Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 47.1 Little B*stard

Martial Uncle Ji was the first to notice that something was wrong.

The water was flowing faster and faster, and the originally clean river water filled with a faintly discernible aura of death. Martial Uncle Ji lowered his head and saw the fingers of a Daoist priest move.

Martial Uncle Ji’s expression changed, “This is bad, hurry up and leave! The dead have absorbed the resentment and transformed into corpse demons.”

Su Su froze and looked at the bodies of the Daoist priests too. Sure enough, the resentment that was supposed to dissipate was now disrupted and heading for the bodies of the Daoist priests. The demon Dao cultivators must have practiced some kind of magic arts for their bodies to actually contain the resentment and even stand up under its control.

While alive, they were skilled in magic spells, but now, they all lunged at the crowd with strange smiles on their faces.


Martial Uncle Ji knocked a corpse demon’s head with his horsetail whisk1Image of it: with a whoosh.

He scolded aloud2破口大骂 (pòkǒu-dàmà) – shout abuse; let loose a torrent of abuse; curse loud and long; a stream of invective, “This thing’s body is even harder than a lump of iron!”

Martial Uncle Ji was well versed in the Eight Trigrams3八卦 (bāguà) – eight combinations of three lines—all solid, all broken, or a combination of solid and broken lines—joined in pairs to form 64 hexagrams, formerly used in divination and had achieved some progress in cultivation, but like Yu Qing, he wasn’t good at martial arts. The corpse demons’ movements were abnormally fast, practically flying over and grabbing his hand that was holding the horsetail whisk.

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Fw Fw ypjle, “Ebyv’p tskdt sd blal?”

Martial Uncle Ji’s face also looked bad, “Someone used an evil object to draw the resentment into the corpses and force them to kill.”


A centipede doesn’t stop wriggling even when dead6百足之虫死而不僵 (bǎi zú zhī chóng, sǐ ér bù jiāng) – an idiom; Old institutions die hard./Old ideas die hard.. The resentment had been hovering at the bottom of Mo River for thousands of years, so it was quite powerful. 

On the other end, Yu Qing’s situation wasn’t very good. He struggled to dodge the corpse demons that dashed at him as he scolded, “What are these things!”

Their skin was so rough and thick that hitting them seemed to be useless.

Su Su had killed the old Daoist priest and destroyed the Soul Eating Flag earlier, so now she was a little strained. If she hadn’t been underwater, she would probably have broken into a cold sweat by now. 

The formation of the corpse demons took everyone by surprise, and for the moment, everyone was entangled with them. Even more frighteningly, the people who were killed by the corpse demons were also instantly invaded by the riverbed’s resentment and began to stand back up and kill. 

The corpse demon that Su Su had killed just now with her peach wood sword even staggeringly stood up as well!

“F**k!” Yu Qing said.

They were all doomed now, and it wouldn’t be long before everyone at the bottom of the river turned into enemies!

Martial Uncle Ji glanced out of the corner of his eye and saw Tantai Jin, that little b*stard7王八羔子 (wángbagāozi) – son of a b*tch/wretch, heading for the shore under the escort of Nian Baiyu. The young man turned back and coldly smiled, his smile full of malice.

Unexpectedly, the corpse demons didn’t attack Tantai Jin and his group, completely ignoring8视若无睹 (shìruò-wúdǔ) – take no notice of what one sees (idiom); shut one’s eyes to; turn a blind eye to; them.

Xiao Lin’s eyes slightly darkened and his reaction was quick, “Martial Uncle Ji, Tantai Jin has something on him that can ward off evil spirits!”

“We can’t let them go!” Martial Uncle Li said, “Xiao Lin, I’ll cover you and you bring that girl Bing to hold them back. That ruthless little b*stard must have a way to break through.”


How many people would these things kill if they went ashore!

If Tantai Jin were to drive them towards the Great Xia Empire, they would be an invulnerable9刀枪不入 (dāoqiāng-bùrù) – lit. impervious to sword or spear (idiom); untouchable; thick-skinned; impervious to criticism army.

Xiao Lin also knew the seriousness of this matter, so without saying a word, he hugged Ye Bing Shang and chased after him.

Ye Bing Shang leaned against his arms with a pale face. She thought for a moment, then placed the Heart Protecting Scale in Xiao Lin’s hand.

Xiao Lin paused and stroked her hair.

As soon as the Heart Protecting Scale was in Xiao Lin’s hand, it immediately emitted a dazzling white light, bringing them to catch up with Tantai Jin in an instant.

“Your Majesty!” Nian Baiyu shouted.

Tantai Jin turned his head and looked at the Heart Protecting Scale in Xiao Lin’s hand, a little envious. He licked his lips and ordered, “Where are the Night Shadow Guards? Kill Xiao Lin.”

Several Night Shadow Guards from around him immediately appeared to block Xiao Lin.

Xiao Lin raised his sword to block. His martial arts were much stronger than the Night Shadow Guards, and right now, with the Heart Protecting Scale, he didn’t have any trouble. Nian Baiyu noticed and immediately joined the Night Shadow Guards, suddenly putting Xiao Lin at a disadvantage.

Xiao Lin led Ye Bing Shang to avoid the sharp arrows and returned the Heart Protecting Scale to her, “Hide well.”

Ye Bing Shang pursed her lips and hurriedly activated the Heart Protecting Scale’s spell to attack the Night Shadow Guards.


She was very unskilled in using a treasure of this level, but Xiao Lin was a natural genius. He only needed a few weaknesses exposed in the Night Shadow Guards to instantly counter-attack.

Nian Baiyu retreated to Tantai Jin, “Your Majesty, we must kill this woman first.”

Tantai Jin looked at Ye Bing Shang and frowned.

Almost subconsciously, he said, “No.”

In just this short period of time, Su Su and Martial Uncle Ji had also caught up, followed by a mass of corpse demons behind them. 

Martial Uncle Ji shouted loudly, “Xiao Lin, they have spiritual essence on them that can ward off evil spirits, grab it!”

Xiao Lin understood. He touched the waist of an injured Night Shadow Guard and he indeed found a piece of warm yellow spiritual essence. He raised his hand and threw it to Martial Uncle Ji. 

Martial Uncle Ji laughed mischievously as he broke the spiritual essence into small pieces and distributed them to the people around him.

Su Su also got a piece. She sighed in relief, this object really could ward off evil spirits. At least the corpse demons wouldn’t attack them.

The corpse demons who chased close suddenly became confused and began to wander on the riverbed.

“We can’t let them get out,” said Su Su.

“Of course,” Martial Uncle Ji said, “The source must be on Tantai Jin.”


Their enemies had caught up with them and Nian Baiyu immediately felt that things were looking bad. They’d already gotten a piece of spiritual essence, so the corpse demons were no longer a threat. With the addition of the Heart Protecting Scale in Ye Bing Shang’s hand, Tantai Jin’s side became the one at a disadvantage.

“Your Majesty, we must leave.”

Tantai Jin was quickly decisive and shouted, “Go!”

Martial Uncle Ji shouted, “Xiao Lin, don’t let them escape!”

Xiao Lin slashed his long sword and the water shook violently. Martial Uncle Ji used a Water Deterring Talisman and went over to help him. The yellow talisman emitted a faint blue light in the water, and in an instant, the water turned into a huge whirlpool, pulling Tantai Jin and Nian Baiyu, who were about to step on the ladder to shore, into it. 

However, the whirlpool grew wider and wider, and not only Tantai Jin’s men, but even Xiao Lin in the center of them, was caught in it too.

Yu Qing: “……”

Su Su: “……”

Martial Uncle Ji was very embarrassed, “Martial Nephew Xiao Lin, Martial Uncle didn’t do it on purpose.”

Xiao Lin didn’t say a word and tried his best to stabilize himself in the swirling water.

Yu Qing said, “The whirlpool has expanded! The Water Deterring Pearl will soon lose its effect, we need to quickly leave!”

This time, no one wasted a moment and hurriedly swam towards shore before the whirlpool got to them. Martial Uncle Ji knew he had made a mistake, so when he passed by Ye Bing Shang, he saved her along the way, counting it as helping his Martial Nephew Xiao Lin to protect his woman.

Only Xiao Lin and Tantai Jin were left in the center of the whirlpool. Xiao Lin was still able to stabilize his body, but Tantai Jin had no martial arts skills. His face was pale and the fear of death left him a little flustered.

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