Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 47.2 Little B*stard

Tantai Jin looked up and saw that the people outside the whirlpool had gone ashore. He looked at them with a sinister gaze.

The Night Shadow Guards were either dead or maimed, so no one was left to help him. Until he saw a white silhouette. The sacrificial ritual patterns on the young girl’s robe made her look beautiful and sacred. It was already dawn outside, and the sunlight shone in, illuminating the golden patterns on her body with fragmented light as she swam out. 

Yu Qing and the others tried their best to pull Xiao Lin out from the whirlpool. Xiao Lin was quite a good swimmer, and he used his internal energy to actually split the current and get out of the vortex.

Yu Qing was overjoyed, “Go quickly!”

People escaped one after another. As she swam up, Su Su saw Ye Chufeng, who had been swept unconscious by the current. She pursed her lips and brought him up along the way.


The whirlpool continued to expand, and with the group of corpse demons at the bottom of the river, everyone desperately fled.

Su Su struggled to climb ashore. She carelessly threw Ye Chufeng aside and couldn’t stop coughing.

Fortunately, the place where they climbed ashore was far away from Tantai Jin’s soldiers, so for now they didn’t need to face an enemy encirclement.

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Su Su was stunned, “Is this the one on Tantai Jin?”


Xiao Lin nodded.

Martial Uncle Ji smiled happily and said with schadenfreude, “That kid wanted to harm people, but now without the spiritual essence to ward off the evil spirits, when he sinks to the bottom of the river, not to mention the whirlpool, those corpse demons will come up and eat him alive.”

Yu Qing pondered, “He created those things. If he doesn’t want to die, he’ll have to find a way to exterminate those corpse demons himself.”

Xiao Lin had the same intentions. Hearing the rustling of footsteps in the distance, he said, “We need to leave, Tantai Jin’s men are on the other side of the river. If we don’t leave now, we’ll be in danger.”

Looking at that piece of evil repelling spiritual essence in Xiao Lin’s hand, Su Su found it a little funny, can this be counted as ‘the evils we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear’?

Tantai Jin had created things that could kill, and now he was trapped at the bottom of the river with them.

Worst of all, everyone hated him to the point of gnashing teeth, so they wouldn’t go save him.

The soldiers of Great Xia weren’t too far away to provide support. A few of them got on their horses and took several steps forward. Xiao Lin paused and still couldn’t resist turning back.

The sunlight slanted down as the young girl in the sacrificial ritual dress looked up at them.

His grip on the reins tightened, “Third Miss Ye, come back with us.”

Pang Yi Zhi looked at the young girl, who looked clean and beautiful, and also hurriedly said as if he didn’t care, “Yes, your father is Great General Ye, so it’s natural2理所应当 (lǐ suǒ yīng dāng) – an idiom; of course/as a matter of course that you return to Xia Empire with us.”

Yu Qing nodded, “Third Ye, hurry up and leave.”


Even Martial Uncle Ji blew his beard3an expression of anger, “Little girl, what are you still standing there for? That kid is a homicidal maniac, do you still want to follow him?”

Ye Bing Shang heard their words, her eyes obscure. She looked up and smiled softly, “Yes, Third Sister, no one will blame you.”

Su Su glanced at her and smiled at everyone, revealing some of her pearly white teeth. Her unapproachable coldness had reduced, and more of the cuteness4憨态可掬 (hāntài-kějū) – charmingly naive (idiom); adorable that belonged to Ye Xi Wu’s appearance could be seen.

“Thank you everyone. Xi Wu won’t be returning to Xia Empire with you all, I still have important things to complete. The sky is high and the road is far5the world is big, till we meet again in the future.”

Xiao Lin pursed his lips and softly said, “In that case, take care.”

Su Su waved at them.

Pang Yi Zhi looked at her hatefully and softly cursed, “Stupid ignorant6不识好歹 (bùshí-hǎodǎi) – unable to tell good from bad (idiom) woman!”

Martial Uncle Ji clicked his tongue and sighed, “Silly little girl.”

Although all of them disapproved of her staying behind, no one had ill will towards Su Su. She was brave and righteous, and repeatedly saved others from difficulties. Almost everyone present had received her help, so no one would really hate her. 

Ye Bing Shang leaned against the horse carriage, watching the sun rise high outside, her hand tugging at the carriage curtain.

After a long time, she softly closed her eyes.

Since when did Third Sister get everyone’s respect? The Ye Xi Wu who’d viciously pushed her into the water last year seemed to have gone far, far away.



Tantai Jin sank to the bottom of the river.

The water of Mo River was deep, and thousands of years ago, the water repeatedly rose up and flooded the nearby cities many times.

The cold water surrounded him, and at first he was calm, but when he saw a corpse demon darting towards him, he touched his waist and his face instantly turned extremely bad.

The most precious evil repelling spiritual essence of the Yiyue Tribe had disappeared!

The corpse demon was fast and unaffected by the turbulent water.

Before he knew it, the only living person under the water was him, his survival instincts kicking in, he tried his best to start swimming away from the corpse demon.

However, on the other side, corpse demons had appeared there too.

He pursed his pale lips, and his face revealed a rare hint of panic. He hurriedly rummaged through his body for something else, but other than the evil spirit repelling spiritual essence, he no longer had any spiritual weapon on him that could deal with those things.

When he went down into the water, he and the old Daoist priest had set up this trap. 

Even if the demon flood dragon couldn’t be formed, it still wouldn’t be bad to create demon corpses instead. This indestructible army could help him attack Great Xia, but he didn’t expect that the first person these demonic creatures without spiritual consciousness would deal with was him.

Seeing the corpse demon’s hand about to touch him——


His expression was cold as he closed his eyes, but he had no regrets, he merely felt a little unreconciled as he couldn’t pull down a few more victims.

He gritted his teeth, thinking that his blood could restrain demonic creatures, so at worst, when the corpse demons bite him, then he could kill them, but even Tantai Jin knew that this was unrealistic. The Mo River was so big and his blood would instantly dissipate, how could he finish killing the endless corpse demons?

Suddenly, someone kicked the corpse demon away.

Someone gently tugged at the hem of his clothes. He opened his eyes and saw the young girl who’d rushed over for him.

She split the water, her white dress swirled in the current– shockingly beautiful.

The young girl glanced at him, her small hand tightly clutched his clothes and she looked like she didn’t want to talk to him. She pulled him, signaling him to follow her to leave.

Tantai Jin had never thought that someone would still come find him in such a situation. He looked at her in silence, then pursed his lips and said, “Why are you here?”

The young girl gritted her teeth and looked at him.

“Of course if you marry a chicken, follow the chicken, if you marry a dog, follow the dog7嫁鸡随鸡,嫁狗随狗 (jiàjīsuíjī, jiàgǒusuígǒu) – an idiom; follow the man you marry! Little b*stard.”

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