Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 49 Something to Pursue

Being an emperor wasn’t easy. Tantai Jin hadn’t ascended the throne yet but there were already so many things piled up.

He wasted almost an entire day leading the men down the Mo River. He washed up and ate hastily, then started deployment. Almost all of the military officials in the city were dead, and all of the civilian court officials had succumbed to the “human flesh banquet”.

Tantai Jin placed his fingers on his forehead and massaged his temples, suppressing his temper to discuss attacking the Xia Empire with a few officials.

It was already dark when he finally finished his work.

He wasn’t in a hurry to rest though, and came to the courtyard where Su Su was detained. Tantai Jin asked a Night Shadow Guard, “What did she do in there today?”


The Night Shadow Guard replied, “Lady Ye first smashed the window, then pulled the door, and discovered that she couldn’t get out. So there hasn’t been any other movement since then.”

Tantai Jin bent his lips in satisfaction.

“Has she eaten yet?”

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Tantai Jin coldly glanced at him, it wasn’t until the eunuch’s legs trembled and he was about to immediately kneel down that he slowly spoke, “She’s just a captive, what do you think?”


The eunuch hurriedly said, “This servant understands.”

Before Tantai Jin pushed open the door, his eyes flashed with excitement. As he thought of something, he carefully instructed the Night Shadow Guards, “She’s crafty, everyone must be on guard, if you let her escape……”

His tone was cold, but the Night Shadow Guards bowed their heads in unison.

Before, this lady had escaped in Lord Yang Ji’s courtyard with the fox demon. His Majesty had been furious and killed many people.

Tantai Jin hesitated for quite a while before he vigilantly pushed the door open. His gaze was like a hawk, and he could see the girl on the bed at a glance.

The candlelight in the room was bright. Her eyes were shut and she was sitting cross-legged on the bed. 

Her long and slender fingers rested on her knees, and instead of looking desperate to escape like the Night Shadow Guard had described, she looked extremely calm.

Su Su’s hair was spread out, her ink hair ran down like running water.

A year had passed, and her delicate appearance had developed a little, showing hints of a mature young lady, looking elegant and unparalleled. She sat alone quietly without the slightest hint of panic over her captivity. Tantai Jin didn’t know what kind of pose she was in, but it was still very unique and beautiful.

His gaze darkened as it landed on her.

As soon as she heard the door being pushed open, Su Su immediately opened her eyes.

Tantai Jin subconsciously shut the door tightly and coldly looked at her. Su Su found it a little funny. She wasn’t in her immortal body that could use magic spells, so she had no way to escape from this situation.


She got out of bed and walked towards him as she said, “You finally came. Can you ask someone to find me a change of clothes?”

She lifted her sleeves to show him her sacrificial ritual dress that had been torn by the river rocks and stained with mud.

“Stay there, don’t come near me!” Tantai Jin quickly scolded.

Su Su halted and obediently1从善如流 (cóngshàn-rúliú) – readily following good advice (idiom); willing to accept other people’s views stood a zhang2丈  (zhàng) – a traditional unit of length, equal to 10 chi (市尺), and equivalent to 3.333 metres or 3.65 yards away from him, “Then the clothes……”

Tantai Jin looked at her somewhat messy sacrificial ritual dress and said, “A captive should know that they’re a captive. Third Miss Ye, don’t forget your identity.”

Su Su looked at him, stunned——

What’s my identity? Aren’t I your nominal wife?

Tantai Jin paused for a while and added, “As Ye Xiao’s daughter, how long you can live depends on how valuable you are.”

Understood, just like Ye Chufeng.

She was angry at the thought of it, “I’m not my Second Brother, I’m afraid I’ll disappoint you. As Ye Xiao’s daughter, I’ve nothing but hard bones. If you want to kill me, just try. Don’t expect me to help you deal with my dad and the Xia Empire.”

“Are you reluctant to give up on your father, or your beloved Highness King Xuan?” Tantai Jin asked.

What does this have to do with Xiao Lin? She glared at Tantai Jin, and he coldly looked back at her.


Su Su was tired and hungry. Knowing that Tantai Jin wouldn’t let her off easy, she simply didn’t bother to answer him and sat back down on her bed, closing her eyes to take a rest. Human body would feel so hungry even if they skipped a meal. She hadn’t eaten for a day and a night, so she didn’t have time to argue with this narrow-minded and inexplicable young man.

Seeing her silent, not even wanting to look at him, Tantai Jin reached out his hand and touched the wound on his face.

He wished he could ruthlessly choke her like he did with the others, to see her fearful and begging for mercy. But he knew that Su Su wouldn’t, and besides that, her agility made him quite afraid, for fear that if he touched her again, he’d be caught as a hostage.

I’ll never make that kind of mistake again!

Sensing that he hadn’t left yet, Su Su secretly opened her eyes a crack and saw Tantai Jin looking at her coldly. It was as if he wanted to take a step forward and strangle her to please himself, but he also wanted to slam the door and get away from her.

Conflicted between the two, he stood still.

What’s the point of standing here without doing anything? Su Su was about to speak up and ask him to go back to his room.

There was a knock on the door and the eunuch led a maidservant in, carrying a bowl of white porridge in her hands.

She opened her eyes and stared at the bare bowl of white porridge.

That wasn’t quite right either. There was also a plate of dried vegetables mercifully placed beside it.

Tantai Jin was also looking at the bowl of white porridge with an odd expression.

The eunuch worriedly thought, prisoners eat this right? Some only have half a bun3窝窝头 (wōwotóu) – steamed bun of corn, sorghum, etc.

Image of it:


Tantai Jin looked at Su Su and said as if he was giving alms, “You can eat other things if you want, as long as you……”

Su Su interrupted him and ran over to take the porridge, “No need, I’ll eat this.”

She went back to the table, ignored them, and started to eat with a spoon. Su Su was carrying the white Gu insect that Xiao Shan had given her, so she wasn’t afraid of Tantai Jin poisoning her. Now, she was currently immune to all poisons.

The white porridge was very fragrant, but unfortunately it had more water than rice.

Su Su was starving, so she heartily ate it along with the plate of dried vegetables.

The eunuch and the maidservant had already left, leaving only her and Tantai Jin in the room again.

Seeing her completely uncomplaining, and her eyes reflecting the candlelight, looking extremely calm, a doubt surfaced in Tantai Jin’s heart.

“Why aren’t you angry?”

Su Su’s mouth was stuffed with a mouthful of rice and she looked at him, stunned.

She saw the little pervert looked at her with a puzzled expression, his tone sounding complicated, “Why aren’t you sad? If I had treated Jing Lan An this way, she would’ve been sad.”

Doesn’t everyone in the world hate ingratitude?

Su Su’s cheeks were slightly bulging, and the Soul Extinguishing Tear on her slightly warmed. Her eyes instantly lit up and she swallowed the food in her mouth. Her voice was clear as she explained, “Jing Lan An would have been sad because she’d given you enough affection to have had expectations of you, so when you did something that disappointed her, she’d be sad.”

“So you have no expectations of me and want nothing from me, so you don’t care no matter how I treat you.” Tantai Jin said.

Su Su said with a smile, “How are you so sure? I’ve got something I want from you.”

He was stunned, the corners of his lips rose slightly, and his tone was a little more contemptuous, “What do you want?” 

Su Su propped up her chin and looked at him with a smile, without saying a word. Perhaps because the warm yellow candlelight was so gentle, her lips were glistening, and for no specific reason, she looked less cold than she had in the past, and more indescribably delicate.

He subconsciously bit the inside of his cheek, feeling extremely uncomfortable from her gaze.

Tantai Jin said, “If you don’t surrender and pledge allegiance to me, don’t think that I’ll bestow you with any rewards!”

Su Su’s eyes curved into a smile and she didn’t argue with him.

Tantai Jin’s breathing instantly quickened and he immediately looked away. Now speaking in a proud4春风得意 (chūnfēng-déyì) – flushed with success (idiom); as pleased as punch; proud of one’s success (in exams, promotion etc) and vicious tone of voice, he said, “Three days later at midnight5子时 (zǐshí) – 11 pm-1 am (in the system of two-hour subdivisions used in former times), I’ll have people fish out the corpse demons from Mo River, and at that time, you’ll come too.”

Su Su’s heart sank and she wanted to kill him again, “You can’t fish the corpse demons out. The corpse demons will attack people regardless of their target. Even if you have the evil-repelling spirit essence, you can’t distribute it to every soldier. If you use the corpse demons to deal with Xiao Lin, that would be killing one thousand enemies, but losing eight hundred of your own6杀敌一千,自损八百 (shā dí yīqiān, zì sǔn bābǎi) – (lit.) killing a thousand of one’s enemies, but lose eight hundred of their own (idiom) meaning inflicting damage on the enemy while your side suffers a smaller but comparable level of damage.”

Tantai Jin nonchalantly said, “So what?”

Isn’t it normal for people to die in war? What’s the difference between dying at the hands of a mortal and dying at the hands of a demon?

“Besides, who told you that I was going to use the army to fish out the corpse demons?” There was a hint of sarcasm in his words.

Su Su’s expression changed and she figured out what he was planning, “You’re going to use the people in the city to fish out the corpse demons?”

Tantai Jin glanced at her.

That’s right. The people of Mohe used to be people of Great Xia. Let them go fish out the corpse demons, if they die, then so be it. Furthermore, the death of a bunch of Great Xia people before the big battle could greatly dampen Xiao Lin’s morale. There can never be too much deception in war7兵不厌诈 (bīngbùyànzhà) – an idiom; All’s fair in war./in war nothing is too deceitful.

Tantai Jin was going to bring Su Su there too with the intention of using her. She was quite capable and knowledgeable. If she went, she would be of great use.

He knew her character. In her eyes, he was a tyrant, while those people were innocent. She might inadvertently find a way to restrain the corpse demons so he could control them more easily.

Su Su suddenly revealed a pretty smile and gently said, “If you’re already determined then I can’t stop you, but I have a way that will sacrifice less people. I’ll come over and tell you.”

She rarely spoke to him in such a gentle tone.

Tantai Jin was stunned. He stared at her bright and beautiful smile. The girl’s white sacrificial ritual robe was spreaded out and he once again remembered the scene under the water. She had broken through the water, the hem of her skirt surrounded by a dazzling halo.

By the time he’d somewhat returned to his senses, she was already close to him.

Tantai Jin subconsciously wanted to reveal a look of disgust. She hadn’t changed her clothes, so she looked dirty and probably smelled. But when she was actually close to him, her eyelashes were like two small fans, innocently and softly blinking.

The holy maiden became harmless and gentle.

She didn’t stink at all…… and even carried that slightly unacceptable….. scent of silk tree flowers.

He pursed the edges of his lips, trying to keep his tone as icy cold as possible as he got back to the main topic, “What’s the way? Say it.”

“The way is……” Su Su’s fingers clasped the bowl tightly and whispered in his ear.

Suddenly, her expression turned annoyed and she smashed the bowl towards his head with a backhand, “Why would I still think of a way for you? You’re so bad and evil, why don’t you get struck by lightning!”

Unexpectedly, her wrist was caught by Tantai Jin.

He was close enough to take her slender hand and clasp it behind her head. He laughed in a low voice and said, “Do you think I’ll fall for your tricks again?”

He gripped the girl’s wrist, the weak water rope not only suppressed her use of talismans, but also made her weak.

She used to be a marmot that could skip, run about8活蹦乱跳 (huóbèng-luàntiào) – to leap and frisk about (idiom); lively; healthy and active, and threaten9张牙舞爪 (zhāngyá-wǔzhǎo) – to bare fangs and brandish claws (idiom); to make threatening gestures people, but now, she was just a powerless little rabbit that he had caught.

Su Su shouted, “Let go!”

Tantai Jin pinched her chin and warned, “My patience is limited, if you mess around again……”

As soon as he spoke, Su Su landed her knee on his lower abdomen.

On this earth, no matter how sinister and powerful a man was, they were still afraid of this move, and Tantai Jin was no exception. His delicate and pretty face visibly turned pale and he subconsciously wanted to loosen his hand to cover his lower part. 

Who knows what kind of perseverance he used, but he didn’t let go of Su Su.

Su Su lost her previous strength, but her agility was still there. She saw that he was still unwilling to let go and he even extended his long legs to block her legs. Her bright eyes coldly glared at him, and she rushed forward, slamming her entire body into him.

Her head bumped into his chest.

The two of them both grunted in pain.

Tantai Jin gritted his teeth and said, “Did you practice Iron Head Kung Fu10铁头功 (tiětóugōng) – (martial arts) one of the traditional Shaolin fighting arts; headbutt (in general)?”

In the end, when he lowered his head, the girl’s eyes looked confused, and she looked like she was about to faint as she weakly leaned against his chest.

All he felt was pain all over his body, his chest hurt and his lower part hurt. It was so painful that his already delicate and beautiful eyes were slightly red.

Tantai Jin leaned against the icy cold wall, looking furious.
Why does she always…… treat me like this!


The author has something to say:

Su Su: Die together11同归于尽 (tóngguīyújìn) – an idiom; to die in such a way that somebody or something else also perishes; to take down somebody with oneself; to end in mutual destruction; suffer a common downfall;!

Tantai Jin: ……

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