Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 11 Escaping Danger

The Scarlet Flame Wasp didn’t dare to struggle under his foot. From the scent of the flesh from the young man’s body, it could sense mouth-watering power, but at the same time, a sense of oppression. So it could only crawl on the ground and deeply fear him.

Tantai Jin released his foot, and the Scarlet Flame Wasp rushed towards Su Su.

Su Su was agile, but she didn’t have enough strength. When her sword cut the Scarlet Flame Wasps’ bodies, their shells were so hard that they produced a “clang” sound when they collided. So she still needed to struggle and slash a few more times to cut them apart.

Su Su didn’t understand why the surrounding Scarlet Flame Wasps that were initially attacking others would suddenly turn around and charge towards her.

The current Scarlet Flame Wasps were no longer the same as when they had just been released. Having killed quite a number of people, their bodies had grown gigantic and horrifying, and their sharp mandibles were terrifying.


She could barely handle one, but suddenly there were five or six that surrounded her. She had no choice but to start dodging pitifully.

If she was still in her immortal body, casting a technique would be enough to get rid of these monsters, but, unfortunately, she was in a mortal body now. Dangers could happen in the blink of an eye.

Seeing the horrible predicament she was in, the people that she had saved earlier were so frightened that they ran away.

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This stupid woman had wanted to use the ‘spring knot silkworm’ on Ye Bing Shang. Tantai Jin initially wanted to let Ye Xi Wu and that fat and big-bellied guy sleep together. Still, once he thought of her identity, he swallowed the other dose of the medicine himself instead.


Sure enough, he managed to escape from that palace successfully.

Since she wasn’t killed by the mountain bandits that day, let it be today then.

Ye Xiao’s daughter will die in the prince’s residence. Wasn’t this a good ending? Tantai Jin looked at the back of his hand and hideous bruises were visible on it. The circulating blood excited his heart.

Su Su’s sword had already been shaken off by the Scarlet Flame Wasp’s tough shell. She narrowly avoided the attacks and had to flee into the depths of the forest. She tried to use the narrow gaps between the forest trees to block the Scarlet Flame Wasps’ massive bodies.

Unfortunately, they dashed around ferociously and were brave enough to knock down the trees and follow her.

Then, Tantai Jin came out from the corner. He glanced coldly at the direction she disappeared in and walked towards the outside of King Zhao’s residence.


Su Su ran tenaciously with her head down.

She didn’t even need to look at herself to know how messy she was now. A few giant Scarlet Flame Wasps were chasing her. She didn’t dare to lead these strange creatures towards the crowd of mortals, so she had to run towards the cool woods.

When the Scarlet Flame Wasps were about the size of a fingernail, they looked adorable. But anything, when it becomes huge, would be hideous and terrifying.

They had lantern-like eyes with a dark red light flowing in them, and their mouthparts were serrated.

Ye Xi Wu’s body was delicate, so there were several times when Su Su almost tripped over stones. She clenched her teeth and didn’t dare to stop.


But they still quickly caught up to her.

Su Su had already dropped her sword, so she took advantage of a tree trunk and rolled over it, avoiding a blow.

The next moment, another Scarlet Flame Wasp tried to tear her body apart.

Su Su’s heart tightened.

The bracelet on her wrist suddenly glowed.

“Little Master!”

The Scarlet Flame Wasps were immobilised.

Su Su was so moved that she wanted to cry. “Curved Jade!” It had woken up at a crucial time. If it had come any later, she would have died.

Curved Jade was very shocked too. “Why does the mortal world have such demonic creatures?”

And there was a group of them chasing its Little Master. This was really abnormal.

Curved Jade sputtered, “I’ll immobilise them for now, so Little Master please run quickly.”

Su Su didn’t say anything else. She turned around and bolted as fast as she could.


“There’s a pit up ahead. Little Master, jump in and cover yourself with snow and fallen leaves to mask your scent,” Curved Jade commanded. “The Scarlet Flame Wasps have bad eyesight and they tend to rely on scent to find people.”

As expected, there was a pit not far away, and Su Su jumped in without hesitation.

She didn’t even care if it was dirty or cold. She hastily covered herself with snow and wilted branches.

“I’m sorry, Little Master. I couldn’t help you kill them with my spiritual power.” the Curved Jade guiltily said. It didn’t dare to waste any of its spiritual energy. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to transmigrate Su Su back to five hundred years in the future.

Su Su quickly buried herself while assuring it optimistically, “Thank you, Curved Jade. I’m alright.”

Those Scarlet Flame Wasps were heavily slowed down before they started to catch up. They were extremely confused when they lost sight and smell of her. They aimlessly flew a few rounds and then flew far away.

Su Su had learned her lesson from last time, so she didn’t dare move for a while until the Curved Jade said, “Little Master, they have left.”

Only then did Su Su peel away the snow cover and climb out from the pit.

Her hands and legs were cold and stiff, and she was huffing and puffing. The Curved Jade was only awake for a few moments, then it held back its light and went dormant again.

The snow melted on Su Su’s neck, making her shiver with cold. She broke a tree branch to support her body and struggled to walk out.

She still hadn’t found Tantai Jin yet. The General’s residence’s people would not risk their lives to find him in this kind of situation. It didn’t matter whether he died or she died, both would count as failing the mission. There wasn’t any difference.

She could only hope that the young devil king was tough enough to not get killed by his subordinate demonic creatures and hold out until she finds him.



In a short amount of time, King Xuan’s residence had become a purgatory on earth.

Tantai Jin walked out of King Xuan’s residence. Before he could find Ye Xiao, several purple-clad guards suddenly took him down. His eyes darkened, but he couldn’t shake them off.

After capturing him, the purple-clad guards took him to another place.

A legendary nine-headed bird was carved on a luxurious sedan chair, and King Zhao, who had a nasty expression and messy hair, was sitting in it.

King Zhao furiously said to a man in white, “Yu Qing, this little b*stard is just a war prisoner from Great Zhou. Just ask him whatever you want!”

The man in white, who was holding a folding fan, smiled and cupped his hands. “Thank you, Your Highness.”

King Zhao waved his hands. His panic still hadn’t subsided. If it weren’t for the timely reaction of his protege, Yu Qing, who led men to protect him while retreating, his head would have been pierced through by those strange creatures.

He wasn’t Xiao Lin, who had excellent martial arts. If he had moved slightly slower in this kind of situation, he wouldn’t have been able to escape.

Nonetheless, he managed to escape thanks to the death of a bunch of his death guards. This loss gave King Zhao a lot of heartache.

“Hostage prince, my name is Yu Qing, and I took the liberty of inviting the hostage prince here to ask the hostage prince a few questions.”

Tantai Jin controlled his grim expression and looked at Yu Qing, “Ask away.”

“If I’m not mistaken, these Scarlet Flame Wasps came from your Zhou Kingdom’s palace, right?” Yu Qing said with a smile.

“I’m sorry but I don’t know anything about what the mister is asking me,” Tantai Jin said with confusion.

The young man lowered his eyes, and with a soft voice, he said, “I came to Great Xia as a hostage when I was six, and it was also my first time seeing these monsters today.”

Yu Qing scanned over the thin young man carefully.

“Then, may I know how the hostage prince managed to escape from King Xuan’s residence?”

“I remained hidden, and after that, I managed to escape by following the family members of Lord Song.”

Yu Qing frowned. The young man in front of him still had a bit of fear lingering on his face, and there wasn’t any flaw in what he said. Could it be that this hostage prince from the Zhou Kingdom was really a useless son that didn’t know about any of the Zhou’s royal family’s filthy affairs?

King Zhao suddenly stood up and kicked Tantai Jin in the shoulder.

He felt a dull pain in his shoulder.

“Don’t refuse a toast only to drink in forfeit1敬酒不吃吃罚酒(jìngjiǔ bùchī chī fájiǔ) – literal meaning: to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit; figurative meaning: to hesitate to do something until forced to do even more. Tell this king everything that you know at once. Don’t think that this king doesn’t know that your Zhou Kingdom is already prepared to start a war on my Great Xia.”

“You’re just a useless thing. If this king wants to crush you, it will be easier than crushing an ant.”

King Zhao lifted his leg and brutally stepped on Tantai Jin’s fingers that were on the ground.

King Zhao was not good at martial arts, but he had a knack for punishing and abusing people. As soon as he exerted strength with his leg, a cracking sound could be heard from the young man’s joints, and his finger bones were actually crushed.

Yu Qing raised an eyebrow, but he didn’t say anything.

At this time, even if Tantai Jin was innocent, King Zhao had suffered a significant loss and was in such a pathetic state. So he was bound to find someone to take out his anger on.

Tantai Jin’s face was tightly pressed onto the snowy ground.

The moment when King Zhao crushed his fingers, he grunted in pain, and his eyes turned misty, dark, and eerie. Tantai Jin hated this powerless body of his so much.

He was born with strange flesh. Evil creatures feared him, and a drop of his blood could kill the weird creatures.

However, he couldn’t practice martial arts since he was young, and his roots and bones were exceptionally weak, so he couldn’t even beat scum like King Zhao.

If he was still in King Xuan’s residence, he could have let the Scarlet Flame Wasps kill King Zhao and his party with just a few movements from his fingers. He would let King Zhao’s intestines get penetrated, his stomach rot, and die a horrible death.

Yet at this moment, he was really as weak as the mole cricket or ant2蝼蚁(lóuyǐ) – literal meaning: mole cricket and ants; figurative meaning: tiny individuals with no power that King Zhao mentioned.

King Zhao needed to vent, and once he thought of those dark and hideous creatures that came from the Zhou Kingdom, he looked at the young man at his feet ominously and laughed eerily. This little b*stard is still a royal prince of Zhou but only deserves to crawl under my feet.

“This king saw that the hostage prince has lived well these past few years. Today at the banquet, you had such an extraordinary aura that this king was almost unable to recognise you. Hostage prince is someone that forgets his old feelings, but this king isn’t.”

King Zhao separated his legs apart and lifted his robe.

“If the hostage prince wants to leave, it’s really simple. This king wants to help you recall back to what the hostage prince was like when he was young.”

“Crawl over on your knees, and this king will let you return to the General’s residence today.”

“Otherwise……” He slyly laughed and said, “It would have nothing to do with this king if a man dies in the Sixth Brother’s residence.”

Yu Qing sighed and looked at the young man on the ground with pity.

Tantai Jin’s face was expressionless. After a long time, he started to crawl on the ground.

King Zhao laughed and said, “This is how it should be. Hostage prince has been a person who had a clear view of things since he was a child. You must remember that in the past, if you were disobedient, your nanny would lose half her life serving this king’s subordinates.”

Tantai Jin lowered his head, his fingertips were extremely pale, and his eyes hardened as if they were about to form two dark pieces of ice. Those sickening memories began to float up in his mind uncontrollably.

His struggles, cries and pleads…… which were accompanied by unbridled laughter. He was like a puddle of mud on the ground watching their evil doings with red eyes.

His useless resistance……

Tantai Jin shut his eyes and was about to start moving.

A snowball that appeared out of nowhere suddenly slammed hard onto King Zhao’s face. No one was able to react. King Zhao took a step back from the smack, and a pile of snow crumbled down his face. His expression darkened, and he gloomily looked in its direction.

Tantai Jin also lifted his head.

At the end of the blaze of snow, a disheveled girl was on the verge of burning up with rage. She leaned on a branch as if she was holding the sharpest sword in the world and met King Zhao’s gaze brazenly, her face flushed red with anger.

“King! Zhao!” Su Su shouted with gritted teeth.

I’ll f**k your ancestor!

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