Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 2.1 Punished To Kneel

Su Su’s memory of why the young devil king had to kneel was like this ——

Ye Xi Wu and her illegitimate sister 1illegitimate = born of a concubine, Ye Bing Shang is her elder sister, Ye Bing Shang, both fell into the lake half a month ago.

As a result, the Sixth Prince and the champion scholar both jumped in to save her illegitimate sister. Not only that, even the husband of the original owner, Tantai Jin, who had just married her, also jumped into the lake, swimming towards her illegitimate sister. 

In the end, one of the original owner’s secret guards sensed something was wrong and rescued her.

When the original owner returned, she was furious because she had nearly drowned. She was unable to vent her rage on the Sixth Price or the champion scholar, so Tantai Jin was the only person she could take her anger out on.


She had asked Tantai Jin to kneel on the frozen lake. He could only get up when she forgave him. 

The original owner had become ill after catching a cold before the punishment was imposed. So her grandmother took her and Tantai Jin to the temple to pray and burn incense.

Who knew that there would be an accident on the road and the original owner would be kidnapped by mountain bandits? 

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“What’s the Third Miss’s reason for punishing the hostage prince to kneel as soon as they returned from Tian Hua Temple? The hostage prince is too pitiful.”


“Shh, lower your voice. Are you not afraid of the Third Miss?”

Ever since the Third Miss and the hostage prince got married, the Third Miss had always been punishing him.

Everyone knows that the Third Miss liked the Sixth Prince, and she hated the hostage prince the most.

The Third Miss was General Ye’s favourite daughter, and hostage prince Tantai Jin was the most hated son of Emperor Zhou. For many years in the Great Xia Empire, even the servants could insult the hostage prince, Tantai Jin, let alone the most pampered Third Miss, Ye Xi Wu.

Don’t you torture someone based on your mood when you dislike them?

Most of the maidservants looked at Tantai Jin with sympathetic eyes.

The attractive young man was extremely tolerant and courteous, and he displayed no arrogance. However, despite the fact that his origins were already pitiful, he was still tortured in this manner on a regular basis. Even if General Ye was aware of all of this, he would only give his beloved daughter a few words of guidance before leaving the situation unresolved. 

The green pines in the distance had been blanketed in snow. Tantai Jin coughed, allowing cold air into his lungs and making it difficult to breathe.

His bones ached from the cold ice beneath his knees. On the young man’s dark hair, a layer of frost had formed. Tantai Jin had been kneeling for so long that he couldn’t feel his knees. He moaned and clung to the ice’s surface, enduring it all to keep his body stable. On the ice was the reflection of his face. It was the face of a frail and innocuous adolescent. 

When he carried the Third Miss back from the mountain bandits’ den two days ago, he noticed that Old Madam of Ye’s Family’s face had turned blue. “No one is permitted to disseminate this information. If I find out someone leaked this news, the Ye Family will not spare them!” Old Madam’s face was serious, and she had a solemn threat in her eyes.

Then the Old Madam looked at him assuringly. “The momo2momo is the term used to call older maidservants in the residence have already checked. Xi Wu’s clothing was still intact, so surely nothing that wronged you has happened.”

“Grandmother, you are over-worried. I naturally believe in Xi Wu.”


Old Madam looked at him and nodded with satisfaction.

Like this, Third Miss Ye’s abduction by mountain bandits was secretly concealed, but the Old Madam was still investigating the incident. After all, with the protection of the Ye Family’s guards, there had never been such an accident for many years.

Why did the mountain bandits target their Third Miss? Something was not right, no matter how they thought about it.

With a gang of just that size, it should be completely impossible to take Ye Xi Wu away that easily.

However, no matter how the Old Madam investigated it, there was no result. So this incident could only be designated as an accident.

Su Su came to the lake. With just a glance, she saw the mastermind of the world 500 years later. 

The young man was kneeling on the surface of the frozen lake, almost unable to withstand it anymore. His face was pale, and instead of being bright red, his lips were starting to turn black.

Realizing that someone was watching him, the young man raised his eyes and coincidentally met Su Su’s gaze.

The girl was wearing a snowy white soft cloak, and she tilted her head and looked at him.

They exchanged glances across the lake. Tantai Jin noticed the girl’s eyes curving into a smile. He’d never seen Ye Xi Wu smile with such sincerity before. He couldn’t tell if it was because she liked the winter snow view from the house or because of his sorry state on the frozen lake. 

Chun Tao, who was standing next to Su Su, couldn’t stand it any longer. “Miss, the hostage prince has already knelt for two days,” she begged, summoning all her courage. “If he continues to kneel, I’m afraid his body and bones will be harmed. Should I ask the hostage prince to rise?”

Su Su shook her head. She was watching such a great show. It was a pity that she didn’t have a recording bead. She said with a strong tone, “Obviously, he’s still strong. He looks like he’s still able to kneel for several more days and nights.”


Chun Tao: “……”

Is the Third Miss serious?

Of course, Su Su was serious. She rubbed Chun Tao’s head. You don’t understand. If you were born in the future, a little girl like you would faint from shock instead of sympathizing with him when you hear his name.

It would be preferable if he knelt until he became paralysed. Then, in the future, see how this evil thing can become the devil king! She gave Tantai Jin a sidelong glance. 

She then brushed her sleeves, turned around, and walked away without saying anything. Tantai Jin pursed his lips and averted his gaze as he noticed the girl’s back disappearing beneath the residence’s long corridor.


Su Su went to the Old Madam’s courtyard.

The Old Madam had just woken up from her afternoon nap. Because of her belief in Buddhism, her room was filled with curled sandalwood. 

When Su Su went in, a teenage girl in green clothing was standing inside the room. The green-clothed girl was originally massaging the Old Madam’s shoulders, but she stopped when she saw Su Su come in.

Su Su couldn’t recognize anyone, so she remained silent. Instead, the lady took the initiative to nod at her and softly called, “Third sister.”

She turned out to be the Ye family’s second illegitimate young Miss, Ye Lan Yin.

Su Su nodded and greeted, “Second sister.”


Ye Lan Yin didn’t expect that Su Su would respond to her. She was surprised and hurriedly glanced at Su Su. Then she bowed respectfully towards the Old Madam. “Grandmother, Lan Yin will come and accompany you to worship the Buddha again tomorrow.” The Old Madam patted her hand and nodded.

Su Su finally understood that the original owner had a small overlord-like existence in the Ye Family. When she came, Ye Lan Yin had to make way for her. Just calling Ye Lan Yin second sister once was enough to make her feel fearful and apprehensive.

So, how terrifying was the original owner?

As soon as Ye Lan Yin left, the Old Madam’s stern face seemed to relax. “Third girl3her grandma was calling her 丫头 (yā tou), which is used as a term of endearment to call a girl so in this case, and I translated it to girl, come here and let grandma have a look. Are you feeling better?”

Su Su walked over and said, “Thank you for your concern grandmother. Xi Wu’s body is alright. But, unfortunately, these past few days, I have made grandmother worried.” 

The Old Madam touched her forehead affectionately. “Grandma is old and doesn’t have many years left to live. You mustn’t let grandma always worry about you.” 

Su Su massaged the Old Madam’s shoulders and said, “Grandmother’s body is still very healthy. People who don’t know still think that you are my mother. You must protect Xi Wu for a lifetime.”

“Your mouth is really without a filter. What nonsense are you talking about?” The Old Madam pretended to reprimand her, but the smile in her eyes couldn’t be covered.

General Ye’s first wife passed away after giving birth to the original owner. General Ye didn’t remarry, so the Old Madam personally brought up the original owner. She was very biased in her care for her because Ye Xi Wu was a child she had raised by herself.

Her grandmother’s pampering was one of the most important factors for the original owner’s domineering attitude. The original owner, however, was a sharp thinker. She had a way of pleasing her elders, despite the fact that she was usually vicious. 

Filial piety was promoted by the Great Xia Empire. General Ye was well-known for being an obedient son. The Old Madam Ye looked after Ye Xi Wu as if she were her own daughter, causing General Ye to adore his only legitimate daughter. 

“Grandma has already sealed the servants’ mouths about the temple incident, so it would be best if you didn’t speak about it as well. The reputation of a lady is extremely important.” 

Su Su smiled and nodded. “Grandmother, I got it.”

In the Ye Family, the Old Madam loved the original owner dearly. So, thinking of the original owner’s wish, Su Su would also try her best to treat the Old Madam well in the future. 

“You must also be more understanding. Go and comfort the hostage prince’s heart,” the Old Madam added. “Something like this happened to his wife, and his heart may be filled with resentment.”

Su Su thought of the young man who knelt on the frozen lake. She won’t be a real husband and wife with the young devil king. She would only comfort him if she was too free. But she couldn’t say that in front of the Old Madam, so she could only nod. “Xi Wu is aware.” The Old Madam smiled and nodded. 

“Have you found Yin Qiao, Grandmother?”

The Old Madam’s eyes flashed. She smiled and said, “That girl was found, and she was not injured. Grandma has sent her out of the mansion. Yin Qiao has already reached the age of marriage. This time, she had bravely protected her owner, so it would be bad to let her waste her youth in this residence.” The Old Madam sighed inwardly. Xi Wu shouldn’t know about these filthy things for her whole lifetime.

Su Su was behind the Old Madam, so she couldn’t see the old lady’s expression. She let out a sigh of relief. “That’s great.”

“Not long ago, regarding the palace banquet, grandma still hasn’t reprimanded you. Your eldest sister has already married off, so why did you still make things difficult for her? Both of you even fell into the water together and you made yourself ill.”

“Grandmother knows that you liked the Sixth Prince last time. But now, your sister is the Sixth Prince’s side imperial concubine. You are also married to Tantai Jin. So listen to grandma, stay far away from the Sixth Prince!”

Su Su almost choked on her saliva.

Yes. Besides having a personality problem, the original owner had the most critical problem, she liked her own sister’s man, the Sixth Prince. Even though both of them had already married, she still didn’t give up. On the contrary, she always complicated things and schemed against her concubine-born sister, never missing out on a chance to do either.

On the other hand, Tantai Jin liked her illegitimate sister. What an impressive relationship they both had. Both of them wanted the husband and wife respectively, but it was impossible.

Seeing her silent, the Old Madam thought she still couldn’t think it through. She patted the back of her hands in a demanding way. “Answer grandma.”

“Yes, Xi Wu understands. I will stay as far away as I can from the Sixth Prince.” Even if the Old Madam didn’t say this, Su Su wouldn’t fight with her illegitimate sister for the Sixth Prince either. 

Su Su’s straightforward response made the Old Madam suspicious. Xi Wu liked the Sixth Prince so much that she was almost heartbroken as if her liver and bowels were cut into pieces, so how can she give up so easily?

“You aren’t coaxing your grandma, right?” Su Su pursed out her cheeks to reveal two shallow dimples, “Of course not.”

The Old Madam said, “Prove it to your grandma then. Don’t punish the hostage prince anymore. Grandma heard that you made him kneel on the frozen lake. Such cold weather outside, is this something that a little lady would do? Your reputation would be damaged if this was leaked out. His identity is indeed not good, but he is already your husband. How can you torture him to death? After this, curb your heart and live well. It’s the right thing to do.”

Su Su looked at the Old Madam’s persistent look, which seemed to want her agreement no matter what.

She breathed out a sigh. “Yes.”

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