Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 34.1 String of Affection

After she could no longer see Pian Ran’s silhouette, Su Su stepped into the crack.

Everything suddenly spun and she had no time to respond before she fell from the sky. After who knows how long, Su Su smashed into the ground, stifling a grunt.

She got up from the ground, in so much pain that she didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. That fox demon actually still had one last trick. Perhaps it was due to all their old grudges, she didn’t tell Su Su that she’d fall to deliberately make her suffer when she entered the Abyss of Desolation.

The place she had arrived at was like a graveyard, there was an ash-like substance floating in the air and even a blue moon in the sky. Su Su stared at the moon in wonder and Curved Jade said, “That’s the demon moon, it only exists in the Abyss of Desolation.”

“Why are you awake?” Su Su asked.


“I’m worried because you’re going to find the Tortoise Deity. Try not to touch the ash in the air as it’s formed from impure Qi. You’re currently a mortal, and too much contact with it will shorten your lifespan,” Curved Jade replied.

Only after it finished speaking did it realise that Su Su had the purple World Toppling Flower in her body and these words were said for nothing. This life’s fate was destined, only the way of death was unknown.

Su Su looked up and saw that the entrance of the Abyss of Desolation was a wasteland. Weeds grew everywhere, and a fishy rotting smell emanated from the muddy ground. Snakes, worms, rats, and ants were crawling around, and there were a few bats hidden in the trees, staring at Su Su with scarlet eyes.

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“The last in the bloodline of the gods guarded the Abyss of Desolation alone and endured ten thousand years of loneliness. His sea of consciousness may have turned into a tree or a tuft of grass in the Abyss of Desolation, you need to pay more attention,” Curved Jade said.


“Does the senior even know about demons like the seven-tailed fox escaping the Abyss of Desolation?” Su Su asked.

Curved Jade sighed and said, “Even if he knew, he can’t leave the Abyss of Desolation to catch the escaped demonic creatures since thousands upon thousands2成千上万 (chéngqiān-shàngwàn) – (lit.) by the thousands and tens of thousands (idiom); untold numbers/innumerable of demons and devils are suppressed here.”

As both of them talked, Su Su also looked around. The Abyss of Desolation was like a huge graveyard with its eerie mouth open.

There was no way to distinguish any sort of direction as it was like an endless uncivilized land. Su Su actually saw several skeletons at the places she passed by.

Curved Jade said, “The small demons that were originally thrown and sealed in the Abyss of Desolation might have now turned into great demons, and those who were originally great demons will have definitely lived out their lives here..”

But if demons refused to heed restraint3放浪形骸 (fànglàng-xínghái) – to abandon all restraint (idiom), they might have given birth to little demons or devils in the Abyss of Desolation. Some demons were weak at reproducing while others were strong. Curved Jade didn’t mention those unrestrained demons for fear of corrupting its child, Su Su.

But fortunately, the Devil God didn’t leave an heir behind, otherwise, the world would be in chaos. Perhaps the Devil God isn’t “competent”, Curved Jade insolently thought. The Devil Gods recorded in the historical books were ruthless and fond of killing, but it was never mentioned that they liked to sleep with women. Even Tantai Jin was no exception. It’s just that no one knew whether he had an affair with the rumored gorgeous Right Guardian.

Suddenly Su Su said, “There’s a sound.”

Without needing Curved Jade to instruct her, she immediately found a place to hide.

Beside her were a few skeletons and Su Su pushed them away. She held her breath and hid behind a black rock.

The scattered sound of footsteps approached. Su Su quietly looked over and in front of her, several snakes were surrounding an ice coffin.

A woman with a human body and snake tail circled around the ice coffin and angrily said, “I asked you guys to find the crack and you brought back such a thing! What a bunch of useless trash!”


A little snake hissed and flicked its forked tongue, “Please calm down, Si Nv4nǚ(female). We just saw the crack when this thing dropped down from the sky and knocked us unconscious. When we woke up, the crack had disappeared.”

The snake demon called “Si Nv” was extremely furious and examined the ice coffin, “This is a human. You were even knocked unconscious by a mortal child, and after I finally managed to condense the Boundless Jade, you imbeciles actually smashed it.”

She was so mad, but in the end, she finally managed to calm her anger. She licked her lips and said, “Forget it. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten a human, so I’ll just eat him.”

As she spoke, her hand touched the coffin, trying to lift the cover open.

However, a golden light emerged and Si Nv hissed and retracted her hand, which was burned a bloody red. She looked at the child in disbelief, and this time, some hints of interest appeared in her eyes.

“An ice coffin made of weak water.”

Hearing her words, Curved Jade was very surprised too, “In the Great War between gods and devils, weak water once flowed to the mortal realm, but after so many years, suffice to say, it became rare in this world and gradually disappeared. I wonder who collected the weak water and found a way to make it into an ice coffin.”

“What’s the function of an ice coffin made of weak water?” Su Su asked.

Curved Jade replied, “To guarantee a body’s immortality and to preserve its life. Not to mention, the process of condensing it to an ice coffin is extremely difficult, so the person in the coffin must be very treasured.”

Su Su realised many things all at once5举一反三 (jǔyī-fǎnsān) – draw inference about other cases from one instance/to raise one and infer three/learn by analogy, “So it has almost the same function as the Mingluo Pearl.”

Curved Jade said, “No, it hasn’t. The Mingluo Pearl can only guarantee the immortality of a corpse, but a weak water ice coffin can repair the body, it’s much more useful than the Mingluo Pearl.”

As Su Su and Curved Jade were speaking, on the other side, a brown light had emerged from the snake demon’s hand as she tried to melt the ice coffin.


Curved Jade understood her thoughts and said, “If you want to save that child, it’s better to do it secretly. That snake demon can’t melt the weak water in such a short time. You can take him away when she leaves and the little snakes are guarding it.”

“Okay,” Su Su replied.

As expected from Curved Jade’s words, the snake demon kept trying for a while then finally left.

There were only the little snakes left guarding the ice coffin. It was quite disgusting to see so many snakes so close together. Su Su rubbed the goosebumps on her arms, tore off the hem of her skirt, and bit her finger to draw two talismans6bite fingers to use blood to draw talisman, a blood talisman is more effective especially if you have a special item like Su Su has the World Toppling Flower in her body.

Blood and flesh fused with the World Toppling Flower were more useful than ferocious beast cinnabar.

Su Su muttered a spell, “Go!”

The talisman transformed into a sharp-eyed eagle and charged towards the heap of snakes. Eagles were the original nemesis of snakes. They were flustered for a moment before realising that the “gigantic eagle” didn’t eat them, instead its claws grabbed onto the ice coffin and rapidly escaped.

The eagle flew in front of Su Su and she took another piece of talisman and stuck it onto the ice coffin. She didn’t have time to look at the appearance of the child in the ice coffin as both the ice coffin and the child quickly shrank in size.

Su Su put the ice coffin into her sleeve and ran as fast as she could.

Curved Jade said, “Run faster, those snakes are catching up.”

Su Su didn’t dare to look back and at this moment, she missed her wings.

She ran in the Abyss of Desolation with a mass of snakes following behind.


Fortunately, they were low-level demonic creatures and lacked IQ. Su Su used a few escape tricks and they could no longer keep up.

Su Su was about to sigh in relief when her shoulder was suddenly hit by a palm strike.

She had no time to react and flew backwards, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Si Nv twisted her body and fiercely looked at Su Su.

Curved Jade cried, “It’s over, it’s over. We defeated the youngsters, but here comes the master.”

Su Su wiped the blood off the corner of her mouth, having no time to respond to Curved Jade she got up and planned to run. It was just a palm but Su Su felt like her shoulder was almost broken into pieces. If it wasn’t for the World Toppling Flower, she would have died7一命呜呼 (yīmìng-wūhū) – kick the bucket just now.

Curved Jade was quick-witted in an emergency8急中生智 (jízhōng-shēngzhì) – able to react resourcefully/ hit upon a plan in desperation/suddenly hit on a way out of a predicament, “Su Su, how about we throw the ice coffin at her and run away?”

Su Su said, “Even if I throw it at her, we still can’t escape.” The snake demon wouldn’t let her go.

At this moment, she missed Tantai Jin a little. That pervert was quite skillful in handling demons, but he couldn’t defeat her, he was definitely the best weapon to kill demons.

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