Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 46 Original Sentiments

Not long after Su Su came out, Xiao Lin, Ye Bing Shang and Pang Yi Zhi also emerged one after another.

Like Su Su, the moment the Fleeting Life Wisdom ended, everyone regained their self-awareness, and their faces didn’t look too good.

Pang Yi Zhi looked at Su Su, his mouth moved, but he didn’t say anything. In the memories belonging to Sang You, Sang Jiu saved him, moved to the West River, and became the new Clam King. His little sister carried the resentment of the Clam Clan all by herself, and in the end, her soul was scattered. After that, he’d rushed to Ming Ye’s mountain dwelling, but he was one step too late. Not only Sang Jiu, but even Ming Ye had disappeared.

Xiao Lin pursed his lips tightly. His current feelings were even more complicated. As Shao Ju, in his memories, he liked the Clam Princess. Shao Ju’s feelings weren’t strong, but like a jar of old vintage wine, time flies but it never disappears. No one else in the world understood his thoughts except for himself.

Ye Bing Shang’s face paled. She wasn’t stupid, so she naturally understood that what Tian Huan did in the Fleeting Life Wisdom wasn’t anything good. Her body swayed and Xiao Lin caught her.


Ye Bing Shang’s eyes filled with tears. She softly said, “Your Highness.”

Xiao Lin sighed, patted her back, and comforted her, “It’s alright.”

Ye Bing Shang shook her head. She walked over to Su Su and humbly bowed, “Third Sister, it’s my fault. In the Fleeting Life Wisdom, I couldn’t control Tian Huan’s behavior either. Can Third Sister forgive me?”

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Xiao Lin softly sighed. He understood that he wasn’t Shao Ju and Su Su wasn’t Sang Jiu. He averted his gaze and held Ye Bing Shang’s hand. Her hand was cold so he transferred some internal energy to her.


Ye Bing Shang looked up at him and was relieved that Xiao Lin didn’t pay too much attention to Su Su.

She didn’t dare to forcefully retrieve the heart protecting scale now, so she could only hold back her worries and quietly stand beside Xiao Lin.

Nian Baiyu stiffly frowned, “Why did you all come out but not His Majesty?”

He was loyal and extremely anxious in this kind of situation.

Martial Uncle Ji even deliberately provoked him and said with schadenfreude, “Maybe he has already died in the Fleeting Life Wisdom, the wicked have their own retributions.”

Nian Baiyu looked at him coldly and was about to draw his sword.

Ye Chufeng stepped forward to stop Nian Baiyu and said, “The jade mirror and heart protecting scale are still in the air, His Majesty will be fine.”

Martial Uncle Ji had exaggeratedly hid behind Xiao Lin. Nian Baiyu snorted and looked up at the jade mirror in the air.

“Little Master, what was the thing you threw at Ming Ye when you left? Was it everything that Sang Jiu did for Ming Ye?” Curved Jade asked.

Su Su looked up at the vibrant1流光溢彩 (liúguāng-yìcǎi) – lit. flowing light and overflowing color; brilliant lights and vibrant colors (idiom) heart protecting scale and shook her head. 

She thought for a moment and said, “It’s a fool’s original sentiments.”

Their success all depends on that pearl.



Ming Ye’s memory lasted the longest.

After Sang Jiu died, no one could find him. Some said that he’d passed the tribulation thunderbolt, ascended to godhood, and left, while others said that he died underneath it. 

The demoness Sang Jiu was gradually forgotten, but the last person who remembered her was the one who used to hate her the most. 

Ming Ye didn’t collapse, on the contrary, from that day onwards, he was very calm.

He picked up the broken clam shell and white pearl and carried them around in search of a powerful2高人 (gāorén) – man of superior attainments; past master; master-hand; capable/talented person. Since Sang Jiu could revive young clams, perhaps he might also be able to resurrect her.

Tantai Jin wanted a devil flood dragon, so he followed him.

However, the ancient great powers had already vanished, and of the most powerful people left in heaven and earth, Ming Ye could be counted as one of them. How could he expect others to save Sang Jiu when he himself was still unable to do so?

He walked for many years, and the divine mark between his forehead had long disappeared. He relied on his tens of thousands of years of cultivation to bring the little clam shell through the Three Realms.

As he found all the people that he could find, all of them shook their heads at him.

Then one day, Ming Ye met a dying3垂垂老矣 (chuí chuí lǎo yǐ) – an idiom; gradually gets older/old immortal.

The immortal sat under a tree, waiting to die while sitting upright4坐化 (zuòhuà) – to die in a seated posture (Buddhism).


It was raining particularly heavily. Ming Ye silently went over and created a thatched shed for the immortal.

The immortal opened his eyes, looked at him, then at the broken clam shell in his arms.

“I have a way to fix that for you.”

Ming Ye had been desperate for too long and no longer had hope. His lips quivered at his words, “What should I do?”

The immortal said, “All living things reinforce each other5相生相克 (xiāngshēng-xiāngkè) – mutual enhancement and inhibition between the five elements (an ancient concept to explain natural phenomena, and later applied to traditional Chinese medicine, etc.). You must first understand why her clam shell is broken. When clam-type demons cultivate, they will first form a shell to protect themselves. But for the demon clam in your hand, her shell was dissolved by weak water and became extremely fragile, so eventually, it broke apart. It was because of the weak water, if you want it to recover, you must find the Soil of Breath to eliminate the weak water’s effects.”

The immortal shook his head and said, “However, even if that clam shell is restored, she won’t be able to return. Her soul has scattered, how sad and pitiful.”

Ming Ye’s fingers trembled badly, weak water?

Sang Jiu was a clam demon, why would she enter the weak water? No one knew better than him.

He had initially thought that he’d coincidentally come out of the weak water and Sang Jiu happened to pick him up. But before, it was actually Sang Jiu who jumped into the weak water, where no living things could live, and looked for him while weeping.

How much pain was she in when her clam shell was dissolving?

Tantai Jin sat cross-legged in the rain, looking at the useless trash’s face turn pale.

He impatiently said, “How much longer are you going to stay here? Since you can’t find her anymore, just give up. As long as you’re willing, there’s enough power and strength in this world for you to do whatever you want.”


Ming Ye ignored him and got up to leave.

Fortunately, time flowed very fast as the Fleeting Life Wisdom was about to collapse.

Tantai Jin coldly looked at Ming Ye. In the first ten years, he found the Soil of Breath and stuck the broken pieces of the clam shell together. For the first time, he saw the cold Immortal Lord smile. His face looked gentle as he softly touched the little clam shell. When the weather was clear and bright, he would bring her out to bask in the sun, as if she wasn’t dead.

He found mermaid silk and made clothes for her. He also collected beautiful fine jades, as if to make up for those one hundred years.

The man talked to himself, looking ridiculous and forlorn.

Not long after, he brought the empty little clam shell to Qianxi and saw the young clams born in the river. The Qianxi River was flourishing. Ming Ye was silent for a long time. He always came over when Sang You wasn’t paying attention and cleaned the river water, opened up river channels, and helped the little river clams to open their spiritual consciousness.

He relentlessly continued to do these tasks for an unknown number of years.

Later, when all the river clams that Sang Jiu had raised all opened their spiritual consciousness and began to cultivate, he once again had nowhere else to go, so he held the little clam shell and wanted to take her home to have a look.

The water of Mo River was dirty and cold.

Ming Ye jumped down into the Mo River and looked at the desolated Clam King Palace. The river water was dark and turbulent.

The Immortal Lord used to be immaculately dressed in white, but now, he didn’t mind that the place was dirty. He straightened up a collapsed stone pillar and found Sang Jiu’s room.

Ming Ye picked up the many toys from her childhood and various types of beautiful corals. Looking at them, his expression turned gentle.

Until he found the pearl left in the Clam King Palace and saw the scene from a hundred year ago.

He saw how the Clam Princess saved him and after he swallowed the divine core, how she knelt in front of the stone tablet and kowtowed towards the Clam King again and again. He saw her happily get married from the Clam King Palace, her eyes full of nervousness and anticipation.

However, the person who picked her up was only a small immortal official.

The small immortal official raised his voice and said, “The True Lord has said that since Clam Princess Sang Jiu insists on marrying him, the immortal consort can go to Shangqing by herself.”

He saw her face turned pale and embarrassed, but she bowed and wasn’t too upset, then walked towards Shangqing on her own.

Her figure gradually disappeared and the pearl in his hand returned to being still. 

He knew all the stories that happened after that, how she spent a hundred years alone and humiliated. 

Ming Ye’ eyes were red and he wept with sorrow.

Tantai Jin’s eyes flashed. Ming Ye’s obsession was probably deep in his bones, seeing that he now knew the truth, Tantai said, “Since you can’t find her in the immortal realm, why don’t you become a devil? You’ve already searched for her high and low, how do you know she isn’t waiting for you at the demon Dao? ”

He watched as Ming Ye’s dark eyes slowly turned red because of his words.

Tantai Jin walked over, “Yes, that’s right. Those immortals bullied and humiliated her and when you were an Immortal Lord, you always treated her coldly, she must have hated becoming an immortal so she didn’t want to return.”

He watched with satisfaction as Ming Ye’s lips turned black and his eyes gradually turned cold.

Tantai Jin curled his lips, “Ye Xi Wu, I’ll deal with you when I get out. In the end of this Fleeting Life Wisdom, I still win.”

As soon as he spoke those words, a small pearl fell from Ming Ye’s sleeve.

The pearl wasn’t flashy, it was even a little dull. 

Ming Ye subconsciously caught it. It was the bead on Sang Jiu’s neck.

Clam Princess liked to leave memories in pearls, so what would be in this one?

Ming Ye’s cold red eyes stared at it blankly.

The pearl in his palm gently swirled. The last gift that the Clam Princess left him appeared clearly in the air——

It was many years ago, a girl’s clear eyes. She looked into the air in awe.

Blue sky and white clouds were reflected in her eyes, and finally, gradually, was the clear and gentle figure of a man in white armor.

She lay on the shore and watched him without blinking. Her eyes were very bright and her red lips couldn’t help but curve upwards.

Ming Ye reached out his hand, tears once again vaguely appeared in his eyes. However, just as he touched her, Sang Jiu seemed to have sensed something as she glanced back and smiled. 

Ming Ye was stunned for a long time, then he gently smiled back at her. The red in his eyes faded and they became clean and steady. 

The pearl turned into a fine powder.

Tantai Jin frowned, he had an ominous premonition. 

Just as he was about to walk over, the Fleeting Life Wisdom started to violently shake, this time it really was about to shatter. Tantai Jin’s pupils shrunk and he looked coldly at Ming Ye.

However, Ming Ye no longer allowed him to stay in the Fleeting Life Wisdom, and in the next moment, he pushed Tantai Jin out.

Nian Baiyu hurriedly stepped forward, “Your Majesty, are you alright?”

Tantai Jin wiped the blood off his face. It was the blood left behind from when Su Su had dealt with the Daoist priest.

His eyes were gloomy as he glanced at Su Su. She inevitably felt a little embarrassed to see him, after all, when the two of them directly met each other, one couldn’t help but remember the scene in the muslin tent. She didn’t mean to touch him in that place either. Wasn’t it unsuccessful? She was very annoyed too. 

She silently put her hand behind her back. 

It’s sullied, sullied, sullied…… 

She quietly moved a few steps and blocked half of her small face behind Martial Uncle Ji beside her.

Tantai Jin coldly averted his gaze and frowned while he looked at the two items fighting in the air.

This time, they were no longer evenly matched.

The jade mirror in the air suddenly shattered. Xiao Lin and the others were all delighted, the immortal flood dragon didn’t choose to become devil in the end!

The heart protecting scale emitted a wave of white light, and the resentment hovering on the flood dragon’s body unwillingly disappeared. The heart protecting scale flew back into Ye Bing Shang’s hand and she tightly gripped it and sighed in relief. 

Curved Jade happily said, “It really worked.”

Su Su was very happy too.

That pearl was the embodiment of Sang Jiu’s original feelings. It contained all the moments from when she first fell in love with Ming Ye. She had liked the great hero who’d protected the world, and loved the Ming Ye who fought for them, not the devil.

Ming Ye could no longer find Sang Jiu, so he sealed himself at the bottom of Mo River, watching her over and over again in his memories. Each time, he had to go through heartrending pain and separation from her, but in the next time, it still continued.

Until the day Ming Ye died.

The immortal flood dragon would never turn into a devil. In the end, Ming Ye held on to the Clam Princess’s faith, and used his body and the relic to calm the Mo River.

As Su Su looked at the clean river and Ming Ye’s dissipating body, she wasn’t sure what she felt. 

Seeing this scene, Nian Baiyu said, “Your Majesty, it’s not suitable to remain at the bottom of the river today. The Water Deterring Pearl is about to lose its effect, we have to go back.”

Go back?

Tantai Jin’s eyes were icy cold.If I’m not having an easy time, I won’t let these people have one either.


The author has something to say:

Let me share a statement from an excellent reader, hahaha:

Xiao Lin: It’s obviously a four-person movie, but I don’t have a name. It’s fine if I have fewer parts, but I’m also a bootlicker.

Su Su: [Disheartened] Don’t show off please. Not only am I a bootlicker, but I have many parts, and I have to bootlick the person I hate. Now that we’re out, all of you now know my dark past…… and in the fantasy realm, I was actually such a hopeless romantic.

Tantai Jin: [I don’t want to control the flood dragon anymore, I just want to kill it and everyone else here] If you have this kind of power, you should concentrate on cultivating and ruling the world, why would you fall in love?! (Angry at myself for actually liking Su Su a little)

Ye Bing Shang: ……If I say what everyone did in the fantasy realm was fake, would you believe it……

Believe, of course I do. We have to believe it even if we don’t. It’s better to leave it at that, otherwise, I don’t think that anyone will have an easy time.

(hahahahaha how fitting)

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