Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 21.1 Beloved

Su Su asked, “Isn’t it pretty?”

When she was a child, this little spell was used by the sect leader to coax her when she was longing for the outside world. With it, she could easily see the beauty of growing living things instead of naughtily sneaking out of the sect. Originally, there was no need to use a talisman as a medium, but Su Su had no spiritual power now, so she had to rely on external objects to assist her in everything.

Tantai Jin did not utter a word.

He frowned and coldly looked at her. He didn’t want to learn to draw talismans anymore and stood up, walking out. When his back had disappeared in the snow, Su Su whispered, “Inexplicable.”

It’s fine if he doesn’t want to learn. Now that he’s gone I can draw offensive talismans.


After drawing more than ten talismans, only two or three of them were successful. Su Su was putting the talismans away when Chun Tao returned. The little girl’s eyes shone brightly. “Miss, this maidservant has given the letter to the Eldest Miss.”

Su Su nodded. Now she could only wait for His Highness King Xuan’s reply.


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Ye Bing Shang lowered her lashes, “No matter what, this letter must be passed to Wangye, otherwise, it will be my fault. Xiao Hui, send the Third Lady’s letter to Wangye.”


Xiao Hui took the letter reluctantly. She was about to say something, but suddenly her eyes lit up.

Yes, this is something from the Third Lady. As long as I pass it to Wangye’s men and mention that it was sent by the Third Lady, this letter will simply be disposed of like before. It’s impossible for Wangye to see it. When good fortune came, the mind would work well2福至心灵 (fú zhì xīn líng) – an idiom. Xiao Hui no longer disturbed the Side Imperial Concubine and bowed, “This maidservant will go now.”

After she walked far away, Ye Bing Shang gently propped up her chin as she looked out at the snowy scenery outside, her eyelashes casting a shadow.


From then until now, Su Su did not receive any news from Xiao Lin. 

And tomorrow would be the day when Ye Chufeng and the Old Madam return. If Su Su wanted to do something, she’d better hurry before Ye Chufeng came back to the residence. 

Su Su asked someone to quickly make her a peach wood sword, then cut her finger and added a few immortal spells to it.

Although she didn’t have any spiritual power, it was still better than nothing. The fox demon should have been seriously injured when it escaped from the Abyss of Desolation, which was why it was relying on absorbing human life essence to treat its injuries, so it wasn’t like she didn’t stand a chance.

Su Su knew that this would be risky, so she specifically drew a teleportation talisman. In case she couldn’t beat the fox demon, she could escape.

After she was done with the preparations, Su Su asked Chun Tao, “Where’s Tantai Jin?”

Chun Tao replied, “This maidservant hasn’t seen him.”

Xi Xi thought for a while and said, “His Highness Hostage Prince seems to have gone out this morning, and hasn’t returned yet.”


Su Su was very surprised, “Do you know where he went?”

She had been engrossed in making weapons these past few days and hadn’t paid any attention to Tantai Jin’s movements.

“This maidservant isn’t sure about this either. Why doesn’t Miss ask the butler?” said Xi Xi.

“Forget it, I have something to do, so I’ll go out first. If Tantai Jin comes back, ask the guards to watch him and don’t let him leave again.” It was bad enough that Tantai Jin had swallowed the devil core, it would be a headache if Tantai Jin intended to obtain the demon core too.

Su Su went out alone. 

She had chosen to leave at noon. Although it was winter, the sun was still shining brightly. This time of day could somewhat restrain demonic creatures. Because she was fully equipped, she had changed into simple clothes. She was carrying the peach wood sword on her back along with a bunch of talisman papers stuffed in her sleeve.

Some were useful, but some were extremely weak3鸡肋 (jīlèi) – chicken ribs/ something of little value or interest/something of dubious worth that one is reluctant to give up/to be physically weak

She also had a silver bell magic weapon that she bought from a Taoist priest, jingling as it hung on her waist.

Xiao Lin was sitting in his carriage, and when he passed by her, he almost couldn’t recognise her. The young girl’s hair was tied up high, and many weird things were hanging from her body. Her face was tilting towards the sun, exceptionally full of vitality, and giving out an inner brilliance.

In the past when Xiao Lin saw her, the Third Miss was like a gorgeous butterfly that tried hard for attention, but the current Third Miss had changed quite a lot.

She was no longer obsessed with looks and clothing, but this made her all the more attractive instead. 

Although she was strangely dressed, her lively eyes and beautiful face attracted many noblemen on the street to stop and look at her. However, she didn’t notice the attention as she seemed to be deep in thought.


Xiao Lin thought of the incident in the royal court today. I’m afraid that Tantai Jin…… Xiao Lin lightly sighed in his heart.

“Third Lady,” he called out.

Su Su turned back and saw Xiao Lin in the carriage. She didn’t expect to meet him before dealing with the fox demon. Her heart suddenly lit up with hope and delight, “Wangye.”

Xiao Lin said, “Third Lady, why are you here?”

He went straight to the point. Su Su promptly told him about the fox demon in a whisper. Initially, Xiao Lin wanted to tell her about the hostage prince…… But now that he heard about the fox demon, his expression turned more and more grave.

“Why didn’t the Third Lady tell me about this earlier?” Xiao Lin’s tone was slightly reproachful. A young lady went to subdue a demon without permission, didn’t she know that it’s dangerous? 

Su Su was stunned. She had clearly asked Chun Tao to send the letter to King Xuan’s residence, but surprisingly, King Xuan was totally unaware of it. 

A surprising guess crossed her heart, but in the end, she didn’t say anything. After all, it was justifiable that Ye Bing Shang didn’t want her to have any interaction with Xiao Lin.

Su Su said, “It’s my fault, Wangye. Now that you’re aware of it, do you know any demon slayers?”

Xiao Lin said, “Wait a moment.”

He summoned an attendant and whispered a few words. The attendant then nodded and left.

Then, Xiao Lin brought Su Su to a teahouse. Not long after, a man in white rushed over. “D*mn you Xiao Lin, what do you take me for, you keep annoying me with matters every few days! Let me tell you, I’m one of King Zhao’s people! King Zhao’s people!”


Su Su looked at Yu Qing in surprise.

Yu Qing looked polite and gentle, so she didn’t expect that he would speak in such an irritable manner. Previously, she had seen him around King Zhao and she didn’t expect this person to have dealings with King Xuan in private. 

Yu Qing was half a beat slower to notice Su Su and his expression stiffened.

Xiao Lin poured him a cup of tea. As if he totally didn’t just hear his scoldings, he gently said, “Junior Brother, please have a seat. Let the Third Lady tell you about the situation.”

Su Su dutifully repeated the story about the fox demon again. 

Yu Qing raised a brow, “Fox demon? Those fox demons that absorb human life essences in books?”

Although it could be said that he’d learned demon exorcism, before now, all the demonic creatures in the mortal world were sealed below in the Abyss of Desolation, so Yu Qing had no practical experience4等于学了个空气 – ‘Equivalent to learning air’ meaning to have learned nothing..

Previously, invading the nightmare devil’s dreamland was the first time Yu Qing had fought with a real demon.

Xiao Lin asked, “Can you handle it?”

“Can or can’t, I’ll have to try to find out. Let me go back and prepare for a few days……”

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