Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 30.1 Seize

The luminous pearl illuminated the corners around them. Once the World Toppling Flower was awakened, it couldn’t be destroyed or reversed. It could only forcefully change its owner before the ceremony was completed. Su Su’s soul was of an immortal body, so the divine weapon was naturally closer to her.

Now that the World Toppling Flower had recognised her as its owner, Su Su closed her eyes and brought out the small portion of its power from Tantai Jin’s body.

Purple light entered Su Su’s body from Tantai Jin’s. There were numerous forms in the world and the purple World Toppling Flower was the most miserable, resentful, and sad.

The Adam’s apple of Tantai Jin, who was unconscious, rolled.

He had indeed let the tree demon swallow him on purpose. It was so stupid that it wouldn’t think clearly once provoked. Tantai Jin had followed the clues1顺藤摸瓜 (shùnténg-mōguā) – follow the vine to get the melon—track down somebody (or something) by following clues and snatched its World Toppling Flower, holding it in his hand.


Tantai Jin didn’t know what it was, but the World Toppling Flower started to shake violently as soon as it touched his blood. When he wanted to throw it away it was too late. His head hurt and he lost consciousness.

In the boundless darkness and fear, he vaguely returned to the court of Great Xia when he was still a child.

He leaned back and sat behind the rockery, watching the enemy country’s Empress wipe the sweat off the little prince. The woman had a gentle expression and there was a light in her eyes that he hadn’t seen before.

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But if his mother had lived, he would have died. He chose to be born, and he had killed his mother when he was still ignorant.


Tantai Jin looked at Xiao Lin, his hands couldn’t help but gripped tighter on the grass. He often heard the people in the palace talk about——

The Sixth Highness was so amazing, he could recite poetry at seven and even the twelve-year-old Fourth Highness couldn’t beat him;

The Sixth Highness was so gentle, kind, and magnanimous that once when a palace maid bumped into him, he comforted her instead;

The Emperor loved the Sixth Highness the most and even personally taught him writing. In the future, the Sixth Highness would most likely inherit the throne. He would be a brilliant ruler, marry the most beautiful wife in the world, and be loved and respected by everyone……

Sixth Highness, Xiao Lin? He has the best mother, the most honorable identity, is gifted in martial arts, has superb literary talent and the best future.

Tantai Jin leaned against the rockery and his pitch-black eyes had no luster. Some time after the Empress and Xiao Lin left, a woman in plain cotton clothing came looking for him. Seeing Tantai Jin behind the rockery, Liu shi vaguely said, “Did you see that? Your Highness, originally, you should have lived like this. He’s the Sixth Prince of Great Xia and you’re the Sixth Prince of Zhou Kingdom, but he’s the cloud in the sky and you’re the mud on the ground.

“Originally, all this should have been yours.” 

Tantai Jin doubtfully asked, “It should be mine?”

“That’s right!” Liu shi excitedly said, “So one day, you must return to the Zhou Kingdom and take back everything that belongs to you. Power, strength, and beauty. Everything that belongs to Xiao Lin belongs to you, including his country’s land. When you rule the world, all of them will be nothing but ants4蝼蚁 (lóuyǐ) – mole crickets and ants (lit.); tiny individuals with no power (fig.) under your feet.”

Tantai Jin was silent for a long time and finally revealed a smile, “It will all be mine.”

However, fourteen years later, Xiao Lin was Xiao Lin and he was still himself. Anyone in the cold palace could humiliate Tantai Jin. A nobody who couldn’t be shown in the light and could be trampled to death if Xiao Lin wanted to.

Unfortunately, as a kind and upright person, Xiao Lin not only didn’t trample him to death, but often helped him.


Tantai Jin thought, if their identities were switched, would he help Xiao Lin? No, he wouldn’t. He clearly knew that there was a faint voice saying, you would torture him to death and kill him with pleasure.

The world was grotesque and multicoloured. He felt a little breathless. The cold palace was hot in summer and cold in winter. He lacked clothing and food. Liu shi’s bitter voice was constantly reminding him, snatch and seize. You can’t be so useless. It’s yours, everything is yours!

The power of the purple World Toppling Flower spread throughout his body.

Brutality grew in his heart and Tantai Jin’s fingers gradually tightened. 

However, at that moment, someone pried his lips open and he felt a softness on them.

His fingers moved and the uncontrollably growing brutality stagnated, causing a hint of confusion.

He didn’t know what had happened but all his sensations were gathered on his lips. He forgot Liu shi, Xiao Lin, and the Empress, and forgot to chase power and wealth.

At that moment, only one feeling was clear.

Tantai Jin’s Adam’s apple rolled slightly. He was still unconscious but he wanted to catch this feeling. It was very warm and had a freshly sweet taste, like back when he was sitting alone in the palace, watching a delicate and unbending flower blooming little by little under a heavy rain that fell upon the earth.

He had stared fixedly, wanting to go over and crush it, but in the end, he stayed in the palace and didn’t move at all.

That was probably the only rare taste of fear he’d ever had, thirsty but also dreadful. He wanted to catch it, but in the end, he didn’t even dare to go near it.

The sensation on his lips became even warmer, so much so that it had overpowered the faint fear, and almost relying on instinct, he enthusiastically responded, hoping that she would give him more. 


However, before he could thoroughly pick it, a slender finger pressed against his forehead. Tantai Jin let out a groan and lost consciousness. 

Su Su had immediately poked him unconscious. She touched her own lips that were slightly swollen, and was a little angry. As expected, an evil creature is an evil creature. She was absorbing the power of the World Topping Flower, but what was he doing?

She pried open Tantai Jin’s fingers that were tugging at the corner of her clothes and sat cross-legged beside him.

Tantai Jin needed an eye to live, and now that the divine weapon had entered her body, her eye could remain clear and not rot. It would keep him from going insane and seizing the eyes of mortals and demons.

Curved Jade was unwilling to wake up. Perhaps it was afraid that it would cry. It had watched Su Su grow up and protected her for a hundred years of peace, so it couldn’t bear to see her suffer.

Su Su, on the other hand, was very calm.

The so-called Great Dao couldn’t be generous at the expense of others. Whose eyes weren’t eyes. Since she wanted to save someone, she would do it herself.

She removed the blood-soaked cloth that covered Tantai Jin’s eye.

Su Su whispered, “Today, I’ll save you, but in the future, when I return from the Abyss of Desolation, I’ll still kill you.”

The young man’s eyes were closed and he didn’t say anything5无声无息 (wúshēng-wúxī) – wordless and uncommunicative (idiom); silent/obscure/taciturn/not providing any news.

Her slender fingers softly brushed over his eye socket. Su Su covered her own left eye, wanting to cry from the pain.

This lonely path, in the cold and desolated human world in the first month of the year, she must continue to walk on no matter what.


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