Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 34.2 String of Affection

Si Nv’s body rapidly grew in size and soon, a green-scaled python blocked Su Su’s path.

Si Nv squinted her eyes, “Why do you have that b*tch’s smell on you?”

She flicked out her forked tongue, tasting the scent in the air.

Su Su calmly retreated and remembered the drop of heart blood that was flicked into the arch of her eyebrows, “Did you say Pian Ran?”

The snake demon asked, “You know that b*tch?”


Su Su thought to herself, so she’s Pian Ran’s enemy. It’s not surprising, as everyone is stuck in the Abyss of Desolation they’re forced to keep seeing each other1抬头不见低头见 (táitóu bùjiàn dītóu jiàn) – (idiom) (of people in a small town etc) to cross paths regularly; cannot get away from each other. But the snake demon was obviously more powerful than the seven-tailed fox as she couldn’t even withstand a single move in the hands of the snake demon. 

An idea came to Su Su’s mind, “Yes, I know her. I’m enemies with that seven-tailed fox.”

As expected, the snake demon didn’t hurry to kill her off and she looked puzzled, “Seven-tailed fox? Isn’t that b*tch a nine-tailed fox?”

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“A mere mortal vainly trying to fight me.”


The ice coffin in Su Su’s sleeve fell on the ground and turned back into its original size. The blood on her body dripped onto the ice coffin.

As Si Nv was enjoying the thrill of the kill, she didn’t notice that the weak water ice coffin was shaking and even about to melt.

Seeing how serious the situation was, Curved Jade wanted to go all in2破釜沉舟 (pòfǔ-chénzhōu) – (lit.) to break the cauldrons and sink the boats (idiom); (fig.) to cut off one’s means of retreat/to burn one’s boats, but it didn’t expect that the ice coffin would fly out and knock Si Nv backward.

Si Nv screamed as all the weak water melted on her body.

She transformed into a python and rolled on the ground.

Su Su fell from the air and a pale-faced child looked at her blankly.

Su Su endured the pain, and seeing the child’s weak hands and feet, she squatted down in front of him, “Come, sister will help you escape.”

The child was looking at her with wet eyes. He opened his arms and laid on her back.

Su Su suppressed the metallic taste in her throat and stumbled away with the child on her back. The child lay quietly and turned his head to look at the snake demon. He pursed his lips and said, “The demon is catching up again.”

Seeing her struggle to run, the child said, “Put me down and leave by yourself.”

Su Su said, “If you really want to help, be my eyes and tell me where to run.”

The child was stunned, then finally hesitated and said, “There seems to be a temple on the left.”


Su Su was desperate to try anything3死马当活马医 (sǐmǎdànghuómǎyī) – to give medicine to a dead horse (idiom) meaning to keep trying everything in a desperate situation and simply ran to the left. 

Si Nv caught up but her expression changed drastically when she saw the temple. She looked at Su Su and the child with unwillingness, then gritted her teeth and left.

Su Su ran into the temple. The child turned his head back to have a look then said, “The demon didn’t follow.”

Curved Jade said in surprise, “Su Su, look over there.”

Appearing before her was a white-haired man sitting on a rustic praying mat4Buddhist, made of woven cattails with his eyes closed.

There was no demonic Qi on him, soft white light was glowing around him and he exuded an ethereal and holy aura. Sensing the fluctuation of his barrier, the man slowly opened his eyes.

How should one describe his eyes? Lonely and desolate. They seemed to be both cold and compassionate.

A glance could see through ten thousand years and Su Su seemed to see the time that had slowly passed in his eyes. Thinking about how he was clearly a god yet had to guard the Abyss of Desolation alone, staying together with thousands of demons and devils in a place that could never see the light of the sun, she felt a lump in her throat.

Su Su put down the child and kowtowed in a proper manner.

“Senior, junior Li Su Su had no choice but to barge in here and disturb you. Please forgive me.”

The man was looking at her with his silver eyes and didn’t intend to blame her, instead, his eyes were filled with a few hints of relief, “You’re finally here.”

Su Su looked up in surprise and the child behind her was also very confused.


The man didn’t say anything, but in the next moment, the child fainted.

“Come forward.”

Su Su hurriedly went over. Only when she got close did she realise that the man’s body was almost transparent. He lifted his hand and his finger briefly touched the arch of her eyebrows. It was exactly where Su Su’s original body’s cinnabar dot was.

“My5吾 (wú) – I (in ancient times) name is Ji6稷 (jì) – millet/God of grains worshipped by ancient emperors Ze7泽 (zé) – pool/pond; luster (of metal, pearls, etc); damp/moist,” he gently said.

Su Su’s internal injury caused by the snake demon was slowly healing. Her vividly dark eyes were wide open and she unblinkingly looked at Ji Ze.

His silver eyes showed hints of a smile and he softly patted Su Su’s hair.

“Little friend is extremely strong.”

Being praised by the last God in the world, Su Su showed a rare childish side. She was bewildered and showed a shy smile.

Even Curved Jade was amazed, “Su Su, you’re actually shy!”

Ji Ze looked down and said, “Ninth Heaven8highest of the heavens Curved Jade, how rare.”

This time, Curved Jade was embarrassed too. It had been so many years and no one knew what it really was. When Ji Ze called out its name, he felt his face burn.

Ji Ze didn’t reveal Curved Jade’s little thoughts. His tone was soft and gentle as he said to Su Su, “I’ve been guarding the Abyss of Desolation for too long and my divine power is slowly disappearing, cracks have begun to appear in the Abyss of Desolation. Demons and devils are about to run rampant in this world.”


Su Su said, “This junior came here because of this. Father and the elders hoped that Su Su could change everything five hundred years ago, and remove the evil bone to stop the Devil God from awakening, so please show this junior the way.”

Ji Ze said, “It really isn’t that easy to remove the evil bone. Do you not care about the price that you’ll pay?”

Su Su nodded seriously.

Ji Ze’s silver eyes were bright, clear, and clean. He didn’t give words of encouragement or discouragement, but only tolerantly said, “If so, little friend, go and try it.”

He unfolded his palm and there was a golden glowing bead in it.

The bead flew from Ji Ze’s palm into Su Su’s.

Curved Jade carefully identified it, “This is… the Soul Extinguishing Tear. I heard that it can transform into Nine Divine Nails and nail into evil spirits’ bodies,but no one has ever seen it.”

“Only dying gods can produce Soul Extinguishing Tears.”

Su Su looked up and falteringly said, “You……you……”

Ji Ze smiled and said, “I’m about to die.”

His tone was so calm and unhurried that Su Su and Curved Jade didn’t know what to say.

After quite some time, Curved Jade softly asked, “How can the Soul Extinguishing Tear transform into Soul Extinguishing Nails and annihilate the evil bone?” No one had ever done this before, so no one had the experience.

Ji Ze looked at Su Su.

“In this world, the only way to remove the evil bone is to open up the Devil God’s heart and let the tear bead transform into Nine Divine Nails, then nail them into his heart one by one.”

Su Su stuttered and incredulously asked, “O-open up his heart?” It can’t be right? It can’t be what she understood, right!

Ji Ze smiled and said, “Little friend is smart so you surely can understand my meaning. The seal on the Abyss of Desolation will break within three years. Little friend only has three years to nail the Divine Nails into his heart.”

“However……” Ji Ze looked at her and softly said, “Few people in the world know that the Devil God doesn’t have the String of Affection.”

Su Su gripped the Divine Nails in her hands tighter. This time, even Curved Jade was stunned.

Su Su still wanted to say something but Ji Ze had once again closed his eyes. The body of the white-haired god slowly became transparent and disappeared in the air.

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