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Chapter 29.2 Divine Weapon: World Toppling Flower

The next time a branch lashed over, Tantai Jin fiercely extended his hand and grasped the branch. His palm was covered in blood from his eye socket, and he coldly laughed as he stabbed the branch directly into his arm.

The peach tree frantically trembled as it touched his blood, trying to retract its branch back.

However, Tantai Jin tenaciously held onto it. The peach tree began to wilt little by little, unable to move. Seeing him unwilling to let go, it decided to simply suck his blood.

How much blood can a mortal have?

Tantai Jin laughed, “Come.”


He furiously stared at the peach tree. Not only did he not retreat, but he approached step by step, not allowing it to retract its branches and leaned towards its roots.

Su Su, who was setting up the formation, saw the peach blossoms dancing wildly in the sky. Her heart trembled and beat faster.

What is Tantai Jin doing?

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The peach tree heartily laughed, unconcerned, “Now, I’m not afraid of fire.”


Sure enough, just when the heavy fire started to light up, a black fog slowly extinguished it.

Su Su was furious, “Tantai Jin, are you working for the demon!”

Now that this demonic creature had sucked his blood, it wasn’t even afraid of fire anymore.

She still didn’t dare to call upon a thunderbolt for fear that it would strike Tantai Jin inside the peach tree. After the peach tree’s wisdom increased, the frenzied branches’ movements had become organised. Su Su couldn’t avoid them and her legs were bound by its roots.

She struggled for a little but found that she couldn’t break free.

The peach tree originally wanted to kill her, but before this demon had taken a form, it committed evil with the help of Young Master Wang. Knowing the beauty of a woman’s body and their fundamental yin, it had also become a pervert.

Su Su was more beautiful than any of the other women Young Master Wang had caught. The peach tree hesitated, and unexpectedly couldn’t bear to kill her.

The peach tree tied her up in the air and pleasantly said, “When I have a body, I’ll lie together with you.”

Both of Su Su’s hands were bound. Anger filled her heart. Why do all demons have the same revolting behaviour, unbearably licentious?

Speaking of which, Tantai Jin could be said to be the primogenitor of demons and devils. She supposed that he would have the same kinds of desires as these pieces of trash.

The peach tree didn’t have time to deal with Su Su as it was more eager to absorb Tantai Jin’s power.

Su Su saw that the blooming peach blossoms were becoming increasingly refined, and was afraid that Tantai Jin wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer, so in a flash, she steeled her heart, prepared to employ the Thunderbolt Guiding Incantation. 


Curved Jade suddenly said, “Eh?”

This time, it wasn’t awakened by anyone and hurriedly said, “Little Master, don’t be in such a hurry. There’s something in the peach tree.”

“Something? What is it?” Su Su asked.

Curved Jade emitted a soft bright light and said, “There’s a broken divine weapon inside.”

Su Su was momentarily surprised, but she somewhat understood. Back then, in order to suppress the demons and devils, the gods had broken the divine weapons into pieces and scattered them everywhere. Later, the immortal cultivation realm could only find one of them, the Past Mirror. Since they were scattered, it wasn’t impossible for them to fall into the Abyss of Desolation.

The peach tree got the opportunity to bring along a divine weapon when it escaped the Abyss of Desolation, and when it reached the town, it started to rampantly do evil, which was why in such a short period, it grew so formidable that even Tantai Jin’s blood was useless.

Su Su said, “Tantai Jin is in the tree trunk. Could it be that he sensed the divine weapon inside, so he deliberately went in?”

“It’s extremely possible,” Curved Jade replied.

Su Su remembered the nightmare incident from last time, “He’s really doing everything for power.”

Curved Jade said, “But the divine weapon isn’t suitable for him to use.”

Su Su nodded. She was unable to say or tell whether a power-seeking lunatic like him should be praised for being awesome or pitied for being miserable. He ignorantly pursued, thinking that he was useless and wanting to be powerful.

No one told him what he was, how he should cultivate, and where he should go.


Perhaps every Devil God that had caused turmoil in the three realms had originally staggered along like this, at a loss but still obsessed, and later becoming a fearful existence.

As they spoke, the peach tree indeed realized that something was wrong.

It wasn’t able to “digest” the weak human inside its body. It panicked and tried to throw Tantai Jin out, but it was too late. The blooming peach blossoms began to wither.

The peach tree trembled and it was in such unbearable pain that it could no longer hold onto Su Su.

Curved Jade said, “Tantai Jin got the divine weapon! The peach tree lost its source of power. Little Master, that divine weapon is the World Toppling Flower.”

Su Su remembered that ancient books had recorded that the World Toppling Flower could control destiny. It had three petals in total with three different colours.

Dark green was life, which was pure goodness; Red was power, which was the supreme path; Purple controlled death, which was misery and evil.

Not only could the World Toppling Flower control the fate of the gods, it could also save and kill them.

Curved Jade worriedly said, “The green petal has been long used up. We need to go in. No matter which flower petal is left by the broken World Toppling Flower, Tantai Jin can’t use it.”

Red would instantly awaken his power and purple would make matters extremely dreadful, impossible to unravel1扑朔迷离 (pūshuò-mílí) – bewildering/confusing. If the young Devil God was destined to die…… which body would it affect? Would it be the salvation of the three realms, or a new purgatory?

After hearing what it said, Su Su no longer hesitated.

Taking advantage of the peach tree opening a tree hole to try and throw Tantai Jin out, she flew in.


It was pitch black inside. Su Su took out a small luminous pearl for illumination and the entire tree hole suddenly had light.

Su Su fumbled forward and in the tree trunk, there was the sound of dripping water.

At the end, a red-clad and ink-haired young man was leaning against the tree trunk with his eyes closed.

In his palm, he was holding a purple flower petal. It was emitting light in the tree trunk. Under such light, Tantai Jin’s face carried a bit of evil and ruthless aura.

Curved Jade was devastated and said, “It’s the petal that controls death…… Also, it has been stained with Tantai Jin’s blood and has begun to recognise its master.”

Su Su tightly pursed her lips as she also knew the seriousness of this matter.

She crouched down in front of him, put down the luminous pearl and said in distress, “Obviously, you want to live more than anyone, but you don’t even fear death for the sake of power.”

If she didn’t stop it, when Tantai Jin fused with the purple World Toppling Flower, perhaps he would become a murderous madman without sanity with evil magnified in his heart.

She pried open his hand and picked up the piece of destiny flower that represented death and evil.

“Little Master!” Curved Jade shouted.

Su Su smiled and comforted it, “I’ve already read my own facial features2Telling fortune by reading facial features. If you have forgotten, in the earlier chapter, Su Su read Ye Xi Wu’s facial figure when she just transmigrated into her body.. Since death is certain, the World Toppling Flower only makes the way ahead clearer.”

Curved Jade somewhat wanted to cry, “You want to use the World Toppling Flower by yourself, but in this lifetime, as a mortal, your fate will be very miserable, or you will die without an intact corpse……”

Su Su said, “I’ve promised that I will save him.”

It was bad to lie, even if it was to a bad person. If he really used the purple World Toppling Flower, he was bound to be consigned to eternal damnation. At least she could try to control the World Toppling Flower and keep herself from doing evil.

The purple flower petal spun on Su Su’s palm. As if it had sensed a purer soul, it rapidly spun and entered her body.

There was still a small portion of the World Toppling Flower’s power which had already entered Tantai Jin’s body so Su Su had to retrieve it.

Curved Jade knew what Su Su wanted to do and its light slowly faded as it fell into silence.

Su Su cupped Tantai Jin’s face, lowered her head, and her water chestnut lips stamped on the young man’s cold mouth.

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