die before even reaching Liuzhou.

She carefully let go of the Old Madam, who strongly pulled her hand and sternly said, “Xi Wu!”

“Grandmother, it’s alright.”

Su Su moved forward.

Only then did Tantai Jin see that her wrists and ankles were red from the shackles. He tightly pursed the corners of his lips and heard her say, “Could I have a word with you?”


When he came back to his senses, he had already followed her to stand in a place far away from the Ye family members.

The young girl in front of him was wiping her face with the back of her hand, then looked up and asked him, “How do you want me to beg you?”

H-how to beg?

He froze, suspecting that he’d misheard.

The young girl expressionlessly shook her head, “You heard me right. I lost. As long as you let my grandmother go, and promise to find her a place to treat her illness and live her life, I can beg you any way you want. Kneel down, kowtow, beg? Or does Your Majesty prefer something else?”

He stared closely at her and subconsciously said, “Want me to spare Old Madam Ye, you really think too highly of yourself.”

The young girl looked into his eyes and said, “Oh, forget it then.”

She turned to leave but her arm was tugged back. He pulled her arm so tightly that Su Su instinctively wanted to beat him up again.

Su Su turned back and saw Tantai Jin’s cold expression, and he looked tense as he quickly said, “What’s the hurry? I’m considering it!”

He spoke so fast that Su Su had the sudden thought that he was afraid she’d leave him just like that.

“Then are you done considering it?”

Tantai Jin looked cold and threateningly said, “If you aren’t obedient, I’ll still kill her.”

Su Su nodded.

His expression relaxed a little, and there was even a vague smile of satisfaction in his eyes, “Go to Zhou Kingdom with me.”

Seeing Su Su looking at him quietly, he added, “As a slave or maidservant!”

The Soul Extinguishing Tear on Su Su started to feel hot.

It was no longer warm, but burning hot.

She stared at him until he couldn’t help but look away first.

Su Su suddenly nodded and said, “Okay.”

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