Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 31.2 In the Cage

Su Su finally saw the scene inside. On the stone throne, a gray-faced man sat motionlessly on it and a beautiful woman in yellow was curled up in his arms. 

Su Su had long recognised her the moment she made a sound.

Enemies inevitably cross paths1冤家路窄 (yuānjiā-lùzhǎi) – Enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road.. It was actually that seven-tailed fox, Pian Niang.

Pian Niang’s face was rosy. She stepped out of the man’s arms and walked up to Su Su, “I’ve waited for this day for too long. It’s worth my efforts to leave a drop of blood from my heart in your body.”

“I originally thought that that strange person would fuse with the World Toppling Flower, but I didn’t expect it to be you,” Pian Niang muttered, “What was the colour of the last existing piece of the World Toppling Flower?”


Su Su couldn’t help but reply, “Purple.”

Pian Niang was somewhat disappointed, “Too bad it’s not green, but it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s a divine weapon, it can help him wake up. He has been sleeping for too long and I can’t wait anymore.”

Su Su secretly looked at the man on the stone throne. He was wearing a suit of armor and had the faint potential to turn into a zombie.

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The fox demon crawled on the ground and angrily raised her eyes, “You were just pretending to be controlled!”


Su Su took out the yellow talisman in her sleeve and her wooden look disappeared. She looked at her with a smile, “Is stupid written on my face?”

The fox demon said, “You actually didn’t save Chen Yanyan when I killed her!”

Su Su asked with confusion, “What are you thinking?”

Cultivating Dao is to cultivate the heart and have a clear conscience, not to cultivate stupidity. Chen Yanyan wanted her to die, so she naturally wouldn’t save her. 

Originally, people’s pursuit of power was to follow their hearts and live willfully. Otherwise, why would they cultivate so hard regardless of cold or hot weather? Was it to make oneself unhappy?

The fox demon was so angry that she almost spat out a mouthful of blood. She flew upwards, curling her hands into claws, wanting to take Su Su’s life. 

Before this, Su Su was afraid of her. Now that she had a divine weapon in her body, although it wasn’t a good one, it could still help her a lot. She inwardly thought, this time, I’ve prepared a teleportation talisman. If the worst comes to worst, I can just run! 

Su Su’s sneak attack had succeeded, the fox demon had injured her vital Qi and hated her so much that she gritted her teeth, trying her best to kill Su Su.

Su Su relied on her little peach wood sword and divine blood to barely hold her own against the fox demon.

The fox demon was forced back by her but suddenly revealed an enchanting smile.

The motionless man on the stone throne raised his silver eyes. He clumsily picked up the sword beside him and slashed it towards Su Su.

Su Su knew that things were bad when she saw his silver eyes. The fox demon had transferred so much essence into the man that his cultivation level was very high, even higher than the fox demon’s.


A downward slash from the zombie created a deep crack on the ground.

This is a sign of turning into a drought demon!

Su Su barely managed to dodge. For thousands of years, zombies had long been invulnerable. Blows landed on his body from Su Su’s divine blood-coated sword only caused him to release a little green smoke.

The fox demon angrily shouted, “Jiang Rao, kill her!”

A silver light flashed across the zombie’s eyes. Su Su hurriedly retreated. Unexpectedly, a Xuan iron4玄铁 (xuán tiě) – black/mysterious iron; a type of material recorded in Jin Yong (an author)’s novel which is deep black in colour with a faint red light glow, extremely heavy, has a high melting point and is magnetic. After sharpening the sword, it cuts iron like mud. It’s extremely rare and the material is special. (Source: Baidu) cage fell from the sky and firmly trapped Su Su in it.

The fox demon burst into laughter, “Did you think that I was unprepared? Now I’ll let you try what I specially prepared for those d*mn Daoist priests.”

A demonic array was activated on the ground which was bound to turn the caged Su Su into a pool of pus and blood.

The fox demon murderously strode over, her sharp claws practically forming the cold edge of a blade as they lashed in the air.

Suddenly a sleeve arrow pierced the fox demon’s palm with a twang. She let out a miserable shriek as she was pinned on the stone throne.

Su Su turned around and saw Tantai Jin holding a sleeve arrow with a cold expression.

Tantai Jin looked at her through the cage and suddenly curled his lips, “Serves you right.5也有今天 (yěyǒujīntiān) – to get one’s just deserts(coll.)/to get one’s share of (good or bad things)/every dog has its day

Su Su grabbed onto the cage and looked up at him.


Being plotted in succession, the fox demon gasped in pain. She wanted to pull out the arrow but it was smeared with Tantai Jin’s blood, her cry eventually turned into a fox’s howl and her seven tails spread out behind her back.

Behind Tantai Jin, dozens of Night Shadow Guards stepped out and surrounded the fox demon.

One of them held up a pearl and knelt in front of Tantai Jin.

Tantai Jin picked up the pearl and smiled, “It’s the Mingluo Pearl.”

The fox demon’s face paled, she hadn’t even been that anxious when she was injured earlier, but now she suddenly panicked, “No!” 

She didn’t care about her hand anymore and pulled out the sharp arrow, flying towards Tantai Jin.

“You’re overestimating yourself,” Tantai Jin said.

Demon binding threads neatly flew out from the Night Shadow Guards’ sleeves. This time the demon binding threads were much more powerful than Yu Qing’s fake goods from before, and they tightly bound the fox demon.

The fox demon was forced to transform into her original form. She didn’t even hesitate to activate her inner core and forcefully broke free from the demon binding threads, trying to bring the zombie, Jiang Rao, away. 

Su Su looked over and saw that after the core of the formation in the tomb lost the suppression of the Mingluo Pearl, Jiang Rao, who was previously invulnerable, now closed his silver eyes. She had heard before that the Mingluo Pearl was a very valuable treasure that could ensure the immortality of a person’s corpse. Losing it, Jiang Rao, who hadn’t yet turned into incorruptible bones, would surely slowly decay.

Tantai Jin watched the good show with great interest. His thin lips slightly opened, “Kill that zombie.” 

The Night Shadow Guards accepted the order and stepped forward.


The fox demon let out a cry of sorrow, wanting to protect Jiang Rao without concern for herself. Three of her tails were cut off but she still stood in front of him, but Tantai Jin came prepared, so how could he let her escape.

The fox demon’s claws were cut off. Blood flowed out from the corner of her lips, but she still wasn’t willing to let go. She was actually fighting to the death to protect the unconscious Jiang Rao. 

Su Su stared blankly at the fox demon.

Tantai Jin softly sighed and Su Su felt a chill run down her spine. She couldn’t help but say, “That’s enough. Is it interesting for you to kill her so sadistically?”

Tantai Jin lowered his gaze and coldly glanced at her.

“You can obviously give them a quick death,” Su Su said.

“A quick death?” He asked in a low voice, “Why would I give them a quick death?”

He walked over and lifted Su Su’s chin, “You’re also a prisoner now. There’ll surely be time for you to beg me later. Now, obediently shut up.”

Su Su slapped his hand away.

Tantai Jin retracted his hand, looked at the reddened back of it and coldly said, “Cut off the rest of the fox’s tails as well.”

The Night Shadow Guard was about to do it when a person frantically ran in, blocking the fox demon behind them.

“Your…… Your Highness,” The person who came in turned pale and said, “Please let her live.” 

“Second Brother!” Su Su incredulously opened her mouth.

The person who came looked haggard and travel-worn6风尘仆仆 (fēngchén-púpú) – lit. covered in dust (idiom); have endured the hardships of a long journey; be travel-stained; be travel-worn and weary. His face that was originally as gentle as jade was filled with exhaustion and sadness. Who else would be blocking in front of the bloody fox demon if it wasn’t Ye Chufeng?

Ye Chufeng wept as he lifted the hem of his robe and kowtowed to Tantai Jin.

“I beg you.”

[1] Note:

There are a few categories of zombies: 

  1. White zombies (白僵)

– The corpse is white in colour. White zombies’ movements are sluggish. They’re afraid of sunlight, fire, water, chickens, dogs and sometimes, even ordinary people can easily chase them away.

  1. Green zombies (绿僵)

– Their whole body, even their body hair, is green in colour. Their jumping speed is fast. Only afraid of sunlight and not afraid of humans or livestocks.

  1. Hairy zombies (毛僵)

– Hair will grow on the corpse. Their body can be said to be arms-proof/impervious to sword or spear(idiom). The higher the level of cultivation, the sturdier their body will be. Able to easily jump onto roofs or trees. They jump as if they are flying. Generally, they aren’t afraid of fire and sunlight.

  1. Flying zombies (飞僵)

– As the name implies, they are a type of zombie that’s capable of flying. Generally, they have cultivated for over a millennium. This kind of zombie is normally good at magical spells, and can be counted as quite a powerful zombie.

  1. Wandering corpses (游尸)

– Zombies that have gone through “Heavenly Thunderbolts,” rely on the resentment of heaven and earth to appear. They won’t grow old, are undying, indestructible, and are excluded from the six great divisions in the wheel of karma. Able to enter and leave the yin and yang two worlds freely, omnipotent, able to go to great lengths, will turn into flying yaksha (malevolent spirit) in later stages, can be said to be the strongest zombie.

  1. Immobilised corpses (伏尸)

– Immortal millenium corpses, but these kinds of corpses are unable to move. They are completely intact corpses with incorruptible bones. After absorbing the essences of the sun and moon, they will gradually transform into wandering corpses.

  1. Incorruptible bones (不化骨)

– After death, certain parts of a person’s body are unable to transform due to spiritual perfusion and these parts are called incorruptible bones. They can cause trouble as long as they get the essences of the sun and moon.

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