Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 45.2 In the End

Shao Ju was shocked and automatically thought that it was the heavenly thunderbolt going to strike Sang Jiu, but unexpectedly the purple thunderbolt hovered around the mountain dwelling instead. It was actually Ming Ye’s tribution thunderbolt to ascend to godhood!

The Three Realms were shocked and everyone looked at the tribulation thunder in amazement.

They were overjoyed that Ming Ye Deity was about to undergo his tribulation. If he succeeded, he would be able to kill the she-devil Sang Jiu.

The door of the mountain dwelling opened and the Immortal Lord, who hadn’t appeared in the world for fifty years, slowly walked out.

With the addition of white robe, his stoic1不苟言笑 (bùgǒu-yánxiào) – reserved/reticent/taciturn/sober/sedate and cold appearance had become even holier.


He walked right up to the Clam Princess.

Two people, one dressed in red and one dressed in white.

Seeing Ming Ye, all the immortal cultivators gained confidence. 

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Ming Ye looked at her and said, “Sang Jiu, you had asked me if I could cleanse your sins and let you walk on the right path. I’ll answer you now, yes.”


Ming Ye suddenly smiled, and for the first time in a hundred and sixty years, he showed such a loving smile.

“By exchanging my divine marrow with your devil bone.”

From now on, you’ll have merits and virtues and I’ll bear all the sins. You’ll be clean and pure. It no longer matters whether you want to be a little fairy, or even become a god.

When the tribulation thunderbolt struck down, the Three Realms went dark, but one place was bright.

They saw Immortal Lord Ming Ye hugging the she-devil tightly, trying to take the opportunity of the tribulation thunderbolt to steal the dragon and change the phoenix2偷龙转凤 (tōu lóng zhuǎn fèng) also known as 偷梁换柱 (tōuliáng-huànzhù) –  steal the beams and change the pillars (idiom); lit. to steal a rafter and replace it with a column/to perpetrate a fraud/cheat/to replace the original with a fake and exchange his divine marrow for her. Once he succeeded, he himself would die under the tribulation thunderbolt.

The divine mark on his forehead dimmed. He held the person in his arms in a death grip, not letting her break free. He softly said, “There’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you. Sang Jiu, this was my first time being a husband. I didn’t know how to love you. All these years, I never did anything for you, let alone give you a bouquet of flowers or a jewel.”

The tears of Clam Princess, who was in his arms, silently flowed down.

“When I started to know, you don’t want anything anymore. I’m so sorry that I didn’t protect you well.” He caressed the cheek of the person in his arms and felt tears in his hand. He paused for a moment and gently said, “Sang Jiu, you’re not a demon, you’re an immortal.”

It’s your husband’s fault that you’ve become a demon and fallen into the path of the devil.

The tribulation thunderbolts struck down one by one.

Clam Princess suppressed her cries so that no one could hear, “But I don’t love you anymore, I haven’t loved you for a long time.”

Ming Ye’s divine mark disappeared completely and he calmly said, “I know.”


“You don’t know,” she softly said.

The Flaming Sun Cauldron in her hand fell and the Clam Princess spat out large mouthfuls of blood. 

Ming Ye tried to catch her, but he found that her body was as soft as a pool of water.

Clam Princess looked at the greatly frightened Ming Ye and softly said, “Ming Ye, you know nothing.”

She looked at the tribulation thunderbolt in the sky. Ming Ye had lost half of his primordial spirit, so it had long been impossible for him to become a god. He forced himself to undergo tribulation only to give her part of his divine marrow. He would give her as much as he had.

But a long time ago, the moment when she’d jumped into the weak water, she no longer had her shell to protect herself, she should’ve died a long time ago.

Perhaps since the beginning, meeting him was a mistake.

She had killed so many people. When the thunderbolt of the heavenly Dao struck down, she should’ve long been smashed to pieces3支离破碎 (zhīlí-pòsuì) – scattered and smashed into pieces (idiom), but she had lasted until now by relying on the green World Toppling Flower. It was just enough for her to come this far.

The body of Clam Princess slowly dissipated.

She didn’t look like she was in pain, but instead, she was softly smiling, her hand reached out into the emptiness, sincerely and happily saying, “Royal Father, you’ve come to pick me up.”

The moment Ming Ye touched her finger, Clam Princess turned into flying ashes and disappeared from the world.

A small and delicate pinkish-white clam shell fell and easily broke into pieces.



Curved Jade gathered on Su Su’s wrist, seeing that Su Su was about to leave the Fleeting Life Wisdom, it reacted and loudly shouted, “Little Master, quick! The Fleeting Life Wisdom is about to end!”

Su Su needed to do something.

This would affect whether the flood dragon under the Mo River in the future would be good or evil.

Finally, no longer under the control of Sang Jiu’s emotions, Su Su took a deep breath and swiftly4眼疾手快 (yǎnjí-shǒukuài) – quick of eye and deft of hand; sharp-eyed and deft-handed yanked a white pearl from the neck of the dissipating Sang Jiu and threw it into the fragments.

Among the fragments, a white pearl rolled out.

Curved Jade looked at the chaotic5天翻地覆 (tiānfān-dìfù) – sky and the earth turning upside down (idiom); fig. complete confusion Fleeting Life Wisdom and hurriedly said, “Let’s get out of here quickly.”

Before leaving, Curved Jade looked back and saw the expression of ‘Ming Ye’, whose face was full of tears, suddenly became distorted.

It was Tantai Jin’s consciousness that had awakened. As soon as his consciousness awakened, Ming Ye’s painful expression suddenly turned into disbelief.

He paused for a while, then coldly said, “Useless trash, to give up supreme power for a woman.”

Perhaps he’d also come to realise that Ming Ye’s decision was related to the flood dragon in the Mo River a thousand years later.

Before the Fleeting Life Wisdom collapsed, Tantai Jin nonchalantly wiped off Ming Ye’s tears and sneered, “What’s wrong with becoming a devil? With supreme power, are you still afraid of not being able to find a woman?”


Curved Jade watched as he mumbled to himself, “……”

This was really too much.

In the next moment, the Fleeting Life Wisdom collapsed. Following Su Su on this journey, Curved Jade vaguely understood what the Fleeting Life Wisdom was all about——

It turns out that it wasn’t them who chose to become the people in the memory, but the people in the memory who chose to be them.

Sang Jiu hoped to be as brave and determined as Su Su, not holding herself back for love, and protecting the people of her clan. She chose Su Su to become herself;

At first, Ming Ye didn’t understand feelings. He noticed that when Tantai Jin entered the Fleeting Life Wisdom, he didn’t have the String of Affection, so he chose to let Tantai Jin become himself. He wanted to see how Tantai Jin, who also didn’t understand feelings, would choose, but in the end, the Tantai family’s little madman only had power in his heart;

Shao Ju’s heart was righteous and gentle. Even though he belonged to the demon clan, he would still choose Xiao Lin, who had an equally strong sense of responsibility, to become himself; 

Sang You had a poisonous mouth but was soft-hearted, so naturally, he was closest to Pang Yi Zhi, who inexplicably came in.

As for Tian Huan……

Curved Jade thought it over, but until now, it still couldn’t understand what Tian Huan really wanted.

She was the only person it couldn’t see through. And what exactly did Ye Bing Shang want when she came in?

Even though it knew that Tian Huan and Ye Bing Shang weren’t the same person, just like Su Su would never be like Sang Jiu, Curved Jade was still secretly wary of Ye Bing Shang.

Outside the Fleeting Life Wisdom, Yu Qing, Martial Uncle Ji, Nian Baiyu and Ye Chufeng all looked up at the light of the two objects fighting each other in the air.

Several people ran out of the Fleeting Life Wisdom one after another.

Curved Jade teased its little lady and said, “Little Master, how was it? How do you feel?”

Su Su thought to herself, in the Fleeting Life Wisdom, the Clam Princess had so many tears that her head hurt from crying. She rubbed her sore eyes. A tragic love really makes one feel sad. Sang Jiu’s feelings of despair seemed to still linger in her heart.

She replied to Curved Jade, “I don’t feel so good. Even if I fall in love with someone in the future, I mustn’t be as humble as Sang Jiu.” 

If the lord has no heart, then I shall stop6A section from a poem which means if someone doesn’t like/love me, then I shall stop too.. She should be Su Su first, and then Su Su who loves another.

Some people deserve to be loved, and some people got what they deserved.

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