Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 21.2 Beloved

Su Su hurriedly said, “That won’t do.” Ye Chufeng will be coming back tomorrow. If the fox demon makes her move first, her Second Brother will be gone.

Xiao Lin said to Yu Qing, “I also agree in going today. For each day the fox demon is here, the common people will be at risk.”

Yu Qing crossed his legs, “What’s in it for me this time?”

Xiao Lin threw him an entirely black dagger. Yu Qing’s eyes lit up and he put it away, though his expression still looked as bad as before. He snorted and said, “Let’s go, lead the way.”

“Third Lady, just showing us the way is sufficient. Don’t be afraid and return to the residence.” Xiao Lin explained that a demon exorcism needed skill more than manpower. Otherwise, even if many people went, if they weren’t knowledgeable, they wouldn’t be of any help.


Su Su knew that her “Eldest Senior Brother” was being kind, responsible and strongly protective. However, from what she saw, Yu Qing, the demon slayer in front of her, had some skills but was not experienced against the enemy. They would easily suffer losses if they went over like this.

She insisted on following. “Either I don’t tell you guys the place and you find it on your own, or you bring me along.”

Xiao Lin frowned.

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At the same time, the black pupils of the young man in front of the window were watching them leave.


The man in black behind him hesitantly asked, “Your Highness?”

Tantai Jin said, “I got it.”

“Then when are you going to leave to return to the Zhou Kingdom? Madam is waiting for you at the ferry crossing. There’s no time to lose, this subordinate suggests you leave tonight,” the man in black sounded agitated, “I’m afraid if it’s too late, you won’t be able to make it, and you’ll be in danger if you stay here. ”

Tantai Jin stared at the backs of Su Su and the others and mockingly muttered, “They’re overestimating themselves.”

The man in black didn’t understand, “Your Highness, is there still something you can’t let go?”

“There’s nothing,” Tantai Jin coldly replied, “We’ll leave tonight.”

The man in black was extremely happy, “This subordinate has been secretly enduring1卧薪尝胆 (wòxīn-chángdǎn) – sleep on brushwood and taste gall—undergo self-imposed hardships to strengthen one’s resolve (to wipe out a national humiliation or to fulfill some ambition) for fourteen years has finally finished waiting for Your Highness.”

Tantai Jin curled up his lips too. The sun was blazing in the sky, and it was rare to have such good weather in winter. Unfortunately, the people of Xia Empire were only going to have a few more good days left to live.

Would the blood of the God of War, Ye Xiao, be hotter than that of ordinary people? How would it feel to splash on one’s face?

He pressed his fingers on his forehead and let out a low laugh.

His face was full of disdain yet self-loathing.



Su Su felt that it was indeed convenient to bring a demon slayer along. If it had just been her alone, she wouldn’t have been able to find the fox demon.

Currently, the three of them were squatting outside the bamboo forest while holding their breath.

A wave of fragrance came from a delicate bamboo house. Su Su whispered a warning, “It’s the bewitching fragrance, don’t breathe in too much.”

If you inhale too much of the fox demon’s bewitching fragrance, it will bewitch your mind.

Yu Qing poured out three pills from a bottle and distributed them to everyone. Su Su ate it and found that she couldn’t smell that strong bewitching fragrance anymore.

Yu Qing took out the red thread from a storage jade out of thin air. He handed one end to Xiao Lin, and Xiao Lin nodded his understanding.

Yu Qing walked lightly and began to set up the red threads around the bamboo house. Su Su was a little surprised to see Yu Qing setting up an array, and it was actually a quite powerful Soul Trapping Array.

The so-called Soul Trapping Array consisted of twelve earth arrays. It was square in shape and clouds were at all four corners. It was difficult for enemies to defend against when you used it against them. Its form was undefined and its functions were boundless. However, it couldn’t be independently used, and had to be used in conjunction with the sun2From the Genealogy of the Zhuge Clan.

Yu Qing calculated it step by step and set it up with extreme precision.

Su Su didn’t expect that five hundred years ago, Yu Qing, who did not belong to an immortal sect, would know this array.

Unfortunately, there were not enough of them, with only three people in total they were unable to form four corners.

Yu Qing circled back around and asked Su Su to hold another strand of thread.


He stepped into the formation, his hands drew techniques, and several small silver swords appeared behind him.


The little swords rapidly flew towards the bamboo house.

The next moment, the bamboo house exploded and the unsuspecting woman in yellow rolled out of it.

She was n*ked. Aware of the danger, she squinted her eyes and looked at the crowd. Beside her, there were several naked men, their eyes looked lifeless and their faces were flushed. Another two were already dead.

A person there still couldn’t give up and touched the fox demon. He leaned over and kissed her, “Beauty, beauty……”

The fox demon kicked him away and said to Yu Qing, “Why? Does the young man want to have intimacy with this servant3奴家 (nújiā) – self-reference of young women, usually in early vernacular too?”

She didn’t wear any clothes and Xiao Lin frowned and turned away.

In comparison, Yu Qing was staring at her without blinking. He clicked his tongue and said, “As expected of a fox demon……” She’s got a good figure.

The fox demon had an enchanting voice, but she looked exceptionally pure.

She stomped her feet, daintily leaned into Yu Qing’s arms and complained, “You hurt me just now.”

Yu Qing’s lips curled up, “Then, I’ll have to properly apologise to the beauty……”


He opened his arms to catch the fox demon. The moment he raised his fingers, Su Su and Xiao Lin immediately understood what he meant to do and gathered the net at the same time.

The red thread lit up and rapidly coalesced into a net, heading towards the fox demon.

The Soul Trapping Array started to take effect and immobilised her as the red thread tightly bound her within it. The fox demon’s smile disappeared and she coldly said, “Don’t refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit4敬酒不吃吃罚酒 (jìngjiǔ bù chī chī fájiǔ) – to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit/to hesitate to do something until forced to do even more!”

Sh*t,” Su Su thought, and shouted at Yu Qing, “Get out of the way.”

Yu Qing quickly reacted and threw himself to the ground. 

But only then they saw, appearing out of nowhere, seven yellow tails behind the fox demon. Without them realizing, every inch of the red thread had been broken.

Su Su pulled up Yu Qing, “Isn’t this red thread of yours a Demon Binding Thread?”

Yu Qing was almost whipped by the fox demon’s tail and spat out a mouthful of mud. “Where can I get the Demon Binding Thread? That’s something only a Taoist priest from the Immortal Mountain would have.”

Su Su choked, “……” When she saw the seven-tailed fox demon, she also despaired. How can we fight it?

The fox demon looked at Su Su and said, “So there’s a little girl too. You all dare to plot against me, now I’m angry.”

Her tails soared up and she charged towards them. Su Su retreated backward with Yu Qing and dodged the fox demon’s attack.

She pulled out her peach wood sword.

The talismans in her sleeve charged towards the fox demon. Three yellow talismans emitted a dazzling light. The fox demon sneered and said, “This one is quite skilled……” But unfortunately, it’s not an immortal body, so what can you do to me?

The Thunderbolt Talisman struck towards the fox demon.

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