Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 14 Evil Bone

“What are you doing?” Su Su could hear her own trembling voice.

The young man under the corridor coldly curled his lips. “Didn’t you see everything?” Although he was smiling, there was no hint of it in his voice. Instead, he was using a cold and guarded gaze to look at Su Su. He seemed to be deliberating over how much Su Su had seen.

Su Su had seen it all, to the extent that her current mood was frightened and complicated.

Her hand holding the lamp trembled slightly. During the daytime, Ye Zheyun was given a light punishment. Although Su Su was shocked then, she didn’t say anything. After all, the Old Madam chose to protect Ye Zheyun similar to how she had protected the original owner in the past. For the Old Madam, they were all her grandchildren, and Tantai Jin was just an outsider, so her favouritism was understandable.

Humans weren’t saints. Su Su questioned herself honestly. Even in her own heart, her father and fellow sect members meant more to her than others.


She didn’t blame the Old Madam, but she wouldn’t let Ye Zheyun, that b*stard, off the hook that easily.

Thinking that at this moment, he must be pleased with himself for escaping heavy punishment when Tantai Jin was locked up in the east garden for so long, Su Su decided to teach him a lesson.

She woke up in the middle of the night, planning to go to the ancestral hall to give Ye Zheyun a scare.  She wanted to teach him the lesson that people who did shameful things should be scared of ghosts knocking on their doors in the middle of the night1做了亏心事,半夜需怕鬼敲门 (zuòle kuīxīn shì, bànyè xū pà guǐ qiāo mén) – people who did shameful things would eventually bring karma. She didn’t expect that she would be seeing this scene in front of her. If she had come half a step later, Ye Zheyun would have been pecked until only his skeleton was left.

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She breathed out a sigh of relief and her tensed body finally relaxed.


Su Su walked over.

Tantai Jin was using his pitch-black pupils to stare intensely at Su Su. He did not regret coming tonight to kill Ye Zheyun. He only regretted not being cautious enough and letting Su Su find out that he could control the demonic creatures.

She has seen everything…… He silently slipped a dagger out of his sleeve.

Su Su’s reaction was quick. She raised the tip of her foot, and the dagger in Tantai Jin’s hand fell onto the snowy ground.

The young man looked at himself gloomily. 

Su Su: “……” It turns out that not only has he not awakened yet, he’s also a scumbag with a fighting strength of five25 out of 10, a gaming term used to say someone is weak.

Su Su was completely relieved. She walked over and tied Tantai Jin up in just a few movements. His hands were tied behind his back by Su Su’s cloak string. His voice was very low but filled with reluctance and malice. “Either you kill me now or I will kill you in the future!”

Su Su snorted and patted his face. “Behave yourself.”

He turned his head away and looked at Su Su with his cold eyes. In the bleak white snow, the young man’s dark pupils looked quite scary.

But no matter how he looked, the thought of him being knocked down in one move made Su Su feel amused. She couldn’t hold it in and burst out laughing.

Tantai Jin looked at her coldly.

She was still laughing. “I’m sorry……”


She had seen him using his powers, and he could kill someone without lifting a finger. But the look of the current Tantai Jin that was tied up by her cloak, wanting to tear her to shreds but incapable of it, was surprisingly pleasant.

Su Su ignored him and went to look at Ye Zheyun’s injury.

She held Ye Zheyun up and felt his breathing. Luckily, he had only passed out. Ye Zheyun’s body was bleeding heavily. It looked horrible, but in reality, they were all superficial injuries, and some of the wounds had even already stopped bleeding. The real reason why he fainted was that he was frightened. Tantai Jin wanted to slowly torture him to death but did not manage to.

No matter how trashy Ye Zheyun was, he did not deserve to die.

Su Su carried the quilt from the ancestral hall and threw it onto Ye Zheyun’s body. He should not freeze to death instead of getting killed by Tantai Jin.

She didn’t bother with Ye Zheyun anymore. This way, Ye Zheyun would learn his lesson. Let him be less of a bully in case he bullied someone worse than himself.

She was busy for some time and was slightly out of breath. When she turned around, she realised that Tantai Jin was already sitting cross-legged in the corridor while looking at her mockingly.

He was obviously the same as before, but Su Su saw a hint of coldness and cruelty in the young man.

She suddenly realised that the person in front of her was not weak, and he was fond of using ruthless methods to kill someone. He was extremely vindictive and had an extreme temperament.

Ye Zheyun set him up, so he wanted his life.

Seeing him not show any weakness and well adapted to the situation, Su Su asked him, “Do you want to walk by yourself or shall I drag you back?”

His voice was cold and husky, “You are not calling out for someone?”


“Who should I call for? Oh, you’re afraid that I’ll tell father, huh.” Su Su squatted down in front of him and immediately understood Tantai Jin’s concerns.

The incident at King Xuan’s residence two days ago had put the entire Great Xia in a vigilant state3草木皆兵 (cǎomù-jiēbīng) – an idiom with the literal meaning: every tree or bush an enemy soldier and figurative meaning: to panic and treat everyone as an enemy/to feel beleaguered. The Emperor had begun to gather the demon slayers and Taoist priests of the world to conduct a massive hunt for the Scarlet Flame Wasps that had fled, and the other demonic creatures that were hiding in the Great Xia Empire.

If Tantai Jin was discovered to be able to control those demonic creatures right now, he would definitely not be able to escape death.

Tantai Jin remained silent and looked at Su Su coldly. His gaze was like a viper sticking out its tongue, harbouring malicious intentions. Su Su had no doubt that right now, he must be thinking about how to quietly kill her off before anyone found out.

Unfortunately, all the schemes and tricks of the world were ineffective in the face of absolute strength.

Just as five hundred years later, the cultivation world could not kill the devil king no matter what they did, the unawakened Tantai Jin from five hundred years back could not do anything to Su Su either.

Su Su would naturally not tell anyone about Tantai Jin. Not only that, she still had to protect him for the time being, but she couldn’t tell him the reason why. 

She subconsciously shook her head and said, “Of course, I won’t tell anyone. I still have the ‘spring knot silkworm’ in my body, so I won’t let you die.”

His thin lips opened and coldly spat out the words, “Shameless.”

Su Su also came to realise what that drug needed her to do. She blushed slightly. After all, as a girl who had just come of age in the cultivation world, it was a bit embarrassing to speak of intimacy like it was a matter of fact.

But she would never have intimacy with the devil, no matter what.

She glared at him with a slightly annoyed expression and said, “Are you going to leave? If not, you stay here then!”


If he stayed together with Ye Zheyun in the ancestral hall, he could meet his death even without Su Su’s betrayal once dawn broke. Tantai Jin scanned her slightly blushing face, averted his gaze, and stood up.

Looking at the young man’s silhouette walking ahead, Su Su breathed out a sigh of relief. The fortunate thing was that no matter what the young devil king had been through, he still wanted to live on.

Su Su pursed her lips. Live in order to bring disaster to the common people. 


Early in the morning, Ye Zheyun was found in the ancestral hall with a bloodied body.

Chun Tao said, “Miss, word is spreading everywhere that the Third Young Master said he saw a demon, and Aunt Lian almost fainted from crying. She said she wanted to wait for the General to return to the residence and hire a Taoist priest to come and have a look.”

As expected, Ye Xiao returned in the afternoon, and he also heard about this strange incident.

Compared to his gifted eldest son, Ye Xiao did not like a rake like Ye Zheyun that much. Still, the appearance of a demon in the residence undoubtedly triggered Ye Xiao’s sensitive nerves.

Ye Xiao asked Ye Zheyun, “Did you really see it?”

Ye Zheyun, who was feverish and half dead, nodded his head and said, “Dad, I swear I didn’t lie. Those crows’ eyes were all coloured bloody-red and glowing! Look at your son, your son is covered with wounds……”

Ye Xiao frowned and said, “Shut up. Have someone find a Taoist priest or a demon slayer. Don’t let too many people know.”

It was not peaceful outside. If the commotion was too big, it would be bad for Ye Xiao too.

Ye Zheyun’s whole body was in pain, and he spoke with lingering fear, “I-I also saw a man controlling the demonic creatures.” Ye Xiao’s expression turned even more serious. A person that could control the demonic creatures was obviously more troublesome than those demonic creatures themselves.

After hearing what he said, Su Su felt her heart drop. Ye Zheyun could not have seen it, right? She quietly glanced at Tantai Jin, but the young man’s face looked calm and unperturbed.

“He…… was very scary……. As if he was a lump of black shadow. He was taller than the room’s pillar, his voice was super eerie, and he was opening his beast-like ferocious mouth!” said Ye Zheyun, trembling. 

Tantai Jin’s lips curled upward, filled with ridicule.

Su Su: “……” 

As expected of Ye Zheyun. He was really good at making up stories. Didn’t he feel embarrassed to speak nonsense in this state?

Not long after, a Taoist priest with white hair and beard came to the residence. 

The Taoist priest had the demeanour of a transcendent being. He first went to greet the General and the Old Madam. He then asked, “Where did the young master see the demonic creature?”

“At the ancestral hall!” the Old Madam replied.

The Taoist priest nodded his head. “This poor Taoist will go and have a look.”

The Old Madam hurriedly replied, “Master Ci Hong, this way please.”

Su Su was a mortal now, so she could not see the attainments4skills/abilities for Buddhist monks or Taoist priests of the Taoist priest. She was actually quite curious about how a mortal Taoist priest catches demons.

Ci Hong went to the ancestral hall, and all the Ye family members anxiously followed him.

Everyone was very afraid there really was a demonic creature in the General’s residence that could threaten their lives. Ye Zheyun had exaggerated the story, which made everyone anxious.

Ci Hong took out a compass and walked around the ancestral hall twice. “A demonic creature indeed exists in your house,” he said with a heavy tone.

Su Su had doubts in her heart. Does this old Taoist priest really know how to capture demons?

Ci Hong said, “Prepare some black dog’s blood, cinnabar and also the Third Young Master’s clothing that were dyed with his blood for this poor Taoist.”

The servants hurriedly went to do as he said. Not long after, the Taoist priest began to perform the ceremony. Tantai Jin leaned against the snowy branch and coldly looked at Ci Hong.

In the middle of winter, the clothing that Ye Zheyun previously wore suddenly started to burn.

The ashes flew up into the sky.

“It seems like this demon has quite the skills and it is even hiding in the residence.” Ci Hong said, “Now, this poor Taoist wants to find this person. Everyone, please come forward.”

The first one was the Old Madam. A complicated symbol was drawn on her palm.

The Taoist priest shook his head.

Next up, it was Ye Xiao and the few young masters. And after that, it was Ye Lan Yin and Su Su’s turn. 

Second Miss, Ye Lan Yin, was so nervous that she gulped.

Su Su extended her hand. The old Taoist drew a mark on her palm and shook his head.

To be honest, Su Su had never seen such a solemn ceremony. The path of cultivation was complicated and simple at the same time.

When it was Tantai Jin’s turn, Su Su glanced over.

Tantai Jin held out his hand, and his voice sounded clear and mellow, “Please take a good look at it, Taoist priest.”

Ci Hong drew the talisman accordingly.

Tantai Jin inclined his head and smiled innocently. “Does the Taoist priest see anything?”

Ci Hong remained solemn and shook his head. Tantai Jin retracted his hand, his eyes filled with sarcasm. 

The more Ci Hong searched, the more cold sweat appeared on his forehead. It wasn’t until evening that Xi Xi suddenly came to report, “The Taoist priest has found the demonic creature!”

“Where is it?” Chun Tao hurriedly asked.

“At the back of the mountain. It is said to be a leopard that the General hunted in the past that was committing evil!”

Chun Tao let out a sigh of relief and broke into a smile. “Good thing it was found.”

Su Su slumped on the table, feeling speechless. She lightly ground her teeth. She had thought he was a Dao friend and planned to ask Ci Hong to help deliver a message to the Tortoise Deity. She didn’t expect that Ci Hong was a fake shaman.

The real evil creature was leaning against the window, looking at the blooming plum blossoms. His appearance under the lamp was elegant, and his red lips looked cool and thin.

Su Su thought to herself, I must tie him up tonight!

It had been this way for two days. Occasionally, she would wake up in the middle of the night and feel a chill behind her head. When she opened her eyes, she would see a pair of pupils filled with blood mist, coldly looking at her.

What was a naturally born evil bone? It takes tens of thousands of years for one such being to be born. 

This also meant that no matter what, he would surely go down a bloody path. Killing and tyrannizing was something engraved in his bones. Since he could not be correctively influenced, he could only be gotten rid of, and there was nothing that anyone could do to reverse it.

Not even two days later, something also happened at King Xuan’s mansion. Everyone in the Great Xia’s official court was feeling anxious.

It was said that the Sixth Prince’s devastatingly beautiful Side Imperial Concubine fell into a coma two days ago and could not be woken up no matter what. Su Su thought of that gentle, sickly beautiful illegitimate sister and was a little worried for her.

In the middle of the night, Su Su suddenly woke up from a restless dream.

She looked under her bed. As expected, the young man had disappeared, and there was only a bundle of tangled rope left on the ground.

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