Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 19.1 Hard Candy

Su Su was too lazy to delve into why he was angry. Everything was easier to deal with with a hostage in hand.

But she couldn’t keep Tantai Jin paralyzed the entire time since the body immobilising talisman was only effective for an hour. When the time was up, she and Xiao Lin would be done for. 

Su Su got off of him and started to look through “Jia Chun’s” things. Tantai Jin couldn’t move,  but he kept staring at her with a grim expression.

Just as expected, a man like “Jia Chun” had all kinds of insidious poisons. Su Su took a bottle of Lethal Powder1Within a period of time, if you don’t consume the antidote, you’ll die and a bottle of Energy Dispersing Poison2Body will feel lack of energy/unable to use martial arts. She forced open Tantai Jin’s mouth and fed them to him.

“I’ll keep the antidote. You saw what you ate, later when I undo the talisman you have to bring us out from this dreamland,” she snorted and said, “You better not play any tricks. If you don’t want to die, stop causing harm to others without benefiting yourself3an idiom – 损人不利己 (sǔnrénbùlìjǐ).”


Tantai Jin did not utter a word. 

Su Su tore off the talisman. She had experienced Tantai Jin’s dreamland, so she knew that he cherished his life quite a lot. He had even tried to live off of a dead rat when he was an infant, so he was certainly unwilling to die in a dreamland.

“Let’s go and find Xiao Lin together,” she poked him.

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Wangye, how is the situation now?” asked Su Su.


“Actually, last night, I’d already succeeded. I intentionally missed during the assassination, and purposely let Bing Shang see the ‘Emperor’s’ keepsake. She knew that I was sent by the Emperor.” 

Hearing Xiao Lin’s words, Su Su was very surprised. Since he succeeded, why is Ye Bing Shang still unwilling to leave? Could it be that our guess was wrong? Is the thing she’s most attached to not Xiao Lin’s love?

Xiao Lin said, “It seems like this method didn’t work.”

Su Su remembered something and looked at Tantai Jin with a beaming smile, “What about your method?”

Tantai Jin gave her a sideways glance and pulled the corners of his mouth into a smile, “It’s definitely better than yours.” Perhaps because he was using “Jia Chun’s” body, Su Su felt that his smile was filled with malicious intentions no matter how she looked at it.

However, the butterfly had only a bit of white left before turning completely red. This proved that it was almost dawn in the real world. It was too late to think of another method, so they could only trust Tantai Jin.

Tantai Jin strode unhurriedly towards the Imperial Garden.

A palace maid shouted while chasing a little boy, “Your Highness Crown Prince, slow down, don’t fall!”

The little boy was wearing an embroidered robe. He looked about three to four years old, looking strong and good-natured4虎头虎脑 (hǔtóu-hǔnǎo) – looking strong and good-natured (usually used to describe a boy), had jade white skin, and was adorable. He was chasing the butterflies in the garden. Xiao Lin was lost in thought for a moment when he saw the little boy. After all, this was the child of Ye Bing Shang and “him” in the dreamland.

The little boy was chasing a butterfly when he suddenly bumped into Tantai Jin’s leg.

He fell to the ground and tears started to well up in his eyes.

Tantai Jin lowered his eyes and observed him without blinking. Soon after, under everyone’s terrified gazes, he picked up the little boy with one hand.


The palace maid saw Tantai Jin’s actions and kneeled with a thump, “Lord Jia Chun, the Crown Prince didn’t do it on purpose. Please let this servant bring the Crown Prince back.”

The little boy was swinging his legs in the air. He was also aware that the person had bad intentions, so he was wailing in fear.

Su Su finally knew what Tantai Jin wanted to do, “You want to kill this child?”

Tantai Jin coldly said, “Aren’t you guys the ones who wanted to leave? Since he’s a fake anyway, what does it matter if I kill him?”

With that, he threw the child into Xiao Lin’s arms and Xiao Lin subconsciously caught him. The Little Crown Prince was trembling in Xiao Lin’s arms, not daring to look at Tantai Jin. 

“Since he’s your seed, do it yourself.”

Xiao Lin lowered his head and looked at the Little Crown Prince in his arms, who was hugging him in fear. Xiao Lin subconsciously said, “We can’t.”

The Little Crown Prince kept sobbing, looking extremely pitiful.

Su Su also felt a headache and asked Tantai Jin, “Is there no other way?”

Tantai Jin leaned against the rockery and arrogantly looked at her, “This is the only way. Why? You can’t do it?”

 Seeing both Su Su and Xiao Lin not moving, Tantai Jin coldly said, “How soft-hearted!”

To Tantai Jin, this was completely ridiculous. How could there be someone in this world who preferred to give up their own life because of someone else?


He walked over and grabbed the Little Crown Prince by his neck.

He lifted the child up in the air. Tantai Jin’s face was expressionless as his hand kept tightening. Xiao Lin frowned, but he also knew that what Tantai Jin said was right. This child was a fake. He might even be an illusion made from the nightmare devil’s devilish Qi. If they hesitated any longer, everyone would be buried here.

When Tantai Jin exerted more strength in his hand, the child, whose face was originally purple, turned into black smoke and dissipated into the air.

Su Su took a glance at Tantai Jin, who was wearing Jia Chun’s face, he looked extremely cold and detached.

After killing the Little Crown Prince in the nightmare devil’s dreamland, they headed towards Ye Bing Shang’s palace. 

Xiao Lin walked ahead in silence. It was obvious that the disappearance of the Little Crown Prince had left him with a heavy heart. Su Su approached Tantai Jin and was just about to say something, but Tantai Jin took the lead and coldly spoke, “Why? You want to blame me for being cruel and ruthless, heartless and faithless?”

Su Su was very surprised. She shook her head and whispered, “No, I just wanted to thank you.”

If it wasn’t for Tantai Jin, she and Xiao Lin might not be able to find the resolve to break this dreamland. 

Tantai Jin glanced at her and said, “In that case, give me the antidote. I won’t do anything else, and will definitely bring you guys out.”

Su Su thought for a moment, then took out a bottle from her pocket, handing it to him. Tantai Jin didn’t expect that she would give it to him this easily. He thought, how foolish can she be? Wait till I take the antidote, I’ll surely……

However, it was only after the antidote was in his mouth that he felt something was wrong.

A red-coloured hard candy5Picture of the red-coloured hard candy: Sour Cherry Cubes Wrapped Hard Candy • Wrapped Candy • Bulk Candy • Oh!  Nuts®Should look something like this.

melted in his mouth. Su Su smiled and raised her head, asking him, “Is it sweet?”


“You tricked me?”

His lips were dyed red by the hard candy, and his deathly pale face distorted for a moment. Su Su couldn’t help but laugh and shook her head, “I didn’t say that I was giving you the antidote. Besides, after leaving the dreamland, the poison in your body will automatically detoxify. Since it doesn’t hurt or tickle, you should just bear with it for now.”

Seeing Tantai Jin’s cold gaze and his teeth biting the hard candy with a murderous look, Su Su suppressed her laughter and said, “Don’t spit it out, if you do, it’ll affect your image.”

He raised his hand with anger and grievance and threw the bottle of hard candy. Su Su effortlessly caught it.

She ran ahead and cheerfully said, “Wangye, do you want some candy?”

Good things must be shared with everyone.

Xiao Lin broke into laughter. He had good hearing ability. Naturally, he heard the conversation between Su Su and Tantai Jin. Although he didn’t know what had happened between the two of them before this, the current Third Lady wasn’t repulsive. On the contrary, she was extremely cute. Even his depression from being forced to kill the dreamland’s Little Crown Prince had disappeared.

“It’s alright. Thank you, Third Lady.”

Upon reaching Ye Bing Shang’s palace, Tantai Jin thought for a moment then took out an empty imperial edict and tossed it to Xiao Lin. 

“Write an edict of the abolition of the Empress.”

Xiao Lin raised his eyes and looked at it. There was actually the “Emperor’s” seal on it.

It seemed that Tantai Jin had planned to leave some time ago. Even if he didn’t join them, he still would’ve been able to find Ye Bing Shang and break away from this dreamland. Alarm rose in Xiao Lin’s heart. Tantai Jin’s wisdom and talent weren’t insignificant, and he was also decisive in killing. One day, if he returned to the Zhou Kingdom, he would be a formidable opponent to the Xia Empire.

Xiao Lin lowered his eyes and used his own handwriting to write an edict to abolish the Empress.

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