Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 2.2 Punished To Kneel


Ye Lan Yin walked out of the Old Madam’s room.

Her maid, Qiao’er, hurriedly greeted her. “Second Miss, why did you come out so early today?” 

“The third sister came.”

 “The Old Madam is too biased,” Qiao’er bitterly expressed her understanding. 


Qiao’er continued speaking after seeing Ye Lan Yin didn’t stop her. “In front of the Sixth Prince, the Third Miss pushed Eldest Miss into the water, and the Old Madam even suppressed the matter. Initially, I thought the Third Miss would be the Sixth Prince’s main imperial concubine. I never expected the Sixth Prince to choose the Eldest Miss as his side imperial concubine.” 

The eyes of Ye Lan Yin twitched. That’s right. No one could have predicted that the Sixth Prince would propose marriage to Ye Bing Shang, the Ye Family’s eldest illegitimate daughter.

Ye Bing Shang was just a concubine’s daughter, after all. So she couldn’t be the prince’s main imperial concubine. She could only be a side imperial concubine.

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Grandmother will eventually die one day. At that time, what can a hostage prince, who doesn’t even have a palace, give Ye Xi Wu? So, in the end, Ye Xi Wu still needs to face the fate of being ill-treated by others in this lifetime.


“I heard the hostage prince has knelt for two days already. Looking at his complexion, this maid is afraid he almost can’t persist anymore. Second Miss, should we give him a cloak?” Qiao’er said.

Ye Lan Yin would normally give alms to the servants, so she had an excellent reputation in the residence.

Her reputation of being gentle and kind was much better than the Third Miss, Ye Xi Wu.

Ye Lan Yin was a little inclined. She looked at Tantai Jin.

His hostage-prince identity was too inferior to be shown to the public, but his face was quite good-looking. It was even more beautiful and delicate than hers, a woman’s.

Ye Lan Yin nodded, allowing Qiao’er to proceed.

She stood on the pavilion and nodded gently at the hostage prince.

Tantai Jin saw the Second Miss of the residence.

Qiao’er held a snowy white cloak and carefully stepped on the ice, walking towards him.

This was the scene that Su Su saw after returning from accompanying her grandmother.

Her second sister was being particularly attentive towards the young devil king. She strode over.

“Second sister, what are you doing?”


Ye Lan Yin was taken aback. She hadn’t expected Su Su to appear so quickly, so she was caught off guard.

“Don’t get me wrong, third sister,” she hurriedly said. “I simply thought that the weather is extremely cold, and it’s even snowing. The hostage prince is kneeling in this snowy weather. It’ll be bad if his life is in danger, so I asked Qiao’er to give him a cloak.”

“Can you still hold on?” Su Su asked Tantai Jin, who was on the surface of the ice. “Do you want the cloak that the second sister is giving you?” Su Su, as the vanguard of the right path, despised this villain who would wreak havoc in the three realms in the future.

Tantai Jin glanced at Su Su and replied to Ye Lan Yin. “Thank you, Second Miss, for your kindness. I’m not cold.”

This was a clear rejection. Inwardly, Ye Lan Yin felt a little awkward.

“In that case, I don’t want to disturb the third sister and hostage prince anymore.” By then, she couldn’t stay any longer and brought Qiao’er away.

Su Su tightly tucked her soft cloak around herself.

She lowered her gaze to the devil king, who was kneeling next to her legs. Killing him might be a common wish of everyone in the cultivation realm, from thousand-year-olds to small children. This had been Su Su’s greatest wish since she was a child. He appeared to be very vulnerable right now. In his youth, the devil king was as weak as a baby. ‘I am very easy to kill,’ was written all over his body. 

The righteous young lady was all set to take action.

Su Su suppressed this thought with great difficulty. A person who cultivates the right path has a spiritual root, similar to natural devil beings who have an evil bone. The elders said that if the devil king’s evil bone is not removed, even if you kill him, he can still be reborn by absorbing the world’s resentment.

In other words, killing him would make him even more robust. She must find a way to remove his evil bone first.

Tantai Jin vaguely felt a murderous aura. The young lady had already averted her eyes when he looked up. 


From his perspective, he could only see half of her face and her exposed snowy white ear. Her lips were pursed slightly, as if she was unhappy with something. They were pinkish in colour, small, and adorable. Her outward appearance was irrelevant compared to her ruthlessness.

Tantai Jin was so cold he couldn’t feel anything. Finally, his body crumbled on the ice. The noble young lady took a breath and paused. She walked past him without looking at him. He sank to the ground and curled up. Tender pink peach blossoms vibrantly bloomed in his sight on the young girl’s pinkish-white embroidered shoes.


General Ye did not return to the residence that night. The Old Madam was getting old and lacking energy, so she asked everyone to have dinner in their own courtyard.

After Su Su bathed, Chun Tao got her ready for bed. Chun Tao loosened her hair and saw her neat-looking eyebrows under the light. She couldn’t help but praise, “Third Miss’ hair is extremely smooth and soft.” After admiring, she was shocked for fear that the Third Miss would get angry and say that she doesn’t know manners. But unexpectedly, the Third Miss smiled until her eyes were curved. “Chun Tao’s hair also looks very nice.”

Another little girl named Xi Xi ran in and bowed towards Su Su. Then, with a mosquito-like voice, she said, “The Old Madam asked people to send the hostage prince back.”

Su Su raised her gaze. As expected, she saw Tantai Jin walking into the room.

The frost on the young man’s hair turned into water droplets as soon as they were exposed to the room’s warmth.

With the icy breath he brought from the wind and snow outside, he pursed his lips and looked at Su Su awkwardly.

It wasn’t even evening yet, but the sky had very quickly turned dark, and because of the cold weather it was already pitch black outside. The air seemed to grow silent as soon as he came in.

Chun Tao and Xi Xi hurriedly said, “Third Miss, these maidservants shall leave.”

Then, Chun Tao and Xi Xi closed the door.


Tantai Jin, with a low and hoarse voice, asked, “Third Miss, has your anger dissipated?”

Su Su shook her head without any hesitation. “No.”

He took a step back and lowered his gaze. His eyes were hidden by his eyelashes, which were as black as crow feathers. He didn’t feel any better because of the hot room. Instead, his frostbitten hands and legs turned red and became painful and itchy.

Su Su took a glance at him.

In her heart, she snorted. The devil king was far from pitiful.

She had helped broken-winged young eagles, sick children, and white-haired seniors.

But the first rule of the immortal realm, as a righteous path cultivator, was she mustn’t pity the evil thing even if he looks weak.

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