Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 54.1 Assassination

As soon as Xiao Lin heard that Kang Ting had died, he knew that things would look bad.

After arranging the city’s defense, at dawn, he immediately returned to the residence.

“Demon girl, no one ever dies in this city, but as soon as you came, Kang Ting was killed!”

“That’s right! You didn’t even spare Kang Ting’s mother, such heartless people should be put to death.”

“Commander Kang died without a complete corpse, you must give us an explanation!”


These men were all soldiers under Kang Ting.

Xiao Lin coldly said, “What are all of you doing!”

Everyone hurriedly knelt down, “Your Highness!”

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Martial Uncle Ji followed behind Xiao Lin and happily teased, “Little girl, to be able to run back from that madman, you’re quite capable.”


Su Su looked at the white-bearded old man with amusement, and the oppressive feeling in her heart was greatly relieved.

“I don’t know why I appeared in Cangzhou either. You should indeed worry if this was a plot by Tantai Jin,” Su Su said.

Xiao Lin’s expression also turned serious and he nodded.  

“Martial Uncle Ji took out a letter and asked Su Su, “Did you write this?”


“Your ideas are good, who do you learn from?” Martial Uncle Ji asked.

There were some methods included that had never been heard or seen before. The profoundness of those methods made Martial Uncle Ji drunk with obsession2如痴如醉 (rúchīrúzuì) – lit. as if drunk and stupefied (idiom); fig. intoxicated by something; mad about something.

Su Su could only say, “A mysterious master, I don’t know his name either.”

Martial Uncle Ji could only sigh and wring his hands.

Xiao Lin said, “Thank you Third Lady for your help. Cangzhou has been in chaos lately. Last night, something happened to Kang Ting. It’s evident that the city isn’t safe. If Third Lady is willing, this king will send Third Lady back to the capital immediately.”

Su Su thought it over and nodded, agreeing.

Martial Uncle Ji shook his head regretfully, obviously having expected Su Su to keep being the hero and help them deal with Tantai Jin’s army. 


Xiao Lin glanced at Su Su with a nod and left.

Martial Uncle Ji didn’t rush to chase after him. He leaned closer to Su Su and sheepishly smiled, “You girl are quite interesting, seeing that my nephew Xiao Lin’s heart might sway for you, you want to leave and get away from this?”

Su Su said with a smile, “Mister Ji, don’t talk nonsense, Xi Wu is just a weak girl, even if I stay, I won’t be of a great help, so I’d better to return to the capital to pray for Great Xia, in hopes that my father, King Xuan, and Mister can return in triumph.”

Martial Uncle Ji spoke mysteriously, “Don’t blame Shang girl either. Mortals are more concerned about legitimate and illegitimate, and superiors and inferiors. Before she got married, she was a rank lower than you. Little girl, you’re very capable and a little troublemaker3祸水 (huòshuǐ) – lit. source of calamity. A person (especially a woman) or event as the source of trouble, she’ll naturally feel uneasy by your return.”

Su Su angrily said, “Martial Uncle Ji really knows everything.”

The old man wasn’t ashamed, but proudly said instead, “Of course, when this poor monk was young……”

Su Su pulled a face and closed the door.

Martial Uncle Ji snorted, “Stinky girl.” She’s quite hot-tempered.

Su Su seemed lost in thought, the fact that Martial Uncle Ji is willing to speak up for Ye Bing Shang proves that she’s normally quite good. 

She couldn’t see through Ye Bing Shang. Sometimes, she made her vaguely uncomfortable, but she couldn’t tell what was wrong.

Su Su scratched her head and thought with distress, I can’t go to Tantai Jin’s side, it’s better to not stay here at Xiao Lin’s place either. 

Thinking it over, she could only go back to the capital.


Having only just decided, Xiao Lin hadn’t even had a chance to send Su Su off before in the afternoon, Great General Ye, Ye Xiao arrived.

Along with him was a hundred thousand army, and King Zhao who was escorting the army provisions. 

After Su Su heard the news, she hurriedly went to the Cangzhou Residence main hall, and indeed saw Ye Xiao, dressed in military uniform, talking to Xiao Lin.

In the lower seats sat King Zhao, and next to him, Martial Uncle Ji.

Ye Bing Shang, who was dressed in green, stood behind Xiao Lin.

As soon as Su Su came in, the conversation abruptly stopped. Ye Bing Shang looked at Su Su sadly and lowered her head.

Great General Ye was more straightforward and he shot right up from his seat.

“Ye Xi Wu, you’re really capable! Running to the border without permission. Don’t you know your grandmother is worried sick? See how I’ll punish you today!”

Ye Xiao tried to come over and catch Su Su as she said, “Dad, listen to my explanation.”

“There’s no need for an explanation! You think your dad doesn’t beat people, don’t you?”

“Dad, don’t chase me.”

“How dare you hide, you unfilial girl!”


The father and daughter ran around the chair, big eyes staring at small eyes4大眼瞪小眼 (dà yǎn dèng xiǎo yǎn) – an idiom; fig. two people staring at each other; without knowing what to do. Facing him, Su Su really was a little guilty, and thinking of her grandmother, she felt even more remorseful.

She simply stopped hiding, thinking that Great General Ye couldn’t beat her to death after all.

She closed her eyes, and Great General Ye glared at her with his copper bell-shaped eyes, but just as he was about to give her a slap, Xiao Lin subconsciously stopped him!

Ye Xiao’s hand seemed heavy, but when it landed, it only gently patted Su Su’s head. 

Su Su opened her eyes, covering her head and smiled at Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao let out a “humph”.

Ye Bing Shang glanced at Xiao Lin, who fell silent. The influence of the Fleeting Life Wisdom was still there in him. He was used to being Shao Ju, so he couldn’t bear to see Su Su the slightest bit wronged.

Ye Xiao said to Ye Bing Shang, “In the afternoon, you’ll also leave with third girl. For matters of war, there are men to deal with it, what are you two making trouble for?”

Ye Bing Shang never disobeyed Ye Xiao and she looked hesitantly at Xiao Lin.

“Great General Ye is right. Shang’er, go back,” Xiao Lin said.

Ye Bing Shang nodded, “I’ll listen to Your Highness.”

In just a few words, one more person would be heading back to the capital— Ye Bing Shang. Su Su had no problem with it. Although she didn’t really like Ye Bing Shang, she didn’t hope for anything to happen to her either.

In the afternoon, both Xiao Lin and Great General Ye allocated their personal guards to escort Su Su and the others back to the capital.

Xiao Lin rode his horse to send them to the border gateway. Ye Bing Shang lifted the curtain and looked at Xiao Lin with reluctance and worry.

Xiao Lin’s expression was gentle. He gently stroked her hair, “I’ll return safely.”

Ye Bing Shang nodded, and wanted to give him the heart protecting scale.

“You keep it to protect yourself. I still have Martial Uncle Ji by my side, nothing will happen,” Xiao Lin said.

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