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Chapter 32.1 Fulfill His Wish

“Second Brother, do you know what you’re doing?” Su Su anxiously asked.

With Xia and Zhou now at war, Ye Chufeng, the son of a general, was actually kneeling and begging to the enemy. Not only did he lose his prestige as a scholar, but he even disregarded Ye Family!

Ye Chufeng didn’t stand up and his tears dampened his lapel1front piece of a Chinese jacket. He knew the consequences of this better than Su Su, and he knew that the fox demon behind him had harmed many people. He once thought that he would just break off this ill-fated relationship. But when the fox demon’s tails were cut off one by one, and he saw that she was about to be tortured to death by Tantai Jin, he couldn’t help but stumble out.

Ye Chufeng, in ragged clothes, had traveled thousands of miles to pursue a demon. He didn’t dare to look at his sister who was in the cage, he was more sober yet more desperate than anyone else. The fox demon behind him cried mournfully and her blood stained his lapel. He used to like and cherish her so much that now even her cries pained him. His tears flowed down and he kowtowed once again, “I beg Your Highness to spare her life.”

“Second Young Master Ye is a smart man. If you want something, you have to give something. Whether she can live or not depends on what you can give,” Tantai Jin said. 


“I’ve nothing else but this humble life. I’m willing to go through fire and water2赴汤蹈火 (fùtāng-dǎohuǒ) – to go through water and tread on fire (idiom); not afraid of any difficulty and risk my life3万死不辞 (wànsǐbùcí) – ten thousand deaths will not prevent me (idiom); ready to risk life and limb to help out for Your Highness.” Ye Chufeng said.

Ye Chufeng avoided Su Su’s shocked gaze and closed his eyes, “I only beg Your Highness for one thing, don’t let…… this subordinate deal with Ye Family.”

“You have no right to deal with the Ye Family,” Tantai Jin said.

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Ye Chufeng shook his head.


“In that case,” Tantai Jin said, “Your first task is to kill the corpse demon.”

Tantai Jin threw the sword at Ye Chufeng’s feet and he looked up in disbelief, “Your Highness!”

The fox demon struggled in his arms and Ye Chufeng’s face turned pale. If he killed that zombie Jiang Rao in front of Pian Ran today, she would hate him to death.

Tantai Jin didn’t speak and looked at Ye Chufeng with a faint smile. His eyes were so cold that no one would think he was joking. 

Ye Chufeng looked down and stiffly picked up the sword.

The originally quiet Pian Ran shrieked and bit down on Ye Chufeng’s arm. 

Ye Chufeng remained unmoved, lifted his hand, and slashed the sword down at Jiang Rao. Without the Mingluo Pearl, Jiang Rao was just an ordinary corpse that couldn’t move. His head rolled down without even a drop of blood. 

Tears of hatred flowed down the fox demon’s eyes and she bit a piece of flesh out of Ye Chufeng’s arm.

Ye Chufeng hugged her tightly, his eyes empty and barren. 

Tears flooded Su Su’s eyes. She didn’t know whether to hate or pity Ye Chufeng. He abandoned everything and used his body to feed the demon, but she deeply hated him. He had the worst life out of the four young masters in the Ye Residence.

Originally, Su Su had hoped that once Ye Chufeng left the fox demon, he would be able to win top marks in the imperial examinations and would no longer be scorned by the people of the residence. But the moment he knelt down to Tantai Jin, his life was doomed.

Tantai Jin seemed as if he couldn’t feel their pain at all. He played with the Mingluo Pearl and said, “I don’t want trash around me. Go to Cangzhou4Prefecture-level city in Hebei and prove your ability. Someone will tell you what I need you to do. If you do well, this evil creature will live well. If you’re useless, before the spring comes, I still need a fox fur coat.”


A Night Shadow Guard took away the dying fox demon from Ye Chufeng’s arms.

Ye Chufeng was covered in blood, and it was impossible to tell whether it was the fox demon’s or his own. He smiled sadly and looked at the fox demon. 

The fox demon didn’t look at him and stubbornly stared at Jiang Rao’s head as big gulps of blood flowed out of her mouth. 

Ye Chufeng retracted his gaze and said, “This subordinate accepts the order.”

Before leaving, he deeply bowed to Tantai Jin, “Third Sister is young and insensible, she has offended Master many times in the past, I hope Master can forgive and let her go.”

Tantai Jin vaguely said, “Naturally.”

Ye Chufeng walked to the cage and said to Su Su, “Little Sister, Ye Chufeng is disloyal, unfilial, and unrighteous. After this, there will be no more Ye Chufeng in this world.”

He untied the jade on his waist and placed it in Su Su’s palm. Every descendant of Ye Family had this jade pendant that represented the identity of a man from the Ye Family.

Su Su bit her lip and threw the jade at him. She felt sad and complicated, “Get lost, my Second Brother is dead!”

The jade shattered on the ground. Ye Chufeng’s eyes were red and he didn’t look back.

Su Su looked at Ye Chufeng’s back. With the departure of Ye Chufeng, from now on, she supposed he would be an enemy against Great Xia and Ye Residence behind the scenes. He was extremely talented, so in the future, he would be a sharp blade pointing towards the Ye Family. 

Once he left, Su Su covered her chest and coughed with her head down. A metallic taste filled her mouth. She was injured from fighting the seven-tailed fox and Jiang Rao.


A Night Shadow Guard held the fox demon by her neck and asked Tantai Jin for instructions, “Your Highness, how should I handle this demon?”

Tantai Jin looked at Su Su and indifferently replied to the Night Shadow Guard, “Find a place to lock it up. As long as it’s not dead, it’s fine. If Ye Chufeng is useless, directly kill and skin it to make soup.”

The fox demon was taken away.

Tantai Jin touched the Xuan iron cage, squatted down, and looked at Su Su. The girl was curled up in the cage and fiercely glared at him.

His expression was cold while he locked eyes with her.

“You disappeared these last few days just to contact your subordinates?” Su Su asked.

“Yes,” Tantai Jin replied.

“You discovered the seven-tailed fox long ago?”


“You also knew that Ye Chufeng came along?”

“That’s right.”

“You purposely lied for me to save you?” Su Su asked.


Tantai Jin didn’t reply anymore.

No, only this was out of his expectations. Only Jing Lan An knew the final destination after the lock charm’s teleportation array was activated. Even the Night Shadow Guards spent a few days to find him. 

He didn’t say anything but reached out his hand and touched the bloodstain at the corner of Su Su’s mouth.

Su Su was stunned and hurriedly took a few steps back, “What do you want to do?”

Unfortunately, the cage was still behind her and she was completely trapped in the Xuan iron with nowhere to escape. Just then, a Night Shadow Guard brought a key, “Your Highness, this was found on the body of the corpse demon. It’s probably the key to unlock the Xuan iron cage.” 

Tantai Jin took it. The key to the cage was also made of Xuan iron. It was obvious that the fox demon had spent a lot of thought for the sake of Jiang Rao’s safety. 

He tried putting the key into the keyhole as Su Su stared at the lock without blinking.

With a click, the cage was opened, but in the next moment, he twisted it back the opposite way and locked the cage again.

Tantai Jin even twisted it a few more times as if he wanted to lock it even tighter. He looked at the defenseless girl in the cage with a strange gaze in his eyes. 

“Take her away,” he got up and ordered the Night Shadow Guard.

Su Su was expressionless. Luckily, she didn’t have any expectations. Now, she didn’t even have to hesitate and directly cursed him in her heart.

She secretly tried her escape talisman but realised there was no response. Great effort had gone into preparing this cage to trap Daoists priests, and now she had no way to escape from it.

Unless Tantai Jin opens the cage.

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