Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 3.1 Look After

Su Su lightly ground her molars as she recalled his future devil palace, and him holding her with a reckoning gaze.

The young man in front of her looked timid and humble, but Su Su didn’t believe that the devil king would have this kind of demeanour in his youth. It was probably an act.

Countless memorial tablets flashed across her mind, as did the cruel “Thousand Immortals Tomb”, which outraged people to remember.

Su Su got out of bed and took out a box. Inside the box was a bloodied whip.

As he looked at the whip, Tantai Jin slowly clenched his fingers in his sleeves.


Su Su raised her eyes to look at him.

To be honest, it was pretty twisted. Marrying Tantai Jin was one of the most infuriating things that the original owner had ever experienced, and this had caused her to whip him every night to vent her anger.

It had become a routine. If the original owner did not whip him for a night, she would feel uncomfortable. 

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Su Su’s hand, which was holding the whip, came to a halt. He looks unable to hang on any longer?


After all, mortal bodies were delicate.

Su Su inhaled deeply and chanted the heart purifying mantra several times in her heart. She looked at her delicate fingers. Her mission was not to kill the young devil king. Furthermore, even if she intended to kill him, she would end it quickly instead of humiliating him.

Since she was little, her father had taught her to not use one’s strength to bully the weak. The world was not benevolent, and all living things were viewed as insignificant. An immortal cultivator mustn’t take the initiative to create karma.

Su Su resisted the urge to take revenge for her fellow sect disciples. Instead, she put away the whip and said, “I’m exhausted today. I feel annoyed just looking at your face. If I find out that you have any relationship with Ye Bing Shang, next time I won’t let you go that easily.”

She threw the whip to Tantai Jin, and turned her body away, back facing him.

Su Su closed her eyes and chanted the heart purifying mantra a few more times. Only after stabilising her Dao heart did she realise her heart felt slightly uneasy. This was the sign of turbulence manifesting in her Dao heart. She would not avoid her own mistakes. It was her fault for following the original owner’s habit to humiliate him tonight.

She won’t do it again.

Tantai Jin caught the whip. However, his complexion was already weak, and after receiving two lashes, it became even paler.

He raised his gaze and looked at the back of the girl. He was prepared to be beaten half to death by Ye Xi Wu, but he received less than ten whips today.

A thin layer of sweat appeared on Tantai Jin’s forehead. With great difficulty, he managed to take out his bedding and place it neatly under the bed.

He removed something from his neck that was causing his wounds to ache. It was the safety amulet that had long faded.

The candlelight reflected in his eyes slightly dissipated their coldness.


Tantai Jin tucked the safety amulet away properly and turned his body over. The wind was howling outside in the winter night. The shadows of the trees that resembled monsters with teeth and claws were reflected on the window.

Tantai Jin suddenly remembered that the maid, Yin Qiao, had a slew of knife wounds on her body just two days before. Her body had already stiffened by then, and she looked like she was in a lot of pain. He didn’t know if she had regretted letting Ye Xi Wu escape.

Tantai Jin’s eyes were dark and silent. 

The maid’s body was not completely cold yet. Her blood had turned the snow a deep shade of red. She writhed the entire way and collapsed at his feet, where she unwillingly died.

He had raised his foot indifferently and crossed over her.


It was the middle of the night, and Susu couldn’t sleep.

The evil thing was sleeping under her bed, so no matter how big-hearted she was, she wasn’t able to close her eyes and quickly  fall asleep.

The mortal realm had entered the frigid winter season. Cold air suddenly blew the window open and flooded into the room. The room’s charcoal fire had gone out.

The maids didn’t stay in the room to service the original owner anymore after she had married. Of course, Su Su wouldn’t wake the maids in the middle of the night just to close the window. She endured it for a while before realising that this mortal body really couldn’t withstand the cold. In the end, she lifted her quilt and went to close the window.

After closing it, when she passed by the young man she realised that something was wrong.

He was breathing heavily, and his whole body was shaking unconsciously.


Su Su took a glass lamp and squatted beside him.

The young man’s face that was initially pale had now turned red. He wasn’t awake, but he was clenching his teeth subconsciously.

It seemed like something had happened.

Su Su was shocked. He mustn’t die yet as she still hadn’t removed his evil bone . If he died, her mission would immediately fail. Once she was removed from this timeline, the whole cultivation realm would be doomed.

Su Su hesitated for a moment and reached out her hand to touch his forehead.

It felt hot. She retracted her hand. She was afraid that if a mortal was in this kind of situation, he would be burned to death, right?

Su Su didn’t expect that the evil thing 500 years ago would be so weak.

You can be injured or disabled, but please don’t die. Otherwise, your evil bone will be awakened.

Su Su hurriedly took the teacups from the table and walked out of the room. She collected a few cups of piled up snow and came back.

Su Su let out a breath. It really was cold.

She didn’t dare delay and found a skirt to tear into cloth. She used it to wrap the snow and put it on the young man’s forehead. He was still covered with the thin autumn quilt, and his body was shivering with cold.

Su Su took the quilt off her bed and covered his body with it.


She sat cross-legged beside him with a worried face.

I wanted to kill him, but I couldn’t kill him. Now, I even need to save him. Ha hah… I-I ran outside in the m-middle of the n-night. Even my t-teeth are c-chattering, s-s-so c-cold……

Su Su put on a big cloak and finally felt better.

She still needed to watch over Tantai Jin and change the snow on his forehead to reduce his fever.

Su Su leaned in front of her bed, feeling useless. What is this? If I knew this would happen earlier, I wouldn’t have whipped him.


Tantai Jin felt that he was on the verge of dying.

His body felt hot and cold, and it hurt everywhere. His eyes were closed, and his whole body seemed to be enveloped with endless darkness and icy cold.

Like any human, he didn’t want to die. Otherwise, everything that he had gone through for all these years would be for naught.

He knew that he mustn’t fall asleep and he had to save himself. He tried to open his eyes, but his eyelids felt as if they weighed a thousand catties.

He battled with the pain for a long time, and just when he was about to give up, delicate fingers gently covered his forehead. The cold touch made his eyelashes quiver.

But it was just a fleeting moment.

Fortunately, that person soon returned. His forehead felt cold once again, and his body started to warm up shortly after.

On a winter night, he could faintly detect the scent of a warm young girl in the room.
How could I have such a ridiculous illusion, he coldly thought.

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