Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 50.1 Come of Age Ceremony

Su Su rested for a while, then lifted her head and ground her teeth at him, “This is my answer to you.”

She retreated after a single hit. Knowing that her current strength was probably no match for Tantai Jin, she hurriedly backed away from him.

Tantai Jin’s back was slightly bent. The young man’s face was pale, the rims of his eyes were red, and his jaw muscle1Masseter muscle – A muscle which runs through the rear part of the cheek from the temporal bone to the lower jaw on each side and closes the jaw in chewing. slightly bulged. Su Su’s anger was almost gone and she held back her laughter, “How about you go and see the imperial physician?”

Tantai Jin brushed his sleeves and left.

The way he walked was obviously not quite right. Su Su wryly looked at him with a little Schadenfreude


Best if he can’t have a child anymore2断子绝孙 (duànzǐ-juésūn) – to die without progeny; (offensive) may you die childless/may you be the last of your family line. Why should the Devil God have offspring?

The eunuch nervously tried to help Tantai Jin, but he pushed him away. With a dark face, he got up and left on his own. 

The eunuch glanced back and saw the girl in the white dress standing in the candlelight, looking at their Majesty with contempt. The Grand Eunuch had an inexplicable feeling in his heart, as if…… Tantai Jin wanted to bed his woman but ended up being beaten by her.

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In the evening, the maidservants came in carrying a few buckets of water for her to bathe and change her clothes.


Su Su was a little surprised. She smiled and nodded, “Thank you very much.”

The maidservants hurried out, not daring to go near her or look at her twice, like Su Su was a dangerous person.  

Su Su took off her clothes and finally took a comfortable bath. She picked up the change of clothes to take a look and visibly froze. This set of clothes was surprisingly similar to the sacrificial ritual dress, a white ruqun, with the upper part outlined in solemn gold thread and hemmed with ancient sacred-looking patterns.  

She glanced at the sacrificial ritual robe that she’d just taken off with mixed feelings.

Curved Jade, who had been playing dead, took the opportunity to add, “He likes it when you wear this kind of dress.”

Su Su angrily said, “You should stay dormant.”

Curved Jade secretly laughed and really stopped talking. Now it was almost fully recuperated, so waking up wasn’t as much of a struggle as it had been after transmigrating Su Su over. 

Both master and servant were well aware that Tantai Jin was a little subtle towards Su Su. It’s just that no one knew whether the young Devil God’s feelings were a hot river or cold ice.

Curved Jade thought to itself, Su Su mustn’t have any feelings towards Tantai Jin. The Soul Extinguishing Tear in her hands will sooner or later kill him. Without any feelings, she won’t be sad in the future.


After suffering at Su Su’s place, Tantai Jin didn’t come by for the next few days.

There was one time when Curved Jade said, “He’s outside.”


After a while, it said, “He left.”

She didn’t know if he was just passing by or not, but Tantai Jin had been quite busy, and with Su Su locked up and unaware of the situation outside, he must be up to no good3为非作歹 (wéifēi-zuòdǎi) – to break the law and commit crimes (idiom); malefactor/evildoer/to perpetrate outrages.

Not long after, it was the day Tantai Jin planned to bring people to fish out the corpse demons.

Su Su was also finally able to go out.

The weather wasn’t great. It was overcast and rainy. She looked out and saw that today’s yin energy was very dense. To fish out the corpse demons in this weather would not benefit the mortals, and the corpse demons would most likely kill many people, but it was good for the corpse demons.

He was truly an innate Devil God, he protected the demons instead of the mortals.  

A serious-looking woman, armed with a sword and with martial bearing, was checking out Su Su.

The guard called out, “Lord Nian.”

Nian Muning nodded, “I’ll keep an eye on her and won’t let her escape.”

Hearing the surname ‘Nian’, Su Su knew that this person must be connected to Nian Baiyu, and she was probably his younger or elder sister.

Nian Muning’s sword was a peach wood sword. Su Su said to herself, she looks like a person who practices martial arts, no wonder Tantai Jin asked her to watch over me.

She was checking out Nian Muning, while Nian Muning was also checking out her.


She had long heard her brother, Baiyu, say that there was a woman who had fooled His Majesty again and again. Now that she had seen this person, it was hard for Nian Muning to show her a good expression. The young girl in front of her was wearing a white flowing dress with beautiful embroidered trim. Even a cloudy day didn’t affect her holiness and beauty. 

The young girl raised her long black eyelashes, her eyes like pools of clear water. Sensing Nian Muning’s hostility, she didn’t smile either. Her cold look suited her clothes even better. 

Nian Muning roughly pushed Su Su, “Behave well, don’t play any tricks. His Majesty let you go, so you better think of a way to control the corpse demons, or you’ll know the consequences.”

Su Su’s wrists were bound by the weak water rope, so now she really couldn’t beat Nian Muning, but she never silently suffered any losses. She almost fell and looked back at Nian Muning, “You like Tantai Jin?”

Nian Muning glared at her, “You’re talking nonsense!”

Su Su smiled, “So it’s true.”

Nian Muning looked serious and coldly laughed, “Don’t play tricks with me here. If you can’t think of a way, go feed yourself to the corpse demons.”

Like Nian Baiyu, Nian Muning was a member of the Yiyue Tribe. Since they were young, they knew their mission, to assist Tantai Jin to become the emperor. She had diligently learned martial arts and the way of the Dao, and had only recently left the mountain, so her skills could finally be put to use.

In terms of martial arts, she was no match for her brother, Nian Baiyu, but her way of Dao was superb.

At least among mortals, she was considered outstanding.

When she and Su Su arrived at Mo River, there were already many people fishing by the river. They had shackles on their feet and looked frightened. All of them were Great Xia slaves who had been captured by Tantai Jin.

Su Su took a deep breath and looked at the young man on the high seat.


It continued to lightly rain. His head was covered with a black tent. Tantai Jin lazily leaned back in his chair, watching the slaves fish for corpse demons. 

When the first corpse demon was fished out, it immediately ripped apart a slave, who didn’t even have a chance to struggle.

With a gentle smile on his face, he watched as the slave’s body was torn in half and the corpse demon bit into it. Su Su’s heart became icy cold as she watched, but Nian Muning didn’t have much reaction and brought her to Tantai Jin.

Tantai Jin glanced at her and the smile on his face faded. 

His long and slender fingers caressed the folds on his black imperial robes——

He loved only this cruel color, and even the dragon patterns on it were embroidered with silver thread. He was said to be the emperor, but he was too lazy to ascend to the throne, but to say he was unambitious, he was still keen on attacking cities and killing people.

“You saw how pitifully they died. Tell me, how can you control the corpse demons, hmm?”

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