Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 33.2 Escape

She used her flowing sleeves to tightly strangle Tantai Jin. As expected, the blank expression on his face disappeared and became furious.

Su Su tightened her long sleeves. Her movements were steady, accurate, and ruthless, making his pale complexion flush peach-red from being strangled.

The rims of Tantai Jin’s eyes were tinged a magnificent red, but his gaze seemed to contain shards of ice, and his expression could no longer be described as rage. Su Su felt that if she let him go, he would undoubtedly take out the sword beside him and hack her to pieces.

Su Su smiled at him and said aloud, “You ingrate, who asked you to use me!”

Tantai Jin looked sinister. He didn’t say a word and tightly grabbed her wrist as he couldn’t really let her strangle him to death.


This was an unforeseen event that no one had expected. Yang Ji hurriedly said, “Demon girl, let His Highness go.”

Su Su led Tantai Jin to stand up with her. She knew that her hostage was a lunatic with nothing to lose, so she simply tightened her flowing sleeves, deliberately not letting him speak. 

“You’re the demon, not me. Where did you guys lock up the seven-tailed fox? If you don’t tell me, I’ll kill him,” Su Su said to Yang Ji.

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The fox demon seemed to know what she was thinking and said, “I won’t escape. Now, I just wanted to die. You can take me away and kill me.” She couldn’t even beg for death in Tantai Jin’s hands.


“Alright,” Su Su said.

She seized Tantai Jin and asked people to open the cage.

Yang Ji almost didn’t dare to look at His Highness’s expression, it was too scary. However, Tantai Jin was in Su Su’s hands, so they could only do as she said.

The fox demon was covered in blood and walked to Su Su’s side.

Su Su asked her, “Can you cover your demonic Qi?”

“Yes,” the fox demon replied.

Su Su nodded, “Grab onto me.”

The fox demon grabbed onto the hem of Su Su’s skirt. She didn’t know what Tantai Jin had fed her but she couldn’t even transform now.

Su Su released Tantai Jin and pushed him towards Yang Ji.

In an instant, the young man turned around and firmly grasped at her clothing.

Su Su looked up and saw the red corners of his eyes and his gaze full of his hatred for her. His throat was injured from her strangulation and he couldn’t even utter a word.

Su Su’s eyes curved upwards and she moved her lips, “Goodbye.” Little pervert, who wants to play with you.


The teleportation talisman was activated. Su Su picked up the fox demon and disappeared into the white light. Tantai Jin was tightly pulling at her sleeve, ripping off a piece of light muslin, but could only see her disappear in front of him with smiling brows.

He was thrown out of the array. Seeing his scary expression, the surrounding maidservants had long fallen to their knees.

Yang Ji ashamedly walked over and awkwardly laughed, “Hehe, it’s fine as long as Your Highness is alright.”

Tantai Jin ruthlessly gave him a kick.

Stupid! They actually let her go! How could they have let her go!

He pulled out a sword and actually brandished it at Yang Ji on the spot.

Yang Ji had never seen him look this crazy before. He knelt down and shouted, “Your Highness, please spare my life! Your Highness, please spare my life!”

A Night Shadow Guard in black cupped his fist and knelt in front of Tantai Jin.

Tantai Jin calmed his breathing and sobered up, throwing away his sword.

He pulled out a kind and apologetic smile and helped Yang Ji up.

Both of Yang Ji’s legs were shaking, and looking at Tantai Jin’s harmless and apologetically smiling face, for the first time, he felt that his previous thought of the Yiyue Tribe being able to escape unscathed was extremely naive.

Tantai Jin looked at the direction where Su Su had disappeared and his fingers brushed along the mark on his neck where he had been strangled.


In this lifetime, don’t let me meet her again, otherwise!


Time continued to pass. Not long after, the land in the Central Plain welcomed spring. 

However, many icebergs were still standing in the extreme north. A girl in purple tightly wrapped her cloak around her, carrying a fox in her arms and looking down from the air.

The snow swan spread its wings and flew down. It shook its feathers and let Su Su and the fox demon dismount.

Su Su stroked its head, “Thank you.”

The snow swan nuzzled her hand, shrunk its body, and flew up in the air.

Su Su watched it fly far away. She didn’t expect that that day, after escaping, she would meet this snow swan. She recognised it. It was one of the fools who was attracted by the divine weapon and peach tree demon.

Before this, she had let it go and fed it talisman water. When the snow swan met her again, it sent her all the way here. 

Pian Ran in her arms sharply said, “You’re quite the people person.”

Su Su ignored her, “Where’s the entrance of the Abyss of Desolation?”

“There’s no entrance, but ten years ago, a gap appeared in the seal.”


Demons and devils that were sealed like her all ran out through this gap.

Pian Ran said, “I’ll tell you how to enter through the gap and you can just kill me after that.”

Su Su looked at her, feeling complicated, “You……”

Pian Ran’s eyes were filled with self-ridicule, “Jiang Rao is dead, so what’s the point of sucking human essences. When Qingqiu2In Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms c-drama (三生三世十里桃花), it’s like a nation where the fox clan lives. was still here, my grandmother3姥姥 (lǎolao) – maternal grandma said that anyone who takes the path of demonic cultivation and absorbs essences will die under the thunderbolt tribulation sooner or later.”

“You clearly knew that it was a path of no return, but you still went down it. Did you know that even if Jiang Rao became a drought demon, you still couldn’t be together with him?” 

Pian Ran didn’t say anything.

Of course she knew, but loving someone, whether they could be together for eternity or only for a moment, she had no remorse.

Su Su remembered Ye Chufeng, “My Second Brother is still waiting for you.”

Pian Ran said, “He killed Jiang Rao, I hate him.” She lowered her head and Su Su was unable to see the expression on the fox’s face.

Su Su didn’t know if Pian Ran had ever loved her Second Brother and didn’t know what kind of feeling Ye Chufeng would have if he found out that Pian Ran had died.

Pian Ran looked towards the snow-capped mountain, “Little girl, do you know how to summon karmic fire?”

Su Su hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

Pian Ran said, “After you enter the Abyss of Desolation, send me a karmic fire. If you see Ye Chufeng again, tell him for me that I had never loved him and he had never loved me. Everything that happened was just because he was tricked by my bewitching technique.”

Su Su was stunned.

Pian Ran was lying. Even if it was a nine-tailed fox, they could only bewitch one’s mind, but they were unable to make humans feel “love”.

Love and lust were two different things and magical power wasn’t omnipotent. Second Brother loved Pian Ran, he was extremely foolish and stupid, but he was irrespectively truly in love with Pian Ran.

Su Su seemed to understand something and touched Pian Ran’s head, “Okay.”

Pian Ran was crying and laughing as she said, “Karmic fire will burn through everything, I can be purified4the karmic fire will burn the evil she has done and go to find Jiang Rao. Lean your ear closer……”

Following the method that Pian Ran described, at the foot of the iceberg, a black crack appeared in the air and slowly opened up.

Su Su was filled with mixed emotions as she finally found the Abyss of Desolation.

Before she entered the Abyss of Desolation, she looked back at the fox in the snow. 

Pian Ran was walking in the opposite direction from Su Su. There was a very small cluster of karmic fire burning there. However, a cluster was enough, enough to make Pian Ran’s soul scatter away. Karmic fire was burning her body and she kept walking forward, not turning back.

On the ice, the fox’s tears fell, drop by drop.

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