Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 31.1 In the Cage

Xiao Ling’s words made Su Su stay vigilant.

But for the next few days, Su Su rarely saw Chen Yanyan. Occasionally, when she did see her, Chen Yanyan was carrying a basket, going up the mountain to dig some medicinal herbs, and everything seemed normal.

The villagers had lingering fears regarding the tree demon incident. They hoped that Su Su would stay for two more days. She agreed to their request and planned to say farewell after a couple days.

Su Su would go to the town in the morning to check if there were any little demons that she’d missed, and she really did find a few demonic creatures that didn’t have their own consciousness yet. They were ignorant and had been attracted by the peach tree. She examined them one by one and realised that they had no karma on them, which meant that they hadn’t harmed anyone.

So she prepared talisman water1talisman paper burnt to ashes then mixed with water to be consumed to ward off evil/illness etc and fed it to them.


The demons gulped down the talisman water and a lump of impure Qi came out of their bodies.

Su Su brought them to the mountain forest and instructed, “Cultivate well, and you’re not allowed to harm humans. All beings are equal and one day, demons may also become righteous Gods.”

The little demons nodded in confusion and ran off far away.

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But the Right Guardian wasn’t there. Su Su hadn’t seen her before but had heard that the Right Guardian of the Devil God was an enchanting woman in red. She had a profound cultivation, her methods were ruthless, but she was extremely loyal to Tantai Jin. 


Su Su was glad that they weren’t at Tantai Jin’s side now, otherwise, she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to complete her mission.

There were only little demons left in the town and none of them were great demons that were suppressed in the Abyss of Desolation, so Su Su was unable to get news about the Abyss of Desolation from them. 

The sky turned dark, Su Su turned back to take a look at the almost dissipating demonic Qi in the town then went back to the village.


Xiao Ling was sitting in the courtyard washing vegetables. When she looked up, she saw Chen Yanyan who was carrying a basket.

Xiao Ling stared at Chen Yanyan’s cloth shoes, which were heavily stained with mud. When she passed by the courtyard of Xiao Ling’s house, she looked inside and was met with Xiao Ling’s inquiring gaze. Chen Yanyan unnaturally looked away and left. 

In the past, Xiao Ling would happily call out to Sister Yanyan, but now, she felt as if she had a fish bone stuck in her throat4如鲠在喉 (rúgěngzàihóu) – very upset and needing to express one’s displeasure/difficult to speak.

Xiao Ling looked at Chen Yanyan’s walking posture and discovered that her waist had somehow become slimmer. Chen Yanyan, who was still an oblivious village girl not long ago, now had a graceful bearing when she walked. Her waist was slightly swaying and her steps were light and graceful.

Xiao Ling stared at Chen Yanyan’s face, not knowing whether it was her own illusion, she felt that Chen Yanyan’s skin had become more delicate. The previous traces of weathering seemed to have instantly faded away. 

Chen Yanyan isn’t the same anymore, Xiao Ling thought.

The girl was sitting in front of her house, waiting for Su Su to come back. She knew that Sister Ye would go to the town during the day to look for demons and would only return in the evening. 

At the sight of Su Su’s figure, Xiao Ling vigorously waved her hand, “Sister Ye.”


Su Su smiled and said, “I’m back.”

Xiao Ling also revealed a smile.

“Where’s Tantai Jin?”

Xiao Ling shook her head, “He went out early in the morning and still hasn’t returned.”

Su Su searched around and couldn’t find him, so there was nothing else she could do. The demons in the town had been cleared and she planned to bid farewell to the village chief tomorrow. Hearing that she was leaving, Xiao Ling was very reluctant.

Tantai Jin didn’t return for the whole night. At dawn, her room’s door was pushed open and there was the sound of soft footsteps.

Su Su’s peach wood sword was under her pillow. She moved her fingers but didn’t open her eyes.

The person who came in seemed to be watching her. After a while, that person reached out their hand towards Su Su. Su Su abruptly caught that hand. She opened her eyes, turned around and asked, “What are you doing?”

The person who came in was Chen Yanyan. Even though her hand was caught by Su Su, she still didn’t panic. She said, “I saw that Lady Ye’s quilt wasn’t covering properly, so I wanted to help tuck it in properly.”

Having listened to what Xiao Ling had said before, Su Su’s heart was extremely vigilant towards Chen Yanyan, “Why did you come to Xiao Ling’s house?”

Chen Yanyan replied, “Xiao Ling said that you’re leaving. The village chief asked me to invite you for a meal and the villagers wanted to thank you.”

Her reply was watertight and her expression showed a few hints of pain, “Lady Ye, you’re hurting me.”


Su Su loosened her hand, “I got it. I’ll go see the village chief.”

After Chen Yanyan went out, Su Su got dressed and found that Chen Yanyan was still in the courtyard.

“I’ll go to the village chief’s house with you,” Chen Yanyan said.

Su Su nodded. She carried her little wooden sword and followed behind Chen Yanyan, secretly observed her, and realised that Chen Yanyan had changed a lot. But Su Su couldn’t tell where exactly she had changed. 

On second thought, it seemed to be her temperament.

The person was still the same, but seemed to be completely different. Chen Yanyan had become much prettier.

The two walked one after the other. When they reached the fork in the road to the village, a venomous snake suddenly sprang out of a bush towards Su Su and bit her.

Su Su quickly reacted and stabbed her wooden sword into the little snake’s body. Chen Yanyan screamed and knocked into Su Su, who found herself suddenly unable to move. Her cheek hurt as if she’d been cut by a branch.

She covered her face and pushed Chen Yanyan away.

Chen Yanyan smiled and looked at Su Su with a strange expression.

Su Su wanted to speak, but surprisingly she couldn’t open her mouth. Her eyes lost their luster and she gradually turned wooden.

Chen Yanyan said, “Follow me.”


Su Su followed behind her.

Only this time, both of them didn’t head towards the village chief’s house as Chen Yanyan took Su Su up the mountain.

After walking through the winding path, Chen Yanyan came to a stone wall. She reached out her hand, touching the stone wall, and miraculously, her whole body instantly passed through it and disappeared.

Su Su followed behind her, lowered her head, and passed through the stone wall.

Inside the stone wall was a narrow passageway. It was clearly early morning, but there was no light inside. But Chen Yanyan didn’t even need a torch and she walked forward normally.

Finally, when a magnificent door appeared in front of her, Su Su understood what this place was.

It turned out to be an underground tomb. Complicated patterns were carved on the stone door. Chen Yanyan dripped blood on the pattern and took Su Su inside.

Su Su’s heart palpitated, but her face still looked as if she was being controlled.

She guessed that there would be the great demon she was searching for here. If not for the fact that she couldn’t make any unnecessary movements, Su Su wanted to touch her embroidered pouch to reassure herself.

Inside the burial chamber, there was a mahogany coffin, only it was empty with nothing inside. Behind the beaded jade curtain, there was a stone throne and a blurry figure behind it, unable to be clearly seen. 

“I brought her here,” Chen Yanyan joyfully said to the person behind the curtain, “Does your promise to me still stand?”

“Of course.” The person behind the curtain laughed and her voice was charming and euphonious, “I’ll make you become even prettier than her. Can’t you see that recently, your waist has become slimmer and your face has become lovelier?” 

Chen Yanyan nodded. After hesitating for a long time, she asked, “But will he really like me?”

The woman covered her lips and giggled, “What’s so difficult? Once she dies, I’ll put her face on yours and you can be together with who your heart desires.”

Chen Yanyan said, “But…… she saved us villagers.”

The woman acted as if she’d heard some sort of joke, “Aren’t you the one who summoned me here? You’re jealous of her, she’s prettier than you and is capable of protecting herself. The village man that you liked in the past looked down on you and took a liking to that girl named Xiao You. When Xiao You was forced to marry Young Master Wang, how happy were you? It’s just that you didn’t dare to let people know, so you suppressed your secret delight and shed a couple drops of tears for her.

“But you didn’t expect that Young Master Wang’s next bride would be you. You were extremely scared. Fortunately, you were saved and the person who saved you is like a relegated immortal, but he didn’t like you either.

“He’s even more outstanding than that village man and you’d never seen such a person in your life. In your heart, you wish to tear Lady Ye apart, crush her under your feet, and replace her with yourself,” the woman giggled, “Do you really not want her face? Then you can just go back with her.”

Chen Yanyan’s face darkened as what she said hit the nail on the head. This time, she didn’t say anything else, “Please help me.”

The woman had expected this, “Now, come forward.”

Chen Yanyan entered the curtain.

The woman said, “Relax your body. No matter what I do to you, you can’t resist. I’m doing this to help you.”

Chen Yanyan looked at the woman and a bewitched smile appeared on her face.

The woman raised her hand and covered Chen Yanyan’s face. Not long after, Chen Yanyan collapsed.

The woman looked at Chen Yanyan who had become a dried-up corpse on the ground and giggled, “Mortals are so stupid. You actually believe whatever I say. How repulsive.”

With a wave of her hand, the beaded curtain automatically opened to both sides.

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